May 5 2011 1:53pm

International Steampunk City

This weekend (May 7-8) the Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation will be hosting a steampunk festival in the town of Waltham, MA. The museum is working closely with the City of Waltham to make this a town-wide event. I will be appearing as a guest and sitting on a variety of panels, including one discussing The Steampunk Bible by Jeff VanderMeer and S. J. Chambers, which I was a contributor to.

The museum was severely affected by flooding last year and this event is intended in part to help raise funds for its repair. The building itself is a historic site (it is part of the original textile mill built by the Boston Manufacturing Company in the early 19th century) and it would be a shame to lose it simply because there were insufficient funds for its repair. I think I speak for everyone who will be at the event when we say that we look forward to seeing you all there. It promises to be a rollicking good time and it is all in a tremendously good cause.

G.D. Falksen emceed the Charles River Museum’s previous steampunk event and is looking forward to his appearance again this year.


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