Apr 19 2011 2:37pm

Game of Thrones Triumphant!

Game of Thrones television show

A mere two days after the premiere episode of Game of Thrones aired, HBO has already renewed the fantasy series for a second season. (You can read our roundtable of the first episode here.)

Speculation on a second season began well before the show aired, as there had been rumors that production on a second season would begin very shortly after the first wrapped. The renewal comes despite middling ratings from the premiere episode, which, according to TVLINE.com, 2.2 million viewers watched the show during its initial broadcast and the episode gathered a total of 4.2 million viewers when repeat airings were factored in. In contrast, HBO’s last original series, Boardwalk Empire, brought in 5 to 6 million viewers. However, HBO’s other genre show, True Blood, started out with between 1 and 2 million viewers and quickly grew from that point on. Considering the lengthy and involved nature of the storytelling at work in Game of Thrones, it stands to reason that the show could grow its audience as the characters and plot develop.

Question is...will they keep the title? Subtitle it? We're of separate opinions, ourselves. Consistency is important but how awesome would it be to eventually be able to say, “Did you watch the latest Storm of Swords?”

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot and voice of Tor.com. The fantasy novel it’s featured in is titled A Blast of Rockets.

Adam Whitehead
1. Werthead
It's going to be GAME OF THRONES: Season 2. They're not going to change the title every year, that would be confusing for non-book-readers.

The other possibilities is that they use the book titles as episode titles: A CLASH OF KINGS for an episode featuring a major battle sequence, for example? Otherwise the BABYLON 5 model of sticking the subtitle on the DVD box set could work as well.
2. Natasa
HUZZAH for season 2!

I still think they should have named the TV series A Song of Ice and Fire after the original name. Maybe it's too fantasyish for non-fantasy people but IMHO it's more catchy and sticks better to memories.
3. cranscape
Game of Thrones is much more literal and easy to get early on IMO. In the short run that is what is going on after all. A Song of Ice and Fire is more of an end game title. That imagery only becomes clear later.

It has made it easier to distinguish between book fandom and show fandom online. For that I am happy.
4. Breda
I have a hard enough time remembering all the book titles, let alone which order they go in (though perhaps this isn't just that they're too similar and can be blamed on the fact that I read them all in a row without stopping to look at the titles). I think A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE is a little bit much even for the whole series and WAY too florid for a TV show, and honestly, the whole series is about the "game of thrones". I think they'll probably keep this title if only for consistency's sake, and I'm happy about that.
5. Patrick C
My friends and I have actually referred to the entire series as "Game of Thrones" or just "Thrones" to each other for years. I wonder if anyone else has had the same experience? We did that long before the HBO show was announced, so that wasn't an influence. Could be we're just weird.
7. Bob Affet
Sorry for double post I accidently pasted twice bring it over from Word.

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