May 11 2011 4:36pm

Patrick Rothfuss Talks with Peter Orullian—Part Three

Two books into his Kingkiller Chronicles series, Patrick Rothfuss has established himself in the upper echelon of epic fantasists. The second book of the trilogy, The Wise Man’s Fear, was released in March and Pat did an extensive book tour to catch up with his many fans. His first stop was Seattle, where I was able to catch up with him and spend some time chatting over a variety of topics.

Below is the final part of the three-part interview series. You can find parts one and two here on

Peter Orullian is the author of the recently released epic fantasy novel The Unremembered, the first in the Vault of Heaven series.

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Tim Buller
1. samzo77
I met Patrick Rothfuss at Madcon (he's wearing the shirt), and he was so much fun to listen too. He was on a panel discussion with gene Wolfe about world building, and it was fantastic.

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