Apr 4 2011 11:31am

Mistborn’s Vin Will Fight Malazan’s Quick Ben

Suvudu’s 2011 Cage Match semi-finals concluded yesterday, with Vin from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series besting Jon Snow from George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire.

In the hotly contested semi-final bout between Perrin Aybara from Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time series and Quick Ben from Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen series, the wizard laid waste to the wolf.

The two winners will now go head to head beginning Wednesday, April 6th over on Suvudu. Jon Snow and Perrin Aybara will fight a runner-up bout at the same time, and Suvudu is letting you write how it will go. Check out their page (linked in this paragraph) for details.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and suggests that, if Vin wins, she go on to battle River Tam.

1. Questionable
Oh, the indecision.

My firm belief that Quick Ben would overcome Vin, against my preference for the Mistborn series. How to choose?
Matthew B
2. MatthewB
Unless Quick Ben has some serious timebending mojo up his sleeve, he can't beat an Atium-fueled Mistborn. But hey - since it's really just a popularity contest it doesn't have to make sense.

Even their rationale of having Perrin's own wolf-brothers tear him apart because of an illusion was nonsense since the wolves should have sensed his mind underneath the illusion. Ta'veren trickiness aside, Quick Ben would beat Perrin, just not in that way.
Gerd K
3. Kah-thurak
From what I have read up to now, it would seem, that Vin has a rather limited sort of magic to her disposal. I have not read the Mistborn books, but if she needs "fuel" for her magic, and the energy created must actually come from within herself, this puts her in a massive disadvantage. Quick Ben might just evade her until she runs out of fuel. How would she counter the shifting of Warrens and the raw power Quick Ben commands? Is she smart enough to keep up with him?

Illusion, using Meneas has a strong component of mind manipulation in addition to just beeing sensorical illusions. So this might actually have worked even though it seems a little too "involved" for the goal achieved. Quick could easily have killed or disabled Perrin in dozens of simpler ways.
Tim Cottrell
4. Wolfbrother87
Two cool matches:

Man with sword and Direwolf V Man with Hammer and Wolves, and :

The best user of a cool magic system V the best? (I haven't read Mazalan yet) user of a magic system.

Should be fun to read the write-ups on these.
Marcus W
5. toryx
Two characters I don't particularly care for. I don't quite see how Vin could possibly last more than a couple of seconds against Quick Ben myself. The magic system in the Malazahn series is far more over the top than Mistborn's carefully reasoned, established rules. It seems pretty much like no contest to me.

And since I don't like Vin but think Quick Ben is okay, the vote will be very easy for me to make.

Edit to add: But I have absolutely no interest in writing anything up about the battle.

Jon Snow versus Perrin Aybara, on the other hand? Now that's a fight. Possibly the most interesting fight Suvudu has done so far.
James Hogan
6. Sonofthunder
toryx, while I do like Vin(she's got my vote!), I also think Perrin vs. Snow would have been an absolutely amazing fight. It does peeve me a bit that the magic-using characters always seem to win out...(ok, I guess Jaime did do ok last year). Of course, it's realistic that a magic user would have a major advantage vs. a non-magic user, but just thinking about Perrin vs. Jon gets the drool going...alas. Maybe next time there can be a magic bracket as well as a non-magic bracket? And I've written magic far too many times in this post. It doesn't look like a word anymore. Magic, majic, majik, magik.
Gerd K
7. Kah-thurak
@5 toryx
I wouldnt be so sure... an assassin with some magical edge is allways dangerous. Espeacially in Erikson's books it is shown again and again that raw power alone means nothing. Neverthless... Quick Ben is not only powerful but also clever. I may not know enough about Vin to judge this completely, but while his power gives him an edge, this is not an automatic win for Ben.

As for Perrin against Jon: I do not see how Jon would win this. He is even younger than Perrin. Even less combat experienced. He has less "speacial" abbillities and Perrin is much stronger than he is. He also has "Mjölnir". This fight is my opinion much less open than Quick vs Vin.
James Felling
8. Maltheos
Much as I like Vin --Quick Ben is an overmatch for her. Vin is a near max skilled uer of her magic system, Quick Ben is a top level user of a MUCH more brutally effective magic system. Sorry Vin.
Maiane Bakroeva
9. Isilel
I am not sure how one could say that Quick Ben overmatches Vin, when Erickson went to implausible lengths to have certain notorius non-magical assassins overcome powerful magic-users ;).In addition to being stronger and quicker than any non-magical character can ever be, as long as Vin had atium, she'd also know in advance everything Quick Ben could attempt.

So, yea, no chance for Quick Ben. He may be the more powerful one, overall, but in a head-to-head duel, it would be over before he could react.
Marcus W
10. toryx
Well first, this is a cage match. Nine-tenth of an assassin's abilities rely on their success at catching their target by surprise. In a cage match setting Quick Ben is going to know that Vin is coming for him and he'll know of her abilities.

Secondly, Vin isn't going to burn her atium immediately. She'll save that for when she thinks she needs it or when things are at their most dire. If Quick Ben is smart (which he is) he'll scour her to her bones before she gets that far in her thinking.
Aeria Lynn
11. aeria_lynn
Yay! Two really good characters going at it. However, Vin and Quick Ben come from very different magical systems. Vin's system is one-on-one, tightly controlled, and very focused. That'll give her an edge in most cage matches. However, she a. is frail if she gets tagged, and b. doesn't have a nova bomb option.

Quick Ben's magic is far more flexible, and more importantly, has a HUGE area of effect. This is a guy who basically nuked three dragons. He stood toe to toe with a berserk, unstoppable god, and came within a hair's breath of stopping said god. He's also got invisibility, and a healthy respect for someone with a knife.

Now, if Vin got otataral, and could make it burn, and had enough exposure to it, Quick Ben would be in trouble. However, Vin probably wouldn't be able to do anything else except be immune to most magics, and that would hamper her far more than him. He's got other, more subtle magicks than just nuke, so he'd have a work-around.

Squee! Good to see such an awesome match!
Heidi Byrd
12. sweetlilflower
Well, what if we assume it is Vin post the ending the of the Mistborn trilogy? Okay, it will not let me type in white ink. So, for those of you who have read the books, you know what I'm talking about but I don't want to spoil the ending for those who have not yet read but plan on reading.

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