May 31 2011 6:45pm

Mistborn: The Alloy of Law ARC Sweepstakes!

We promise you’re not dreaming, so don’t go pinching yourself (or anyone else, for that matter): we have ARCs of Alloy of Law, the next book in Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series, and they’re waiting for you! We have three advance reading copies to give away to some lucky winners, so don’t miss out. Comment below for a chance to win!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A purchase does not improve your chances of winning. Sweepstakes open to legal residents of fifty (50) United States and the District of Columbia, who are 18 or older. To enter, fill out entry on this post beginning at 5:45 p.m. Eastern Time (ET) May 31, 2011. Sweepstakes ends at 12:00 p.m. ET June 2, 2011. Void outside of the 50 US and DC and where prohibited by law. Please see full details and official rules here. Sponsor: Macmillan Publishers, 175 Fifth Ave., New York, NY 10010.

Jo Ann Hakola
1. Jo Ann Hakola
That one looks like fun! I'd love to read it.
Corey McKinnon
2. CMcKinnon
I am so looking forward to this. I would love to win!
Jo Ann Hakola
3. Silverquick
Wow! Alloy of Law!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
4. Kai Charles
Yes please! :)
Jo Ann Hakola
5. JRVogt
A big fan of Sanderson's. Thanks for the contest!
Donnie Springfield
6. dspringfield
I'm dying to read this! Well, not dying any faster than normal, but I'd really, really like to read it.
Jason Stewart
7. Lightningfall
I have been waiting for this book since Brandon mentioned he'd started writing it.
Stephen Zielinski
8. zsaz1029
One of the most anticipated releases of the year!

Fingers crossed!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
9. robbadler
Yes Please! I need my Sanderson fix.
Jo Ann Hakola
10. Doris
Hopefully I'll be able to get one!!! :D
Jo Ann Hakola
13. icantthinkofone
Possibly the best fantasy cover this year.
Mike deHilster
14. iggy
Bring it! If Sanderson wrote the Alloy of Slaw, I'd read that too...
Jo Ann Hakola
16. moonshower
I would love an early copy of this. Both myself and my husand (and my dad), greatly enjoyed this series.
Jo Ann Hakola
17. Mikers123
Mistborn was my introduction to Brandon's books. I can't wait to read this new book. I'd love to read it a little early. Please?
Jo Ann Hakola
18. Qwill
Oooooh! Count me in. Thank you for a chance to win!
Jo Ann Hakola
19. Rikku
Somehow I missed the news that there is an upcoming new book in this series!! I love all of Brandon Sanderson's work, though, and can't wait to read this latest installment!
Jo Ann Hakola
20. Amanda_E
I've been waiting for this one since finishing the last! Go, Brandon!
Jo Ann Hakola
21. MistbornFan
Book! Booooooook!

Yeah, read that above part in a zombie voice if it helps. Though I promise I won't eat it, I just wanna read it.
Jo Ann Hakola
22. Brian Redd
Woo hoo! Sign me up! I can't wait for this to come out!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
24. Nathan Major
Oh yeah! This book is gonna be tight.
Jo Ann Hakola
26. Stone
I would be down for this.
Hopefully it comes my way.
Jo Ann Hakola
27. Travis77
Thank's for the chance! Gotta love me some Mistborn!
Jo Ann Hakola
28. rmrpbutt
Hope it's as good as the trilogy!!
Spencer Pr
29. mycoltbug
I would love to read it eary. There is nothing published I haven't read!
Jo Ann Hakola
30. Erica jones
Yes Please! ^.^
Jo Ann Hakola
31. Jemaclus
Awesome. Love this series.
Stephen Giordano
32. notredamegeo
Awesome. I've cannot wait for this to come out
Josh Storey
33. Soless
Comment! Commentcommentcomment!!1
Jo Ann Hakola
34. benjicat
Great cover!
Jo Ann Hakola
35. Corban
Stone, you have enough reading copies. Leave some for us humble mortals like myself! I would definitely like one of these!
Jo Ann Hakola
37. JJoelW
No Canada? :(
Jo Ann Hakola
38. CurtM
I'd love to win, winning is for awesome people. This just in, I am an awesome person.
Jo Ann Hakola
40. Mike in Wyoming
Just read the first three. Loved them and can't wait for this one. Thanks Brian.
Michael B
41. Jumranb
This would be great! Please enter my name in for a chance to win!
Jo Ann Hakola
42. Sarah Wolf
I just finished the Mistborn trilogy and absolutely love it! Would like to win!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
43. Twinkie
These are my favorite books! I would love to win!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
44. Kerita
Oooh! I just finished the first three. I can't wait for this one.
Flip Sward
46. buckshotsward
Jenny Reid
47. jenreidreads
I think I am THE BIGGEST Brandon Sanderson fan out there. Please please please please please let me win!!!!!

(I will buy it in hardcover either way, but would probably literally pee my pants with excitement if I can read the advance copy this summer, omg.)
David Thomson
48. ZetaStriker
As a great fan of Sanderson's work, Mistborn in particular, getting my hands on an advance reading copy of Alloy of Law would be a dream come true. And an easy way to lord over my other literary friends by refusing to divulge spoilers to them.
Daniel Goss
52. Beren
I loved the mistborn series, so this would be incredible to read early.
Jo Ann Hakola
53. Po
I love this series, and I love Tor!
Sim Tambem
54. Daedos
I know this is a give away, but might a bit of bribery help my chances? I am willing to send Brandon a pack of Magic Cards...two?

Fine. Three.
Jo Ann Hakola
55. Figs
can't wait for allomancy + guns...
Jo Ann Hakola
57. Steven Hofmann
Definitely on my "to read" list!
Jo Ann Hakola
58. hidden
A book is the only place in which you can examine a fragile thought without breaking it, or explore an explosive idea without fear it will go off in your face. It is one of the few havens remaining where a man's mind can get both provocation and privacy. ~Edward P. Morgan
Jo Ann Hakola
59. hammerlock
I'd love to get one of those!
Lucas Vollmer
61. aspeo
I can't wait to read the next book in the mistborn series. This would be great to have!
Ross Newberry
62. rossnewberry
Sorry all, I just burned about 10 pounds of atium, and it turns out I'm gonna be the winner.
Jo Ann Hakola
63. Ellynne
Need books - Need books - NEED books
Jo Ann Hakola
65. ibegon5
I've loved everything from Brandon Sanderson, would love to get my hands on this one as well.
Jo Ann Hakola
68. jessicaw
My husband and I are both big fans and would LOVE to have an arc copy. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
69. Kevin Faulk
Wow, would I dearly love to have this!
Jo Ann Hakola
71. Goradel
I was in the last book so might as well see if my name comes up in this on.

Rick Kersten
73. rkersten
Have the rest of the series, would love to get the new book!
Jo Ann Hakola
74. coolvstar650
Me want!
Jo Ann Hakola
75. AmyFarmer
I'd love to win.
Jo Ann Hakola
76. LizBusby
I would love to read this. Heck, I'd read anything you slapped the name "Brandon Sanderson" on.
Jo Ann Hakola
77. Melissa759382
Woot! Pick me, pretty please!
Jo Ann Hakola
78. Threeplusoneis4
I'm excited for this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
79. Chris reaves
Guess I should put my e-main on if I want to win....
Jo Ann Hakola
81. Reimerpdx
Oh man, I'd love to read another mistborn novel!
jeremiah lane
82. jc12741
He's a great writer can't wait for this.
Jo Ann Hakola
83. Ronald Morton
Ooh! Ooh! Pick Me!
Jo Ann Hakola
84. ncfernley
Pick me! Me! Ooooh, pick me! @62: wish I could "like" that comment. (:
Jo Ann Hakola
85. kingd.1971
Love Brandon's books, count me in for the win!
Gary Rothkopf
86. Fenric25
The Mistborn trilogy is one of my favorite book series, one that I have recommended to many of the people I know (hell, even convinced some random stranger at a bookshop to buy the whole box once-set-he couldn't find anything good to read, mistook me for an employee (I was a former employee, mind you), and took me up on my recommendation with only a few words of praise.) Anyway, the point of this is: I love this series very much and would dearly love to get my hands on an Advanced Reading Copy of Alloy of Law (as would my wife, also an avid Mistborn fan) I know I never win these contests, but I'm still posting in hopes of having a great read just that little bit early. Thanks for the consideration! Congrats to any who do win, enjoy the read (I'm not likely to, so just putting that message there for those who likely will.) (If I don't win, I'll just have to scrounge up the cash for the hardcover-which I don't own any of for the first trilogy, own all of them in paperback. Well, if I can manage it for Dance with Dragons, I can certainly manage it for Alloy of Law. Curse that wretched pittance of a retail salary, grrr... )
ricardo perez
88. byzkitt
I loved the mistborn books and look forward to the world continuing.
Hello There
89. praxisproces
Oh my lord, I would love to win this one.
Harry Burger
90. Lightbringer
This will be awesome. The irony that Sazed IS a God now, and I can't wait to see the mythology that has evolved over time with Vin as the Angel of Death used to scare children.
no thx
91. nope
would like to win this one a lot
DA Ford
92. Ford75
So everything is now just for those in the 50 States?
Jo Ann Hakola
94. McflyCahill90
Alloy of Law looks awesome! Fingers crossed!
Jo Ann Hakola
95. SkyHook
I want an ARC
Dan Benjamin
96. bandenjamin
Who would you like killed? How? Can I use a spork? If they are allomancers I've got a collection of plastic ones from Taco Bell that will work perfectly.

I like eggs.
Denni Caid
97. songstress7
*crossing fingers* Big Sanderson fan here - wouldn't miss a chance!
Amit Kotwal
98. amitkotwal
When did he find the time to write this? Anyway, I want one, please!
A.J. Bobo
99. Daedylus
For months, I've been wondering how an Allomantic gun-fight would work. Count me in.
Andrew Blackburn
101. ajbcool
I'd love to be considered! Mistborn got me really interested and secure in seeing Sanderson to finish the WOT!
Jo Ann Hakola
103. richardw
nom, nom!
Jo Ann Hakola
104. Excited
I will shove a hemalurgic spike in me if it means getting the ARC!
Sam Mickel
105. Samadai
This would be a wonderful book to have.
Jo Ann Hakola
106. Daryn
I'll take one!
Jo Ann Hakola
107. photon
Yes, please. I would love to read this.
Laura Conrad
108. laymusic
I'm not sure how one would write a sequel to the last Mistborn, but I'd like to see.
Kyle Kinnear
110. Xelun
I'd love to get my hands on this.
Jo Ann Hakola
111. Mabbee
Hurray Mistborn!
Jo Ann Hakola
113. LAJG
Here's my comment, just on the off chance that there may be an exception to the small print so that someone in Canada can win!
Jo Ann Hakola
114. BaronJonah
Sanderson is indeed rocking the world with his words. Would love to read this in advance.
Jo Ann Hakola
115. fantastyfreak
This is definitely very exciting!! I can't wait to read the next installment of this fine series!
Jo Ann Hakola
116. IG
Would love to have a copy.

Jo Ann Hakola
117. Efrost
Can't wait to see what Brandon does in this new environment.
Gaelen Strnat
121. gstrnat
I would love to get an ARC of this. I read the trilogy a few months ago and loved it; can't wait to see what he does with the different setting.
Jo Ann Hakola
123. kamandi
I'd love to give this series a try.
Jo Ann Hakola
124. Jononymus
Oh man, I would love to gt my hands on this!
Jo Ann Hakola
125. syncap8
Me please!
Jo Ann Hakola
126. Phadedsky
This will definitely be an interesting read!
Jo Ann Hakola
127. Robert Sparling
I would like this book. Very much. As soon as possible.
Jo Ann Hakola
129. David M.
I'd be silly not to enter to win an ARC of this.
Jo Ann Hakola
130. ccostella
Can't wait - I just got finished the first series! Love it!
Jo Ann Hakola
132. ScottB
Me, me, me! Please!
Jo Ann Hakola
136. EmilyD
Oh gosh, Mistborn is easily my favourite series ever. I can't wait for this book.
Jo Ann Hakola
138. Bethanyfig
Definitely want to read this!
Matt Wright
139. matty42
Here's my comment - where's my book?
Jo Ann Hakola
140. Kadere
I hope this is any good.
Jo Ann Hakola
141. ArtfulMagpie
Yes, please!!!
Andrew Schuricht
142. shurikt
Perfect timing, since I'm just about to finish book 3!
Jo Ann Hakola
143. trench
If you don't pick me, i'll cry
Jo Ann Hakola
144. tomshippy13
Would love a copy please
Jo Ann Hakola
145. Teri C
ohhh love this series! Count me in.
Jo Ann Hakola
146. Kaya H
Looks fabulous! I cannot wait to see the next book in the Mistborn series.
Jo Ann Hakola
149. Will Phillips
Oh, dang. I gotta throw my hat in the ring for this!
John Wolsky
150. Anomaly
Mistborn is one of my favorite series of all time. I'd love to win a copy!!
Alexandre X. Duchateau Navarrete
151. Lexiel
Ooooh. shiny !
I already pre ordered it, but I'll be more than happy to cancel that ;D
Mahesh Banavar
153. maheshkb
His stuff is good.... Me, please...
Jo Ann Hakola
154. soru
I'd love to read it!
Jo Ann Hakola
155. RPH
Looks like an interesting spin!
Jo Ann Hakola
156. dfere
Thanks for the chance! I loved this series and am so psyched to find out there is another one coming out. Can't wait to pass on the word to all the others I've recomended it to!
Kenneth Sutton
157. kenneth
Woohoo! Can't wait to return to the world.
Jo Ann Hakola
160. marriedatdisney
Sweet! Love to get an early read!
Nick Marino
161. njm1492
I loved the Mistborn trilogy! I can't wait to read the Alloy of Law.
Jo Ann Hakola
163. stacym
Oh! Pick me, pick me! I loved the first Mistborn books! :D
Jo Ann Hakola
165. James Gibney
Would love to get this
Jo Ann Hakola
166. kylissa11
Great series! So happy to see it continuing and looking forward to the new book!
Jo Ann Hakola
167. sharkweek
finally finished hero of ages and looking forward to this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
169. seventriangle
One of my favorite series, would love to win this :)
Jo Ann Hakola
170. Robert Slater
Jo Ann Hakola
173. benjammin345
OOOOOOOOO!O!!!!!! i would like please and thanks. I love the Mistborn series, and think the good Sir Sanderson of Nebraska/Utah is a genius.
Paige Vest
174. paigevest
Just when we thought we'd seen the end of the Mistborn Saga... Brandon comes back to wow us again. It would be beyond awesome to receive this ARC!
Thanks again, Tor!
Jo Ann Hakola
175. MistyMassey
Oh me, oh me!
Jo Ann Hakola
176. WordTipping
I would love a chance to win what looks to be a great book.
Ian B
180. Greyfalconway
Oh wow! I really hope I get an arc! Brandon's one of my top 5 favorite authors. My iPad was the first he ever autographed too! lol
Jo Ann Hakola
181. KyleM
Please hook me up! :)
Logan Neufeld
183. Exgamer
As a big fan of Brandon's other books, I think getting one of these would be awesome.
Jessica Turner
184. t3hwookiee
This would be awesome! Love Sanderson's work so much. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
185. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Jo Ann Hakola
186. turtlegirl784
Not to be childish, but....
Jo Ann Hakola
187. Narlock
I want one
Jo Ann Hakola
188. posthums
Loved the reading at Penguicon!
Jo Ann Hakola
190. Martin L. Cahn
Thought the Mistborn trilogy was absolutely brilliant and am loving Brandon's work finishing up The Wheel of Time. I also loved Graphic Audio's presentation of Elantris. With all that, getting an ARC of Alloy would be superb.
Patrick McGee
191. AeroHudson
I would love to get my hands on one of these.
Jennifer B
192. JennB
Count me in on this contest! My husband and I would have to fight over who gets to read it first.
Jo Ann Hakola
195. bobcram
I'll take a spare.
Jo Ann Hakola
196. Lila Mihalik
OOOOOOOoooooooooo... *drool* *fangirl squeal* I Want It NOW!!!! Please please?? :)
Jo Ann Hakola
198. OtherJosh
Sounds good to me
Jo Ann Hakola
199. Sandikal
I love that cover.
Jo Ann Hakola
200. George27
Please! Pretty Please? Or I'll sic Vin on you!!!
Tom Hill
201. thill2
Is this one a good introduction for someone who's not yet read any Mistborn (like me)?
Jo Ann Hakola
203. Kodiakc
After reading his work in WoT I picked up the Mistborn series and I have been hooked! Would love to win this !
Jo Ann Hakola
204. Hobbes_Kat
I'd like a copy, please.
Jo Ann Hakola
205. Scanndalus
I can't wait to see the awesomeness of Allomancy and Feruchemy in one person. This should be freakin' incredible!
Jo Ann Hakola
206. Caiters
I'd love a chance to read Alloy of Law early :D
Jo Ann Hakola
208. Vastar78
I can't wait!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
210. Justin Yorke
me me me :)
Jo Ann Hakola
211. KTMC
Can't wait for this book. Would love to get a chance to read it early.
Jo Ann Hakola
213. Brittany Mitchell
I love Mistborn!
Jo Ann Hakola
214. PamB
Whoa, what fun after the original series, which I totally enjoyed!
Thanks for the opportunity!
Jo Ann Hakola
215. TheAman
What? I want!
Jo Ann Hakola
216. Tobiasj
Every book is better than the one before. Can't wait to read this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
217. Jay R
Yes, please!
Jo Ann Hakola
218. Jeremiah F
More Mistborn goodness? Yes, please!
Jo Ann Hakola
219. Ashley Crosby
Absolutely can't wait to read it! I hadn't seen the cover yet, and it looks fab.
Jo Ann Hakola
220. Tomz75
Love arc's
Jo Ann Hakola
221. Melanie Jacobson
I want, I need, I have to have!
Andrew LaValley
222. flyleaffan07
I freaked when @BrandSanderson tweeted this!! Pick me! Pick me!
Andrew LaValley
223. flyleaffan07
Jo Ann Hakola
224. wolfbrother_74
I love the Mistborn series! If I win this or not, I can NOT wait to read this book. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
225. Geoffrey Allan Plauché
I would love to win this and review it.
Jo Ann Hakola
226. Ole G.
This is the only book by Sanderson I havent red yet. I would love to read it. (PS: I always fail on that captcha thing :-/)
Jo Ann Hakola
228. Trevor Dumont
Can't wait for this, I'd love to win.
Jo Ann Hakola
231. seth baker
Jo Ann Hakola
232. Danielle M.
It's one of my lifelong goals to read an ARC. And the fact that I love Mistborn is an added bonus!
Jo Ann Hakola
233. George Brell
Jo Ann Hakola
234. Kerinda
I would *love* to win this! Can't wait to read it!
Jo Ann Hakola
235. bweinberger
Pick me, please.
Jo Ann Hakola
236. WallfishTV
Planning on reading this series after reading Sanderson work on WOT.
Jo Ann Hakola
238. Geoffrey Allan Plauche
I would love to win this and review it on my reviews website.
Jo Ann Hakola
239. JP Garner
Really looking forward to reading this book. I've liked everyone of Brandon Sanderson's book, so I'm sure I will like this one too.
Jo Ann Hakola
240. emanueldnx
Nom Nom Nom! I love eating metal.
Charles Smith
241. csgaidin
"To Enter: Visit here (http://www.tor.com/blogs/2011/05/alloy-of-law-arc-sweepstakes) and submit your entry by fully completing the sign-up form found on the Site."

Where is the form the official rules refer to? I thought these contests were normally entered by merely posting a comment.
Ryan Freng
242. RyanFreng
Love the idea of returning to the series years in the future when the reality we know is a thing of myth and memory!
Jo Ann Hakola
243. Hybrid
Finally, more Mistborn :D
Jo Ann Hakola
244. Mike from where?
I'm interested to see the mistborn world with a slight genre change. I would love an advanced look.
Eric Burns
245. burnsbert
This book is on my must-read list, I'd love to get it early :-)
Jo Ann Hakola
246. Buffyfan76
Wow, awesome contest! Would love to read that book early.
Jo Ann Hakola
247. BCSKeeper
I would like to win the ARC.

Thank you for your consideration.
Jo Ann Hakola
248. Andrew Murphy
My wife would enjoy some more of the awesomeness that is Mistborn.
Jo Ann Hakola
249. Kat W.
I would love one of these!
Jo Ann Hakola
250. Avendesora
Can't wait!
Timothy Doughty
251. Hokes
Woohoo! Another Sanderson novel! How does he find the time to put out so many books?
Keith Pishnery
253. kpishnery
Me! Pick me! Would love to check an ARC of this!
Jo Ann Hakola
254. Bryan V
Wow, I cannot WAIT to read this!!
Jo Ann Hakola
255. Galley Guy
I would greatly appreciate winning this rather interesting looking novel.
Jo Ann Hakola
257. Ryan McIver
Sign me up!!! This sounds like an epic book!
Jo Ann Hakola
258. MatthewP.
I can't wait to read this new Mistborn book!
Jo Ann Hakola
259. crew416
How can Brandon Sanderson make me want to read another of his books so much? Simply by writing another one! So looking forward to this read. And to think it started only as some of his "down time" writing. Keep pumping it out Brandon.
Adam Sampson
260. Relient A
I'd love an ARC. But, I was put into WoT 13, so I guess I can't complain much if I don't win it...
Jo Ann Hakola
260. aronbronson
i would like a chance to win plox
Jo Ann Hakola
262. Josh Man
Loved the trilogy, can't wait for the new book!
Jo Ann Hakola
263. Adam Pridemore
Sign me up please... Would love an ARC!
Jo Ann Hakola
264. Michael S.
Sign me up!
Jo Ann Hakola
265. Bryan Pope
I thoroughly enjoyed the series and felt that a part of my reading career was complete. Then I heard that Brandon was making more from the world that made up Mistborn. Mind blown and heart started racing. Thank you Brandon for being a multi-tasking mo fo. Fo sho sho. Getting these would be an amazing miracle.
Jo Ann Hakola
267. Mason08
This would be awesome! Brandon is my favorite author!
Jo Ann Hakola
268. medeasdragons
Oh my goodness, I would love a copy.
Christopher Spring
269. springc
I heartily endorse this product and/or service.
271. amossit
I will love getting this new book to read... so i don't have to study
Jo Ann Hakola
272. treep
If I don't win this I'm going to but first day its out!
Jo Ann Hakola
273. Elfordero
Brandon Sanderson rocks my face off!!! His books are amazing.
Jo Ann Hakola
274. Kurt Madsen
I'd love a copy. Push one my way.
Jo Ann Hakola
275. HotdogZanzibar
You ever get a bottle of Goldschlager so you can drink it and pretent you are burning gold? Oh? Me neither... *cough*
Jo Ann Hakola
276. Laura Wilkinson
I LOVES Brandon Sanderson! *huggles mistborn books*
Justin Lee
277. evanchooly
I'll read anything Brandon writes. Sign me up.
Jo Ann Hakola
278. orbeq
I'm currently reading Well of Ascenscion for the first time and can't wait to read the rest of he series.
Sarah Bylund
279. shrain78
Yes please! I've heard the first few bits at Vericon and I can't wait to read the entire book!
Sam Brady
280. lewaah
Please and thank you are the magic words!
Jo Ann Hakola
281. Eric T
The new book from one of my favorite authors? Yes please!
Jason Ray
282. jkray622
I loved the Mistborn trilogy, and would love an ARC of the newest book in the series!
Jo Ann Hakola
283. Brian Fenton
Awesome! Would love to have this.
Jo Ann Hakola
284. I-zuki
Cool. Love a chance to read allow of law early.
Jo Ann Hakola
285. J.R. Scally
I'd love a copy!
Jo Ann Hakola
286. Tommy Hinrichs
I would love a copy! In case I dont get one, whens the release date again?
Jo Ann Hakola
289. Heather Powers
Would love to have this to review on my book review blog:)

earthsbooknook at gmail dot com
Jo Ann Hakola
290. cmorgan13
In the immortal words of Macho Man and the Kool-Aid Man, "Ohhhh Yeah!"
Jo Ann Hakola
291. Clintcwebb
One of my most anticipated books...would love to get one!
Jo Ann Hakola
292. Josh R
This would absolutely amazing to read, I'm aching for a new story. And here I thougth we'd all have to wait until November to get this. Whoever ends up winning, know that people are jealous of you.
Jo Ann Hakola
293. MikeP
I would enjoy this book.
Jo Ann Hakola
294. Leos
Been a fan of the Mistborn books since day one of the the first books' release. I NEED THIS BOOK! lol
Jo Ann Hakola
295. Bradford M.
I'd love to have a chance to read this ahead of its release!
Jo Ann Hakola
296. AKrumm
I am afraid to read any more because I love the first books so much. I don't think I could resist the chance to continue to adventures in this world though.
Jo Ann Hakola
297. Chase Wheatley
I'm leaving on a mission to Brazil at the end of August, so this is my only chance to read it before I go! Please!
Jo Ann Hakola
298. WHM
That cover is way too cool.
Jo Ann Hakola
299. SusanRae
WOW!!!! I have to win this!!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
300. Natro
Must. Read. Now.
Jo Ann Hakola
301. Jeremy Carroll
I'm glad that Brandon has a book coming out this year, especially a Mistborn book!
Jo Ann Hakola
302. JonnyBoy
I would really love you if i got one :)
Jo Ann Hakola
303. jv202
That's what I'm talking about!
Patrick Kennedy
304. Infinitystudios
count me in! I love this series and just about everything I've read from Mr. Sanderson!
Warren Bennett
305. deejrandom
I just finished Way of Kings. I need more Sanderson!
Greg Buxton
307. Drathus
I don't know if I can wait for this to be published! Pick me! Pick me!
Jo Ann Hakola
308. Marianne
I'm a huge fan and would love to get one!
Jo Ann Hakola
309. Angela.
Apparently I am the last to know there is another book! So excited!
Will Page
310. DataPath
Yes please! Also can't wait for...

Allomancers in SPAAAAAAAAAACE!!!!! ;)
Jo Ann Hakola
311. tehbane
I've never heard of it before. I'm curious.
Jo Ann Hakola
313. LisaK
Getting this book would be beyond a dream come true. I love the Mistborn trilogy and have hungered for so much more.
Jo Ann Hakola
315. Vanstorm
Can't wait for this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
316. Jeff Sheil
Enjoyed the Mistborn series so much I bought it as gifts for my two best friends. It would be great to win Alloy.
Jo Ann Hakola
317. Mori
ARC or not, I'm really looking forward this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
317. Zamy Abo
Fabulous author! Would LOVE the latest book! :-)
Jo Ann Hakola
318. Darth Touma
Gimme Gimme Gimme...
Ben Longman
319. blongman
I am so looking forward to this. Just marathoned the first three. Consider this an entry into this glorious competition to be randomly chosen.
Jo Ann Hakola
320. BennLiska
Would totally love a copy and can't wait to read this.
Jo Ann Hakola
321. Stonesnake
I love the Mistborn books and can't wait to see what magic Brandon Sanderson comes up with this time!
Jo Ann Hakola
322. kamyn1
Give me liberty or give me an ARC! I'd prefer the ARC.
Jo Ann Hakola
323. Apathy819
Love me some Mistborn!
Jo Ann Hakola
324. ClaytonHoid
I'm relatively certain that The Alloy of Law won't answer the Hoid Phenomenon, but who cares. I'll still buy it!
Jo Ann Hakola
325. Nobojo
Love his stuff and can't wait for this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
326. Katherine Branson
Looks like a great read!
Jo Ann Hakola
327. hcpukk
oh please let it be me! =x
Jo Ann Hakola
328. Martha Perez
Omgz I am soooo excited for a new Mistborn series novel!!! I love Brandon!
Frank Nagy
329. fjnagy
Mist Borne... Mist Death... Fog eats my soul.
Jo Ann Hakola
330. Paul Trep
I love the cover. It is absolutely perfect. I would love an ARC.
Jo Ann Hakola
331. Kala
Thanks for the chance to win! So excited for another Sanderson book!
Jo Ann Hakola
332. Kevin S
Awesome! Looking forward to reading this...first 3 were great.
Jo Ann Hakola
333. Brybry
Asphy likes bananas and will be extremely jealous if I win!
Jo Ann Hakola
334. Dennis Farrell
I'm just wrapping up the Mistborn trilogy now, and it's a fantastic read. Even if I'm not lucky enough to win this I'll be buying it on day one.
Jo Ann Hakola
335. molly w
Jo Ann Hakola
336. WarFrost
More Mistborn, or Mistings in this case, would make a rather bleak stretch of luck of mine have an amazing silver lining.

Plus there are still questions of Feruchemically charged Hemalurgic spikes being burned by Allomancers that has yet to be fully answered.

Plus Brandon is the Hoidbringer, and he cannot fail us there. Or can he? Hmmm... only a copy of the ARC could answer such an intriguing question. Mayhaps the powers that be will accidentally choose me for some reason understood by neither author nor publisher... Perhaps such mysteries are best left to hard working assistants, such as Peter, who undoubtedly deserve a raise.
Jo Ann Hakola
337. Shaun1
I hope I win!
Jo Ann Hakola
338. Jacob J
This is awesome! Count me in!
Jo Ann Hakola
339. JohnG
Can't wait for this!
Jo Ann Hakola
340. Russell Ahlstrom
Love Brandon Sanderson.
Jonathan Hamm
341. Hamm
Ooooh. I'd love to get a chance to nab an ARC of The Allow of Law.
Jo Ann Hakola
342. Kathleen Peters
Would love the opportunity to read this. Have heard good things.
Dan Sudlow
344. djsudlow
Sanderson deals crack, and I need another hit...soon.
Jo Ann Hakola
345. Lefinn
Is that Badger in the boller hat?
Jo Ann Hakola
346. KarlR
I LOVED the Mistborn trilogy, I am currently 2/3 of the way through The Way of Kings, and I CAN'T WAIT to get my hands on this book! Go Team SANDERSON/TOR!!!
Deborah Chen
347. starsong
I loved Mistborn! Can't wait for the new book.
Jo Ann Hakola
348. Jacob Gibson
David L. Erickson
349. ericstotle04
I won an advance copy of tWoK last year from goodreads.com, but I never got it.

I have more faith in Tor.
Jo Ann Hakola
350. KevinB
Would be neat to have this!
Jo Ann Hakola
352. Lindsay W
Huge fan of Sanderson's books, with the Mistborn Trilogy as my favorite of all of his works. Can't wait for this one to come out!
Jo Ann Hakola
354. cjhuitt
I've been looking forward to this since I heard he had written it.
Jo Ann Hakola
355. salmonczar
One of my favorites series!
Jo Ann Hakola
356. Chloel
I would love a chance to read this book especially sooner rather than later!! Thank you for this opportunity... When is the new release date? doing the math the chances of me getting one of the 3 books isnt looking too good...
Jo Ann Hakola
357. Andrea Thompson
Great giveaway! Thanks!
Jo Ann Hakola
359. daniel s
I'm sol stoked for new mistborn!
Jo Ann Hakola
360. CliffW
Awesome cover art!
Jo Ann Hakola
361. APVera
Uh oh... I better finish getting through the trilogy quick before this comes out!
Jo Ann Hakola
362. Robert W. Leonard
I loved the trilogy, it would be neat to win this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
363. Zachary Russell
I've enjoyed all of Brandon's books. I've started as a Wheel of Time Fan, and started to read Brandon's books. I then read Elantris, and realized the mastery that Brandon has on literature. I met him at a signing a few years back, where I bought Warbreaker and Mistborn, where I became hooked on the series. I am an aspiring writer myself, and I have a solid foundation for my first novel. His words that he wrote in my Warbreaker were " Zach, always keep working". I hope to be an accomplished author one day, and Brandon has been one of my biggest inspirations. I would be honored to receive and ARC, and if not congrats to who does.

Brandon, if you read this, know that you are an exrtremely inspirational person. Through your signings, blogs, and your writing excuses podcasts. Thank you for providing quality material for everyone to enjoy, I know will enjoy it when it comes out.
Jo Ann Hakola
364. MimiMoraine
I want one! Pretty please? :)
Jo Ann Hakola
365. Hiram K
Yes Please!
Jo Ann Hakola
366. Rodime
I think I need to consume the book and try to burn it. It may contain secret elements.
Jo Ann Hakola
368. Paul B.
If it was written by Brandon Sanderson, then it is good. Even more so if it is a Mistborn novel.
Jo Ann Hakola
369. Nathan Washor
Pick me, pick me!
Jo Ann Hakola
371. Alonda P
I am super excited about this book. The mistborn books were the first books I read by Brandon Sanderson and I have been following the progress on this one since he started talking about it as a short story!Short story turned novella, turned full blown novel. Can't wait!
Alan Dionne
373. amdionne
Can you not see that I am an officer of the Liow?
Jo Ann Hakola
374. TheSybyll
I am so crazy excited for this book! Yay brandon jumping into steampunk! It would be awesome to get an ARC and a Hard-cover of this signed...like double win.

Good luck!
Jo Ann Hakola
375. Azuaron
Just bought the Mistborn Trilogy. Definitely, definitely want.
Jo Ann Hakola
376. Stlhugo
Love Mistborn and can't wait for Alloy!
Jo Ann Hakola
378. Gwynn Farrington
Oooh I hope its me!

Captcha - Still gonaget. - Still gonna get? Woo I win!
Jo Ann Hakola
379. Avi1
I'm excited!
Jo Ann Hakola
380. Noah Chan
Mistborn! And gunfights! Huzzah!
Jo Ann Hakola
381. Thu
If I won, I would recycle every day, and go out of my way to help old ladies cross the street!
Jo Ann Hakola
382. Daumari
Holy crapola, this is awesome.
Jo Ann Hakola
383. LuisEleven11
Can't wait for this one to come out!
Jo Ann Hakola
384. Giantsoft
Here's some random trivia to prove I deserve one of the ARCs. The main character of Alloy of Law is a direct descendant of Breeze! How many people knew that?
Jo Ann Hakola
385. Brucestoryteller
Loved the other Mistborn books. Sign me up for the contest.
Jo Ann Hakola
390. TiffanyM
This would make an awesome birthday gift! Today is my birthday, hint, hint!
Jo Ann Hakola
391. Austin Baker
Hey. I totally freaking want one of those.
Jo Ann Hakola
392. FireDancer
OMG I would love this... commentcommentcommentcommentcomment!

The Mistborn trilogy has been one of my favorite series since I discovered Mr Sanderson years ago, I can't wait for Alloy of Law!
Jo Ann Hakola
393. Kenzal
I am so looking forward to this book.
Jo Ann Hakola
394. Michelle Del Giorno
I can't wait to read this!
Jo Ann Hakola
395. Giantsoft
I'm not sure my comment went through, so here's another one. Waxillium is a descendant of Breeze!
Jo Ann Hakola
396. PipHunn
Wheee! Books!
Jo Ann Hakola
397. Chloe H.
Pick me!! Pick me!!! You love me the most!! You've signed all of my books at least twice!!!
Matt Callo
398. DrakeSparda
Well this thread will have a lot of comments. But very looking forward to seeing the last metals in use as Mistings.
Rob Marshall
399. Askew
My year would be made if I won this
Jo Ann Hakola
400. Nathan Feeney
*debates putting forth childish airs to persuade you, dear reader, to select me.....*
*chooses instead to burn a new metal that grants me control of your mind* Please select me. :)

*meanwhile- super excited for the new book*
Jo Ann Hakola
401. Gericke
This is going to be awesome.
Jo Ann Hakola
402. selimfarstrider
I like the steampunk look to this book. I'm excited to see the changes to the world from the trilogy.
Jo Ann Hakola
403. Gary Hager II
I would love to have an ARC Mistborn book.
Jo Ann Hakola
404. jemmabook
Ooo! I can't wait...and if I win, I guess I won't have to!
kory wiley
405. ksw54
That would be a mighty fine prize to win.
Jo Ann Hakola
406. ByronB04
Allomancy is the most well-developed system of magic that I have come across.
Jo Ann Hakola
407. dizzygirl
Can't wait!
Jo Ann Hakola
408. BKrueger
I must have the new Mistborn! Sanderson's book have been like crack to me since I discovered the first Mistborn.

...and hopefully this won't be a duplicate comment.
Jo Ann Hakola
409. reggiekrh
I love books. I love winning.
Jo Ann Hakola
410. kiabunny
yes, please. : )
Jo Ann Hakola
411. Kody
Would love to win. He's a great writer.
Jo Ann Hakola
412. Kerrie B
I can't wait to read this one!
413. nonchalantgirl
Sanderson. Mistborn. Steampunk. What's NOT to love?!
Jo Ann Hakola
416. Zanna Dobbs
I love the Mistborn series and would really love to get an early crack at this one.
Jo Ann Hakola
417. Jamie Gorton
Can't wait.
Jo Ann Hakola
418. MeInHi
With this many posts this early, chances are slim, but I'll give it a try anyway.
Adam Bennington
418. JediLibrarian
Huge fan of the Mistborn books. Really looking forward to this one.
Jo Ann Hakola
419. irishmak
Please, yes!
Jo Ann Hakola
420. Pestigoy
I am very interested in this book. I love that it is taking an established world and throwing a curve ball.
Jo Ann Hakola
422. Sverre
Getting this shipped to Norway would be unfathomably awesome!
Jo Ann Hakola
423. Black_ratchet
Pick me please!!
Jo Ann Hakola
424. Bedgear
I've read and re-read the Mistborn series several times, and i cant wait to read what he has for us next! Count me in!
Jo Ann Hakola
425. Gary A
Sign me up!
Jo Ann Hakola
426. allora619
Oh boy I can't wait!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
428. Michael Hanifan
This would be amazing!
Jo Ann Hakola
429. Greg S
Cannot wait for this, you know to help me pass time for Brandon's next two books after this that I cannot wait for.
Jo Ann Hakola
430. ADWhittaker
Jo Ann Hakola
431. Brett A.
Would love to win one. Sanderson is the best!
Phaedra Collins
432. phaerie
Mistborn and steampunkish, soooo looking forward to this
Jo Ann Hakola
434. Arliss
So excited!
Jo Ann Hakola
435. Novelist432
I want this so much. I've been waiting far too long for another mistborn book.
Jo Ann Hakola
436. Mike Berteaux
So is this the "form" we're supposed to fill out? Come on, TOR. Hire a real editor.
Jo Ann Hakola
437. Nora G
My fingers are crossed!
439. Nabor
I'd love to win a copy of this, I'm reading the trilogy now, and its awesome
Jo Ann Hakola
440. Singulusoculus
Dirbys, goggles, and Mistborn? Yes, please!
Jo Ann Hakola
441. KenR
I love all of Brandon Sanderson's books and can't wait to read this one. I hope I win!
Jo Ann Hakola
442. Anthon G.
Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author! I can't wait for the Alloy of Law to come out... even better if I win of these 3 advance copies! :)
Jo Ann Hakola
443. D. Seager
I would love for the chance to win this. I never win anything and I LOVE the mistborn series!
Jo Ann Hakola
444. Robyn Oakes
Brandon Sanderson rocks!
Jo Ann Hakola
445. Hersha
Wooo! More Mistborn
Jo Ann Hakola
446. Howard B
Looking forward to Brandon's return to allomancy.
Jo Ann Hakola
447. J-Rock
Can't wait to read this whether or not I win a copy. Sanderson is one of the genre's best.
Jo Ann Hakola
448. Danielle R.
*crosses fingers*!
Jo Ann Hakola
449. Gzelle
OOO would love to read this!!
Jo Ann Hakola
450. divernick
I can't wait to read this one, I just finished reading the first three books!
Jo Ann Hakola
451. Danno
Only 452 entries so far? One of those copies is mine!
Jo Ann Hakola
453. MisterBob
Looking forward to this
Jo Ann Hakola
454. Joel Anthony
Wow! That cover is Awesome! I feel like the first trilogy was high fantasy meets Chinese kung fu movie. This looks like hugh fantasy meets stemapunk meets Sherlock Holmes! Can Brandon Sanderson do no wrong? I vote yes! :-)
Jo Ann Hakola
455. FVJames
Wait a minute... I came here because I was told there would be tacos... I don't see any tacos.... NOooooooooooooo!
Jo Ann Hakola
456. Krista M.
o0o0o i'd love to win a copy :) What a wonderful opportunity!
Jo Ann Hakola
457. Julia F.
Count me in! :)
Jo Ann Hakola
459. Kirsten Pilkerton
Jo Ann Hakola
460. Dooku
I can't wait to read this. If I am extremely lucky, I might not have to wait until November. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
461. Dan Hancock
I love Tor's PR machine. You guys get it.
Jo Ann Hakola
462. DJKelly71
I am Kelsier the new martyr god. I require a copy of this book as proof of your faith in my religion. Please let me read it first!!
Jo Ann Hakola
463. Arie Davion
Big fan of the book and would LOVE an ARC to this serious amazing series!
Jo Ann Hakola
464. BrentM
Loved all of his other books, looking forward to all the ones to come!
Jo Ann Hakola
465. Adrienne_H
Wow, I can't wait to read this one! I'm actually glad it's coming out on the same day as the final Eragon - that doubles the chances for midnight openings at bookstores!
Jo Ann Hakola
466. Kyle W
Can't wait for this book! I just can't get enough of Sanderson, his books are so addicting.
Jo Ann Hakola
468. Tadaka
I pinched myself, someone else, the dog and the cat just to be sure. It's still here, so pick me please! ;-)
Jo Ann Hakola
469. M Johnson
I had never heard of Brandon Sanderson until he took over finishing Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Then, I thought, if he's good enough to do that, he must be worth reading in his own right. I picked up Elantris, and before I'd even finished that, I'd bought everything else he'd written and just about devoured it all. He's one of the best fantasy authors out there, hands down, and I'm pretty picky about who I read. I've been on the edge of my seat since hearing about The Alloy of Law.
Jo Ann Hakola
470. TopDawg
Awesome! I cannot wait to read the book!
Jo Ann Hakola
471. Audrey S.
I'm really looking forward to this book, Mistborn was simply amazing and I'm glad to see it continued. Brandon Sanderson is such a gifted author with inventive worlds to share with the reader.
undefined: undefined »
Jo Ann Hakola
472. InvisibleDestiny
Oh! Oh! Here! Over here! *jumping and waving arms*
Jo Ann Hakola
474. Jmonster77
O. M. G. I love mistborn!!!
Erik Loomis
475. Chronosword
I am looking forward to this. I can't wait to see how the Mistborn world changes in the new era.
Jo Ann Hakola
476. Abu_Casey
Ooh! Ooh! Pick me!
Jo Ann Hakola
477. Alice Keezer
I would love to have an ARC of Alloy of Law. Looking forward to the release!
Jo Ann Hakola
479. Dan H.
I'm still reading Final Empire, but I really want to be reading The Alloy of Law.
Jo Ann Hakola
480. Bkwyrm
Great Gooly Moogly!!! Please! I LOVE his work! I can't wait for this to come out.
Jo Ann Hakola
481. Chris M.
I would love a copy! Ilove these books!
Jo Ann Hakola
482. Michael O'Connell
Big fan of Sanderson. Thank you for the chance TOR!
Jo Ann Hakola
483. Viola
AH. I want to win this more than I wanted to win the Way of Kings giveaway! Where's Edgar when I need him?!?
Jo Ann Hakola
484. Michael Scott Lindvig Jr
Loved all the books all of the mistborn and definately the way of ings...Would love to win :)
robert moreau
485. halo6819
wow, 500 entries already, if i win, ill buy a lottery tickets next!
Jo Ann Hakola
486. Bob in SF
Will be buying this even if I don't win!
Jo Ann Hakola
487. MightyWight
i also would be interested in aquiring said book.
Anthony Williams
488. Galagros
Another Sanderson novel? Yes, please.
Jo Ann Hakola
489. SaraS
Imagine being mist born in our world and our time, what a life that would be!
Brian Coultrup
490. croncho6
I LOVE the Mistborn Trilogy! I am really looking forward to this! I hope I win!!!
Emma Wilburn
491. EmmaJane
I would love to read this!! I actually just finished reading The Hero of Ages and I cannot wait to read The Alloy of Law!!
Jo Ann Hakola
492. Mikescinto
Oh Lord, I would really like to read this book =^.^=
493. Tsaot
I have to get in on this. Brandon read the Prologue and a bit of chapter 2 at Penguicon and that blew what patience I had concerning the volume out of the water.
"What water?"
"Well, um... You know. The water."
"Oh yes, The water. Would this be the same water that They say things in?"
Jo Ann Hakola
494. artbyjoni
I don't have to burn Atium to know ahead of time this will be a fabulous book!
Jo Ann Hakola
495. aero9600
Would love to read it!
Jo Ann Hakola
496. Iwilllose
Sign me up.
Jo Ann Hakola
497. Crystal Jensen
Pick me.
Jo Ann Hakola
498. TrumanJensen
Pick Me.
Jo Ann Hakola
499. Karen K.
As a children's librarian I became a Sanderson addict after I found Alcatraz vs the Evil Librarians. I would LOVE an ARC of The Alloy of Law.
Jo Ann Hakola
500. Newlars
Would love to win one of these!
Shirley Peters
501. ShirleyPeters
I can't wait for this book to come out. I love the Mistborn series.
Jo Ann Hakola
502. ShannonH
I can't wait to read more about the Mistborn world!
Jo Ann Hakola
503. TwasBrillig
I want the precious!!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
504. Nathanlee
Pick Me!
Jo Ann Hakola
506. Shannon A.
Ohhhhh ARC. Shiny. Need ARC....
Jo Ann Hakola
507. Makku_Hoshi
I need that ARC!!!! I've been waiting for The Alloy of Law for-like-ever!!! MISTBORN RULES!!!!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
508. Jmiller
I would love one of these
Jo Ann Hakola
509. gabola71
As nice as the other folks are, I'm sure I am much more deserving for a new Mistborn novel.
Jo Ann Hakola
510. david m.
This would rock to win!
Jo Ann Hakola
511. Why Won't This Work?
Mistborn is great!
Thanks, Tor!!
Jo Ann Hakola
512. rgwinn
Thanks in advance.
Jo Ann Hakola
513. Magic Pants
Looks interesting. I like the new steampunk setting!
Jo Ann Hakola
514. jacknifebootstrap
I could definitely go for something awesome to read right now.
Jo Ann Hakola
515. ktoneslv
I have your Alloy of Law right here in my pocket...or at least I will when I win a copy!
Jo Ann Hakola
517. orezprajit
What is the proper sacrifice to the random number generator?
Jo Ann Hakola
518. Joe Drignat
Thanks, Tor, for running the sweepstakes. Even if I lose and end up purchasing a copy myself, I'll definitely be reading Mr. Sanderson's latest Mistborn novel at some point in the near future.
Jo Ann Hakola
519. brueningb
So you're saying I've got a chance. Yes please.
Jo Ann Hakola
520. Donald Foss
I didn't even know this was coming. Awesome!
Jo Ann Hakola
521. ACS
This will be mine, one way or another!
Jo Ann Hakola
522. Joel Bruce
Oooo, cool! I didn't realize there were going to be more than three books in the series.
Jo Ann Hakola
523. Andrew12345
Yeah!!! I wanna win!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
524. herdndog
Ah one of many that would love to get my mitts on a copy!
Jo Ann Hakola
526. ValerieP
I would love a copy!
Jo Ann Hakola
527. lemuel luckett sr.
yes, please!
Jo Ann Hakola
528. Jamey
Sanderson's the best author I've come across in these many years. I would be pleased beyond describing to get to read the next Mistborn book early.
Jo Ann Hakola
529. Bibliomaniacal1
This is me commenting. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
531. jcoll
Wow! I've been dying for more of this series!
Jo Ann Hakola
532. Tessa
Oooo I want!
Jo Ann Hakola
533. Emills
Can't wait!
Jo Ann Hakola
534. Edwenda H
Just finished reading mistborn series. I loved it.
Jo Ann Hakola
535. Joshua Lacey
I am a big fan. Can not wait for this to come out! Would love to win an ARC.
Dustin Bishop
536. Darkshore
I listen to Writing Excuses, that's gotta count for something. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
537. JaredH
I would love a copy.
Brenda Williams
538. Adverbe
Brandon Sanderson is awesome! I love his books. And Tor publishes the most awesome Fantasy novels around. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
539. Lead inquisitor
Jo Ann Hakola
540. TPN
Thank you TOR! Can't wait for this one.
Jo Ann Hakola
541. ginlilly
Can't wait for The Alloy of Law!
Jo Ann Hakola
543. redwall_hp
I'm a big fan of Brandon's books. :)
Lauren Smith
544. nerualp
Would absolutely love love love an advanced copy of this book!!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
545. SierraO
Oh! Oh! Pick me! Love Mistborn!
Jo Ann Hakola
546. Marc Nor
This is my 540th entry.
Nathan Armstrong
547. Kenogu
Planning on re-reading this series over the next month or so. It's awesome that some people are getting the chance to read Brandon's books early, though! To the winners: enjoy!
Agathon Ellingsen
549. Agathon
I'm not from the U.S, I live in Norway. I would love one of these, and I shall write why, even though I know I'm not qualified to recieve one.

On the morrow of this last monday, I got a telephone call at 6 am. It was my father, confirming my inital thoughts of getting a telephone call at that hour. My grandmother had passed away. After five days of coma she fell into the deep sleep that is death, in a very natural way. For there is nothing unnatural about death, just as there is not anything unnatural about grief. I had not known my grandmother for 10 years, because of her state of dementia, ever growing, but I could still not help beeing filled with grief and sorrow over her passing.

At the time that I got the news, I was reading a book. A rather spectacular book that moved me and made me think in ways I hadn't thought before. I was reading the Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson.

As a sworn atheist since the age of five, there really hasn't been any real alternative for me other than non-believing. Sure, I believe in sience, logic and reason. I've also always told myself to believe in the good of man, simply because I've always seen myself as a good person. Believing in the good of man was not anything divine for me, I just thought that as to come this far and survive as a species, we had to have the ability to do good acts for each other.

Though reading The Hero of Ages made me ponder about my perspective of those beliefs. I promise you, this would probably make much more sense if I was to tell it to you in words of my own language from my own mouth. Looking at Sazed going through all of his religions, searching for truth, I saw myself. I recognize religion as a very important factor to what it is to be man, and I've made up logical explanations to my self as to explain this, I would say fact, in relation to Darwinism and evolution.

But as Sazed made an important decision when he finally took a step up and believed truly, I also found myself to be believing in another way. I think that I myself no longer just believe because of the reason and logic of it, but that I have faith in it. Faith in the good of man. Since making myself able to have faith for the sake of faith, I feel enrichened as a person, and it is a good feeling. I may never be able to believe in a deity or a divinity such as God, but I may have pushed my beliefs to a more agnostic standing, rather than being an atheist. It may not seem much, but it is a lot for me.

These feelings and this book has really made it easier for me to cope with the grief and sorrow that follows the death of a family member. That's why I would like an ARC of the Alloy of Law, in hopes of learning more, both about myself and of course the world that is Mistborn, because it is truly a brilliant world.

(Sorry for writing this in an awkward "high-chant"y way. I guess reading Sazed's writing also influenced me.)
Jo Ann Hakola
550. AzrofD
Count me in.
Jo Ann Hakola
551. iamstarborne
I'm eager to win!
Jo Ann Hakola
552. Calvin Park
Brandon Sanderson is my favorite author. Can't wait to read this!
Jo Ann Hakola
554. BrandonML
Ooh! I would LOVE one of these!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
555. EdofDoom
Winning one of those books would be amazing.
Jo Ann Hakola
556. Kim Mainord
Yay! I really hope I win one!
Jo Ann Hakola
560. Turin Turanbar
Good luck to everyone, but mostly to me!
Jo Ann Hakola
561. Sheila Staley
The Mistborn series is my favorite out of all of Brandon's books. I also really liked Warbreaker. I would be so thrilled to get one of these ARCs!!
Jo Ann Hakola
562. ValiGirl
Dreams really do come true! :D Can. Not. Wait.
Jo Ann Hakola
563. Kelli Jordan
I never win anything, please let this be a first for me!
Jo Ann Hakola
564. MisterWil
I'd love to win, but I'd love to read this book even more!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
565. oldu0801
I love the Mistborn series! This would be an awesome book to have!
Jo Ann Hakola
566. Wiz
Loved the Mostborn trilogy. Can't wait to read this!
Jo Ann Hakola
568. Brian Burton
This would make my day, no week, no month! Scratch that.. It would make me really happy!
Brandon Demerath
569. Demeb
I can not wait for this book. Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite authors, and to get an ARC of the next Mistborn book would be amazing.
Jo Ann Hakola
570. ShayLatt
I promise my first born child to TOR to let me have one of these holy grail ARCs!
Jo Ann Hakola
571. david mcdonald
Love the chance to read this early. I've been following the news of this book on twitter and my wife is dying to read it.
Jo Ann Hakola
572. Kye
Yes, I would enjoy this book very much.
Jo Ann Hakola
573. Rocketrobot
I am extremely very excited about a new mistborn book. I spend much of my time convincing people to read Brandon's books. Friends, relatives, strangers, my two year old. Everyone. And the mistborn series remains my favorite of his work, probably my favorite series of all time. Plus, my middlename is Sanderson. I'm not kidding, it really is. Truth be stranger...
Jo Ann Hakola
574. geoboy
Great books written by a great author!
Jo Ann Hakola
575. Jtowner
Count me in. I'll be reading it no matter what. .
Jo Ann Hakola
576. Jared Parkinson
Jo Ann Hakola
577. Andy Senesac
Looking forward to this. I sure hope he finally tells us who killed Asmodean...

(Before someone calls me a moron, that was a joke).
Jo Ann Hakola
578. Kim Pittman
Do want!
Jo Ann Hakola
579. binkys
My wife and I love the series. Would love to get an ARC of the next book to be able to talk about.
Jo Ann Hakola
581. Nicole F.
Oh heck yeah!
Jo Ann Hakola
583. Derrick's Alias
Wow, I can't wait to find out more about the re-made world Sazed set in motion...
Jo Ann Hakola
584. bmwzero
How about an orc copy?
Adam McLain
585. WrittenOnTheStars
I'm going to be on a mission for my church for two years right when this comes out! It'd be awesome to read it before I leave, so I don't have to wait two years to find out what happens on Scadrial. haha.
andrew smith
586. sillyslovene
Ahoy, I want me one o' them book things...
Jo Ann Hakola
587. FrozenTrout
I loved the Mistborn trilogy (and everything by Brandon Sanderson I've read), so would love to get an ARC of this!
Jo Ann Hakola
589. Marty618
Count me in for reading this one. Sanderson is one of the best in the ge.
nre today
Jo Ann Hakola
590. diana tang
wow, a lot of people out to get a copy of there ARCs. Hope I'm a lucky one!
Jo Ann Hakola
591. Hank h
I don't think I have ever wanted to win something this badly before.
Andrew Johnson
592. andrewj1991
Must win new Sanderson book...Must win.
Jo Ann Hakola
593. Ninsianna
I can't wait to read it!
Jo Ann Hakola
594. Deaddard
All The Dude wanted, was his ARC back.
Jo Ann Hakola
595. pfeifmusic
I had the opportunity to hear the first chapter of this at a reading at Vericon this spring. It's so amazing. I'm super excited to read it.
Jo Ann Hakola
597. Trae Castles
Jo Ann Hakola
598. Yarmurd
Hope I win. Can't wait to read it!
Jo Ann Hakola
599. Dan Giles
Can't wait to read this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
600. JDS
I would LOVE to win Brandon Sanderson's next book! Brandon, you are awesome!
Jo Ann Hakola
601. Craig queen
Really looking forward to this...Mr. Sanderson is an excellent read!
Paul Wenger
602. pswenger
Is this the line for free stuff?????
Jo Ann Hakola
603. saervin
I would love that
Jo Ann Hakola
604. Catie
so excited!
Jo Ann Hakola
605. Eric Riddle
I've personally converted a half-dozen friends to the Way of Sanderson. Maybe that will count for something extra!
Jo Ann Hakola
607. Anagrama
Can't wait!
Anna Hornbostel
608. Crimzen
Pretty please with a Rutabaga on top!
Jo Ann Hakola
610. Ron Derry
Even if I win one, I'll be buying copies to ship to my bro's over seas.
Jo Ann Hakola
611. Kobuu
must have sanderson....you need sanderson. you must have sanderson.

put it in the voice of the Daleks. lol. hope i get one!! good luck to all!
Jo Ann Hakola
612. Camille Sorensen
Pick me, Pick me! I need something happy right now
Jo Ann Hakola
614. LadyRavn
*drools a little*
Curtis Sprung
615. progame13
Well, Dovie'andi se tovya sagain.

Don't let me down Tor!
Jo Ann Hakola
616. Kryla
I seriously can't wait for this book! I loved the first 3!!! Please can I read it early?
Jo Ann Hakola
617. JessicaSC
Yay! Another one! And a few more nights without sleep until I finish reading it!
Jo Ann Hakola
618. CLJohnston
Oh my goodness!! I'm almost hesitant to hope for one of the ARC's cause I was lucky enough to get one for TWoK, but it would be incredible to get one for The Alloy of Law too!
Jo Ann Hakola
619. Scott C Shepherd
Sanderson! Sanderson! Sanderson!
Jo Ann Hakola
620. Xaviens
Yay! Entered.
Jo Ann Hakola
621. CarolynC
Would love to get this! My 10 year old son and I are obsessed with Sanderson's work.
Jo Ann Hakola
622. Adam Teske
Love Sanderson's work! Can't wait for this one!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
623. AdamOndi
Here is my contractually obligated comment for entry to the sweepstakes. I hope I win.
Jo Ann Hakola
624. Cory Bruce
Would love to win one!
Kelsey Maloney
625. marnmara
Sanderson's writing only keeps getting better. Can't wait for this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
627. Daksneezian
Oh man been waiting for this!
Jo Ann Hakola
628. Heidi J
Ooo, I want one!
Jo Ann Hakola
629. Becca Lambson
Jo Ann Hakola
630. Jared Jensen
TOR and Sanderson are the Dynamic Duo of contemporary fantasy. I can't wait to have The Alloy of Law in my grasp!
Jo Ann Hakola
631. Christy Fuller
Looking forward to it!
Jo Ann Hakola
632. Nathan Byrd
New book in my favorite series ever. Can't wait to read this.
Jo Ann Hakola
633. zuriel45
Awesome, can't wait for it to come out!
Jo Ann Hakola
634. thisman
Love all the Mistborn books and can't wait for this one!!
Jo Ann Hakola
635. Beto M
Can't wait to read it!
Jo Ann Hakola
637. Nathan Andrus
Please pick me. I love Mistborn.
Jo Ann Hakola
639. wheelmg
Love Brandon! Can't wait for the new book!!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
640. Tara Pettengill
An arc would be a great way to start my summer vacation and would provide for some fun reading to balance out all the reading I'll be doing for my thesis literature review!
Jo Ann Hakola
641. nduncs

Jo Ann Hakola
642. Capoeric
Wish it was available for pre-purchase at JordanCon, but this is the next best thing.
Jo Ann Hakola
643. Azgral
Can't wait to read this! Mistborn was the series that got me started on reading Brandon Sanderon's books.
Jo Ann Hakola
644. Capn' Ben
I promise to use this ARC only for good or for awesome.
Jordan Marble
645. valkynphyre
"You! ... Friend!" *holds up rainstick* "I'll treasure this."
Dave McLoughlin
646. DaveMcLoughlin
Amazing series so far. One of only a select few I still buy the hardcovers of instead of e-booking.
Jo Ann Hakola
647. Jonathan S.
I would love to read this. Brandon Sanderson is quite the author and it would be just another great addition to my library.
Jo Ann Hakola
648. kdssea
1 in a million huh? So you're saying theres a chance....
Jo Ann Hakola
649. jlesueur
Jason Hymas
651. hymasj
Huge Sanderson fan! Would love to read this book a few months early... Count me in!
Jo Ann Hakola
652. semala
This series introduced me to Brandon Sanderson, and I'm so glad it did. He's become one of my favorite authors.
Jo Ann Hakola
653. Steven A
Mistborn is awesome
Jo Ann Hakola
654. lauren newburg
Gimme gimme!
Jo Ann Hakola
655. JacksonK
Give it to me, for I doth desire it.
Jo Ann Hakola
656. Sara Hegsted
So excited for this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
657. Leslie Zorwick
I can't wait!! My husband won me an ARC for tWoK, so I'm trying to win us this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
658. jamesgrose
More Brandon Sanderson?! Yes, please! :)
Jo Ann Hakola
659. Benjamin Lee Poulsen
Love these books!!
Jo Ann Hakola
660. matthew krentz
Ginormous Fan! would absolutely love to win.
Jo Ann Hakola
661. Shadrach Anki
Oh, I would love to read this one early . . . Mistborn and a steampunk type vibe, plus one of the awesomest covers I've seen so far for this year's releases.
Jo Ann Hakola
662. matthew krentz
Ginormous Fan! would absolutely love to win.
Jo Ann Hakola
663. Scott Myron
Want so much! I'm excited for this :)
Jo Ann Hakola
665. Shonagh Dempsey
OMG YES! so excited for this book :D
Jo Ann Hakola
666. Erin Saylor
Can't wait!
Jo Ann Hakola
667. Rob Jorgenson
You probably better pick someone else. I'm probably not worthy of this honor. Unless you really want to give it to me...
Jo Ann Hakola
668. jrr1234
I loved hearing Brandon read from this book at Peguincon! Would love to have an ARC!
Jo Ann Hakola
669. Ryan Szrama
I'd love you forever if I got an ARC. In fact, I already do love you forever for publishing Brandon's books. I'll love you even more once I get this one. : )
Jo Ann Hakola
670. Dveli
This looks pretty interesting, hope I get to try it out
Jo Ann Hakola
671. Kaldric
Really looking forward to this. I can't wait to read it.
Jo Ann Hakola
672. ScottC
Over here, please! Can't wait to read this one.
Jo Ann Hakola
673. ABJ
Can't win if I don't play.
Jo Ann Hakola
674. anniemcwi
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE. I would like a copy. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
675. CJ Reilley
this concept seems great. really want to read this.
Jeff Bernard
676. JeffBernard
I sooooo want this, but I absolutely, positively refuse to beg and plead

unless you guys think it'll help any.
Jo Ann Hakola
677. ReneeRBA
Count me in, please!
Jo Ann Hakola
678. DanB
Please let me win. want to read this one
Jo Ann Hakola
679. Bmciff
I'm so glad Brandon didn't stay in the same time period on this one; looks very steamy...
Nicholas Schmiedicker
680. schmiddynick
I would love to read this, Mistborn is one of my alltime favorites!
Jo Ann Hakola
681. ordith
Looking forward to reading this.
Jo Ann Hakola
682. CaySedai
I haven't started reading the Mistborn series yet, but I want to. I'd love to win this book.
Jo Ann Hakola
683. Chuwbacca
Brandon is currently my favorite living author and i have read and loved every major book he has come out with. i can't wait for the next one :)
Jo Ann Hakola
684. Jacqueline S.
Love everything Sanderson. If there were really spren there would be anticipation spren sprouting all around me for this book, the second in the Way of King's series and lets not forget, the flipping end of the Wheel of Time!
Jo Ann Hakola
686. jpg19782011
Horayy. Bring it on.
Jeremy Thomas
687. mynumbus2k
I am really looking forward to this book! I'm so glad that there will be another Mistborn book to read.
Jo Ann Hakola
688. Jediman
Looks awesome! Hope I win!
Todd Johansen
689. Gher06
Oh yeah. This is so mine. The odds are definitely in my favor.
Jo Ann Hakola
690. abbottj83
Insert witty comment meant to gain entry into contest. :)
Megan Azmitia
691. fey.muse
Ooooooh. Sounds lovely.
Jo Ann Hakola
692. Philippe Roy
Lucky number 677!!
I came alllllll the way from China to your blog... I think it's a definite win! :P

(...and very much looking forward to the next Trilogy in the Mistborn saga!)
Jo Ann Hakola
693. hangh
Yes! Alloy of Law. Now if only the ARC comes in epub flavor...
Janis Edlund
694. pokeysocks
I'm really looking foward to how Brandon Sanderson is going to take the story. I loved the original series.
Jo Ann Hakola
695. Ellie Odermatt
Great series, so glad I was given it as a Christmas gift
Jo Ann Hakola
696. Tim Garris
I want to learn to tip my hat that way.
Jo Ann Hakola
697. Mick R
wooo love sanderson he is the best
Joanna Staebler-Kimmel
698. shadowsong
ooh. i stopped paying attention when he started working on game of thrones - looks like that was a mistake!
Jo Ann Hakola
699. Erin W.
Please please please! I pimp Sanderson books all over town and would love to add this one to my "you must read it" list.
Karen Gmyr
700. Shiroibara
I intend to own all the Mistborn books. This would be make that dream more affordable.
Jo Ann Hakola
701. ShakeSignal
After finishing "A Way of Kings" I've been itching for more Sanderson. The initial Mistborn trilogy was amazing, even the 4th time through, and WoT never really did it for me. Bring on Alloy of Law!
Jo Ann Hakola
702. Scourgie
I was introduced to Brandon Sanderson by WoT, and the cover of Alloy of Law made me want to read Mistborn. So glad I did! Totally looking forward to this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
703. Dan L.
Huzzah for giveaways!
Jo Ann Hakola
704. akealon
As someone who has gotten quite a few non-fantasy readers reading Sanderson's work, this would be amazing.
Jo Ann Hakola
706. Dragonsprout
I'm so excited to read this book! I can't wait until it comes out!
Jeanne Collins
707. jeannekc
I must have been rendered blind by my eye surgery today because I don't see any entry form :-(
Jo Ann Hakola
708. Steve T.
The Mistborn trilogy was my introduction to Sanderson. I'd love to see what else he has in store for the universe.
The Imager
709. TheImager
I've been a huge fan of Brandon's work. Love everything he's put out so far. So an ARC of his newest book would be sweet.
Jo Ann Hakola
710. PLaster
I am so excited for this new book. I would love to get to read it before november.
Jo Ann Hakola
711. stu11926
I just can't get enough of the Mistborn series! I can't wait to read this! Thanks Tor!
Jo Ann Hakola
714. ibeeeg
It would be pure awesomeness to win this book. But now, I am more curious to see if I will wine considering the odds are very, very low with my entry sitting at #707.
Jo Ann Hakola
715. Aaron J. Anderson
It would be amazing to win the Arc copy. I'd be able to rave about it to my friends before it was available everywhere else.
Jo Ann Hakola
717. Robert G.
Ditto +1
Jo Ann Hakola
718. Mysterium
My background is all stripy!
I've recently started to really enjoy BS' work. He's one of the few writers than can surprise me XD
Jo Ann Hakola
719. Chromia
I am sooooooooooooooooooooo excited to read another Mistborn book! The different setting/time sounds awesome too.
Jo Ann Hakola
720. Jexral
Alright, I'll bite. Sanderson is alright - always a fun read, even if it is never particularly... well-written.
Jo Ann Hakola
721. Terri B
I'd love to get an advance copy of this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
722. Joe F
?I just started Mistborn and I'm immensely enjoying it. I'd love to get a chance to read the next one.
Jo Ann Hakola
723. psitaram
I'd love to have a copy :)
Jo Ann Hakola
725. WarlordZap
I'd love to get my hands on an early copy.
Jo Ann Hakola
726. slida
I've been waiting for more Mistborn!
Jo Ann Hakola
727. Minnmass
Jo Ann Hakola
728. Teir
This would be awesome to have.
Jo Ann Hakola
729. sharon worthey
Met Brian back in 2000 at WFC. Played cards in the lounge 'til I was falling asleep in the chair. (There were five of us total.) LOVE his Mistborn series!
Jo Ann Hakola
730. Aliah
Yay!!! I'm so excited!
Jo Ann Hakola
731. TheSomberlain
Chyeah steampunk Mistborn.
Jo Ann Hakola
732. semaht
A friend highly recommended the series. Winning a copy would be a great introduction!!
Jo Ann Hakola
734. Tobi
Please please please!!
Jo Ann Hakola
735. JCHancey
So, 1 of 3 chances, 700+ comments, there's still a chance!
Jo Ann Hakola
736. Libranchylde
Mistborn is my favorite series. I have been waiting (rather impatiently) for this new book!
Jo Ann Hakola
737. Ray!
I am the comment of the Ray for the winner of the book!
Jo Ann Hakola
738. Libranchylde
Mistborn is my favorite series. I have been waiting (rather impatiently) for this new book!
Jo Ann Hakola
739. NFolk
I loooooove some good Brandon Sanderson writing!
Jo Ann Hakola
740. Daniel from the Bay
I only venture outside of Fantasy every so often, and this will be one of those times!
Jo Ann Hakola
742. Greenish-Yellow Ajah
I would love this!! Finishing Hero of Ages now
Jo Ann Hakola
743. Runtrevorrun
This is so awesome! I'd love to read it early!
Jo Ann Hakola
745. echodrift
Mistborn? With guns? Sanderson? Yes please, to all. Since The Way of Kings 2 won't be out for a while I'll definitlely want to read this.
Jo Ann Hakola
747. Cameron Yeager
Oooh, worth a try! Been loving the series so far. :D
Matthew Kuhl
748. pattonmat
Doubt I've got much of a chance at winning, but, hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Anthony Roisum
749. Veto
Allomancy with guns will be the most amazing fight scene ever!
Paul Smith
750. Psmith9882
Comment, comment, comment, comment... how many times should I comment to win? :)
Jo Ann Hakola
751. Edward Page
I've been waiting for this book for too long but that is any BS book not published yet, even if it hasn't been written yet.
Jo Ann Hakola
752. Alden Ash
I am really looking forward to reading this!
Jo Ann Hakola
753. Jonathan Ence
If it is even half as good as the first mistborn then it is going to be incredible.
Jo Ann Hakola
754. LadyJensen
Ooh, I would LOVE to win one of those!
Jo Ann Hakola
755. Story Cottage
oh yeah!
Jo Ann Hakola
758. Goradel's Nephew
Holy wow that's a lot of competition. But hey, it's only the follow-up to my favorite fantasy trilogy of all time. Worth a shot.
Jo Ann Hakola
759. Bookworm Lisa
Would love to win this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
762. Joshg
This would be an amazing prize.
Jo Ann Hakola
763. LittleBoodt
My boyfriend introduced me to Sanderson's works with Mistborn. Such a clever series; I constantly find myself rethinking the fantasty norms when reading Sanderson. Some folks will be so lucky to read this early, admittedly I'd love to be one of them.
Jo Ann Hakola
764. Azhreia
Count me in please.
Jo Ann Hakola
765. Thackabe
Can't wait for this to come out!
Jo Ann Hakola
766. grymwulf
Mistborn? With guns? Interesting...
Jo Ann Hakola
767. Dr Tuka
This is what the doctor ordered this summer, even if it looks like my chances are becoming slimmer and slimmer.
Jo Ann Hakola
768. flyingtoastr
I've been a huge fan of Sanderson since he took over the reins of Wheel of Time, and Mistborn is my favorite series of his creation. Can't wait for this novel!
Jo Ann Hakola
769. EhFrank
Sanderson is just about my favorite author, can't wait to read Alloy of Law!
Jason Rapp
770. AvagduMortesin
Yes please! This would be an awesome addition to my collection!
Roy Landrum
773. tigeroy77
Wow... #773... It seems I'm not the only one that wants that book before it's release date. Pick Me!!!
Chris Dickerson
774. chrisdd
I really enjoy Brandon Sanderson's works. The first book I read was Elantris. I read it before he started on The Wheel of Time. Outstanding! Mistborn...The Way of Kings... Firstborn! Can't wait for another Mistborn (hoping Brandon implements the 11 herbs and spices as the new magic system this time!).
Jo Ann Hakola
775. ty_918
Can't wait for Alloy of Law! Can't believe how much I love Brandon's books.
Jo Ann Hakola
776. JohnTHutchins
Alloy of Law, awesome.
Jo Ann Hakola
777. phredtm
Wow, yes, please :) I'd love to read another Mistborn book :)
Jo Ann Hakola
779. BrattyKat
Yup, would give it to my Wolf for his birthday!
Jo Ann Hakola
781. Idriana
So excited for this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
782. Seabass2
Oh yes, this is going to rock! Can't wait!!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
783. eremiticjude
More Mistborn? Yes Please!
Jo Ann Hakola
784. astalduath
Wow! Would I love to have this. An ARC from my favorite author. Mistborn is awesome and I can't wait for the next installment.
Jo Ann Hakola
785. DanielPCHC
If I win I will have to fight off my 13 yr old daughter and my wife. :-D
Jo Ann Hakola
786. Shaun C. Kilgore
I'm putting my name in this hat. Don't usually do this sort of thing. But, hey when I saw Brandon's post on facebook about this, I had to take a shot.
Jo Ann Hakola
788. Zmogyls39
This book is going to be awesome!
Jo Ann Hakola
789. technicaltoast
Love Brandon Sanderson's work!
Jo Ann Hakola
790. Daniel Jakob Ström
I would love one, but since I'm not a U.S citizen (currently residing in the cold north of Sweden) you might just ignore my comment. Unless, of course, you are angels with a slight fetish for shipping long distance. If that is the case, let me know! and give my regards to Edgar, haven't heard from him i a while.
Jo Ann Hakola
791. Virin
I'm just glad Brandon decided to continue the series. Stormlight may be his epic tale, but mistborn just did it for me.
Mike None
792. b779a
No idea if I'll win, but here's hoping.
Jo Ann Hakola
794. 404
Still about a dozen chapters away from finishing WoK, but this is too good to pass up. Sign me up!
Jo Ann Hakola
795. illspirit
loved the original series. Can't wait to see how this plays out.
Jo Ann Hakola
796. Alan J
Can't wait for the new book!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
797. Eagledragon921
I can't wait for this to be out! It will be so awesome!
798. zas678
Yes Please! This should be awesome!
Jo Ann Hakola
799. Fermun
Brandon Sanderson is great. Looking forward to this book.
Jo Ann Hakola
801. robeaux
Sweet! Can't wait for this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
802. Colorfulmonochrome
I was soo happy to find a new series that I like, but I read so fast the books are hardly out before I'm waiting for the next one! Also glad to have found another author to be loyal to in my library.
Jo Ann Hakola
803. spiked_mistborn
You see me drink a vial of metallic liquid, but you feel like you should not be concerned about it. You suddenly realize that you feel compelled to pick me but you're not sure why...
Lisa Byers
804. lasantine
So thrilled to see this one come out! I would love a copy. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
805. IRQ
How could anyone turn this down?
Jo Ann Hakola
806. Heather Martin
yay more Mistborn!
Jo Ann Hakola
807. SerhumXen
I can't wait!
Jo Ann Hakola
808. Shiara
Looking forward to it! :D
Jo Ann Hakola
809. slmyrs
Really looking forward to continuing in Brandon's immersive world. Can't wait for this one to come out!
Jo Ann Hakola
813. L. Brand
This would be a dream come true! It would also probably save my grades next semester if I could read it early... who could possibly care about grad school when there is new Mistborn to read?!
Jo Ann Hakola
815. Laura D.
I like the cover. Yay! New book!
Jo Ann Hakola
817. Zeddy
Sanderson is definitely top 3 favorite author.
Jo Ann Hakola
818. Heather M Muir
Pick me! Pick me!
Drunge Hays
819. bumblepants
Very excited to see the world of Mistborn get revisited this quickly!
Jo Ann Hakola
820. Kevin Perry
Sign me up!
Jo Ann Hakola
821. Cody R
Oh man, I'm jazzed for this release. I can't wait.
Jo Ann Hakola
822. Wes Oldenbeuving
Great initiative! I read most of his work and loved it. Can't wait till it's released.
Jo Ann Hakola
824. jscotte
Looks like I'm lucky #823. How can I NOT win an ARC?
Jo Ann Hakola
825. Tristan Brand
Cannot wait to read this :)
Jo Ann Hakola
826. Eric Liaw
Love Sanderson's writings. This is great!
Jo Ann Hakola
828. Josh A.
I'm really looking forward to reading this one. Truthfully, I only discovered the Mistborn series a couple of months ago and am close to finishing the third book, so the timing for this release is great.
Jo Ann Hakola
830. Matt C
In the middle of a reread of the series right now, would love to get ahold of this early.
Jo Ann Hakola
832. David Geurkink
Please send my ARC to:
David Geurkink
Austin, TX 78748

Thanks so much! Can't wait to read it
greg scott
833. worthy
wow...this is the one I really want to win of all the contests I've entered here so far.
Jen Miller
834. avie
I love Brandon Sanderson's work. Here's to hoping to be chosen.
Jo Ann Hakola
835. Shiva Ramabadran
One day, I will win one of these.
Jo Ann Hakola
836. TomT
Ah a chance to win an ARC from an author I've grabbed everything he has written. :) Of course I have to enter.
Jo Ann Hakola
838. david de
hope i win good luck to all
Absopositribbly! Ng
840. Tribbletron
Seeing 800+ individuals in love w/ Sanderson's work is truly a marvel. IRL, I only know of one person who reads his stuff too, and yes, he's entered this contest himself, but he's also the one who got me started.
Jo Ann Hakola
842. Sobek999
I've always hated lotteries but I can't resist when it's Brandon Sanderson and free!
Jo Ann Hakola
843. Ravin Blaike
Books like these push me on my writing career.
Jo Ann Hakola
845. Heather Perkins
Heavens to Betsy I squeeled at seeing this. I would love to get my hands on one.
Ken Jackson
847. atlas689
846th entry. Never won anything before; hopefully this will be the first time!
Jo Ann Hakola
849. KvotheTheBloody
I can't wait to see what he has left in this world.
Ben Pistorius
850. runner188
I am so excited for this! I mean, an allomancer gun fight . . . Yes please.
Jo Ann Hakola
851. darkmathmb
I'd love to get one...
Michael Holland
852. Renthalas
Just another avid sanderson fan hoping beyond hope to receive one of the greatest prizes imaginable!
Jo Ann Hakola
853. Zippy Peacock
Only Brandon could pop out such an awesome sounding novel in between writing other awesome fantasy novels. I'd love an ARC!
Jo Ann Hakola
854. Caesar
I'm pumped. Looks good!
Jo Ann Hakola
855. Trae Ashleigh
I might be sorely late to this contest with my entry, but hey ... I'm here regardless! If I'm picked for The Alloy of Law, I'd be immensely thrilled!
Jo Ann Hakola
856. Ornithopter
*fingers crossed*
Jo Ann Hakola
857. Torrid
Would love to give it a read :)
Jo Ann Hakola
858. Zaknafein0
Would absolutely love a copy.
Jo Ann Hakola
859. WrightMind
Count me in. I want to see what happens after Hero of Ages.
Jo Ann Hakola
861. Caderade
I wish he'd spend more time writing Wheel of Time and Stormlight Archive, but it's pretty incredible that one author has three awesome series he's working on.
Jo Ann Hakola
862. Jeff Walden
Advance reading copy? Sounds awesome! I'd love to be able to read a Sanderson book early.
Jo Ann Hakola
864. Scott Kaneshiro
Entry for Advaned Reading Copy.
Jo Ann Hakola
865. Dana Jennings
Love the Sandy man!
April Vrugtman
866. dwndrgn
Pick me! Pick me!

(Is it me or does the cover have a steampunk noir feeling going there?)
Jo Ann Hakola
867. Keri Lyn
My Birthday is coming up this would make a great present.......
Jo Ann Hakola
868. Zachary Orts
I have read everything by Brandon Sanderson (including the Alcatraz novels) and spend all of my time recommending his books (and Patrick Rothfuss') to friends.
Jo Ann Hakola
869. Dilber
I'm finishing up my re-read of all of his stuff, and it's even better the second time.
Jo Ann Hakola
870. LeslieH
This woul be a great gift for my son's Basic Training graduation!! Our whole family has read these books!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
871. Donna Kat
I am desperate for a good series to read but am really tired of investing in one of a series and not finding it enticing enough to continue. I hope this is it!
Jo Ann Hakola
872. Puja
Loved The Way of Kings .. can't wait for book 4 in the Mistborn series. I wish Elantris was a trilogy too.
Jo Ann Hakola
873. JasonZ
Looking forward to it!
Jo Ann Hakola
874. Bmbutch
Alloy of Law is going 2 be great, now send me one of those....PLEASE!
Jo Ann Hakola
875. BethR
Seriously looking forward to this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
876. BobK
Excellent! Looking forward to more Mistborn!
Jo Ann Hakola
877. MelissaT
Oooh! More Mistborn! YAY!
Jo Ann Hakola
878. Lyssa Rowan
Really looking forward to this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
880. Rich Tanner

No, seriously... Dibs.

And where does Mr. Sanderson find the TIME to write all of this goodness?! Wheel of Time, Stormlight Archives, AND Mistborn?

"Thank you, Sir! May I have another?!"
Jo Ann Hakola
881. cgreen1971c
ARC me up baby!
Jo Ann Hakola
882. DominiqueB
Definitely would love a chance to read Alloy of Law - been a Sanderson fan since Elantris was published!
Jo Ann Hakola
884. Christopher P. Turner
One word MISTBORN!
Jo Ann Hakola
885. yessirrom
please please PLEASE!
Jo Ann Hakola
889. Charles DeMoss
If it's as good as the first three, it will be awesome!
Jo Ann Hakola
890. Stark1408
I'd love to sign up for this, Brandon's books are always awesome.

Too bad I'm Canadian...
Jo Ann Hakola
891. NinjaDebugger
I am SO in. Sanderson is a writing machine, and owns in pretty much every way.
Jo Ann Hakola
892. Vitiosus
I would love an ARC of this. But with nearly 1000 posts already....
Ben Gulick
895. cmdrchristof
Wow, I had no idea it was so close to being published! This is exciting stuff.
Jo Ann Hakola
899. Kemosabe
ARC, I'll take one!
Jo Ann Hakola
901. J.D. Kiedrowski
I hope I win!
Jo Ann Hakola
902. urryan
Really looking forward to this new Mistborn! Thanks!
Jo Ann Hakola
903. Jonathan Ide
Hope I get one!!
Jo Ann Hakola
904. chadg
I need a new Sanderson book, not enough on my shelves
Jo Ann Hakola
905. CV
Would love to get my hands on a copy! Thanks for the giveaway!
Jo Ann Hakola
906. RanchoUnicorno
904 909 comments so far. I don't know why I keep entering, but here I am.
Jo Ann Hakola
907. weylyn42
Woot! I would love a copy, along with many, many others, it appears. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
909. AEA
Big fan of the man, his writing just keeps growing!
Jo Ann Hakola
911. Cognizant3
First books were great, looking forward to this one
Jo Ann Hakola
916. NateSh
It's gunna be soooo good!
Peter Smith
918. tathel
Can't wait for this book, and WoT... the next chapter of the stormlight archives... why can't there be 2 Brandon Sandersons so he can write twice as fast!
Jo Ann Hakola
919. The Awesome Badger
I'm in!
Jo Ann Hakola
921. Cralic
ZOMG I love Mistborn books. GIMME GIMME!!! :D
Jo Ann Hakola
923. Kortney
I was so excited when I saw this was coming out, I can't wait to read it!!
Jo Ann Hakola
924. Fordan
This looks very, very cool.
Jo Ann Hakola
925. BarbaraJoy
I just finished reading the other Mistborn books
John Reynolds
926. jowreyno
I've always wondered if it's the wittiest comment that is used to decide the winner or just a random comment. In either case, I better tell a joke just to be sure. Ummm... So a monkey walks into a bar. I don't remember the rest, but your mother's a ... YIKES! I'm sure they don't pick that guy that insults their mother. Let's try again. Why did the frog cross the road? BECAUSE, he was stapled to the chicken!!! Sorry. Thats the best I got on short notice.
Jo Ann Hakola
927. Florence
To the tune of Jingle Bells:
Flying through the air
And pushing on some coins
O'r the city we go
Kicking butt all the way!

That's all I've got so far.
Jo Ann Hakola
928. JohnnyF
Huge fan after reading the first three!
Jo Ann Hakola
929. carrots
looks cool.
Matthew Smith
930. blocksmith
New Mistborn+advanced (free) copy=Deluxe Sweetness. Of course, having a better chance at winning the lottery...not so much. But you can't win if you don't play!
Jo Ann Hakola
931. Cdub
I can't wait to get a copy of this one - too many at once after so long waiting i feel like a kid in a candy store this year !!! and an ARC would be a dream come true
Jo Ann Hakola
933. christy wogeliuswogelius@
I really enjoy Mr. Sanderson's work. I would love to be a part of any book he is releasing.
Jo Ann Hakola
935. BJJ Wins Again
Brandon Sanderson is the Frankenstein's Monster of Fantasy authors, made of all the most powerful parts of mortal men to create something inhumanly great!
Jo Ann Hakola
936. ScottC
I'm pretty sure I have a chance all the way down here. :-)
Jo Ann Hakola
937. BJam 3000
Pick me! Pick me!
Jo Ann Hakola
939. Luke Monahan
What an odd cover for the wheel of time .... oh... oops.
George Gordon
940. gordong1968
I can't wait to read this... and if I win, I won't have to!
Jo Ann Hakola
943. Zippedpinhead
I would love to read an advance copy of "The Alloy of Law"
Jo Ann Hakola
944. Curtis Donnohue
That is beyond Lundgren.
Jacob Silvia
945. aethercowboy
I think I have a compulsion to try to collect books...
Jo Ann Hakola
946. Charlie Foxtrot
Awesome! Pretty please?
Jo Ann Hakola
947. EmilyY
This book will be mine whether I win this contest or not. Winning the contest just makes it that much easier though.
Jo Ann Hakola
948. Dugzor
Yes please! Luvs me some Mistborns!
Jo Ann Hakola
949. Greg Keene
Great! I've read every one of Brandon's books so far.
Jo Ann Hakola
950. Justy2478
I want a copy!
Jo Ann Hakola
952. Tony K
I'd love an ARC! Mistborn was the best trilogy ever! I've gotten four people to read the series, and I can't wait for Alloy of Law to come out.
S Cooper
954. SPC
I can't wait to read this one! Count me in!
Jo Ann Hakola
955. Tim Wirtz
Holy Crap-and-a-Half, Batman! I'd say I've been looking forward to this book for a long time, but with Brandon's insane speed-writing skills, you really can't ask for a faster turnaround. But I have been looking forward to it a WHOLE LOT squeezed into a shorter amount of time!
Jo Ann Hakola
956. Alex G
I hope I win!
Jo Ann Hakola
958. tsias
Ooo. Ooo. I want to be on the ARC... So much rain... Also, a book would be cool. Please put me on the list.
Jo Ann Hakola
960. tenaku
I'll take two!
Jo Ann Hakola
961. Rewquio
Alright, I'll do this. I loved the Mistborn trilogy and I can't wait to read this one!
Dave West
964. Jhirrad
As I have read everything Brandon has written (even all the Librarian books and I'm in my 30's!) I would like to enter myself for this. Cheers.
Jo Ann Hakola
965. CyBL
So excited! Can't wait to read this!
Jo Ann Hakola
966. Trae Cooper
Looking forward to this one!
Jo Ann Hakola
967. CyBL
So excited! Can't wait to read this!
Jo Ann Hakola
968. Sprintfish
I'm so excited! I definitely want one.
Rammy Meyerowitz
970. m5rammy
odds are low, but ... someone is going to get it (some three, that is)
Ben T-Moore
971. BenTGaidin
Definitely another good book to look forward to.
Greg Lincoln
972. glshade
I would seriously love to get one of these to review.....
Jo Ann Hakola
974. DanielEms
Can't wait
Jared Farish
976. jfarish102
I'll add my name to the pot! Hope I win that book!
Jo Ann Hakola
977. jrh1524
I want to wiiiiin!!
Jo Ann Hakola
978. Matt_Reader
How's about this? Even if I win the ARC, I'll still buy the book!
Jo Ann Hakola
979. sick_puppy
I just recently devoured this series and I have been recommending it to all my friends....What a fantastic new voice in the Fantasy genre! Really hope I win so I can lord it over all my jealous friends. Honestly, isn't that what winning prizes is all about?
Jo Ann Hakola
980. USC Anteater
Me! Me! Pick me!
Jo Ann Hakola
981. rafaelbones
If this'll get to me even an hour before the retail copy then by golly I need it.
Jo Ann Hakola
983. AprilG
Awesome giveaway!
Jo Ann Hakola
984. Michael Chapin
The Mistborn Series has invaded my mind since I first read it. Sanderson is such a fantastic autthor. I will be following his career for many more years to come.
Jo Ann Hakola
986. bdo
in it to win it
Jim Crumley
987. crumley
Wow, this one is popular! Well, still better odds than the lottery.
Jo Ann Hakola
988. ElizabethB
Wow! Almost 1000 comments! I hope I win!
Jo Ann Hakola
989. uwf
Count me in!! I just finished Hero of Ages and I can't believe there's going to be another book!
John Fitzingo
991. Xandar01
Never had an ARC before, that would be cool.
Jo Ann Hakola
992. Rich Rockwood
Thanks for the contest! Sanderson you rock it!
Jo Ann Hakola
993. Ken Blake
Wow, another Mistborn novel! I just finished reading the entire original series on Kindle.
Jo Ann Hakola
994. EvelynVaneris
I am so excited for this book! The Mistborn series is one of my favorites.
Jo Ann Hakola
995. lfalin
I'm number 994 If nobody else enters I have a 3/994 chance!
Jo Ann Hakola
997. Kestrel630
Awesome! This is a great giveaway. Thanks Tor for always offering these wonderful books :)
Jo Ann Hakola
998. Qurtyslyn
Alright, it's time for me to win something!
Jo Ann Hakola
999. Amanda T.
Oh, this would be a wonderful treat for my husband and me. Most especially for him, though. I do believe Mr. Sanderson is his favorite author, hands down.
Thanks for this opportunity, Tor!
Jo Ann Hakola
1002. thebrandon1
Woot and stuff. sounds awesome. me want. etc
Jo Ann Hakola
1005. Brandon S.
I'd love to give this a read, just after I'm done with The Wheel of Time series.
Jo Ann Hakola
1006. thorgier
Christmas in June you say?
Jo Ann Hakola
1007. k0rgull
this is awesome, thanks for doing this!
Jo Ann Hakola
1008. Teawench
Looks awesome
Jo Ann Hakola
1009. loweeel
wow, the odds are terrible. But OMG WANT.
Jo Ann Hakola
1010. Atmaeloy
I cannot wait for this book. The Mostborn series is easily one of my favorites, and I can only hope he we see more (including the Mistborn-in-space he had originally planned:).

Also cannot wait for The Rithmatist (though the title does confuse me greatly after reading Scribbler).
Jo Ann Hakola
1013. Joshua Pray
SO EXCITED! Just got the first three signed!
Marcus W
1014. toryx
I'm kind of curious about what happens next.
Jo Ann Hakola
1015. Arithmos
This looks Awesome! Would love to win an ARC of this!
Tim Cook
1017. angusx51
I've been dying to jump into this series! Good luck everyone!
Jo Ann Hakola
1019. JayEff
A one in a thousand chance to win? Sounds like decent odds to me. :)
Thomas Nesslage
1020. aerathi18
Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Love Sanderson's work!
Jo Ann Hakola
1021. sharon leali
Would love to win a copy :)
Jo Ann Hakola
1022. Miriel
"Never tell me the odds..."
Jo Ann Hakola
1023. alwright1
Sounds great!
Jo Ann Hakola
1025. silverdragon
OMG i would love to win this! Awesome series.
Jo Ann Hakola
1026. section.disparu
Sign me up!
Jo Ann Hakola
1027. Garrett Jones
Oooh, shiny. Also posted for this on the Ranting Dragon review site forums.
Jo Ann Hakola
1028. Celtland
I would absolutely love an ARC of The Alloy of Law!!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
1029. Skibass
How does Brandon juggle all of these projects? I'm just glad he can!
Jo Ann Hakola
1030. Ben Rose
Who am I to disobey a command to comment for a free ARC of Alloy of Law? Command obeyed.
1031. Layona02
I'm sure it will be a very interesting book. I would be overjoyed to get a copy!
Brian Kaul
1032. bkaul
A free Brandon Sanderson book? Yes please!
Jo Ann Hakola
1033. thinmintz
Free Sanderson ARC? Sign me up!!
Jo Ann Hakola
1034. Steven Ludlow
I can't wait to read it!
Jo Ann Hakola
1035. LadyDraconix
Most of my circle of reading friends (including everyone in my household) are Sanderson fans. I was thrilled every time he tweeted his status on this story. The concept of "magic" in Mistborn is spectacular and I can barely contain my glee over Alloy of Law.
Tom Knapik
1036. tknapik
I'd love to read this book before anyone else!
Jo Ann Hakola
1037. Dom Wassel
Love Brandon and this series. To win his new book would be awesome. Thanks Tor!
Jo Ann Hakola
1038. Buddah
I love his books, would be a real treat to get to an advnaced copy!
Jo Ann Hakola
1039. Pamela Galenkamp
One of my new favorite authors! Can hardly wait. LOVED "The Way of Kings" and The Mistborn Trilogy.
Jo Ann Hakola
1040. Captwc
Wow, there are a lot of comments. Still hoping I will win!
Jeremy Goff
1041. JeremyM
This would effing awesome to win. Brandon Sanderson has most definitely moved into the top spot for my favorite writers of all time. Can't wait for this to come out.
Jo Ann Hakola
1042. spragujs
Jo Ann Hakola
1043. mrc1ark
I would love a chance to read Sanderson's next book! Woo, looking forward to reading this whenever I get a chance.
Joel Prinster
1046. jprinster
I can always use something great to add to my reading list.
Jo Ann Hakola
1047. kylezimmy
can't wait to read this one
Jo Ann Hakola
1048. Quarta
Looking forward to it!
Daniel Wolf Roemele
1049. Daniel.Wolf.Roemele
I admit that WoT first got me interested in Mr. Sanderson's work but since then having devoured the Mistborn trilogy in a single weekend I am an unabashed fan of his. The Mistborn world is amazing and I cannot wait to get a hold of the new one, via this or in the stores. I really apprectiate the rate at which he can produce amazing work. Very Excited!
Jo Ann Hakola
1050. Chelsea Frazier
Pick me!!! :D
Jo Ann Hakola
1051. evanliv
can't wait!
Jo Ann Hakola
1052. MeliJ
Looks sort of steampunkish... the first mistborn novel read like a movie--I hope that comes true.
Jo Ann Hakola
1053. DRickard
I'll take a run at that!
Bob Seiter
1054. kbob_o
Can't wait to read another Mistborn book so hopefully I get picked!
Matthew J.
1055. dragon13
I've been waiting for this installment for a long time. Only slightly less-anticipated than the next Stormlight Archives!!
Jo Ann Hakola
1056. IMistborn
I would love a chance to read this book! Mistborn is great!
Jo Ann Hakola
1057. dickalan
Can't wait to read this!
Jo Ann Hakola
1058. darvinisms
I needs my Brandon fix! I swear, when I saw your name as the guy to finish WOT I was like \m/ 'coz only you could kick ass, pick up the pace and bring all the many many many threads so sweetly together in a sockin' symphony of awesomeness!
Jo Ann Hakola
1059. wolfbrother
I'd love to win the ARC! Sanderson has easily become one of my favorite writers ever since I read Elantris!
Jo Ann Hakola
1060. NightOwl
No matter what....I'm going to end up with this book! Already love it!
Jo Ann Hakola
1061. Len Berry
I would greatly enjoy being able to read an ARC of Alloy of Law. In fact, should I be picked, I would gladly review the novel on my blog, with Tor's permission to do so ahead of time.

I have enjoyed Brandon Sanderson's novels for years and I am looking forward to seeing a real fusion of fantasy and steampunk.
Jo Ann Hakola
1062. Mark P Hensel
I'd love an ARC copy of Alloy of Law!
Jo Ann Hakola
1064. Bryce Moore
Pick me! Pick me!
Jo Ann Hakola
1065. Talon
Sanderson has sparked my imagination and kept me guessing in Mystborn all the way to the end. It has become one of my all-time favorites! His ability to weave original complex stories is amazing and I can only imagine the outcome of this new modern/fantasy hybrid. Cant wait for it!
Jo Ann Hakola
1067. amazing grace
I am so excited for this novel. Can't wait to see what the future is like for the Mistborn world.
Jo Ann Hakola
1068. Chelsea M Schermerhorn
I love Brandon Sanderson's writing. He has quickly become my favorite author.
Jennifer Fiddes
1069. junefaramore
I would love an ARC of this. I've followed Mr. Sanderson's work since he was still involved in National Novel Writing Month.
Jo Ann Hakola
1070. philg1130
Should be fun to see the social evolution from a medieval high-fantasy setting to a more industrialized culture! Not a common thing in fantasy series.
Gene Ramirez
1072. MrSkar
With a title, author, and setting like this book seems to have, there is no way I'm going to miss throwing my comment into the pile. Sign me up!
Jo Ann Hakola
1073. sbass
I'd really like this.
Jo Ann Hakola
1074. ArgenTom
Yes, please, I would love to read this one early.
Jo Ann Hakola
1075. KHappe
I am really looking forward to reading it.
Jo Ann Hakola
1076. Daniel Larsen
Yay! More Sanderson!
Rich Bennett
1077. Neuralnet
please enter me in the contest - thanks
Jo Ann Hakola
1078. tuxmask3
Mistborn is amazing. Can't wait.
Jo Ann Hakola
1079. SunDriedRainbow
Jo Ann Hakola
1080. kolste
Huge Sanderson fan. Count me in.
Kristofor lambson
1081. Kaliden
Bless me with your next magnificent work of literature
Jo Ann Hakola
1082. AlanHorne
Yes. Yes! YES!
Jo Ann Hakola
1084. rob turner
Oh I want one.
Jo Ann Hakola
1085. Mrs. Cruz 1999
Yes, please. And next time you run a sweepstakes that is going to be this popular - switch the page so the add a comment box is at the top! :)
Jo Ann Hakola
1087. Kelseyv
OH I'm so excited about this book!!! I absolutely loved the Mistborn series and can't wait to see what is next! Please pick me!!!! :)
Jo Ann Hakola
1089. RJSandersonTrekky
This is going to be awesome! Can't wait!
Jo Ann Hakola
1090. Becky McKinnon
Pick me, pick me!
Jo Ann Hakola
1091. iamnotspam
Ohh yeaahh I feel the need the need to burn some metal.
Jo Ann Hakola
1093. Brandon Flint
Alloy of Law!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
1094. bob98b3
I LOVE this series! Sanderson is one of my favorite authors :)
Jo Ann Hakola
1096. B-rye
Here goes nothing.
Jo Ann Hakola
1097. EndersArcade
Please pick me! I love this series!
Andy Schroeder
1098. schroody
This is not a comment. This is a winning entry :)
Jo Ann Hakola
1099. jaysun
The cover looks a little steampunk-ish
Jo Ann Hakola
1101. Ally S.
Would love to win this!
Jo Ann Hakola
1102. shivam bhatt
cowboys and mistborn? sign me up =)
Jo Ann Hakola
1103. evinfuilt
I disagree with everyone above and below, for I am the winner.
Jo Ann Hakola
1105. troublemag
I picked up Elantris and then the Mistborn Trilogy on the advice of a friend from a WoT MUD not long after it was announced that Brandon was finishing the WOT series. I was a bit nervous about the choice, partly because relatively few had heard of him at that point and I had so very much emotionally invested in the WOT series. After reading Elantris, my fears were eased. After Mistborn, I wondered why I'd been worried at all. The Mistborn Series has become one of my top re-reads for summer evenings lounging outside.
Jo Ann Hakola
1106. fwaller
You give me the ARC I throw you the whip!
Richard Beal
1107. bealr
I'll take just the one. No need to give me all three.
Wolf Bro Joe
1108. Wolf Bro Joe
Hero of Ages was the last book that kept me up all night reading to get to the end. I'm hoping the same for this one!
Matthew Miller
1109. Mathachew
I want to win this so that I can eat the book after reading it and be able to burn it and tell which books rock and which ones suck by merely looking at them. Alloy of Law... the 17th metal!
Jo Ann Hakola
1111. Krombleface
If I won a copy, my face would be forever Krombled.
Jo Ann Hakola
1112. DeRigeur
I'm almost certain I'd eat it to see what powers it yielded.
Paul Meyer
1113. pmrabble
Well over 1100 entries...but I'll try anyways. It's a good series.
Jo Ann Hakola
1114. ShardSeeker
Love BS. ;) But really, been a hcff of his since twg hemalurgy thread was on page 9. One of THE best around. Truly an amazing--and addictive--cosmere; with such a sense of 'completeness' to each seperate novel, people are still just finding out about it. I don't think I could keep from fainting if I was lucky enough to get this!
Jo Ann Hakola
1115. Thundercat
If you're going to be a bear...Be a Grizzly
Jo Ann Hakola
1117. Lindsay Marie
Brandon Sanderson is the best author out there. I'm SO glad i discovered his books a few years ago. This sweepstakes is exciting!
1118. jcs97b
Spectacular series. Would love an ARC.
Jo Ann Hakola
1119. Ethan Drake
This is amazing! I love the Mistborn series.
Jo Ann Hakola
1120. merlynn1
Really enjoyed the series, so I must continue on. Can't miss out. Want to dive in again!
Kevin Long
1123. KevinLong
I can't wait until this comes out. Would love an ARC.
Jo Ann Hakola
1124. CGKink
I'm really looking forward to this new Mistborn novel; an ARC would be fantastic!
Jo Ann Hakola
1125. bfrancis
I can't wait for this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
1126. Ingrid Jacobsen
This is very cool and very exciting. Everything Brandon does is wonderful, obvious with his skill in finishing Jordan's epic fantasy. Mistborn is an incredible original and I can't wait to seep into the next novel!
Jo Ann Hakola
1127. Wishfulthinker
3 AOL ARC BWS!!! Yes yes yes. Win, svp. LOL
Jo Ann Hakola
1128. J.A. Clemens
Is there an Allomantic power known as ARCpull?
Jo Ann Hakola
1129. Marty Husband
I would love an advanced reading copy. I have throughly enjoyed his work since I first read Elantris. Please put me in
Jo Ann Hakola
1130. jpyatt
People in the future are geeking out after reading this book.
Jo Ann Hakola
1131. EpicStory
All faith and hope have I placed upon the steps of Tor. Now I leave it to the fates to determine my destiny, be it the light of salvation or the despair of condemnation. (OK, so I'm dramatizing a bit. But hey, an epic book deserves and epic comment.)
Jo Ann Hakola
1132. S. Rao
Totally stoked about the new Mistborn!
Jo Ann Hakola
1133. EmeraldSky
Can't wait to read this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
1134. Philosophy Guy
I'm really excited to see this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
1136. Jared Likes
Say what? Is this for real?
Jo Ann Hakola
1138. dizmo
Oo, pick me, pick me!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
1139. Miscellaneous Steve
ed t
1141. edt
ohh, more of Mr. Sanderson's work :-)
Jo Ann Hakola
1142. Clinton1011
I didn't think he was going to release another Mistborn book and I can't wait to read it now.
Jo Ann Hakola
1143. Zizawah
I'd love to get one!
Steve Ledger
1144. stevedave42
3 in 1144? Sounds like pretty good chances to me.
Lee Holden
1145. LeeHolden
On of my favorite authors. As a bookseller I handsell his books on a regular basis. Would love an advace copy to help me talk this book up among my regular company and get more pre-orders.
Jo Ann Hakola
1146. Jasher
I've been preaching Sanderson at the local library for years now. I'm so excited that he's venturing down the steampunk road!
Jo Ann Hakola
1147. TanyaButt
Yeeha! Please please please!
Jo Ann Hakola
1148. Jebediah
New fiction from Brandon Sanderson! Bonus!
Dave Francis
1150. davidif
nice ~ a good reading companion while waiting out for AMOL.
Chris Davis
1151. SirSarek
I simply can not wait for this! Gimme!
Eigor Maldonado
1152. e-mann
Here's my comment, now give me my book!
Kelly Collins
1153. amarantha
My sister and I have been dying of anticipation over this book. Keeping my fingers crossed!
Kelvin Bailey
1155. kgbailey5
I'm excited this is going to be a good one!
Jo Ann Hakola
1156. Jlarsenn
Oh, man, would love it.
Jo Ann Hakola
1158. Dustin Shuler
Been looking forward to this forever
Jacob Hasson
1159. jhass777
Looks awesome and at least 1,158 others feel the same way!!!
pete nigrelli
1160. pnigrelli
cool contest - I've been looking forward to reading this.
Jo Ann Hakola
1161. SaraC56
Would love to win/read this!
Jo Ann Hakola
1163. Ed Novak
Brandon Sanderson is my Master.
Jo Ann Hakola
1164. E.G. Hornbostel
I wanna win alloy of law:)
Jo Ann Hakola
1165. Rynna
I can't wait!!
Jo Ann Hakola
1166. keither
Perfect timing! I'm just finishing up The Hero of Ages right now!
Jo Ann Hakola
1167. LeaC
I can't wait for this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
1169. Priscellie
I'm so excited for this book! Brandon Sanderson is one heck of a storyteller, and I can't wait to see where he takes me this time.
Jo Ann Hakola
1170. Drew Scoggins
Here's to a win.
Jo Ann Hakola
1171. Tom Dimiduk
I got to hear a chapter at a reading, really looking forward to getting to read the full thing. Looks like it will be as excellent as the rest of the mistborn books, and that is saying something
Jo Ann Hakola
1174. Ciel
Yikes, there are a lot of entries. Here's to hoping.
William Rowe
1175. Scient
Can't wait to read this book, Mistborn was the first series I read from Brandon Sanderson and can't wait to read some more.
Jo Ann Hakola
1176. Michael M.
Ooooh! ARC! Cool!

Pick me! pick me!
Jo Ann Hakola
1177. Kyanilis
Oh yes please. I'm so excited for this book. Everything I've read by Brandon Sanderson is amazing.
Devin Christensen
1178. daventor
With school and getting married I have sadly had little time for fun sf reading this past year. But I know I'd find time if I got the ARC. I love Mistborn! I was way happily surpised/psyched when Sanderson announced he'd be publishing a new book. I hope someday we also get a new story set in the Warbreaker universe.
Jo Ann Hakola
1179. HoosierDaddy
Crossing my fingers that I'll win.
Jo Ann Hakola
1180. Nwithane
Can't hurt to try!
Jo Ann Hakola
1181. AO
I hope that they find good homes.
Jo Ann Hakola
1182. AviendhasMom
I would LOVE to read this. Can't wait! Having an ARC would be even more awesome!
Jo Ann Hakola
1183. Rein
I want it so badly!
Can't wait for the official release!
Jo Ann Hakola
1184. Tenesmus
1200:1 odds. Too Easy! Ship it, baby!! I need someting to read at the pool this summer
Jo Ann Hakola
1186. Jack Woolverton
Like Garfield drawn to Lasagne, I am drawn to Mistborn. Shovel me some ARC. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
1187. Brian W.
I hope I win!
1188. alaskanlukeb
Warbreaker was the intro...now I can't stop looking forward to his next release, sign me up for the ARC
Joshua Mortensen
1189. Fire15951
Should be an amazing book. Can't wait! Need that ARC NOW!
Jo Ann Hakola
1190. Elayne169
Count me in!
Jo Ann Hakola
1191. Chad R
I love brandon sanderson more than my mom.0
Jo Ann Hakola
1192. Chubbybrett
please pick me.
Jo Ann Hakola
1193. Glenn S
I love this series and I look forward to this book more than Christmas!
Jo Ann Hakola
1194. Shikha
I have been waiting for this one ever since Brandon wrote about it on his tweeter... I'd love to get an advance copy!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
1195. AddyP
I can't wait! I would love to be able to write a review (non spoiler of course) of this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
1196. Samsynn
Can't wait to read this!
Jennifer B
1199. JennB
Woohoo! Contest closed an hour ago. When will the results be posted?? Fingers crossed.
Jo Ann Hakola
1200. Hopeless Fanatic
Pick me!!!
Jo Ann Hakola
1201. Fritz Smail
Can't wait to read this.
Jo Ann Hakola
1202. Will A A
I hope I win this. Insert substantial comment here.
Jo Ann Hakola
1203. psconnell
Can't wait for the next Mistborn novel.
Jo Ann Hakola
1204. leb
Ready to read more Mistborn anytime!
Jo Ann Hakola
1205. brig82
Dang I guess I missed the chance to read it early. Would have been nice though.
Jo Ann Hakola
1206. mcdonatl
Didn't that series end with the remaking of the world?
Jo Ann Hakola
1208. Ron Rioter
I wonder what Hoid is going to do this time. :)
Jo Ann Hakola
1209. RLBrown
I'm not a metal pusher!
Jo Ann Hakola
1210. KH
I just finished the original trilogy and loved it. So happy there's another one coming out soon.
Dawn Jobes
1211. knightsr4me
I love the cover for this one. All ganster-like. Hope its as good as the last series. WTG Brandon!
Jo Ann Hakola
1212. Michele Powell
I want!!
Jo Ann Hakola
1213. Jose F
I want it.
Jo Ann Hakola
1214. Tim B.
Please please please!
Jo Ann Hakola
1216. Lanea
I'm very exited for this book. It's a very different sort of sequel and I bet Brandon will pull it off beautifully.
Jo Ann Hakola
1217. Alan M.
Mistborn was a great trilogy and it's awesome that there's gonna be more. Only an early copy could make it better.
Jo Ann Hakola
1218. chelsea k.
Mistborn and Steampunk! two wonderful things that i love coming together. I would be so very lucky to win =D
Jo Ann Hakola
1219. Bittersweet Fountain
Yes! Please! Pick me! :)
Jo Ann Hakola
1220. gninjagnome
I can't wait for this book!
Jo Ann Hakola
1221. Mistb0rn
Mistborn was great! I am excited to read another book in the series!
Jo Ann Hakola
1223. Link16
I like ARCs
Jo Ann Hakola
1224. Jeff Hickman
I would love to win this, but I fear I am much to late. I love Sanderson's work!
Jo Ann Hakola
1225. Jo-lynn
I've never read you, but I think i'll give it a try.
Jo Ann Hakola
1226. Kelsier
When's the next trilogy coming out???
Jo Ann Hakola
1227. bascom
Sweet Harmony let me win!!
Jo Ann Hakola
1228. Spanishchicken
Allomancers. They're like metal Jedi.
Jo Ann Hakola
1229. Minaeve
Going to see Brandon Sanderson when he comes to Australia next year seeing as how he will be so close (only be 4000 klm away from where I live lol) it would be so nice to add to the pile of books I have for him to sign at DOOM-CON 2012 Cheers
Jo Ann Hakola
1230. Condortheburninator
I wonder what the kandra are up to.

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