May 4 2011 9:33pm

Conan 3D Trailer

Hrmmm...this might be one of those movies where 2:14 minutes is enough. What say you REH fans? Looking forward to, or dreading, this August 19th release?

1. Kadere
I think it looks awesome. Can't wait.
Chris Palmer
2. cmpalmer
Well, it looks a whole lot better than the first teaser trailer. I mean, Conan is supposed to be pure pulp - I would expect a really fun B-movie, not something on the level of Lord of the Rings. I just hope it isn't too silly or boring. There is so much source material to draw from, I can't figure out why it would be so hard to make a fun movie out of it.

I did think that we were supposed to have moved away from the "Coming Atcha!" 3D effects, but apparently not.

Looks like a great popcorn flick.
Abigail Johnson
3. AbigailJohnson
Very cool. Loved Momoa in SG Atlantis & now on GOT. Hope he's just as good here. I still would love to see Arnold back one day to do a King Conan....
Mike Perschon
4. Mike_Perschon
I'm with cmpalmer on this one - I don't have really high expectations. I like how Momoa is leaner than Arnie was - I never liked the steroid approach to Conan, as REH's vision was strong, but also lean in his youth. I've always loved Barry Windsor Smith's vision of the Cimmerian, and this feels closer. As both fan and dabbling scholar of the original REH pulp works, I'm aware the powers behind these films will likely never give us a Conan worthy of the short stories. Nevertheless, as someone who endured Beastmaster, Deathstalker, and a lot of other craptastic sword and sorcery films in the '80s, this looks just fine. I'll force myself to watch Conan the Destroyer right before I go, and then I'll likely think it's worth an Oscar by comparison.
Bill Stusser
5. billiam
Wow, this looks really bad. I don't understand why it is so hard to do the Conan stories right. I've got nothing against Momoa but he does not look celtic to me. I like that they've gone away from the steroid look but he still doesn't look like Conan should. Oh well, all I can hope is that it is better than the other Conan movies.
Chris Hawks
6. SaltManZ
I can't stand the look of this Conan (Momoa, I presume?) Something about the eyes...and that hair. Will we ever get to see the traditional black "square-cut mane" onscreen?
7. amygdala
I'm not familiar with Momoa, but on the basis of this trailer I'm not actually convinced that he has the screen presence to be Conan the Barbarian. He just doesn't have the gravitas one would expect the role requires.

Expectations dashed.
8. DarrenJL
Momoa's had two chances now to play an outwardly brutish character who winds up being cunning, intelligent, and ultimately superior to the "civilized" people around him. Will he drop the ball on this one, as well? But it looks fun, all the same, and of course I'll watch it.
M. h.Todorov
9. Mamutoubietza
Wow.. WTF is this!?

From the trailer, someone just gather a bunch o' words form Rob Howard's books and plastered them on a muscular guy and some background. This isn't Conan, this is madness (or Sparta, if it rocks your boat).

I don't believe I'm saying this, but Arnie was better...
10. Tocks Nedlog
Production values look decent, but why oh why must every new action film be in 3-D? As for being faithful to the tone and vision of REH's work -- forget it. It may have some of the feel and sense of danger that Howard was so good at generating, but I highly doubt that this will satisfy the hardcore fans of the original stories.
Mike Conley
11. NomadUK
The effects and the world-realisation seems quite awesome. The casting? Meh. After all this time, and for all that money, can't we get people who understand how to do a story, and not just an effects-laden wad of used mind-gum?

I'm sorry, but I doubt there will be anything in that film that will make me feel the way I did when I watched this. For all its imperfections, that film was great.
12. jharris22586
I think this looks like fun. I'm not really expecting "high film" from this--I'm mostly just looking to be entertainined and I think it will be very entertaining. Maybe I'm of the minority here, but I love Momoa and I think he'll do really great here. I didn't really like Arnold as Conan myself, so I'm very much looking forward to this new take on it.
YouDont NeedToKnow
13. necrosage2005
How quickly will the theater release be scrapped for a showing on Syfy(lys)'s Saturday Night Schlockfest? I never liked the "3D" gimmick that is more of a pop up book than actual 3D, so I'm really unimpressed with the continual throw-things-at-the-camera-to-make-sure-that-you-know-it-is-poping-up idea that they're doing to squeeze more hard earned cash out of a cash strapped public.

I've never read the origional stories or read the comics, but there really aren't that many tall, muscular, hunks that have done action in Hollywood any more and this is actually a big break for Momoa, so I'm kind of O.K. with his casting. I just hope that he can actually carry a movie all on his own.

Over all, I have 0.0% hopes for this movie because almost any time that there is source material (books/novels, video games, or even actual history) the Hollywood machine finds ways to screw it up. Go ahead an call me a "fanboy" or "purist," but LotR wasn't a 100% book to movie translation, yet I list that movie as my favorite of all time.

For those that say, "Its a popcorn movie. What do you expect?" Why do I have to turn my brain to that of a 2 year old during the summer? You can have a popcorn movie and still make it good. I don't expect every movie to be Hamlet, but they shouldn't be Gigli or
Shyamalan's The Last Airbender mess, either.
Peter Tijger
14. Peter-Tijger
I'm actually dreading it...........but hoping for a good surprise.
I love the Conan stories by Robert E. Howard. I've always loved the comics too, from the first Windsor Smith work through Buscema and the Dark horse series which were particularly good, they really brought Conan back.
The first Conan movie with Arnold was very good in its own right. The second one gave us an Arnold that looked his best but failed to deliver on all other fronts.
This new movie..........meh, I don't know. Don't really like the appearance of the leading man. I hope I will be surprised though.
Chris Palmer
15. cmpalmer
I've always loved the John Milius Conan the Barbarian, but after re-watching it recently I realized that I needed to face some hard facts...

Arnold is pretty horrible in this movie. In fact, it may be one of his worst performances, and that's saying a lot. Sure, he looks awesome (in an 80's, over-steroided way), but as others have pointed out, Conan isn't really described like that in the stories. The rest of the acting isn't really that much better.

Thulsa Doom's wig is terrible.

After many years of refinements in on-screen action scenes with swords (yes, up to, and including, "wire-fu" and CGI), it's obvious that several of the fight scenes are quite badly choreographed (obvious misses and pulled strikes).

The script, by Oliver Stone and others, is fairly good, but what it is most notable for was trying, for the first time, to actually write a serious screenplay for a fantasy film. Maybe aside from the Harryhausen films, this was the watershed moment for fantasy movies. That said, it's still full of corny and unintentionally funny dialog (including the famous "lamentations of their women" line).

The snake looks bad, but I'll excuse that somewhat. Actually, no I won't and I take back a little of what I said about this being one of the first well-written, serious fantasy films since I just realized Dragonslayer came out the year before. It had a great script and amazing special effects that still hold up 30 years later (Crom, but that makes me feel old). Has recently done a re-watch of Dragonslayer?

So what does it have? A basic respect for its source material and the first opportunity to see Howard's world on a big screen without much cringing. A (mostly) serious script. Great cinematography. A good "look". And that's about it.

Oh, it also has arguably the best soundtrack of any film ever. Basil Poledouris' score still sends chills down my spine.

Despite that, I still like it. I just don't think it would be that hard to improve on it (not that I think this film will, sadly, but that's mostly because of my distrust of the director and the writers rather than the cast).
Rich Bennett
16. Neuralnet
yikes.. not sure about this one. Reminds me of the scorpian king from the trailer. Arnold's first Conan movie was pretty classic even though it had a high cheese factor IMHO. I liked how it worked the conan backstory into the plot. Wonder if the villian in the new version will be as good as James Earl Jones.
Matthew B
17. MatthewB
The 13-year-old me inside of me is inordinately excited by this.
Bill Stusser
18. billiam
Crom! James Earl Jones wig was absolutely horrendous. Its hard to take a villian serious when he looks that bad. They should have gone with the more Stygian/Egyptian look and shaved his head.

I understand that they can't be 100% true to the source (it is Hollywood after all), but I don't see why the producers can't at least get the character right. Conan should be celtic looking, over six feet tall with black, square cut, shoulder length hair and blue eyes. Imagine if you will the outrage that we would have had if in the LotR movies Legolas had black hair, or Arwen was blonde, or if Gimli and the hobbits were as tall as the rest of the cast.

And to be faithful to the tone of the stories magic should be kept to a minimum. Magic was always treated as the supernatural type in REH's work.

One more thing. All you need to know about this movie is its release date. Late summer is where all bad movies are left to die. If anyone involved had any high expectations for this film it would be released earlier in the season.
Ashe Armstrong
19. AsheSaoirse
This makes me a sad panda and I agree with with cmpalmer and billiam. As I've said in discussions with friends, the original Conan movie was a good sword & sorcery movie but a horrid Conan movie. Best case scenario, the same holds true for this one. Sadly, the whole time I kept thinking, "THIS! IS! HYBOREA!" and "I know sword fu."
20. MWChapel
I would love to be extra critical that this movie looks like it'll be a train wreck in the making. But who am I kidding? I'm a ho for all things Conan, and I'm sure I'll be right there in line, at midnight, on a thursday for 2 hours of Hyborian goodness(or bad). What can I say, I'm a follower of CROM! so I'm a glutton for punishment...
21. diem
I'm with the general sentiment here, to have low or no expectations from this movie-- (the Conan movie I have in mind is way better!)

After all check out what they did to Rose Mcgowan!
22. Dr. Zoidberg 2000
By Crom, Mitra, and Set! This is a really anal and pedantic ballbuster. having seen the film already, here's my beef: one, this is ok compared to the wooden acting and sub-par casting of the original. Yet, it was redeemed by a supremely epic score that blew the socks off all in the movie theater in 1982. Still, thatis an improvement over this one. this one had such a cheesy Dragonheart rip-off of a theme it was not even funny. Nice cinematography, however. And also, the women. Boy howdy, it just as many racks as the original. Sadly, it was all body doubles. Even Mamoa, who got naked for this, called them on their prudish cowardice, saying quote, " don't even deserve to act" to a dismayed lead actress. Nice. Almost as good as the Genghis Kahn quote from the Arnie version. As a fan of Howard, 3 out of 5.

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