Apr 29 2011 4:30pm

The Aesthetic and Cultural Weight of the New Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer

Any cultural event of sufficient magnitude requires time to properly process and digest. So is it with the trailer for Transformers: Dark of the Moon, which came out yesterday, but is of sufficient aesthetic, intellectual, and cultural weight that it was necessary to take some time to gather the response so weighty an entity deserves.

Dark of the Moon is the third in the series whose first installment was the thoughtful, poignant story of a boy and his car (who destroys Las Vegas) and whose second was a two and a half hour commercial for cocaine, and Dark of the Moon is the culmination of all the first two pictures’ supernarrative promised: a conspiracy theory about the Moon landing (OH HELL YES IT INVOLVES DECEPTICONS) and, brilliantly, magnificently, divinely...Frances McDormand as the Evil White Guy In A Suit.

The FX are what they are. The picture looks at least marginally more visually coherent than the first two. The idea of Michael Bay marrying his baroque visions of destruction to a script with actual purpose is novel (though I imagine the script is still going to be pretty stupid), but nothing—nothing, I say—can come within a mile of the genius casting of Frances McDormand as the Evil White Guy In a Suit. Between her and John Turturro, we’re coming dangerously close to having Transformers 4 directed by Joel and Ethan Coen and starring Jon Polito as the voice of Unicron.

But yeah, if you didn’t dig the first two (and aren’t possessed of my transcendent schadenfreude) you’ll probably want to give this one a miss.

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1. ThePendragon
I'm hoping this one is better than the last and this trailer gives me hope. I could tell from the trailers that the second one would suck ass, but this one is looking to be very good. I also enjoyed the first one quite a bit. The only thing I feel detracted from everything was the actress chosen to replace Megan Fox. She really does not work.
2. DreavynMaerie
I dunno about this new actress but I really didn't like Megan Fox in the first two and I am glad she will not be in this installment. I liked the first two but they deffinetly could (and should) have done a better job. Hopefully this one will kick the 1st and 2nd's butts. Otherwise I will just have to go back to watching the cartoon :P
3. Ian P. Johnson

Umm… yeah. I didn't see the last two movies, and I don't think I'm going to see this one. Generally when I watch movies I like a little more substance than OMG SHIT GO KABOOM, which is pretty much what a Michael Bay movie is.
Bob Gallo
4. StormbringerGrey
Reminds me of Robot Chicken’s Michael Bay trailer (first 16 seconds NSFW):
Michael Grosberg
5. Michael_GR
I'm not going to see this one. What I'm going to do is, dig out my old Transformer toys and hurl them at the TV while watching porn and drinking a sixpack of Red Bull.. That should replicate the experience of watching the film, in my opinion.
John Massey
6. subwoofer
IMHO the problem is, Red Bull is crap. There is this urban myth going on out there about folks getting messed on RB and vodka. If you ever get a chance, get some OG Red Bull, from Thailand. It is sold in a bottle and looks suspiciously like cough syrup, doesn't taste much better. The list of ingredients is in Thai as well with all the potent stuff highlighted in red. The only thing that did translate was the caffeine content, but what makes me think is what the heck is that other stuff? Other than that it reminds me of the movie Go re "I think I feel something".

As for the movie... er... that's not Megan Fox. The rest looks good tho'. If I wanted intelligent, thought provoking, well scripted, plot driven viewing, I'd go to the theatre to watch a play or stay at home and read a book. The special effects make it worth leaving my home theatre to view on the big screen, and I have a 60" plasma at home.

I'm not a big fan of the movie experience these days because there is always some knob using a cell phone screen you can see from space, some inconsiderate person sharing their life story really loud or some kid kicking your seat back totally unaware. But this will get me out of my man cave for at least one movie this summer.

7. Alex Freed
Is this the one where the Transformers fight Perimal Darkling?

(I can't be the only one who sees "Dark of the Moon" on the Tor site and whose mind goes in that direction.)
john mullen
8. johntheirishmongol
I will miss Megan Fox but willing to give the new hottie a chance. I enjoy the movies, my kid were kids when Transformers came out so I enjoyed sharing that experience with them.

I, too, would like to see a little more clarity in the action sequences, but i don't blame Michael Bey so much for that as filmmaking in general. Overall, I rather enjoy the movies. They make sense within their universe and it is all pretty fun.
9. Treadmill Traci
my only worry with this movie is that they have taken magon fox out of it and I dont like when they switch the main actors around it just does not work well.

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