May 19 2011 4:40pm

Children of the Sky Galley Sweepstakes!

We promised it would get here, and now we have the copies to prove it! Children of the Sky, the long awaited sequel to Vernor Vinge’s Hugo Award-winning A Fire Upon the Deep is here in the offices! We have five advance reading copies to give away to some lucky winners —months before its October release. Comment below for a chance to win to win, (and keep an eye out today for another sweepstakes!)

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 3:40 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) May 19, 2011. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET May 23, 2011. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Rob Davies
1. Rob_Davies
Really looking forward to this. A Fire Upon the Deep is a classic.
Joshua Starr
3. JStarr
This book is pretty high among my most-anticipated!
Chris Palmer
5. cmpalmer
Can't wait. Just finished re-reading A Fire Upon the Deep and Deepness in the Sky. Very excited.
Ben T-Moore
7. BenTGaidin
Really looking forward to reading this, whenever I can get my hands on a copy...
Suzanne Palmer
8. suzanne
Yep, that books gonna skip right to the top of the To Be Read pile.
10. Hobbes_Kat
I loved A Fire Upon the Deep. I can't wait to read this.
Nathan Horn
11. CaptCommy
I've got a huge backlog, but this tops all of it. Cannot wait.
13. dawn the glass bead maker
14. markinva
ZOMG pick me ! Pick me!!!
15. Pug
Looking forward to reading this one - and getting the chance to before most others would be very cool indeed. :o)
Ty Margheim
17. alSeen
please please please please please.

This along with Ghost Story and Dance with Dragons are at the top of my "I really really want to read this" list.
18. Jocelyn Bothe
Free books ftw
20. Ed!
Oh man, I could totally go for some more telepathic space puppies!
Alain Bouchard
21. AlainB
I really am intrigued by this book and would like to read it!
22. firesinger
if this is half as good as the previous book, then it will be perfect!
24. Rich G.
Would love to win this!
25. AM
Giveeeeeeeeeeee ittttttttttt to me :) :) ;) :) :D
John Chu
26. JohnChu
Wow, I had no idea he'd written a sequel. Cool.
27. RLBrown
From a fellow "bookworm" this should be a great read.
Craig Piercy
30. cpiercy
"But if the technological Singularity can happen, it will." -
Vernor Vinge
Fredrik Coulter
31. fcoulter
Vernor Vinge is probably my most important must read author. There are many authors I like who I will wait for the paperback. Even more that I will get an eBook version (once the price drops below paperback). But when Vinge produces a new book, I don't wait. I will pay the inflated cost of a hard cover. I will not wait.

And now, I might be able to get it free? Cool! And before I can hand over cold hard cash? Even cooler!

(Although highly unlikely.)
32. Svenn Diagram
I am not a big fan, but I'll take a free book
Mathieu Glachatn
33. syvwlch
It can't hit the shelves soon enough. :-)
Nicholas Miell
34. NJM
I am a big fan, and I'd love early access.
Kenneth Sutton
35. kenneth
I'm so looking forward to reading this!
Dirk Walls
36. dirk
Put my name in the hat to win a free copy!
37. Thedward
I've been looking forward to this book for ages.
38. boxybosco
w00t! I forgot this was even coming out!
39. Hyperion76
I really enjoyed Rainbow's End, and I'm looking forward to his new space epic!
40. Chayzar

Love Vinge. Love this series.
41. Niac
I very much love A Fire Upon The Deep, and would love to read this!
44. Dan Someone
Absolutely one of my favorite books ever. But "the long awaited sequel"? Why no mention of A Deepness in the Sky?
Charles Summerhill
45. JanusDreamer
Commenting for my chance. I may not win the lottery, but I can at least have a good book to keep me company.
Drew Holton
46. Dholton
Gimmee, gimmee, gimmee!!!, Please?
47. Michael B Sullivan
Yes I want this book a lot.
Travis Lubbers
49. Dumont
Can't wait, don't want to. Please don't make me have to.
p l
52. p-l
I would also be very happy if I won.
55. Davek
Vinge is one of my favorites, it's nice to have a chance at a free copy.
56. heykiddego
Loved the previous book! Can't wait for this one!
57. desertpaladin
Would be cool to read it first. Sign me up!
60. DaveQat
OMG, yes please! I love Vinge!
Goetz Kruppa
64. goetznl
Why are you all of sudden restricting it to inhabitants of the US?
Or was this always the case and you just didn't mention it?
I guess this means I'll have to definitely wait until October....
Groetjes from Amsterdam!
65. sorrelen
I would love that!
David Thomson
66. ZetaStriker
This would certainly give me a new fantasy series to start. Well timed too, since I'm taking a break from large fantasy novels with some lighter sci-fi and zombie novels like Aftertime and Old Man's War.
67. J. Bradford DeLong
Ah... Long sad gone dxerib. I really will miss the tricks of that magician, the Lost Prince of Canberra...

Hopefully, hexapodia will still be the key insight, somehow...
68. Mundanename
My favorite science fiction author :)
69. DamonEL
OMG! I've been waiting for this book for YEARS. Vernor Vinge is one of my favorites.
Chuck Childers
70. cchilders
I would love to get this book! New Vinge! - Chuck
71. ruthling
oooh, I would love to win this book!
72. CarlosSkullsplitter
oh, why not.
75. Azuaron
Would love to win!
Steve Taylor
76. teapot7
God yes - Vinge's two big sapace operas are masterpieces.
77. Marina JNL
I love books. :)
Matt Wright
79. matty42
I will take one (if I win it that is).
Shane Stringer
81. ShaneStringer
o please
o please
o please
o please
o please
82. politeruin
Only open to the U.S.?

Fuck sake!
83. tfandango
I'll read it.
84. DRickard
I'll give it a try
86. nin_shark
Yes, please!
Andrew Barton
87. MadLogician
Hmph. Why is this a sweepstakes, and only open to US residents?
Peter D. Tillman
89. PeteTillman
To Enter: Visit here
and submit your entry by fully completing the sign-up form found on theSite.

O-K, this must be the "form"....
92. ErikTheReams
Sf ftw.
Wolf Corlett
94. Ysengrin
A Fire Upon the Deep is one of my favorite re-reads. Of course I'd like an advance copy!

As others have said, I'm guessing this is the "form."
95. grymwulf
I would love to read this, I loved A Deepness in the Sky, and how if you look at it just right, it reveals a bunch of backstory for A Fire Upon the Deep - especially how the On/Off star and Countermeasure are related.
96. sbass
I'd love a copy
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
97. tnh
I don't want a copy of the galley, but I've read this book, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Good luck to whoever wins!

(One-step Vernor Vinge Fan Test: You instantly knew who that is/are on the cover.)
99. cnote56
Sign me up!!!!
100. Foxessa
I'm commenting! I'm commenting! I can't wait to return to this universe.

Love, C.
101. Alan Lehotsky
Here's hoping it's a howling success...
Anthony Roisum
102. Veto
Never read the first one, but if I get this one I will have to.
103. bobcram
Puhlease send me one!
104. Resol
Ah a new series to become addicted to Curses to you Tor for the torturing you do making me empty me wallet.
106. Aaron N. Tubbs
Oh, this would be rather nice...
107. Prominent Nonentity
Let us see if I continue my trend of only winning sequels to books I haven't read.
Christian Decomain
109. Khryss
Omg, a sequel to my favorite novel ever! I'm so excited!
110. jere7my
Hat, meet ring.
112. Agninus
i predict 674
113. rmbellovin
It should be called "The Sky on Fire", but I want to read it anyway.
Peter Schmidt
116. PHSchmidt
All that is gold does not glitter
Not all those who wander are lost
Old that is strong does not wither
Deep roots are not reached by the frost

From the ashes, a fire shall be woken
A light from the shadows shall spring
Renewed shall be blade that was broken
The crownless again shall be king
120. lightkeeper
Pick me! Pick me!
Lenny Bailes
124. lennyb
Yonder stands your orphan with his tine,
crying like a wave without its sine.
Strike a thought inside of your cocoon!
And it's all over now, Mr. Nuwen.
126. Kaphin
Great giveaway!
Amy G. Dala
129. amygdala11
I'm a huge fan of Vernor Vinge, and have read everything of his multiple times. Will definitely buy this one in HB.
130. Baalor
Vernor Vinge never ceases to amaze, and I'm sure his latest won't disappoint!
Bill Siegel
131. ubxs113
I won A Fire Upon the Deep and now I want the sequal!
132. jeffwc
Very exciting. I loved A Fire Upon the Deep.
133. Jlabeat
Insert witty comment here!
134. When They Come For Me
135. ces
Who did the cover?
Janice Hopper
136. Archergal5219
I love Vernor Vinge.

::tosses entry into the basket::
139. richardw
early would be good, very, very good!
140. WarrenTF
A Fire Upon The Deep is one of my favorite books. I can't wait for the direct sequel after all these years. If you haven't read it, read it.
Eugene Fischer
142. efischer
Couldn't be more excited for this book.
144. JDk
Get outta town!
147. kabdib
I've read everything he's written. Well, that I've been able to track down.

I've been reading SF since 1968. I've been programming computers since 1976. When I read Vinge's _True Names_ I was gobstopped. This is someone who gets SF and computers at a deep level, and his speculation on Where Things Might Go (just little things, like the sign-in sequence to the smart dust in _A Deepness in the Sky_ or the ball-playing automata in _Marooned in Realtime_) have been an inspiration.

I hope this is more Hugo material. :-)
149. xnz
One more thing to look forward to... Also can't wait for the Audiobook.
152. DIYGene
Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!
153. Kadere
I want! I want! I want! I want!
Sean Pratz
154. Galoot
My comment is, "not for Canadians? Really?"
I hope you draw comment #154 so some American can't win, either.
155. Athanor
Very excited about this one. Please don't make me wait until October!
156. Db cooper
October is a long way away!
158. Mike matz
I so want to win this!
159. Michael Habif
yes please
160. Laurraine
I love his works. I would love to get a copy.
161. ChakaTodd
Loves me some Vinge!
162. Programmer Archaeologist
I'm really looking forward to this book.
163. Stefan Jones
Count me in!
167. Mark Atwood
I have been looking forward to this book for, no kidding, 12 years.
168. Norm Dwyer
What great news. Fire Upon the Deep is such an amazing book. I can't wait to read the children of the sky
Pasi Kallinen
169. paxed
God Damn It. GGggrRraaaahhhh!

I. Am. Not. Eligible.

170. Ivan Yakubovich
Looking forward to reading it!
171. Livvispatula
It's gorgeous!
174. WellEducatedPeasant
Right, off to my bookcase to re-read _A Fire Upon The Deep_

Bummed that I can't enter the sweepstakes from the UK...
175. Scottc
Frank Nagy
176. fjnagy
I am stuck in a Zone of Slowest Thought
sean odell
178. dirgework
I can wait - but it would be oh so sweet if I don't have to!
179. dwndrgn
Oh please count me in!!
Cash McManus
180. moneyman
I can't wait, fire upon the deep is one of my all time favorites. the best of what SF can be.
Peter Marcantonio
182. pmarcantonio
Is it available in paperback only or can i get an ebook copy of it?
183. Marian
This should be an interesting read. Looking forward to it.
Christopher Spring
184. springc
Would love this to see what interesting ideas Vinge has for us this time.
185. Astro B
If I win, it'll put Fire Upon a Deep at the top of my reading stack.
189. Lyssa Rowan
Looking forward to this one!
Matthew Smith
190. blocksmith
Books are good! Free books are better!
Kristoff Bergenholm
191. Magentawolf
We wants it, my precious, we does!

It was only recently that I finished my Vinge-binge, and would love to read more!
193. KPCalli
Want it??? Want it... Want it!!!
Clay Blankenship
198. snoweel
Didn't even know this was in the works!
199. Roardawg
Evan Langlinais
200. Skwid
Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes!
Kevin Hogan
202. dromedan
I'll join the book desire dogpile.
203. James Bradford DeLong
@97: Amdijeffri?
205. Douglas Sellers
My most anticipated book of 2011!
206. alchymyst
Do want!
210. brigade
Bring it!
Darius Bacon
211. Darius
My most-anticipated book this year, like apparently a lot of others here. Want.
214. Clintcwebb
Couldn't think of a better surprise than to win this...
215. Jdiddy
Me too please!
216. Shiva Ramabadran
I'd love to win this. What an author! Its been too long since he wrote a book.
217. Rob Slater
218. jason 1110
Yes, please.
Randy McCraw
219. sscorp99
Hello, Hello, bump, bump, Is this thing on!
223. aranapequena
loved Fire Upon the Deep
Shaka Jamal
224. FaceofYo!
Count me in. I'll even play a red shirt crewman to win... :)
225. superhombre
sounds good
226. jmr
Thanks for the context!
Zaki Manian
227. zmanian
I'm excited to see how the Zones of Thought have evolved since the last book
David Singleton
228. drsingleton
Vinge is a "buy in hardcover" author, but I'd love to see this early!
231. nibbler
Can't wait to read Children of the Sky, I've had a Google Alert on it for months!
Jim Crumley
232. crumley
Now here is a contest worth winning!
233. Ben N.
Vernor Vinge!
234. Miscellaneous Steve
Bob Blough
235. Bob
Really looking forward to this one.
Tim Medlen
236. ibtimmons
I'll take one please, October is too long to wait. Thanks.
237. gredaline
Very excited for this!
238. DavidAP
If I don't win, I'll be buying it anyway. This is one book I've been looking forward to for some time.
239. traversal
A Fire Upon the Deep singlehandledly rekindled my interest in science fiction. I'm looking forward to this a great deal.
dave t
240. dave_t
Loved the first book - very excited for this one.
241. Holly_
I am so excited about this book.

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