Apr 7 2011 2:35pm

Frederik Pohl Giveaway!

Frederik PohlIn honor of Frederik Pohl’s upcoming novel, All the Lives He Led, we’re having a giveaway! We have five sets to hand out, which include the following titles:

We have an excerpt from All the Lives He Led up, as well as a short story from Cory Doctorow, “Chicken Little.” The story hails from the anthology Gateways, a collection of short fiction inspired by Frederik Pohl’s work and edited by his wife, Elizabeth Anne Hull.

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post. Duplicate comments won’t be counted. Five winners will be randomly selected by noon EST on Monday, April 11th. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from a winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Chuk Goodin
5. Chuk
Love his stuff and his blog is great.
David Neylon
6. dwneylonsr
only thing better than free books is more free books.
Laura Conrad
8. laymusic
Great, I seem to have less Pohl than I used to, and I like him.
11. Amadan
Been a while since I've read Frederik Pohl.
Patrick McGee
12. AeroHudson
You know what they say...Cheap is good, free is better. Thanks!
Paul Go
13. greyarea
What a fantastic set of books! I'm in!
14. Neophon
The Space Merchants is an excellent book. It deserves a better cover than the one shown above, though. Still, it would be nice to have a copy and get a chance to read the others.
16. lightkeeper
I'll make room on my bookshelf for these!
17. dwarzel
Count me in!
Dave Miller
20. milrtime
It's my B-Day on April 11th, what a great gift to win these books.
Stephen Zielinski
22. zsaz1029
I've never read any of Pohl's work. Plus correct this by making me a winner! ;)
23. oneboutch
Oooooooh! I'm in! I'm in!

Gateway was a book/series that blew me away as a teenager.
DA Ford
24. Ford75
This would be an even better birthday present! Come'on Tor! Pick me! Pick Me! LOL!
Melita Kennedy
25. melita
I'd certainly like to read more Pohl books!
26. Shamrock Jack
Hope to win!
27. Ed!
I love Tor giveaways! Sign me up :D
32. isnochys
please, pick me!
33. davidinindy
I love Fred Pohl. Consider me entered.
Chuck Childers
34. cchilders
Thanks for the opportunity. Grew up reading Pohl.
Mike Shaffer
39. Kasair74
I would love to read more of Mr Pohl's books. I love classic SF and he is truely one of the masters of the genre.
Dru O'Higgins
42. bellman
I haven't read any of those. Have read Gateways, it's excellent.
Tomas Andersson
43. Tirpen
Comments for great justice!

I loved Gateway as well and would love to read more of his works.
Lance Williams
45. Lance_Himself
It would be great to get a few books to read.
48. Peabody
Count me in, been reading Pohl for more years than I care to mention
49. Utheran
More Tor giveaways!!
Ian Tregillis
54. ITregillis
I've only read a little bit of Pohl's work, but I'd love to have such a great incentive to change that immediately.
55. SarahSparrow
Free books!
56. Stefan Jones
Count me in. I have most all of Frederik's books, signed, but I can always gift these away.

Man Plus and Gateway are genre classics and must-reads.
57. vanman007
Love Pohl's writing
59. Glen Robinson
Hey, I hope I win!
61. MountainManCO
Looking forward to it.
63. Leo Lorenzana
nice giveaway. pick me !
66. DRickard
I'll give it a shot
Cindy Anderson
67. Jubercat
My hubby is a Pohl fan, and would love these.
68. Olaf Meys
Ooooh! I need some good books to read over the bank holidays at the end of the month, and these look like just the ticket!
72. Sayeth
Looking forward to being a winner for once.
74. Papajack
I'm for free books!!!
75. 7Eagles
Looking forward to climbing another Pohl. Big fan! BIG FAN!
76. Grob-Frub-Mock
Books! I love me some Freddy Pohl
77. Voyageur
Pohl vaulting through space on a voyage of discrovery...
79. Pam B
Whoa! Lots of interest!
80. jharris22586
This looks great! :)
87. Brian Heitzenrater
Give me bacon! :)
89. Tvrtko
A great writer... and a great giveaway :)
Goetz Kruppa
93. goetznl
you are really piling it on now! Great! Thanks!
97. Joey G
A Winner! It's You!
99. jim162065
love his books
102. Chindi
Pohl is a treasure and this giveaway is absolutely wonderful. Thanks!
Phoenix Falls
104. PhoenixFalls
I've never actually read any Pohl. . . clearly should I win I'll rectify that oversight immediately. :)
Bruce Diamond
106. bdiamond
Would *love* to have these books. Have read Space Merchants and Beyond the Blue Event Horizon (why no Gateway, or the Gateways collection?), but would love to read the other two.
Sean Novicki
109. cal1andor
I'll win one of these giveaways eventually!
111. tefi22
I feel like I've missed the boat on Pohl. I don't recall reading any of his books. (And I have the courage to call myself a SF fan.) It'd be nice to fix this.
112. MJSS
A comment! In this post!
Jacob Silvia
114. aethercowboy
Awesome! I wonder what sort of sacrifice the random number gods require...
115. Newman
Hail and farewell!
117. cnote56
OH PLEASE!!!! This would awesome to win. This writer facinates me.
118. Rowanmdm
This would be a great way to fill a gap in my SF reading.
119. Polymath
The amazing thing about Pohl is that he just keeps going, doing different things but doing them always in interesting ways.
123. deadjack
Would love these!
Robert Matheny
124. rsmpdx
Consider me know.
126. Melanie H
Yay sign me up! :)
Roland Schigas
127. rschigas
The excerpt whet my appetite for the new book.
131. Ben N.
Frederik Pohl! Woo!
133. LouWW
I love me Pohl!
134. BobC
WTF no Age of Pussyfoot????
Peter Killinger
135. Marshal_Kilgore
Methinks all these giveaways are an anti-lurker conspiracy! >;-)
larry shirk
136. lorenzo
I enter, I enter, I enter. Three times I tell you - it must be true!
Paul Eisenberg
137. HelmHammerhand
Pohl was the first to alert me to the eschaton, and I'm better prepared because of it. Also, if you can get your hads on it, The Cool War is excellent.
Deanne Fountaine
138. deakat
Yes, please! It's been too long since I read any Pohl.
139. Steven Schiebel
I love Frederik Pohl's work!
140. NatalieTor
Me me me!
141. rmbellovin
I'd like these.
Christopher Green
143. greenc
I'd like to grab ahold of some Pohl.
145. ThomasTT
Sounds interesting!
Scott Abbott
149. Scott
I'm always happy to read a Grand Master.
Becky Hantsbarger
151. BeckyIA
Fabulous! Add me to the list, pretty please and thank you!
Jenny Thrash
154. Sihaya
Post check: testing one, two, three, four.
Derek Johnson
155. daj42
One of my favorite writers in any genre.
156. dsegel
I like Frederik Pohl.
157. James Davis Nicoll
Me! Me!
158. Laurraine
Sounds like a great set of books.
159. DimSkip
I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!!!
160. Woogwhy
I like my chances!
161. Rich G.
Wooo-Hoooooo, new Pohl!
Geoffrey Dow
163. ed-rex
I can't really afford hardcovers right now, so I would dearly enjoy winning this comment contest.
165. nin_shark
Yes - Love Pohl!
166. KaranR
Kevin Bolling
167. TexSquid
Pohl, wunderkid, fan, writer, editor and publisher
M. h.Todorov
168. Mamutoubietza
Me me me me!!! I very much heart Pohl!!! Save a set for me!!!
Bob Blough
170. Bob
Pohl is a great writer, I especially think that Gatway, Man Plus, Years in the City, Jem, and two with C.M.Kornbluth - The Space Merchants and Wolfsbane are masterpieces of SF. I'd love this prize
Wesley Parish
171. Aladdin_Sane
I suppose I can't say no ... I'd need to rendezvous beyond the blue event horizon to explain why ...
172. Sarivar
Here I am!
Ian Gazzotti
173. Atrus
Me wants! Pretty please? With sugar on top?
174. druif
Does never having won a book at Tor make me a loser?
179. scottc
Comment achieved!
182. IanRH
182nd and UK again
183. booktumbling
Count me in please!
184. Kirsten Pilkerton
ooo, pick me!
185. Astro B
Pick me! Pick me!
186. Johnny Ha Ha
In the new text, I very much like the name Uncle Devious. It's well explained and resonates, with the sketched but not fully detailed cons giving us a great sense of character. Piranha Woman might be a bit much, especially with her last name running uncomfortably close to a term for oral stimulation of a personal nature. Perhaps she might have an event that leads to a name change in a future book? Overall, I'm intrigued and want to read more.
Rob Weber
189. valashain
Sounds like good reading. I will not be persueded to move to Venus for it though :P
190. Mathieu Gauthier
Sounds nice.
192. DimSkip
Please forgive a second comment, but this is only to point out what may seem like a very nit-picky minor detail...

When you say, "Five winners will be randomly selected by noon EST on Monday, April 11th", you DO realize that we're currently in daylight savings time, right?

So technically noon EST = 1p EDT.

Now, if that's exactly what you mean then so be it and I apologize for the perhaps annoying attempt at picking this particular nit, but I do find it mildly confusing in an it-probably-doesn't-really-matter-much-but-someone-who-comments-just-after-noon-EDT-April-11th-may-have-some-issues kind of way. (Again, IF you really meant noon EDT... which seems likely to me, but I have no way to know, really.)

193. Jake Calder Burby
Fantastic, thank you Tor! You guys are so good to us! Would love to read the entire series! And in under 200!
194. Roardawg
I'm so unlucky. Wah
198. Bookobsessedgrl
I have always loved SF TV shows & movies, but for some reason never read SF books until just this past year (at age 34!) & now I cant get enough! So winning this contest would make my year!
204. Michael Habif
yes please
205. ChakaTodd
Unoriginal giveaway post N.
206. OtterB
Count me in, please.
Jay Juengling
207. ewenwa
I've heard good things about Frederik Pohl. It'd be nice to see what I'm missing.
211. Neale Carter
Classic! Yes, Please.
212. seth e.
I borrowed most of these from my dad years ago, but unfortunately he wanted them back. So unfair.
213. Judi
hope I have a chance to be a winner.
215. Prominent Nonentity
222. chromiumman
love frederik pohl
224. Thrint
Count me in!
225. RussG
Reread Gateway and Man Plus. Pohl RULES
228. CGK
Free books are awesome; thanks TOR!
229. Cirrmead
Me please!
231. Attila
Pohl is the best!
232. Kaphin
Please include me in the giveaway. Thank!
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