Apr 6 2011 4:13pm

Alex Bledsoe Giveaway!

The Sword-Edged Blonde by Alex BledsoeIn honor of the release of Dark Jenny, the latest book in the Eddie LaCrosse series, we’re giving away Alex Bledsoe’s entire library! We have ten sets of Bledsoe-penned books to give away, which includes the following titles:

We have an excerpt of Dark Jenny up here, so check it out if you’re unfamiliar with Bledsoe’s work.

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post. Duplicate comments won’t be counted. Ten winners will be randomly selected by noon EST on Friday, April 8th. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from a winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Paige Vest
2. paigevest
Awesome. I've had my eye on this series and winning a set would remove my excuse for not reading them! Thanks for the giveaway!
Matthew Kuhl
3. pattonmat
Sounds interesting. Always up for more books.
Dawn G
4. Dawn G
Oh! I've been waiting for this book :) I love me some sword & sorcery action!
Dawn G
5. Sandra Wickham
This is a great giveaway!

I had the privelege of sitting on a panel about Vampires with Alex Bledsoe at the World Fantasy Convention in 2010. I would love to win these books.

Fingers are crossed. :)
Dawn G
6. JRVogt
Awesome! Thanks for the contest.
Dawn G
8. Mike Reid
Can't go wrong with free books. And these look good!
Bobby Berry
9. bvberry
Sounds like a cool series. BTW, my fingers are not crossed. :)
Dawn G
10. SarahSparrow
I'll enter!
Dawn G
11. TriciaUWP
Dark Jenny... intriguing!
Jeremy Goff
12. JeremyM
Haven't read these yet, but I love trying out new authors. I'll probably check them out regardless.
Dawn G
13. Cedar Sanderson
Wow - this would be cool! I love the title of the pictured book.
Dawn G
14. Karoline
count me in! thanks so much for the giveaway!
Dawn G
15. jlabeatnik
As I am unfamiliar with the books, this would be a great way to jump in!
Dawn G
16. Shawn StClair
Most excellent! Love Tor!!!!!
Dawn G
17. Nathan Shumate
I am posting a comment to this post. This is the comment which I am posting.
Dawn G
18. Michael Araujo
I love Fantasy novels and always up for trying new books. Plus the novels looks amazing.
Matthew B
19. MatthewB
Is this comic fantasy or romance disguised as fantasy?
Matt Wright
20. matty42
Loved the excerpt, would love to have these books.
Dawn G
21. Naomi Gargano
This is my comment!
Dawn G
22. Orchid
I feel so out of the loop having never heard of this series, but it sounds like a great fantasy read. Of which I can never get enough of. ^_^
Dawn G
23. Shivam Bhatt
Woo, just as I was looking for a new fantasy series to read, too!
Dawn G
25. JHutch
Just started reading the series and am enjoying it immensely!
Dawn G
26. Brandon Ostrom
Applesauce Juniper sundry.
Dawn G
27. razorangelwings
I would love to win these!
Dawn G
28. JHamm
Sure, I'm always up for free books.
Dawn G
30. Karla Vollkopf
Oh, my, it sounds amazing!!! They look great! Please enter me. :)
Dawn G
32. Shadow
Thanks for the giveaway.
Dawn G
33. Kipperdog
Sounds like a great way to get immersed with a new author.
Dawn G
34. Tehol Lives
Yes please
Dawn G
35. RaySmith
This would be fantastic. I would very much appreciate having this for hours of reading enjoyment.
Dawn G
36. Sammie
I am using the force to make my comment one of the randomly chosen ones. Except it won't REALLY be random. But *you* won't know that.

Seriously, though...thanks for the opportunity!!!
Dawn G
37. Doc RedBat
Not familiar with the series and would love to give it a shot!
Dawn G
38. Hazel Stanton
How can you go wrong, vampires, horror and cool looking covers
Dawn G
39. Elizabeth F
Wow - sounds excellent. Count me in.
Dawn G
40. CRyan
Excellent giveaway!
Dawn G
41. JenniferJinxed
BOOKS!! will get read in 3 days and added to My library so memememe :):)
Dawn G
42. Darren A. Jones
Oh, that would be very cool! I'm in.
Jennifer Juday
44. jjuday
I would so love to try out Alex Bledsoe's books (and review them for the local SF newsletter)!
Dawn G
45. Jess W
I just met the author recently and just love the Eddie books!
Dawn G
46. Camo
Excellent idea. Would be a chance to get a new shot for my book-addiction ;)
Dawn G
47. Pam B
Thanks, make me a winner!
Dawn G
48. Mak
Would love to have these. Have wanted to get into this series for a while!

Thank you for doing these giveaways!
Dawn G
49. Jenny J
Oh, this would be FANTASTIC! **fingers crossed** Thank you for entering me in the drawing.
Dawn G
50. Dolly
Oh this is wonderful!!! Fingers crossed.
Randy Word
51. Rword
Yes! This is a great give away. I've been wanting to read these... Hope I win!
Dawn G
52. Gokha
Count me in. Thanks.
Dawn G
53. NicoA
Already more than 50 comments?
Dawn G
54. Mike Holden
Count me in!
Dawn G
55. Thomas Arvanitis
A whole set of books I haven't read. Very tempting :)
Dawn G
56. Gail
Sounds like a great giveaway.
Angela Korra'ti
57. annathepiper
Books are shiny! Pick me, pick me! ^_^ (I actually just bought the first of these in ebook form for my nook, but hey, I'll happily take the rest!)
Dawn G
58. Story Cottage
Let me throw my sword in to the bag for this as well.
Dawn G
59. Steven Gadberry
Would love to have a copy of those books! A series I haven't read yet...
Dawn G
60. Ramona Adams
YES!!! Count me in! Alex is awesome!
Dawn G
64. SusieBookworm
Thanks for the giveaway!
Dawn G
66. DanielJs
Crossing fingers!
Dawn G
67. Mabbee
I would love to add to my to-read stack!
Dawn G
68. Kevin Faulk
I'm interested in this series.
Dawn G
69. Bethany H
I love books!!! This is Awesome!!!!
Dawn G
72. OneBoutch
Very cool indeed! I'm in!
Dawn G
Awesome giveaway dude. Would be humbled & honoured to win such an amazing collection. Keep up the awesome work. Cheers
Dawn G
74. McBeale
This looks like a good series!
Dawn G
75. illmunkeys
In for one. Or more if you'd like to ship me more.
Dawn G
77. estelendur
o hai, this is a comment!
Robert Matheny
78. rsmpdx
Please pick me, I'll be your best friend.
Dawn G
79. iheartlibraries
Awesome, a series I could check off my TBR list...
Dawn G
81. lightkeeper
Count me in.
Dawn G
85. Heidi Tighe
Very cool! Thanks for running the contest.
Dawn G
87. Seus
I am always in need of more books!
Dawn G
88. AMLarsen
Would love to get these books!
Dawn G
89. Emily J
Free things are cool, they're even cooler when the free things are books by a great author.
Geargoyle Geargoyle
90. Geargoyle
Enter me please, and thanks for another great giveaway!
Dawn G
91. MaraK
oh, very cool. The series has been on my to-get list for a while now.
DA Ford
93. Ford75
This would be a great birthday present!
Dawn G
94. mark kuller
Nice stuff, I would love to win !
Dawn G
97. AlbertoAb
Great contest! I'm a big Bledsoe fan!
Dawn G
99. Zaimiren
I've had my eye on this author for a while, this would be a great chance to get started!!
L J Young
100. ljyoung
I have been considering this series when I see it in bookstores, but did not yet get it.
Dawn G
102. scottiescar
I want in.
Dawn G
103. Michael J. Breitner
Thanks for the new book in the series!
Dawn G
104. Angela Devlin
Looks fantastic!
Dawn G
106. Dianne Walters-Butler
I would LOVE to have a set of these books! I have followed the woes & joys with Alex for some time now on FB. Would love to read the results of his writings.
Patrick McGee
106. AeroHudson
I would love to check out Alex Bledsoe. Thanks for the opportunity.
Judy Stewart
108. jdstews
This was on my to read list, thanks!
Dawn G
109. Fidel Castbro
Brobi Won Kenobi has nothing on this contest
Dawn G
110. Eileen Sullivan
Kudos, Alex! Great promo and terrific books. x
Dawn G
112. Eluzon
Cant wait for the new book! going to be great!
Dawn G
113. Brian Heitzenrater
I'm in!

Thanks for the contest.
Matthew Smith
114. blocksmith
Free books equals good things...thanks for the opportunity.
Joerg Grau
115. MisterGrau
I'd love to get those. I wanted to read them anyway!
Dawn G
116. SuperScotty
Awesome! Come on 7, papa needs a new set of books!
Eric Rhoads
117. WordTipping
Please, this would be a nice, if unexpected gift.
Dawn G
118. Jo Ann Hakola
I love reading a good fantasy story!
Dawn G
119. Leah Hansen
Comments sure pile up fast for the giveaways, but I'm throwing my lot in regardless!
Dawn G
122. dwndrgn
More books. Yes. Need. Thank you.
Dawn G
123. J-Ro
I am so interested in this!
Dawn G
124. meaniemomma
I would love to read this.
Dawn G
125. RJT
Yes. More Eddie Lacross goodness.
Dawn G
126. AsherGabriel
Hum... lots of comments... I'll give it a shot anyway!!! Looks like a good read ;)
Dawn G
127. Ed Kurtz
I'll toss my hat in the ring...
Dawn G
128. SquirlyWrath
I like books!!! I could always use more books!!! *Raises hand* Pick me, pick me :-D!!!!
Dawn G
129. Dixie P.
Never heard of Bledsoe before, but I like to try different authors. So I'm in.
Dawn G
130. SaraD
I love TOR books and I am glad I am following the Twitter feed.
Todd Johansen
131. Gher06
Yeah, I'm in.

I briefly thought that the cover said The Sword-Edged Blade. *Sigh of relief*/If only...
Dawn G
132. Jenn K
I'd love to win these books. They sound great!
Dawn G
133. jmd
Sounds great.. a series I haven't read yet that sounds intriguing? Sign me up!
Dawn G
134. troubled1
need to restart my library somehow :)
Dawn G
135. Marie Dees
Alex's books are always fantastic. I'd love to win these!
Dawn G
136. missy foster
I grew up with Alex but haven't had a chance to read his books they have to be great
Dawn G
138. dawn the glass beadmaker
ooooh...want :)
Dawn G
140. rachie203
Wow! Great prize. I'm shopping for a new series to read, and am definitely interested.
Brandon Demerath
141. Demeb
Sweet, I was looking to get these! Now, to win...
Dawn G
142. wolri
And me please !
Dawn G
143. Martin Burns
sounds like a cool way to explore this work!
Dawn G
145. Mitydad
Nice, some #swords and #sworcery!
Dawn G
148. kamandi68
Please pick me!
Dawn G
149. Mack Buchanan
I would so love to own this!
Dawn G
150. Jane E Ayers
Alex and I graduated from Gibson County High, and I would love the chance to read these books!
Dawn G
151. Elena Gleason
Awesome! I'm in. :)
Russell Robinson Jr
152. Avante
Wonder if I will finally win one of these...
Dawn G
153. Gwendolynkay
I m out of books, please pick me!
Dawn G
154. cnote56
OH!!!! PICK ME!!!! PICK ME!!!!!
vik gupta
155. rhaegar
what a coincidence, 155 is my lucky number, so ...
Chris Long
157. radynski
I've already bought (and finished) Dark Jenny based on the excerpt on the website. I'd be quite interested in reading the rest of his stuff.
Dawn G
158. Shamrock Jack
I downloaded the Sword-Edged Blonde onto my kindle a week or two ago (because this site old me it was on sale) and I would love to read the rest of his work.
Jerry Keathley
159. Jerry Keathley
Alex is a great author. I'd love a full set of his stuff. Save me lots of library trips.
161. foundling
I'm in! I'm pretty much entering anything I can; postage to Australia for books is horrendous.
John Reynolds
162. jowreyno
I would rather enjoy winning a book. Better than a beating...
Dawn G
163. Anju
I'm interested.
Dawn G
164. Taylor Smith
Sounds great! I've actually never heard of this author, but I wouldn't turn down a free chance to experience his stories! I'm glad contests like this exist. It makes me happy.
Dawn G
166. scotsman19
Looks interesting. Nothing like finding a fresh series to start.
Paul Lewandowski
167. Snowkestrel
Begin impassioned plea:

Stubby- you are SOOOOO COOOOL!!!!!

I know you just sent me Dark Jenny, but my son is really getting into the Sword Edged Blond from the library and having a bunch of Bledoe's works for ourselves would totally bitchin'! You could even pass on the copy of Dark Jenny to some other worthy fan, since you already sent us one!

Okay- impassioned plea concluded. Carry on.
Dawn G
168. rhysiana
Ooh, spiffy! I just got "The Sword Edged Blonde" from the library, but haven't had a chance to start it yet.
Dawn G
170. Bryce (seak)
Awesome giveaway, been meaning to read Bledsoe.
Dawn G
171. Jason M Waltz
Whoa! Awesome - I just turned the last page on The Sword-Edged Blonde and found this! Gimmie, gimmie, gimmie :)
Dawn G
172. Rachel BVH
Love Alex's stuff, and would love to win these!
Dawn G
173. Selwyn
I supposed I should have checked before rushing to the comment box, but if this is open to international peeps then count me in! :)
Dawn G
175. Lingeorge
Yes! Count me in.
Dawn G
176. Teri Crosby
OH yes I am needing these! Fnatastic set. Thank you for putting them out there.
Dawn G
177. Kaya Hack
Wow that is an amazing array of awesomeness I would love to be entered to win this set.
Dawn G
178. Bartlett Durand
great books, great guy writing them. I love the noir twist on fantasy.
Dawn G
179. Mr Snow
Eddie LaCrosse is awesome. Good luck to everyone.
Dawn G
180. *lynne*
Please count me in! :)
Dawn G
181. Ian C
This is a fantastic set. I have read a few of these titles but there were so many I was missing. I would love to be entered to win.
Dawn G
183. Ami
I've had my eye on this series for a while. It would be awesome!!
William Fee
184. WTBFee
My wife and I both love this guy. I'd love to own them.
Dawn G
186. Tara12
What a way to make a stressful week look a little better!
Dawn G
187. Sharon Brawner
Oh, this sounds wonderful! Can't wait.
Dawn G
188. Laura D.
Tossing my name in the hat.
Ian Hammond
189. hungrym
Entering the contest simultaneously increases and decreases the odds of winning. Weird, huh?
Dawn G
190. Podkayne
Pick me! :)
Dawn G
192. Prominent Nonentity
Dawn G
193. geocacherdd
Have had Alex B on my TBR author list for a few weeks now. Would love to win a set of his books.
Dawn G
194. Cherish
Fantastic! Thanks for doing this giveaway!
Gene Ramirez
195. MrSkar
You mean you guys are giving away more than one book? Sign me up!
Dawn G
198. HonorGod
Are you kidding me! This is astonishing! Please pick me!
btw: I really hate the captcha you use. ;-(
Dawn G
200. Rowanmdm
I agree with HonorGod on both counts.
Dawn G
201. Thomas M Beem
GREAT! I love me some Alex Bledsoe!
Ryan MacDonald
202. Phishmanr
Help! That doesn't seem right. Oh well.
Dawn G
205. Robert Sparling
No earthly idea who this is, but that is a dynamite title. I'm in.
Dawn G
206. HughB
I love these books - it'd be GREAT to have the whole set in one place.
Dawn G
209. Wathira Nganga
Well, I just read part of the excerpt of Dark Jenny and it contained a strange version of the King Arthur story that is either blank plagiarism or has a point. I am going to assume there is a point and I look forward to a deeper reading. Thank you for the post and I would really like to read this series now :)
Dawn G
210. Matt Carpenter
Pick me!
Dawn G
211. John Poetzel
Can has swordplay?
ed tambini
213. ed t
what an incredible opportunity, thanks for the chance to get some new books!
Dawn G
214. Bobbi Dumas
Yay, Alex! :o)
Jack Aubrey
215. StevenM
This would be great - I can only find one volume in the local library system!
Dawn G
216. TaddyCrow
So excited! So excited!
Dawn G
217. Kirkus MacGowan
Wow, please me?
Dawn G
218. NatetheGreat
Thanks for the opportunity!
Dawn G
219. liketrains
Sweeeeeeeet. Fingers crossed.
Dawn G
223. JoAllison
I've not read him before, but the excerpt makes me think I'd really like these books. It would be wonderful to win them. Thank you for the chance to do so!
Dawn G
226. Wendy V
Awesome giveaway.
Dawn G
228. Sarawackadoo
Sounds like a good intro for a new author.
Dawn G
230. deadjack
Sounds good!
Dawn G
231. Kestrel630
I can't wait to read these books! Tor, you always have the best giveaways. Thanks for always offering great things to your fans :)
Samantha Brandt
232. Talia
I've seen these around, they look interesting, I just haven't gotten around to them. Would love to give them a shot.
Dawn G
234. Van Pham
Please count me in!
Dawn G
235. Laurraine
What a great deal! Count me in.
Dawn G
237. Aspasia
Count me in.
Dawn G
239. Ravenus
These look awesome!
Dawn G
240. Audrey Martin
Thank you for this opportunity!
Rafael Penaloza
241. rpenalozan
One of those ten should come this way (or at least, that is what I hope!)
Dawn G
243. madscientistnz
Would love to try this author out.
Dawn G
245. Simcha
I'd love to be entered. I've only read the first book in the series so far.
Glenda Wilson
246. glinda
Haven't read any of these yet, and would love to win them...
Dawn G
247. druif
Hope I win something :)
Dawn G
249. Fyrefall2k
Count me in!
Goetz Kruppa
250. goetznl
What a nice way to push a cool author! Please let me win this one, goddess of the books!
Dawn G
251. Cinnabar
I'm friends with this jolly good fellow on Facebook... haven't had the pleasure of meeting him in person yet, but I'd love to have a set of his books!
Dawn G
255. kara-karina
way cool! Would love to read them!
Dawn G
259. ShamefulMeme
Dawn G
261. pauljessup
Ian Gazzotti
262. Atrus
I would be in favour of receiving these books
Dawn G
263. Jake Calder Burby
Fantastic! Thanks for the ray of giddy hope in an otherwise mundane week! I'm thinking of how cool the TOR logo would look as a tattoo....
Roland Schigas
265. rschigas
Quick entry, then off to read the excerpt ...
Irwin Primero
267. time_to_read
Thanks for the excerpt, now I want the whole book.
Dawn G
270. jharris22586
Crap, I can't remember if I posted for this one already! But I don't think so...PLEASE PICK ME!!!
Dawn G
271. firesinger
I want some!
Dawn G
272. DRickard
I'll take a stab at it
Dawn G
273. rubydog
Graet contest!
Please enter me.
Dawn G
274. Spearcrow
Thanks for this great offering! I would love to be able to read more from this author.
Luis Cerdas
275. luiscerdas
Nice ! :) Hopefully I'll be lucky and win one of the sets!
Dawn G
276. Maria Cristina Marques
How generous, can't wait to read those books! :)
cris_mv at
David Betz
277. RDBetz
I've got Dark Jenny on pre-order at the library but it would be great to own them all. I'm in.
Dawn G
280. Thunderstud
So excited about this giveaway!
Peta Banks
282. pippy1974
Fingers crossed that I am one of the lucky ten!
Dawn G
283. SandyG265
I've never read these. Please enter me.
Dawn G
285. Olaf Meys
Ooooh! I need some good books to read over the bank holidays at the end of the month, and these look like just the ticket!
Dawn G
286. daniel troche
i purchased blood groove at borders and i completely loved it! thanks tor and alex for such a great novel! i wish you all the best...have a good one!
Dawn G
287. Tvrtko
I'm already a big fan of Eddie LaCrosse...but would like the chance to see Mr.Bledsoe's take on vampires as well :)
Dawn G
288. KimberlyFDR
Oooh, always looking to expand my library of books! :D
Dawn G
289. Danie G
Off tonight to pick up Dark Jenny, but I'd love to have them all! :)
Dawn G
291. Barbed1951
Wow, sounds fantastic! Please count me in.
Peter Killinger
292. Marshal_Kilgore
a comment, taking the rules rather literally... >;-)
Stephen Lyon
293. skaftafell
Alex Bledsoe book
what is the story about?
always wondering
Sarah Hale
294. rocketshale
I really like the PI in fantasy novels. And this series is very entertaining.
Keith Kennedy
296. kennedki
I just read my first Alex Bledsoe a couple months ago, so this would be great.
Dawn G
298. Yennie
Consider me entered ^^
Dawn G
299. KaranR
I've never won yet :s
James Starke
300. jamestarke
Totally in! I'll be checking out these books whether I win or not, but winning would be awesome!
miriam kahn
303. mbkcons
Love the story, love the series. Swashbuckling stories were never this good :) Keep 'em coming. And don't let up on the subtle humor. - Free givaway, come my way.
Dawn G
304. Jac
Chance for free stuff!
Brian McCullogh
305. webmccullogh
Thanks for the opportunity. (First attempt appears to have disappeared.)
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