Apr 24 2011 8:06pm

Poetry Month Comes to a Close

National SFF Poetry Month on Tor.comToday’s offerings mark the end of Poetry Month on (Its inception is explained succinctly in this post.) You can find the entire line-up by clicking on the red “Poetry Month” link above this post. Doing so will reveal a nice collection of science fiction and fantasy-themed poems, including:

  • Sonnet: Against Entropy and TROY: The Movie by John M. Ford
  • Twelve Steampunk Sonnets by Roz Kaveney
  • When We Were Robots in Egypt by Jo Walton
  • Shadows on the Road by Robert E. Howard
  • and an original composition by Paul Park, Ragnarok, with original art by Richard Anderson

We hope you enjoyed SFF Poetry Month as much as we enjoyed featuring these pieces. We work hard to assemble original stories, essays, articles, and events here on, but every so often one really must slow down and take the time to read something lovely.

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Bill Carson
1. Bill Carson
I defy you to point out this so-called "red link"...
Bill Carson
2. 8mph Ansible
Pretty awesome that yall decided to take part in National Poetry Month (it's alway nice to that others realize there is sci-fi/fantasy/horror/etc poetry out there). Maybe next year there'll be more than what felt like a paltry handout with more than one poet/m a week maybe?


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