May 9 2011 10:12am

Game of Thrones episode review: “Cripples, Bastards and Broken Things”

Sam and Jon Game of Thrones

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones comes with a theme: bastards, cripples, and broken things. There’s also some women, cravens, and eunuchs. And a lot of history lessons. But at least some of them were given in the nude, thus justifying my cable subscription. Episode spoilers after the fold.

I must admit that this wasn’t my favorite episode so far. Four episodes (out of ten, mind) and we’re still getting quite a bit of set-up. It was like that in the book, too. It’s a huge world with an even bigger cast of characters, both living and dead. It’s gonna take some time. That said, I was a little impatient for some more action. Things picked up by episode’s end though.

We begin with Bran, a broken thing, and his dream of a three-eyed crow at Winterfell. A powerful portent of... something I’m sure. Glad to hear the always-eloquent Hodor speak for the first time, thus beginning his new service as Bran’s transportation. Hodor doesn’t look anything like how I pictured him from the books. I always imagined him as Tom Cullen from Stephen King’s The Stand. M-O-O-N spells Hodor. Luckily Tyrion dropped by Winterfell for a visit with some plans for a special saddle. That was kind of him. He’s got a soft spot for Jon Snow and Bran. Clearly Tyrion can’t be all bad.

However, I didn’t like him sowing some seeds of discord with Ned’s ward Theon Greyjoy. This far in, we did need some explanation of who this greasy kid with the shifty eyes is, I suppose. It was just pretty clunky.

Meanwhile, in the lavish late-night Cinemax movie across the Narrow Sea, we get some more clunky exposition, but at least the showrunners are clever enough to put Viserys and Doreah in a bathtub while they do it. Exposit, I mean. Some things of note: Doreah’s seen men who can change their face as easily as other men change clothes. Viserys rattles off some dragon names. Scenes like this are more for people new to the series. I thought the second episode had just enough dragon lore for me. If Dany can get raped on her wedding night and Viserys can be commanded to walk behind the horde by Drogo’s bloodrider instead of his sister, why not find time to add in a boring scene with Viserys and Doreah in a bathtub?

At least it provided an unintentionally (or was it?) hilarious edit:

Viserys to Doreah: “You pretty little idiot, get on with it.” And... cue Sansa, worrying about not giving her Prince Smug-face sons. “Everyone would hate me,” she whines. Too late, Sansa. We already do.

I think the broken thing in Vaes Dothrak is the relationship between Dany and her brother. Finally. I’ve been waiting for a moment to actually like Emilia Clarke’s performance and here it was. When she whipped her brother with that medallion belt, I cheered. At last she can see that Viserys is no leader. She still doesn’t look entirely convinced that she can be a leader as well, but she’s definitely warming up to the idea.

Back in King’s Landing, Ned Stark did some sleuthing into Jon Arryn’s death and discovered a book of what is surely many royal bastards. You can’t entertain as many whores as King Robert without making a few bastards. He must really love to torture his bother-in-law. Ned thinks Jon was poisoned and in Westeros, only “women, cravens, and eunuchs” use poison. So that gives Ned at least two suspects right off the bat.

The only craven we meet this episode is Samwell Tarly, over at the Wall. He’s beginning what’s sure to be a beautiful bromance with Jon Snow. Like Tyrion and his broken things, I’m with Jon. I, too, have a soft spot for chubby, cowardly sidekicks named Sam in epic fantasies. And big-nosed fictional siblings of Sean Bean in epic fantasies. I loved the guy-talk between Jon and Sam. Jon is totally not a Lannister. Starks remain steadfast in the face of painted whores. It was also a little heartbreaking. The new recruits really are just kids. And we learned why the men of the Night’s Watch are really called crows. That drove home the point that life as a peasant in Westeros must be really shitty if the Wall seems like a safe option.

Ned and Littlefinger Game of Thrones

We get only the briefest peek at the big tournament for Ned. While I loved Littlefinger talking with Ned earlier in the episode, there was something a bit unsavoury in the way he confided secret stories of brotherly abuse with Sansa. I guess that she’s around the same age as her mother was when he dueled for her hand. Yeah, creepy. The Hound’s backstory is so sad. His brother, The Mountain, sounds even more sadistic than Joffrey. That was some Tarantino-quality jousting. Again happily justifying my HBO subscription.

Lastly, Catelyn is all impulsive and has her father’s bannermen take an unlucky Tyrion prisoner for the attempted murder of Bran. Naive, Lady Stark. But a good cliffhanger. Gives Tyrion enough time to figure out how he’ll talk himself out of such a mess. Very much looking forward to next week, which promises to be a bit more lively. There was a definite dearth of Tyrion, Jamie, and Syrio this hour.

Share your thoughts below, but please be warned that book spoilers may be discussed. For a true spoiler-free zone, please visit Leigh Butler’s ASoIaF read. (Though the TV show has now outpaced the novel chapters in the Read.)

Game of Thrones airs Sundays at 9pm ET/PT on HBO.

Theresa DeLucci had so many “pointy end” puns ready for Jon Snow’s monologue, but is trying to exercise some restraint.

Ellen B. Wright
1. ellenw
I spent a good bit of this episode muttering, "FINALLY!" Bran's dreams! Ghost! Theon has some lines! Sam and Hodor!

I have to say, Emilia Clarke is growing on me (more or less the same way Dany did in the books, I suppose). She did a great job in this episode and no longer seems quite as frozen, implying that that was a directorial decision and not lack of ability on her part.
Mo -
2. Astus
Great review, as always :)

I actually liked the scene with Viserys. He seemed quite normal for a bit and somewhat likeable (maybe shadows of how he used to be before he lost his mum's crown?) but of course does his bipolar thing and switches moods. Still, it was good seeing Dany finally stand up to herself. Stunned her poor bro.

I feel sorry for Ned. It keeps being driven home that he's out of his element. He's trying to march proudly in a minefield. I like him though. Just feel a bit sad.

Enter Sam! I'd always pictured him differently. Though, it's just my own image rather than what is described in the books, haha. Still good to see Jon be awesome and bring the boys together. Although the Thorne speech quickly brought everything back to reality. It ain't a good place.

On a side note, finally have gotten stuck into Blood and Gold (aSoS part II) and the red wedding. Stunned would be an understatement.

In conclusion, Hodor.
Justin Golenbock
3. jgolenbo
This was my favorite ep so far, actually. Still a few introductions (i actually liked Theon's introduction, both as a character and thematically i.e. as a prisoner-of-war where will his loyalties lie?) but the intrigue in the second-half really picked up, with the Mountain murdering Ser Hugh, Ned getting a whiff of just he deep he's in it and of course Tyrion's capture. That was a great scene...

Special points go to Littlefinger, who i thought was a bit flat before this episode, for his perfect mix of smug superiority and pedofiliac creepiness. Just how i imagined him in the books.

Also, of all the expository stories, "The Mountain and the Hound" was definitely a high point. It introduces Sandor (one of my favorite characters from the books) as more than just Joffrey's bully in a scene that had as much tension as any so far. Plus, blood spurting!
Joseph Kingsmill
4. JFKingsmill16
I enjoyed this episode quite a bit with one exception. I was really looking forward to seeing more of the tornament and being introduced to some of the Knights of the Realm: Ser Beric Donadarrion, Thoros of Myr, Ser Loras and so on.
5. Edgewalker
It kills me, all this criticism of Emilia Clarke, of Dany's portrayal, of the lack of strong female characters that I've been hearing in the past weeks.

It's called an "arc". Characters don't start off one way and remain that way. They have to grow and change and these are the events that bring about that change. Dany MUST start off timid and unsure of herself, so then you get rewarded with that awesome scene.

I also like how they made the info dumps interesting.
6. mochabean
@JFKingsmill16: Agreed, but did you catch the refernce to Thoros in the conversation between Jaime and Jory(I think) outside Robert's door?
I was disappointed that Litlefinger told Sandor's story -- I thought it was much more powerful coming from Sandor to Sansa--but agreed that the actor plaing Littlefinger is spot on.
Finally -- love the BenJen -Faramir connection.
Joseph Kingsmill
7. JFKingsmill16
@mochabean: Now that you mention it I do remember it. Also we didn't get to see Ser Loras and Jaime Jousting each other. Robert's reaction to that is a great moment in the book.

I was also disappointed that Littlefinger told that story. Only three people in the Westeros should know that story: Gregor, Sandor and Sansa. But again I completely understand that things need to get juggled around inorder to tell the story within a ten episode story arc.

I also thought it was interesting that they are showing a little more of Theon's actual personality than I thought they would in the first season.
8. Bourgeois Nerd
I actually quite enjoyed the Viserys bathtub scene, because it made him seem almost normal and human for about five seconds, before he turned back into the sadistic headcase we all know and love.
9. sofrina
first, when was samwise gamgee ever cowardly? not once ever. he did all that was ever asked of him and about 160% more.

second, how awesome is it that the guy who gives the disquieting speech about knightly cannibalism is the same guy who played a cannibal in torchwood's "countrycide" episode. remember his speech about human meat? ::shudder::

third, technically littlefinger coming on to a teenager is Ephebophilia. it would be pedo- if he were creeping on arya.

i'm not getting what i'd expected in jason momoa. is he just eye candy? he can act, y'know.
William Fettes
10. Wolfmage
Another solid episode.

Littlefinger was much improved this time around, thankfully. I have no
idea why Gillen was so flat in the previous episode but this time he was pretty much pitch-perfect.

Loved craven Samwell Tarly. Wow what a perfecting casting that was! Some great acting there; the mess hall discussion with Jon was particularly terrific.

Thorne was a nice surprise though he's a little bit different from the Thorne of the books, where he's more one-dimensionally cruel (at least via Jon's perspective). I actually think this is a rather welcome change though, as he's coming from a more natural human place with his own reasons. He obviously still has a cruel streak with the beat him until he gets up line, but his concerns about sacrificing martial fitness and group reliance were valid and helped make him somewhat less cartoonish.

The Gendry revelation wasn't as interesting to me as it was in the books. Obviously, as a reader, my knowing in advance robs it of something - but even my non-reader wife knew immediately. Again, it just shows you that taking a purist line has it's pitfalls, as scenes that are pretty cool in a book don't always work when transplanted onto the small/big screen.

I do wish we'd seen more of the tournament. But I suppose we're going to get much more of that next week. Very much looking forward to Knight of Flowers, then G v H.

Tyrion continues to be the scene-stealer though he had a more low-key role this time. Also, hello Bron!

Edgewalker @ 5

I'm in emphatic agreement. I would only add that a show's character development arc also doesn't have to repeat every inflection point used in the books to provide a faithful adaption of the same arc. Just like a trend line can tell you essential information without having to travel the exact data points.
David Thomson
11. ZetaStriker
Edgewalker@5 and Wolfmage@10: I don't think anyone argued that Dany was supposed to start of slapping Viserys across the room or kneeing Drogo in the groin and telling him "NO". The problem most people had was that the blank performance was uninteresting, unmoving, and didn't show much in the way of subtle growth. Admittedly, it does seem at this point that it was a directorial decision to play Dany that way, but we don't have to like it. I'm just glad to see a glimmer of hope in Dany's performance at this point though. I doubt I'll have many complaints going forward from here.
Joseph Kingsmill
12. JFKingsmill16
Also... isn't Ghost suppossed to be silent? He shouldn't be growling should he?
Theresa DeLucci
13. theresa_delucci
I'm sure we'll get much more tournament next week. They can't leave out the Knight of Flowers.

@5 No one is complaining about Emila or Dany this week here. Enough. I'd prefer not to turn the comments into a back n' forth about Dany and Drogo for the fourth week in a row. It's boring. There's a hundred other characters to talk about.

@6 I did catch the reference to Thoros. Can't wait to see him. I did like Doreah talking about Faceless Men. There's just so much coming down the pipeline that I'm excited for. I guess some of the dullness of all of this exposition comes from knowing quite a lot of it won't pay off until next season or even after.

I liked Littlefinger right from the start, so he continues to shine for me. I really need to watch The Wire. HBO is so stupid when it comes to their On Demand selection - they don't have every episode of old shows up at one time. And I'm totally annoyed by their HBO Go commercials taunting me and my Time Warner subscription. I'd love to watch Game of Thrones on my computer.

@9 Did you see Momoa in that Conan trailer? Someone, somewhere thinks he can carry a whole movie. Drogo doesn't get a lot of lines, I guess.
James Whitehead
14. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Nice review. Don't forget, however, that Arnold's Conan didn't say much either. ;-) A barbarian of very few words it seems.

David Thomson
15. ZetaStriker
True, but that was as much because of Arnold's poor English skills as anything else. I expect we'll have a somewhat more talkative Conan this time around.
James Whitehead
16. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
@15ZetaStriker, I had forgotten that about Arnold. Not sure if I could take a loquacious Conan. ;-)


PS - Theresa, sorry for the slight derailment of this thread. Thread control is being returned to you now. On the plus side, at least we weren't crabbing about Dany/Drogo....
17. carolynh
I was sort of expecting this episode to be a tad slow because of the territory it was going to cover and of what happens in the book at this point in it. And it was. I did hope to see more of the tournament, though. Still, I am having a great time with this series, and I know that there's all kind of mayhem to come Very Shortly.

I did find several things to like even so. Thorn was my favorite surprise of the night. In the books he's just an a**hole. In the show he comes across as an a**hole with a valid point of view. He seemed more multi-dimensional and I liked that a lot.

I think I'm going to like the actor playing Sam eventually, but I must say he doesn't look all that much like the version of Sam that resides in my head. So I'm still getting used to that and to him. My version of Sam looks more like Harry Potter's friend, Neville Longbottom. And I've always thought of Sam as somewhat less craven than this one has appeared so far. To me Sam was more like a fat bookish kid whose father wanted a future Marine (or SEAL) for a son. Westeros is a harsh world, but surely there's some room for clerics and the like. To me, Sam simply should have been in one of those non-military types of jobs--a good administrator, perhaps.

I did love the final scene, where Cat shines for once. The character is always a polarizing one among readers of the series. But here, even though Tyrion can talk his way out of anything, she had a great moment.

And finally Ghost!! I was afraid Ghost was being marginalized in the show but he's finally made an appearance! I just hope it's not one of few.
Theresa DeLucci
18. theresa_delucci
@16 I'm perfectly happy with a little OT discussion of the actors, I'm just tired of the particular Dany/Drogo thing. No need to beat a dead Dothraki horse. ;)

@17 I loved when Cat was going around the room, calling out out the bannermen. Especially the Freys. Booooooo, Freys.
19. Edgewalker

I was referring to the past complaints in order to give context to my point about the character's evolving nature.

Telling me, "Enough" is highly rude, when all I am doing is discussing something you yourself mentioned in the recap.

Of which, this is the last one I will read.
20. Kvon
Ser Hugh's death scene had a bit too much gurgling for me. I had to look away from the screen. How many lines did that actor get, two?

Cersei came across as vicious in a polite way in her conversation with Ned.

Re pacing, it feels like we're barreling through this book. It must be the loss of interior thoughts and landscape/historical description, because I don't feel like I'm losing any plot.
21. Edgewalker
And actually, the very first comment mentioned how Emilia was growing on her after appearing frozen in earlier episodes. I was responding to that and the other past criticisms about the writing of Dany's character in general.
Rob Munnelly
22. RobMRobM
Edge - please stick around. More fun that way. Rob
Justin Golenbock
23. jgolenbo
@13 My only disappointment with this episode: not seeing more of the tourney! That was easily the highlight of books one; hope to see more of Sandor, Jaime, Knight of flowers, Flaming sword, etc etc

and YES, you do have to see The Wire...i'm sure im only the one millionth person tell you that :)

@17 Ghost!! So glad someone else was just as excited my favorite albino direwolf got some screen time...

Also, just a general feeling, but did any else feel the editing for this episode was sharper? There was a lot of infodump/expository storytelling going on, but it genuinely didn't feel that way; especially with cuts from the Wall to King's Landing to the Dothraki and back again coming so quickly and seemlessly. It just feels like it's starting to come together...
24. Edgewalker

Oh, all right.

Teresa, sorry for going off topic. Honestly didn't think it was.

And yes, The Wire is the single greatest show of all time. Watch it. KNow it. Love it.


Yeah, I loved how they managed to make the infodumps interesting this time. Naked people in a tub always helps. More Doreah, plz. (A LOT MORE)
David Thomson
25. ZetaStriker
Yeah, my friends unfamiliar with the books call Doreah "the hot chick". She seems fairly popular.

And I agree with RobM; you should stay, Edgewalker. I may not agree with you on everything, but differing opinions are what make discussion interesting. I wouldn't want you or Wolfmage to go anywhere.
Rob Munnelly
26. RobMRobM
I enjoyed the Ep but didn't love it. Still in set up mode for many plots but am looking forward to things happening next week.
- Really liked Jon-Sam interactions at Wall.
- Really liked Littlefinger.
- Really liked Dany scenes.
- Really liked both Arya and Sansa (the latter in serious pain as blinders being pulled off in a big way).
- Not a big fan of Ned's CSI Kings Landing but there's a lot of that in the book too so I can't complain.
- I was disappointed by end of Jory-Jaime scene - since battle interaction but Jory just walked away without delivering the message. WTF?
- We'll get more of the tournament next week. How much more is a separate issue, of course, but Mountain and Hound will definitely be on screen.
- Favorite moments: Tyrion-Robb, Tyrion-Theon, Tyrion-Cat.

Theresa DeLucci
27. theresa_delucci
@24 I apologize for coming off too rude. I do want as much discusion as possible and dissenting opinions are always welcome. I just would like to direct the conversation away from repeat topics and more into some new territory.

As a peace-offering, here is a clip of Jerome Flynn, already famous before he was Bronn. Sellswords really will do anything for money:

Doreah is totally hot. She's got the tiniest waist ever.

@Rob I'm noticing a pattern there. Anything with Tyrion is good.

I loved Arya's talk with her dad. "That's not who I am." Good for her. If Ned thought this whole sword thing was a phase, he wouldn't have gone to the trouble of hiring Syrio, right? I can see Cat telling Arya she'll marry a lord one day, but Ned? What would Arya do without a husband? Would she be able to hold lands of her own, if she was given them? Would she have to marry? Clearly, she can't be a knight. She could be a sellsword, I suppose. But that's kind of an empty existence.
Rikka Cordin
28. Rikka
now if only we got to see Benjen again.....
29. Geriatric
I see a lot of praise for the show, but is no-one bothered by the way the dialog seems to be rushed all too often? Sometimes it feels like one actor just cuts another off almost before they've finished talking, and often the delivery of lines feels flat and weird.

My wife and I are really irritated by the way some parts of the show are being handled. I'm wondering what the problem is, exactly. Are the scenes being edited for time, ruining them just slightly? Are the actors confused, or overwhelmed with too many lines (I doubt this, many of them seem great)?

I know it's a huge story, and with only ten episodes some things have to be rushed or dropped completely, but it seems lately that they only want to pick on the great things to axe, and weak things like naming dead dragons in the bath get extended scene time.

Also, some of the characters don't seem the way they should, though I'm sure everyone has their own interpretation. I'm thinking mostly Sansa here - she came across as giddy and idealistic, but in the show she has just looked petulant and/or stoned the whole time. She is more a b**ch than an air-headed dreamer, and she has been like this since the first episode (so it can't be blamed on Lady).
Fredrik Coulter
30. fcoulter
@14 re: HBO Go

I, too, am suffering from a lack of HBO Go. In my case, it's because Brighthouse hasn't signed up, either. I ordered HBO because of Game of Thrones, and I will be dropping HBO for a year when the season ends (unless Brighthouse wises up).
Theresa DeLucci
31. theresa_delucci
@28 I'm glad you said it and not me, lest I be accused of being an unrepentant fangirl. (I totally am.) A good actor can do a lot with even the smallest of roles. Especially when he looks like some Faramir-Remus Lupin hybrid.

Highlight for spoilery speculation about the end of A Storm of Swords: Joseph Mawle was only signed for three episodes, but my hope is that Benjen will be revealed as Coldhands in ADwD and the show lives long enough for him to return.wle.
32. dmg
"first, when was samwise gamgee ever cowardly? not once ever. he did all that was ever asked of him and about 160% more."

Recall that early on in LotR, Sam might have been wise, but he also was timid, even "cowardly." One example: He liked Rosie (?), but when his friends Merry, Pippin, and Frodo suggested he ask her to dance, he shied away. It was Sam's encounter with Shelob that he first noted his change, but everyone else, readers included, were already savvy to his brave but always humble approach to everything.

And, of course, after battling Shelob, the orcs, Sauron, and traveling hither and yon and back again, he had little difficulty summoning the courage to ask Rosie to dance. Marriage and children soon followed.
Joseph Kingsmill
33. JFKingsmill16
@ 27. theresa_delucci - I think Ned hiring Syrio to teach Arya is more of a reaction out of what happened to Lyanna then anything else. He may hope that Arya may be able to defend herself if she was to suffer Lyanna's fate. IMO
Rob Munnelly
34. RobMRobM
@31 - re spoilery stuff - you mean at the end of ASOS, right?
Rob Munnelly
36. RobMRobM
@27. Yes, anything involving Tyrion is good. Ditto for Miles Vorkosigan (and query why we've never seen a movie of one of those books? I'd love to see Mountains of Mourning on PBS or Syfy. Wouldn't even need real special effects.)
Lauren Tombari
37. alfie949
I thought Arya's conversation with her father, about how she wants to lord of a castle, might be forshadowing for the end of the books, since there's always supposed to be a Stark in Winterfell, and all of Cat's other kids are more Tully than Stark.
38. sofrina
@32 - lacking the nerve to approach a crush is not the same as being cowardly. theresa likened sam gamgee to samwell tarly - a guy who lay in the dirt and cried while people beat him to stand up. you say it yourself, samwise gamgee was shy around rosie, before he knew some greater challenge.
William Fettes
39. Wolfmage
Geriatric @ 29

I definitely think there are times that the show could have benefit from a 12 or 13 episode structure. They’re managing pretty well with 10, but you can discern some notable differences between those scenes that are afforded the temporal oxygen to breath, and those that are so tightly written they can feel a bit stiff and suffocated. It’s interesting to note that most of the scenes that are more deliberate and naturalistic are new ones too. That’s at least partially why I’m interested in pushing back against the dedicated purists who criticise every deviation from the books, because I think in many ways writers often do better when they’re innovating and using material from the book in different ways.
40. vsthorvs
I don't know about the whole 10 episode issue. Do we even know where Season 1 will end?

Oh Cat. Capturing Tyrion was the single biggest blunder made throughout the series. War ensues, and Tyrion was NOT the one responsible. Cat's attitude towards Tyrion is one of the most annoying things ever. Did she ever realize that the whole dagger thing was just Littlefinger manipulating them all?

Anyways, I liked this episode a bit less than the last two, because it seemed to be a little too much exposition, and not much else. I'd have preferred learning about the Dragons while actually seeing the Dragon Bones. I hope they show them on the show, because black dragon bones are the coolest!
41. dmg
"lacking the nerve to approach a crush is not the same as being cowardly."

Yes, my point precisely. And, of course, Tolkien's.
42. peachy
@27 - Maege Mormont holds (held, maybe - don't recall what's become of her) lands in her own right; and of course there's Brienne. So there's some tiny precedent for Arya to follow.
43. Quasar
My favourite episode so far. My gripes mainly relate to how small the tourney seemed to be, which is all budget related I guess.
Joseph Kingsmill
44. JFKingsmill16
@Quasar - I tried to ignore how it looked like maybe fifty people were there to see the tourney. Our local Renn Faire tourney seems to look more crowded than the show's.
45. mochabean
@vsthorvs: I'm not happy about Cat's taking Tyrion, but I understand it. She's convinced the Lannisters pushed her 8 year-old (book)/10 year-old (HBO) out a 4 story window and then tried to have him murdered. And she's right. She doesn't know Tyrion wasn't involved, nor does she have the sympathetic viewpoint of Tyrion we do -- she hasn't seen all the kind/charming/witty/brave things he's done. (although being kind to Jon Snow would likely not make her list ) That being said, I think war (winter) would be coming even if she had not taken Tyrion.
Rob Munnelly
46. RobMRobM
@42 - there are more examples of women having nontraditional roles but too spoilerish. Think about a woman in the western parts of Westeros introduced in CoK and to various folk we meet far to the south in FFC.
Theresa DeLucci
47. theresa_delucci
@39 Yeah, I've been largely happy with the new scenes for TV. We're getting a lot more Lannister insight. The dick-measuring contest between Ned and Jaime works to wonderful effect onscreen. When these guys fight, it'll feel huge.

@40 I think it's pretty clear the season will end where the first book ended. They said a book a season. Except maybe two seasons for ASOS, which, I think people who've read the books know where the best, bloodiest season finale ever is.

Yeah, I hated Cat in the books. The actress is actually making Cat more sympathetic fo me. How could she seize Tyrion? How could she hate Jon Snow? Why is she so impulsive and naive and yet so totally boring? But I understand that she doesn't see Tyrion as we do, so she'd never know that stabbing a comatose, crippled boy just isn't his style. But I agree that war would've happened regardless. The Lannisters were moving their pieces around the chessboard for a long time.

@42 peachy Does Brienne hold lands? She's the Maid of Tarth, but I thought her dad holds the titles. Can't remember what would happen if he were to die.

@44 Yeah, the tourney and the Dothraki wedding looked pretty bare bones. There are not 40,000 people in the khalasar. I wanted to see more of Vaes Dothrak. Did they show any statues? To be fair, Im pretty sure there's more tournament next week. I've seen footage of the Hound and the Knight of Flowers and Ned sitting with his daughters and Littlefinger. Weird that they'd just give a tease, here.
Rob Munnelly
48. RobMRobM
Theresa -
- TV show will end a little bit past the end of Book 1, at least relative to some plot lines. There are a couple of characters reported publicly as being cast who made their appearances only after the end of Book 1 (Hot Pie!!!).
- Brienne would not hold her father's lands when her father dies, unless he has no male heir - in which case Brienne would presumably inherit. (Of course, she'd need a husband in order to birth her own heir. ) Interesting discussions of female inheritance issues in Book 3 with respect to a particular female character, if you remember. But I'm not sure why her father or another Lord couldn't grant her lands, as is done with some other knights in the book.
Marcus W
49. toryx
As annoying as Cat's actions in seizing Tyrion are and will turn out to be, I thought that particular scene in the show was rather well done. It was quite the way I imagined it from my readings. I do wish we could have seen the innkeeper's teeth though. :)

I also thought that Sam was very well cast and played the part where he was lying on the ground beaten with the sword very well. The way that Rob handled that whole situation was great and it was bloody marvelous to see Ghost finally. I'd be doing whatever Jon wanted if Ghost was growling at me too!

Hodor's "hodor" was a bit disappointing to me. I think I was spoiled by the audiobook, which sounds perfect. Incidentally, I was in NYC last weekend and stopped by the HBO store to check out the props. Turns out that I got there about half an hour after the actor that plays Hodor left. Dammit! Anyway, it was very cool to see some of the actual costumes people wear in the show, especially Jaime's armor and some of Jon's clothes. The Hound's helm is in a glass case, unfortunately, but it was probably the most impressive prop there.
50. peachy
The only places we can be sure allow female inheritance of titles & land are all on the fringe in some way - Bear Island, the Iron Islands, Dorne. But I don't recall ever hearing that the rest of the Seven Kingdoms have Salic Law. (Cersei being blocked from inheriting Casterly Rock is her father's decision, not a matter of law.) And...


I don't see how Littlefinger's book 4 scheme would work unless title could at least be passed through the female line.
Robin Lemley
51. Robin55077
I am really enjoying the series to date and am personally glad to see that they have remained very true to the books as far as "made for tv" goes. That having been said, my biggest disappointment so far was in this episode.

I just do not see the reason/advantage for having Littlefinger tell Sansa about the Hound being burned by his brother when he was a child. Personally, I always thought (and still do, in fact) that that story was much more powerful being told to Sansa by the Hound himself. Somehow, the fact that they had Littlefinger tell her the story "cheapened" it for me.

All the other deviations from the book have not bothered me, but for some reason, this one really did.

52. Vash the Stampede
50. peachy

SPOILERS (highlight to read)

Little Finger's scheme would work simply because Sansa has Stark blood. Just like "Sansa" and Ramsey Bolten, the purpose of Stark blood is to garner fealty from Winterfell's bannermen and even small folk by giving legitimacy to the questionable marriages.
53. a1ay
I liked Littlefinger right from the start, so he continues to shine for me. I really need to watch The Wire

And the characters are pretty similar as well. Littlefinger is almost Councilman Carcetti with a beard. I keep expecting Bunk Moreland to turn up and explain to Ned Stark that the whole situation is his fault, for giving a fck when it wasn't his turn to give a fck (which is or anyway should be the Stark words).

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