May 4 2011 12:14pm

Star Trek III: The Search For Spock Appreciation Giveaway

Pon-Farr PerfumeFor the first week of May we’re appreciating all of the Star Trek movies featuring the original cast! We’ve got great pieces from bloggers, our Trek recappers, and some very special guests, but that’s not all.

Every Star Trek movie appreciation this week will have an accompanying giveaway specific to that movie. A bit of history, or something tongue-in-cheek, or something random...whatever feels right.

For today’s Star Trek III: The Search For Spock coverage we’re giving away Pon-Farr Perfume! When you just can’t wait seven years for your next outpouring of sexuality, or you’re not intimately connected to a dying planet, Pon-Farr Perfume is there. (Assumably. We haven’t tried it.)

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post. Duplicate comments won’t be counted. One winner will be randomly selected by noon EST on Thursday, May 5th. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from a winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.


Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and always smells like the future.

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1. @Mitydad
I smell a giveaway! #maythe4thbewithme
2. Lee nelson
The perfect thong to wear to comic con!
4. Chris Blanchard
What the hell, I'm in. I'm willing to have my wife give this a try. Not sure if she is, but I am. :)
5. jim162065
good idea for con, get wife to wear it :) let music began
6. Kat Leonard
I am not sure if I should risk wearing this but what the heck, I'll try it if I win it!
8. eugaet
OK, this is pretty hilarious. Thanks for the contest!
9. Hannah Rowton
Heck yes, I wanna win. The Fourth is with me today. Also the Force, and the Schwartz.
10. CandiLain
I really wonder what it smells like. Tor, you guys ROCK!
Ian Gazzotti
11. Atrus
Not wanting this perfume is illogical.
13. Carapace
If I win, I will wear it, and I will report results. Aw yeah. Play that Pon Farr fight song!
14. dawn the glass beadmaker
want :)
DA Ford
15. Ford75
That is Hilarious! Pon Farr perfume!!!
16. Teawench
Light my pants on fire!
17. Matthew B
Why wouldn't I want to smell like a Vulcan in heat?
18. MadiganHeart
Love the giveaway! Super funny :-D
19. Shamrock Jack
I wonder if this will work better than my usual cologne of tequila and desperation...
20. TeddyO
Make me smell like a Vulcan in heat!!
Bobby Berry
21. bvberry
Is it a men's cologne or a women's perfume?
22. Rhapsody_Angela
This is just too good!
LLAP, guys.
23. Alden Ash
I guess it couldn't make things worse ...
24. devip
I can hear the music already...
Philip Crowley
25. dragonbane79
This would be cool to have even if I never smelled it
Gristle McNerd
30. GristleMcNerd
Maybe this will help me experience IDIC, if you know what I mean ;)
Jessica Schmidt
33. jschmidt137
Awesome. I've been wanting to try this perfume out. I've been wanting to buy my boyfriend Tiberius too, but he probably wouldn't wear it, lol.
34. Brenda H.
Why not - it would be worth the look on my boyfriend's face when I tell him what it's named. ;)
35. GinBerlin
I'd have to explain the name to my husband, but I'd like the opportunity!
John Burridge
36. JBurridge
I _so_ need a bottle of this. It is not logical, but it is true.
37. Roardawg
Please note. I have commented.
38. Melanie H
Awesome! Sign me up! :)
39. Lauri W
This would be wonderous to own! Have a great day!!
40. Gladys
Please enter me, and what fun, thanks!
41. Stephica
I remember when I saw this on display at SDCC for the first time. There was great nerd laughter among my group!
42. isnochys
I need one, plz!
43. SarahW.
Seven years, huh? I think I'm on track for that. LOL

(Sorry if this double posts...My first post wasn't showing up.)
Scott Abbott
44. Scott
We'll see what the wife thinks of it...
45. ALF
Mmmm... Pon Farr...
46. Wickedcarptelltruths
Come on! How could I not enter this contest?
48. Marina L.
Pon Farr: ten times more effective than Axe.
50. Aaon
My wife will love it! :-p
Stephen Lyon
53. skaftafell
My poor sense of smell
may lessen effectiveness.
She may like it, though.
57. Brian35
Worth a try, I wonder what it smells like?
60. Gwendolynkay
Is it unisex?
61. Alostet
I think my wife'll enjoy it. :)
62. SarahSparrow
I love this!
Christopher Green
64. greenc
I hear its Pon Farr night at the Vulcan nightclub.
I need to get my stank on.
Chris Battey
66. DarthParadox
I hope I don't find myself running amok with this...
67. Tocks Nedlog
I will not make a joke about the average Trek fan only getting laid once every seven years . . . I will not joke about the average Trek fan getting laid once every seven years . . . I will not . . .
John Richards
68. wanderingoutlaw
I guess this could make a nice birthday present for some of Trek-lovin friends
73. Stadiumarcadia
I love the smell of Vulcan during Pon Farr!
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