Apr 1 2011 1:00pm

John Cleaver Series Giveaway

I Don’t Want To Kill You by Dan WellsTo celebrate the release of the third and final installment of the John Cleaver series, I Don’t Want to Kill You, we’ve got a giveaway for you. That’s two sets of the trilogy series by Dan Wells, and all you have to do is enter for a chance to win!

While you’re waiting, check out Dan Wells’ tour dates this month, and this great post by Peter Lutjen about the many destructive methods used to create the book covers for this series. (We had no idea taking an axe to a cover produced such excellent results.)

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post. Duplicate comments won’t be counted. Two winners will be randomly selected by noon EST on Monday, April 4th. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from a winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Corey McKinnon
1. CMcKinnon
I would love to win this. Free books are always good, and I've been meaning to check these out anyway.
Tyler Goostree
3. tgoostree
I would absolutely LOVE to have this series! It's next on my "to read" list!!!
jay hawk
5. jay hawk
nice trilogy!
Andrew Lee
6. alee
I'd love to win these! Please enter me. Thanks!
jay hawk
7. Agnes Magillicudy
Ooooh oooh oooh me me me! (sorry for double post - messed up me email addy on the first one)
jay hawk
9. Jared Garrett
Number One: Comment on my mark.

Stephen Zielinski
10. zsaz1029
I've only recently started to listen to the Writing Excuses podcast and have become interested in Mr Wells' work. Winning this would be awesome!
jay hawk
11. Lu Ann Staheli
Although I personally own copies of the series, I would LOVE to have a set for my classroom library. My students are just beginning to discover Dan Wells, so this would be a great way to get them to read more by this author.
jay hawk
15. Odd Odlington
I love these books so pick meeee!
Travis Lubbers
16. Dumont
This series is on my to-read list, I keep seeing recommendations from all sorts of people. I'd love to have it!
jay hawk
17. isnochys
oh, please, me!
jay hawk
18. Patmcc19
Yay free books!
jay hawk
21. GorillaGreg
Desire to win: high. Expectations of winning: low. Turn this frown upside down.
jay hawk
22. Nadia Gortova
I'd love to win! Please enter me.
jay hawk
23. BonBan
Wouldn't it be nice to read something good by someone i dont even know aobut. Ya? Yes.
jay hawk
24. CBot
Count me in!

Brandon Demerath
25. Demeb
Yes! I've been meaning to get these.
jay hawk
26. Teresa K
Me me me! :) Huge congrats to Dan Wells on the success of his series!
Marcus W
27. toryx
All the posts have made me pretty interested.
jay hawk
28. Johnm Glen
Its the least you could do for not coming to phx on your
Tour! Kidding. Dans the man.
jay hawk
29. Irothtin
jay hawk
30. Laura D.
I like free books. I would love to win.
jay hawk
34. Erik Not The Other Erik
I wonder how quickly John Cleaver would have offed Voldemort if he'd been in Harry's place.
Paige Vest
35. paigevest
As long as this isn't another April Fool, I. am. IN! ;)
jay hawk
36. PeterHodges
Count me in!
jay hawk
37. CherylAnne Ham
Ooh, I want to win! Been wanting to read this series badly. Excellent giveaway.
jay hawk
38. Jade Knight
Dan is awesome!
jay hawk
39. jim162065
love the covers
Bobby Berry
41. bvberry
This series would be a good introduction his works.
jay hawk
44. cbgrasshopper
I'd like to read these.
Sharat Buddhavarapu
45. Sharat Buddhavarapu
I have listened to three seasons of the Writing Excuses podcast in the last week and a half, I am going to participate in Dan's NaShoStoMo, and I would love to win this giveaway. Pleaseeeeeeeeeee! :P
jay hawk
47. AnoukM
I would love to win! :)
Lannis .
48. Lannis
I've read the first one--I'd love a chance to read the rest! :D
jay hawk
49. J-Ro
I love this series.
jay hawk
52. molly2
It's been on my reading list!
Eric Griffith
54. egriffith
Excellent. I got the first book from Dan at World Fantasy Con in '09 and I've been looking forward to the sequels.
jay hawk
55. Liesel
I haven't read these yet, so getting them for free would be awesome.
Evan Langlinais
57. Skwid
Achievement Unlocked: Book Giveaway Commenting!
jay hawk
58. AngieBatgirl
I'd love to win! I've had these books on my TBR list but unfortunately, my budget's verrrrry tight :/
Mark Sheets
59. Kaldric
I am not a serial killer.

You know, FYI.
jay hawk
61. francescogorni
mi chiedo perche lo faccio se poi non vinco?
jay hawk
62. saare-snowqueen
I LOVE free books! Please enter me in the draw.
jay hawk
63. Serenamontesissa
io mi chiedo perche mi obblighi a farlo se poi non vinci?
jay hawk
66. Kathleen Smith
I am a Serial Killer, but I appreciate John trying not to be. It would be interesting to hear how he stops it. ;)
jay hawk
67. twsias
Love "Writing Excuses" podcast with Dan and Brandon and Howard. I've been meaning to pick these up, but free would be awesome.
jay hawk
70. plantyone
Awesome, I would love to have these! Read the first one and somehow missed that it was a trilogy...
jay hawk
73. Eric J Ehlers
jay hawk
74. Kevin Faulk
I'm really excited about this one.
jay hawk
75. Story Cottage
I have wanted to read this series. Count me in.
jay hawk
76. Alden Ash
Heard plenty of good things about these. Hopefully it is not another April Fools joke.
jay hawk
77. MistressIlona
Sweet prize. I want!
jay hawk
78. Dr Tuka
Just what the serial killing doctor ordered.
Chris Long
80. radynski
Winner winner chicken dinner! This is a great series.
jay hawk
81. JamesCW
Haven't read this series, but a free copy would certainly do the trick!

Clare McBride
82. The Literary Omnivore
I listen to Writing Excuses all the time, and I actually met him at Dragon*Con last year—to awkwardly admit I didn't listen to Writing Excuses or read his work. :B So let me make it up to him!
Dru O'Higgins
83. bellman
I've been meaning to pick these books up. Hopefully this isn't an april fools joke.
84. pavid
Anyone else find it disturbing that we are asked to comment on a post written by an inanimate object? For that matter does no one but me find it strange that an inanimate object can write?
jay hawk
88. lightkeeper
Sign me up!
jay hawk
89. Patrick83
I still love books!
Anthony Roisum
90. Veto
I have been meaning to read these books.
jay hawk
91. RLBrown
It would be great having the complete trilogy.
Peter Czyzewski
92. sebastianelgar
It would be nice to get the whole set in one swell foop.
jay hawk
93. ladybessofwistry
Awesome! My local bookstore apparently doesn't carry it "oh, but we can order it for you!" If I wanted to wait a week for mail order books I wouldn't be paying brick amd mortar dead tree prices. Rant over; now just eager to read the rest of the series.
jay hawk
94. Cynthi18
Free books? A series I've been looking at buying? Heck yes I'm entering!
jay hawk
95. Robert Crampton
Free is good!
jay hawk
96. Azuaron
But what if this is just an April Fools joke?

(Hope it's not!)
jay hawk
98. natedizzie05
I hope Dan Wells decides to continue with the Clever Saga
jay hawk
100. Hunter Madsen
LOve book one, i want them all!
jay hawk
101. Mike Reid
Free books! Heck, yeah. Count me in.
jay hawk
102. Helgagrace
I never knew, in six years of school with Dan, that he would achieve such great heights.
jay hawk
103. Michael J Winegar
Hurray for Dan! We're excited to be having him back in Atlanta!
jay hawk
104. Amanda M.
Thanks to Helgagrace above me for giving me the heads-up, thereby lessening her own chances.

Whatevs, we'll share! :-)
jay hawk
105. Andy Fukuda
jay hawk
106. Janice Gable Bashman
Thanks for sponsoring the contest - I've heard great stuff about Dan Wells' books.
jay hawk
108. C. R. Hindmarsh
Dude, I'm all over this.
jay hawk
109. Frederfer
Me too please!
jay hawk
110. Jake Carter
All of your giveaways are belong to us--er me!! (Seriously though please...)
jay hawk
112. BeautifulMonster
I totally promise to donate these to my library system! We don't own them! (Except the 1st one, which I just out into cataloguing. But I'll use the extra one for a teen read contest prize or something!)
jay hawk
113. RStearns
I already own them, but I have a friend who needs copies of his own!
jay hawk
115. DRickard
I'll take a stab at it!
jay hawk
116. ACL
I've heard good things about the series. Thanks for the chance.
MaryAnn McDonald
117. bigmac
I would love to win this book, please sign me up!
jay hawk
118. Hilary
I love books!
jay hawk
119. Melanie H
Awesome. My friend has read these and highly recommended them.
Glennis LeBlanc
120. Glennis
I've heard goodthings about the books.
jay hawk
121. nferno
Brandon Sanderson FB post says it's good, so it must be GREAT! Please mail them to me!
Matthew Kuhl
122. pattonmat
I have the British versions of the first two, that's how much I wanted to read his books. And I want this one, too!
jay hawk
123. digitalbusker
Love these books, but don't own them all yet. Want!
jay hawk
124. Zmogyls39
Statistics are harsh...
jay hawk
125. JennieSignUp
Oooooh. I've been curious these. Please sign me up!
jay hawk
127. Lemus Solus
Three books long because we're not in a hurry...
jay hawk
128. Locke
May I have the trilogy, please? :)
jay hawk
129. Rob_matheny
I want to enter !!
jimmy huckaby
130. lazysk8r
This better not be an april fools joke.
jay hawk
131. CSGaidin
I've been interested in these since I started listening to Writing Excuses.
Melissa Lim
133. riande
The first book was fantastic! Would love to win this.
jay hawk
134. Bethanyfig
Want to own. Terrified to own.
jay hawk
136. Kacey H
I haven't taken the plunge and read his books yet - I've never read horror - but I hear about them all the time on Writing Excuses, and I've been looking for an opportunity.
jay hawk
137. Mark Z
I've had this set on my wish list for quite a while. Thanks for the opportunity to win a set!!
jay hawk
138. nin_shark
Fantastic giveaway!
jay hawk
139. Prominent Nonentity
Ooooh goody.
jay hawk
140. Alarpup
Actually just bought the whole trilogy...but hey, I'll take another set!
jay hawk
141. Clintcwebb
I hope they're hardcover?
jay hawk
142. Anne Burner
Wow...would love this!
S Barlow
143. Lizzibabe
Commenting! I've got this series on my list to read. It sounds excellent!
jay hawk
145. dawn the glass beadmaker
I'd love this!
jay hawk
146. Lisa R
I've heard good things about John Cleaver and Dan Wells!
Greg Lincoln
149. glshade
Been listening to Dan Wells as part of Writing Excuses and would love to read the series...
jay hawk
150. Kvon
Comment here.
jay hawk
151. dwarzel
Count me in!
jay hawk
152. tarlen
Hard to find here in NZ, so I'd love to win.
Matt Wright
153. matty42
Even if I don't win, I will be buying these books.
jay hawk
154. SeekingPlumb
Thank you for this opportunity!! I'd love to own this trilogy!!
Ian Gazzotti
157. Atrus
I surely wouldn't mind winning :)
jay hawk
158. LAJG
Here's my comment.
jay hawk
159. snipejaeg
Every time I listen to Writing Excuses, I remember that I need to check this series out.
Rob Klingenberger
160. rsklinge
Thanks for the contest! I love these.
jay hawk
161. moongoon
I wish everyone good luck! Thanks for the chance to win.
jay hawk
164. cnote56
very cool. Count me in.
Jennifer Fiddes
165. junefaramore
Please help this Dan Wells fan who is broke due to the family tax bill.
Thanks for the cool contests.
166. thelastgoodkiss
Oh my goodness, I want to win these so bad please, please, please!!!

167. Gibney
I picked Book 1 up on a whim in the book store, and I couldn't put it down until I was threatened with being left there. Even then it was a close run thing.
jay hawk
168. firesinger
Yeah me too!
jay hawk
169. ShootingStarsMag
this would be great. I really want to read these!!
jay hawk
170. chromiumman
these look great
jay hawk
172. Sscorp993
I want a set please!
David Miller
173. Dimitrii
Dead tree will be a nice change from reading on my phone.
jay hawk
175. Srad
Free books? Yes please
Cássio Machado
176. keixoun
Please Thor, strike down my enemies and help me win this!
jay hawk
177. 'nother Mike
Ah, that would be nice. Thanks?
Sarah Hale
178. shale
Other than bacon, I can't think of anything better.
Daniel Hanley
179. Kythorian
I'm interested. These have been sitting on my to-read list for a while now, ever since I read some of the things Brandon Sanderson said about them a while back, so I certainly wouldn't mind getting them for free.
jay hawk
181. Alan Wes
This series has been on my TBR pile for a while and I just haven't been able to get them... Super excited.
Christopher Green
183. greenc
I've really enjoyed reading this series.
Sam Brady
185. lewaah
Yes! Please and thank you are the magic words.
Tom Proven
186. MrProven3
a comment in this post

(as requested)
jay hawk
187. Joe Drignat
Please use this post as my entry into the draying for the free books.
Kevin Hogan
189. dromedan
Another one that I would like to win. And the odds certainly seem better than for the Valente giveaway....
Sam Moniz
192. link
I would love to add these to my reading list!
jay hawk
194. scottc
Me want. Thanks!
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