Apr 7 2011 11:42am

Morning Roundup: Game of Thrones/LOST Smackdown!

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This morning we’re getting seranded by a unicorn and matching our wardrobes to our favorite Vonnegut book.

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1. rogerothornhill
I'm disappointed in Martin for not getting that the sideways world was the only post-death/pre-eternity/bardo thingie in there, same way I'm disappointed at Joe Wright for apparently doing a hermetic critique of Sucker Punch solely based on its poster. It's okay to call things failures, but before you say a creator failed you should first understand what s/he was actually trying to do, particularly if you're a creator yourself.
James Whitehead
2. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
I loved Lost for quite some time but stopped watching after 'Merry' left the show. I wasn't happy with the focus being on the big three/four. I liked a lot of the side characters more; also, real life intruded & I started missing episodes. :-(

Not sure how truly worried Martin is about 'pulling a Lost' honestly. He seems pretty impervious to criticism; especially criticism over his tendency to kill characters readers enjoy. ;-)

I do think, however, that Lindelof handled this criticism from Martin with a good deal of poise, dignity, and a great amount of humour. I mean, come on, that line about having to wait five years for a response from Martin regarding their 'fued' was a riot.

Not every series (TV, book, comic, etc...) ends as the fans want them to. Best we can hope for as fans is that the ending makes sense for the series.

3. cranscape
I am sad GRRM was one of those who missed the fact they were only dead in the sideways 'verse, not for the entire series. Kate had to wait a long time to meet up with Jack because she lived a long life while for him it was just moments. Eh. I guess I would have been bothered too if they had been dead all along, but that isn't what happened.

GRRM has his own story to finish before he can start comparing his attempt at an ending to Lost's. I'm almost more expectant for his since he is taking so freak'n long and doesn't have to keep to a fast turnaround tv schedule. His should be water tight under those self imposed conditions. Of course with his show starting we'd hope he at least finishes before HBO catches up.

Some fans will be disappointed no matter how many years he puts off ending it. That's just how it goes with rabid fandoms. Hopefully he'll have a grace to "pull a Lindelof" and deal with the fanboys graciously and not go casting stones.

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