Apr 27 2011 1:48pm

Immortals Trailer Review

The producers of 300 have returned to antiquity, this time with a tip of the cap to Clash of the Titans, in Immortals. Directed by Tarsem, the visual stylist responsible for a handful of classic music videos—most notably REM’s “Losing My Religion”—and the kind-of/sort-of SFF features The Cell and The Fall, the Immortals trailer definitely calls 300 to mind (canny marketing, considering 300’s commercial success) but seems to have an insane energy all its own.

Tarsem pictures are usually all about the visuals, and Immortals definitely follows in that tradition, judging from some of the shots and awkward boilerplate dialogue contained therein. But discounting the latter and focusing on the former, those visuals sure do look cool. And, unlike an unfortunate number of modern sword-and-sandal pictures that think having everyone speak in hoarse U.K. accents and wave swords around is all the battle, Immortals should actually be worth seeing for the visuals alone. We’ll find out on the numerologically fortuitous date November 11th. (11-11-11!)

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Paul Weimer
1. PrinceJvstin
Tarsem pictures always bring the visuals. I expect the same from this movie.
Jeff LaSala
2. JLaSala
One of these days the red-tailed hawk will get credited for that piercing bird's cry, instead of the eagle. Not that you can tell which it's supposed to be in the beginning of this trailer.
Marcus W
3. toryx
I just watched the trailer this morning and didn't even bother to turn the sound on. I just watched the pretty pictures as I'll do when it comes out in November.
Michael Grosberg
4. Michael_GR
It's stunning... but we've been there before, haven't we? The last decade saw a lot of visually pleasing, but vacuous and hollw movies, and in the end, no matter how many slow-mo "hero" shots you see, you come out of the theater unsatisfied.
Tarsem can direct emotionally satisfying scenes. The framing story in "The Fall", with the wounded stuntman and the little girl in the hospital, was far more interesting than all the wiz-bang visuals and battle scenes in the fantasy sections. I just hope there are similar moments in this one.
JOhn Johnson
5. smileyman
I'm sure I'll be checking my brain in at the door when I go see this, just like I did with 300.
6. eastendleo
If this movie has any crossover appeal to RPG video game players, then the release date is unfortunate for the movie. That is the same date as the VERY anticipated release of "The Elder Scrolls:V: Skyrim."
John Massey
7. subwoofer
Weeeee! Looks like what it's supposed to be- fun! No pretentions, playing at high-brow intellectualism- just fun. That's enough for me:D


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