May 4 2011 5:00pm

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home Appreciation Giveaway

For the first week of May we’re appreciating all of the Star Trek movies featuring the original cast! We’ve got great pieces from bloggers, our Trek recappers, and some very special guests, but that’s not all.

Every Star Trek movie appreciation this week will have an accompanying giveaway specific to that movie. A bit of history, or something tongue-in-cheek, or something random...whatever feels right.

For today’s Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home coverage we’re giving away...whale songs! Just play this CD next time your ancestors foolishly destroy an entire species that communicate with very angry alien brethren. Who’s the hero now? You are! Thanks to whale songs.

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post. Duplicate comments won’t be counted. One winner will be randomly selected by 4 PM EST on Thursday, May 5th. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from a winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.


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1. NCBill
I remember a whale song LP I got for Xmas when I was about 15, drove my sister's cats nuts!
2. Melissa B.
This would be perfect. My mom's fave movie was ST IV. She'd love the connection!
3. jay hawk
Yay! Whale songs & Star Trek! Let's go Scotty!
4. Hilary
My mom love whales! My son love Star Trek!
Paul Eisenberg
5. HelmHammerhand
Yes... "Don't Kill the Whale" ... way ahead of its time. By a few years at least.
Berin Kinsman
7. Berin.Kinsman
This also works as a "The Big Lebowski" giveaway, man.
8. Alden Ash
Count me in - why not? (Does it include Dori speaking in whale-ish too?)
9. francescogorni
Se vinco pago più di sdoganamento che di libro, cmq Count me in!
10. Pam B
This is my favorite ST movie, my sons gave me the VCR tape years ago for Christmas. Now I don't even have a VCR player that works!
Stephen Lyon
13. skaftafell
Going back in time
A whale of a movie
Cetacean singing
14. Tweet
Would love this CD! Thanks for the chance.
15. RobinM
This is my favorite of the series. Axiom Even numbered trek films don't suck!
16. CG
Yay, this is a great idea!
17. Kelly P.
Would really love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeremy Heater
18. nexus
Makes me think of "finding Nemo".
John Fitzingo
22. Xandar01
cool, might make good bed time noise.
23. Silmarien
Whale songs!
Glenda Wilson
24. glinda
Ooooh, whale songs...

I have a recording of Alan Hovhaness' "And God Created Great Whales, for orchestra & taped whale sounds, Op. 229/1", which I love. (Years ago, I was at a Seattle Symphony concert featuring that, with Hovhaness in the audience. Just... wow.)
25. JaneNoir
The finest film complemented by the finest music :)
26. Gwendolynkay
Ahhhh, bring me my harpoon!
28. Terpette
Star Trek IV is my favorite Trek movie of all time!!
Christopher Green
29. greenc
Great gift - but how is a Humpback whale going to listen to it?
I know, all I need is a water proof CD player. However I'm not sure if headphones come in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXL.
Andrew Lee
30. alee
This will let me talk to aliens!
32. CommodoreKorTar
Sounds like a whale of a time!
33. Tocks Nedlog
Can't imagine why there aren't more entries for this giveaway.
34. HarveyTrekBBS
Sounds good to me.
Ian Gazzotti
35. Atrus
Can we get some transparent aluminium too?
38. Coreena
I'd love to enter please.
Becky Hantsbarger
40. BeckyIA
Whales are good. My cats need whales!
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