May 4 2011 3:06pm

Star Wars vs. Star Trek Signed Giveaway

Star Wars vs. Star Trek by Matt ForbeckWe gave you a sneak peek excerpt from Star Wars vs Star Trek earlier today, and now you’ll get a chance to win the whole book! One very special copy of the book—signed by the author, Matt Forbeck—could be yours.

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post. Duplicate comments won’t be counted. One winner will be randomly selected by noon EST on Thursday, May 5th. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from a winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Jason Henninger
1. jasonhenninger
Hi. I really just wanted to show off my shirt.
That Neil Guy
2. That Neil Guy
I like winning things.
Bobby Berry
3. bvberry
I think the "magic" of Star Wars beats Star Trek, hands down. :)
DA Ford
4. Ford75
I agree that Star Wars beats Trek for the Magic and mystery.
That Neil Guy
5. MendraMarie
I love them both; how could I ever choose between them?
That Neil Guy
6. xnz
I like that there are three "One very special copy of the book" (only a conentation problem on my part though)
That Neil Guy
7. lightkeeper
Pick me! Pick me!
That Neil Guy
9. MadiganHeart
Would love to win! :-)
That Neil Guy
10. Stephica
When I was in middle school I loved both Star Wars and Star Trek!
That Neil Guy
11. Peabody
Consider me posted
That Neil Guy
12. SarahW.
Star Wars is definitely better...Well, if you don't count JarJar. ;)
That Neil Guy
13. Chris Blanchard
I love all these giveaways!
That Neil Guy
14. Dave T. Game
Love them both.
That Neil Guy
16. Weird Dave
Live long, and let the Force be with you.
Matt Wright
18. matty42
That Neil Guy
20. Merseine
I'd still love to see the fight between Storm troopers (who never hit anything) and Red Shirts (who always die). It will have to include a few Wilhelm screams, of course!
Frank Nagy
21. fjnagy
Star Trek! No shields so just transport a dolop of antimatter into the middle of the Death Star or Star Destroyer...
That Neil Guy
22. natedawg82
Man, that sounds like a good book to read. I haven't put the ships/polical units against each other, just the movies. I now wonder what kind of fight the Falcon could have against the Defiant...
Stephen Lyon
23. skaftafell
Trek and Wars face off
Will force or hubris prevail?
Wait for the verdict
That Neil Guy
24. coolare
OOO. Pick me, please!!
That Neil Guy
25. astalduath
That would be awesome to have! Time to settle a debate with a
That Neil Guy
26. jharris22586
Looks like a good read!
That Neil Guy
28. John Kaufeld
"Captain, I have a solution, but it only works for spherical
Midi-chlorians in a vacuum."

"Keep working, Spock."

"But Glee is on tonight..."
That Neil Guy
29. Tyler Tinsley
randomly selcted? never tell me the odds.
That Neil Guy
32. tamays
Space opra vs. true Sci Fi. I might have voted for Star Wars, but midichlorians totally killed the magic for me and a lot of other people. Whereas logic is enduring and so is my love of Trek.
Jeremy Goff
33. JeremyM
Star Wars all the way on this one. I mean how could win against The Force. I just don't see how that can be accomplished.
That Neil Guy
34. Jeff Spender
Matt Forbeck is an awesome writer and a member of my alma mater, the University of Michigan.

I would love a signed copy of this book.
Marcus W
35. toryx
Give me Trek! Or even Firefly given how much Episodes I-III piss me off, not to mention the updates to the original three.
Rob Vitaro
36. rvitaro
Now we need a BSG vs Stargate book...
That Neil Guy
40. Pam B
I'm a Trekkie, but my sons & grandsons are Star Wars-- I'd have to share!!
That Neil Guy
41. Gladys
It's evenly split in my house. DH and I are Trek, and our kids are Star Wars. But we're bigger, so Trek wins. Plus, I just have to work a little harder to hook them on Trek.
Jacob Silvia
42. aethercowboy
I'm more concerned with Gate vs. Search! Sign me up anyway...
Thomas Mays
44. tamays
The trouble with Wookies?
That Neil Guy
47. Lori Ann Curley
Deanna Troi v. Princess Leia Organa Solo: The first would say, "I feel the pain of your loss (of Alderaan), and Leia would say, "Bitch, just shut up and do something useful!"
David Thomson
49. ZetaStriker
This sounds incredibly nerdy, so chances are I'd be down to read it.
Thomas Mays
50. tamays
Lori, you so totally have Leia pegged.
That Neil Guy
53. Oreouk
Star Wars for the win! Though(heretic that I am) I quite like the Star Trek reboot.
That Neil Guy
54. Jason K.
Thanks! Cool book.
tatiana deCarillion
55. decarillion
Live long and prosper ...there is no try.
That Neil Guy
58. Andrew Zimmerman Jones
I want to know who would win an honor duel - a Wookie or a Klingon.
That Neil Guy
59. Brian35
Go Star Wars lol
Neil Jensen
60. NA_Jensen
I love me some Trek, but I really hope they make Star Wars Episodes 1-3 someday...
That Neil Guy
61. Utheran
So many questions!
That Neil Guy
62. Daniele A. Gewurz
It must be mine, it must be mine!
That Neil Guy
64. melpoemene
Can't wait to read this! Star Wars FOREVER!!!!
That Neil Guy
65. Gwendolynkay
May the 4th be with you.
That Neil Guy
66. Denise Boyle-Quatroni
Star Wars all the way!
That Neil Guy
68. Aloste
Trek, Trek, Trek!
That Neil Guy
70. MarinaL
Why settle for Kirk vs Picard when you can debate Kirk vs. Solo?
That Neil Guy
71. SarahSparrow
I love this website. Just sayin'.
Christopher Green
73. greenc
The outcome was predictable in its inevitablility.
With the One Ring, Sauron rules them all.
That Neil Guy
76. Taddy Crow
That Neil Guy
77. dwarzel
Count me in, please!
That Neil Guy
78. jscville
Looks like a fun book.
That Neil Guy
79. Ebby02
Oh man, Idk! I like them both, but imma have to go with Trek.
Noah Draknis
80. Zeo077
Live long and may the 4th be with you.
j p
82. sps49
Raw power seems to be on SW's side; ST is more sophisticated.
That Neil Guy
83. Dana Jennings
I love both
That Neil Guy
84. mona baker
trekkers rule
That Neil Guy
85. Tocks Nedlog
Ah, the 'Ginger vs. Maryann' of the spaceways . . .
Philip Crowley
87. dragonbane79
Star Wars or Star Trek... It's a win either way in my book
Christopher Orr
88. Daedalus
Hmm... I think Federation wins vs Rebels, loses vs Imperials.
That Neil Guy
89. Dolanmama
Can't wait to read this!
That Neil Guy
91. Wink
"Makes the perfect gift for that geek in your life." :)
That Neil Guy
93. contir
I don't see any need for a competition. Both are great and timeless. Both represent fully realized alien universes and deeply human stories. I think the only real insightful drama from this Star Trek/Star Wars era has come from science-fiction. Mainstream fiction and drama (mostly) suck. I thank the Force everyday for Gene Roddenberry and George Lucas! What would my live have been without them?
That Neil Guy
94. Coreena
I'd love to enter please.
That Neil Guy
96. aerspyder
this the book that I have always waited for . . .
That Neil Guy
97. Theobroma
I need this book like Charlie Sheen needs lithium.
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