Apr 15 2011 8:30am

The Unremembered Giveaway!

The Unremembered by Peter OrullianNow that The Unremembered has officially been released, we're having a giveaway! We have five copies of Peter Orullian's debut novel here for you. While you're waiting, check out this excerpt from the book. And don't forget his brand new story from the Vault of Heaven series, “The Battle of the Round."

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post. Duplicate comments won’t be counted. Five winners will be randomly selected by noon EST on Monday, April 18th. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from a winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

James Starke
1. jamestarke
I would love to read this fantastic debut! :D
Leah Hansen
2. Leah Hansen
Oooh, exciting! Count me in!
Leah Hansen
3. NatetheGreat
Thanks for the contest!
Leah Hansen
4. Neil Colquhoun
I've read the excerpt and am hooked.
Now all I need is the book to see what else happens.

Looking forward to it.

Leah Hansen
5. James Gibney
You've got to be in it to win it.
Leah Hansen
9. AnoukM
Would love to win! :D
Leah Hansen
10. Josh Eisenberg
Would love to be ahead of the curve on some fantasy...
Leah Hansen
12. Troy Lenze
I alway love finding new authors.
Leah Hansen
13. Jordi Vicens
Can we oversea people win this?

Commenting just in case.
Leah Hansen
15. Joshua Millwood
oooh, Exciting, must read it. :)
Leah Hansen
20. Mountain Barber
Leah Hansen
22. Beyondd
Please pick me! Lol
Leah Hansen
25. Cathy Furniss
Looks like a great read. I love discovering what new authors have to say!
Leah Hansen
27. blodeuedd
Open worldwide? if so then yes :=
Leah Hansen
28. Garin
Peter Orullian is the most amazing author. He rules and I want to read this so bad. Orullian rules.
Leah Hansen
29. Chris A.
...Uh...yes please!
Leah Hansen
30. EddieN
Treat aliens like they are, well, alien.
Leah Hansen
31. Utheran
Very curious!
Leah Hansen
32. Victoria Logue
Sounds fascinating. I would love to read it.
Leah Hansen
33. jharris22586
I'm really excited to read this!
Leah Hansen
34. Sean A
Please, please, please! I'm not above begging.
Leah Hansen
35. Tim P
Ever since I was young I have read
books of wonder, I have quite the spread
From Orcs to the Elves
I have on my shelves
but no 'The Unremembered'? That fills me with dread!

Thanks for the opportunity to win!
Sandra Zabarovska
36. Kibrika
Thank you for the contest. Hope the book does well :)
Leah Hansen
37. CBot
Count me in!

Thanks for the opportunity to check this out.
Federico Bianco
39. talen
I'll probably end up buying anyway but .. count me in too :D
Leah Hansen
40. Alexis B
Ahhh! I always love a new book sounds AMAZING!! and a giveaway?! Beyond Words!
Leah Hansen
41. Azuaron
I love giveaways!
Sharat Buddhavarapu
43. Sharat Buddhavarapu
Been reading the short stories here and the one he put out on Terry Brooks' website. So much description, so many modifiers! I would love to have a copy.
Leah Hansen
44. Michelle Knowlton
I'd love a new book to read ^_^
Leah Hansen
46. lightkeeper
Count me in
Leah Hansen
48. charlie p marenghi
Can't wait!
Leah Hansen
49. Shannon Lery
Sounds great! Count me in.
Leah Hansen
51. Gustavo Schmidt
Damn right I'm in!
Leah Hansen
53. Conni S
I'm out of new books to read....there's a spot next to my comfy chair waiting for this one!
Kirk Dreiser
54. kmdreiser
Always looking for a new author to love.
Leah Hansen
56. Christopher Swain
I'd love it!
Leah Hansen
59. Kristopher Wasielewski
I read the excerpt. I would very much like to read the rest!
Leah Hansen
60. sbass
Looks interesting
Leah Hansen
64. MeBoy
Pick me , please. Thank you.
Leah Hansen
66. iheartlibs
Giveaways are always fun!
Leah Hansen
69. holschuh
let' s try
Leah Hansen
70. holschuh
let' s try
Leah Hansen
71. Tvrtko
Lovely likey ;)
Jacob Hasson
73. jhass777
I’ve been anticipating this release for some time. This would be an awesome book to win!
Charles Summerhill
74. JanusDreamer
Read the excerpt, very intriguing beginning. Hopefully I get the opportunity to finish the story.
Leah Hansen
76. Brandon Johnston
I'd love to read this book!!!!
Leah Hansen
77. cnote56
Sign Me Up!
Matthew Smith
79. blocksmith
Exerpt was great...would love to get it.
Leah Hansen
84. Cralic
Here is my comment sir, please let me enjoy these books as I have not yet partaken in any Peter Orullian!
Leah Hansen
85. Joe G
Looks exciting!
Leah Hansen
87. Riva L
Need to read this book! The excerpt is great. Please enter me.

Leah Hansen
90. Jaister
I don't think this book will become "UNREMEMBERED" Zing!!
Bill Siegel
91. ubxs113
loved the short stories, psyched for the novel!
Leah Hansen
93. Teri C
Oh this is on my want list. I would love to be entered. Thank you
Leah Hansen
95. Kaya H
Ohh I want this one count me in.
Leah Hansen
96. Thomas Arvanitis
It looks very interesting! :)
Leah Hansen
97. Ian Crosby
I love some of the shorts that the author wrote so I have been waiting to read this book. Thank you for putting it out there for us.
Leah Hansen
99. dwndrgn
This is already on my to-be-read list. I'd love to win a copy!
Leah Hansen
100. Bryen
Looks interesting. Please include me!
David Thomson
101. ZetaStriker
I admit, this novel has had me intrigued. The author also has a great pen name.
Leah Hansen
102. Patmcc19
Oh. Do want!
Leah Hansen
105. Katie S.
Would love 2 read this!
Jacob Silvia
106. aethercowboy
Man. So many great giveaways. When will I finally get one? :D
Rikka Cordin
110. Rikka
productivity be damned, I would like this muchly.
Leah Hansen
112. Mike Poteet
(warbling) "I unremember the kind of September..."
Leah Hansen
118. Pam B
Wow, Lots of competition!! I'm sure it's worthy!
Leah Hansen
119. cmvinson
Thanks for the contest!
Leah Hansen
120. Beffernilly
I love Tor books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Leah Hansen
121. firesinger
Peter Orullian rules!
Leah Hansen
122. David Power
Would like nothing more than to be able to curl up with what looks to be an excellent read from mr. Orullian
Noah Draknis
126. Zeo077
The Great Defense of Layosah was so moving; I can't wait to read this one.
Leah Hansen
127. haggisreflux
:) Sounds like a good read
Sim Tambem
128. Daedos
Have I told you how lovely you look today, TOR?
Well, it's true.
Leah Hansen
130. SarahSparrow
Thanks for the giveaway!
Leah Hansen
131. rubydog
What a great giveaway!
I would love to win this novel.
Please enter me.
Leah Hansen
134. sheffy
Just downloaded the sample from iBooks to try it out. Would love to have my own copy of the book.
Todd Johansen
135. Gher06
If I win, I would never forget this giveaway!
Will Corbet
138. admiral40k
There can be only one.. well 5 in this case
Leah Hansen
140. Skooce
Already have the kindle version, but I would love to have a physical copy as well.
Leah Hansen
142. Ian P. Johnson
Yeah, sure, I'm in.
Drew Urmey
143. urmey1
Nobody had better think for a second that having run out of clever ways to beg for free books is going to stop me from entering this at all.
Leah Hansen
144. Suzemo
Looks great!
Angela Korra'ti
146. annathepiper
Books are love and I'd love to have this one! :)
Leah Hansen
147. dwarzel
Count me in!
Leah Hansen
149. ibegon5
This book sounds great, I hope I win.
Leah Hansen
151. davhahn
A comment for the book
Leah Hansen
152. Edith44
Count me in. Sounds fascinating.
Leah Hansen
153. Billb
Looks interesting.
Morgan Thomas
154. morganova
I would love a copy of this so very much!
Leah Hansen
157. Brian35
I like finding new authors. I really look forward to reading this even if I have to go out and buy it : )
Leah Hansen
159. Rowanmdm
Looks good
Leah Hansen
160. Raypc800
Please count me in, I am currently reading Terry Brooks would love to compare the two authors styles.
Gristle McNerd
161. GristleMcNerd
I've gotta win one of these eventually... the laws of probability say so, right?
Leah Hansen
162. PhoenixFalls
Sign me up!
Leah Hansen
168. Lois2037
This book looks great!
Leah Hansen
169. Miscellaneous Steve
This looks really interesting.
Craig Duffield
170. Fansik
everyone loves a giveaway, especially of the start of a promising new series!
Leah Hansen
171. Thomas K. Carpenter
Can't wait to read this book!
Leah Hansen
173. Adam WH
Fingers crossed!
Alana Abbott
174. alanajoli
I'm in! Looks like a great novel. I enjoyed the excerpt.
Leah Hansen
176. GerryC
Free books is cool.
Anthony Roisum
177. Veto
I'll give him a second chance after Sykes destroyed him in epic fashion.
Paige Vest
178. paigevest
You guys are awesome with your giveaways!
I'm crossing my fingers!!
Binyamin Weinreich
180. Imitorar
I read the short stories, and I'd love to have this book.
Stephen Lyon
181. skaftafell
Not Unremembered
But simply unknown to me
Orullian who?
David Hawkins
183. dhawkin4
I read all three stories on here, the fist one eventually, then the second one immediately after that, and finally the third one the day it was posted. Was always interested in getting into a series from its birth so I would love a chance to read this book.
Leah Hansen
186. bbucsis
That is a beautiful cover... I sure hope I win this book...
Leah Hansen
187. Dorine White
I would love to win and read this book. Crossing my fingers :)
John Broky
189. frienetic
Definitely want to check this one out.
Leah Hansen
191. Edward Capuano
If I dont win it here, I am going to Elliot Bay Books next weekend !
Russell Hathaway
193. StarRiskLtd
Wow! Excellent excerpts, excellent novel, and an excellent opportunity to win it for FREE! You,, are excellent. Thank you.
Leah Hansen
194. Kevin Faulk
C'mon, Stubby, give me a birthday present!
greg scott
195. worthy
OOohhhhhh....I've wanted this one...count me IN!
Leah Hansen
196. Narlock
This is nice
Leah Hansen
197. Awesome Man is Cool, Yo
I can haz moar books to improve my spelling much? ;)
Leah Hansen
198. Jonathan S.
Always on the lookout for a new book.
Leah Hansen
199. kazul
I have read so many great things abt The Unremembered that I am really looking forward to reading it.
Thanks for the chance to win a copy!
Leah Hansen
201. mak
Consider this a comment! ;) And i'd love the book!
Leah Hansen
202. jim162065
Very cool
Leah Hansen
204. Jenna
Oh, how I'd love a copy!
Leah Hansen
205. bobbins
Okay, a comment...but I can't remember why...
Leah Hansen
207. HenryS
Looking forward to this one...
Ben Jensen
208. bwardj
I've loved Peter's author interviews. He seems like a really neat guy. Also, I've been looking for something new to read.
Bradley Beek
209. beeker73
I'd like a birthday present, too! The date is irrelevant, it's the thought that counts.
Leah Hansen
212. ddMeeks
Woot! This book sounds fantastic!
Leah Hansen
213. Redalth
I would really love to have this book!
Leah Hansen
214. Adam Bennington
Loved the short stories I've seen. Would love to read more.
Goetz Kruppa
215. goetznl
the odds of winning here are really better than the Dutch lottery, so here I post!
Michael Glass
216. Michael Glass
Having read the excerpt, I am taken with the author's concise, descriptive narrative. I appreciate a writer who describes a setting in a such a way. Nicely done.
Leah Hansen
217. Michael Denning
Random(chooseme) * Luck * Charisma = "Winner"
Leah Hansen
218. Travis77
Hope I win!!!
Erik Loomis
219. Chronosword
Sounds very interesting, looking forward to it!!!
Leah Hansen
221. Yiota
Another giveaway with it! Thank you! I really wanna try it :D
Leah Hansen
222. Kathleen in Oakland
I am very excited about this book!
Leah Hansen
224. MelissaT
You win! I give up! I want to read this book now.
James Valdez
227. Indigorun
I got interested in this when I saw "The Battle of the Round." I'm anxious to see what the rest of this world has to offer. Thanks for the opportunity. Pick me, o'random one. Please.
Sarah Hale
230. rocketshale
I'll wait to place my request for this book until Tuesday, at least. And then if I have to make the trip out to the indie book store... oh well!
Leah Hansen
231. Laurraine
Impressive excerpt.
Leah Hansen
234. Lauren Lang
I'd like to enter please. Thank you very much for the opportunity.
Leah Hansen
235. stormshrike
Looking forward to it.
Leah Hansen
238. Batman52
This is my first time ever commenting on this site so you know I'd like to win. TOR has the best giveaways but I've always been too late to enter.
George J. Rochette
239. G.J.Rochette
Read the short stories in the vault of heaven series that he has posted here and really enjoyed them, powerful stuff, been looking forward to this release!
Leah Hansen
242. Jexral
I guess I might as well try my luck. I've been considering picking up a copy, anyway. Too many things to read right now to actually read it, but one more in the back log isn't a big deal.
Leah Hansen
244. sathish
Let me try my luck!
Leah Hansen
248. Jeff Wetherington
Would love to win this book!
Leah Hansen
249. Laura Wooton
I would love to win this book.
Leah Hansen
252. Sensawunda
It just so happens that 252 is my lucky number.
Joe Romano
253. Drunes
A win would be nice, but delivery would be better.
Leah Hansen
255. RenegadeScribe
Read all of his short stories. Would love to read the entire book!
Matthew Caulder
257. MattCaulder
I'm pretty interesting in this book. Winning it would be nice.
Leah Hansen
258. BookJobber
Nice weather today.
Leah Hansen
259. jcfocarino
Been waiting for this for a while, now!
Leah Hansen
263. chromiumman
would love this
Andrew Lee
264. alee
Please enter me to win a copy. Thanks!
Martin Jarvis
265. Boscot
I think you should pick the author of this comment.
Joel Prinster
267. jprinster
This would look great in my book collection
Leah Hansen
268. rjl
Assuming someone who lives in the UK is allowed to enter, count this as an entry.
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