May 4 2011 2:14pm

Even More Alien Super-Heroics in New Green Lantern Trailer

In the past several weeks it’s been harder to know which there are more of: new Green Lantern trailers, or new different aliens IN the Green Lantern trailers. And though there were some rumblings in the fan community initially about the CG over-kill of this impending movie, this new full-length trailer looks pretty spiffy. If there’s going to be a movie laden with CG aliens and gratuitous Earth-threatening visual effects, we think it might as well be The Green Lantern. What did you think?

Sim Tambem
1. Daedos
I don't know if they can do The Green Lantern justice. I don't know if anyone can.
2. rogerothornhill
One word: Guardians :) I was worried they might be saving them for the second movie.
Marcus W
5. toryx
I think it looks like a lot of fun.
Peter Tijger
6. Peter-Tijger
Now this is what I do like. As opposed to the upcoming Conan movie this Green lantern gets me excited. From the looks of it it seems this is going to deliver.

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