April, 2011

Sat Apr 30
Fri Apr 29
Joanna Russ (1937-2011) by Management Services
Party With Endeavour by Stubby the Rocket
Thu Apr 28
Wed Apr 27
Tue Apr 26
Mon Apr 25
Alyson Noel Tour Set for June by Management Services
Sun Apr 24
Poetry Month Comes to a Close by Management Services
2011 Hugo Finalists by Patrick Nielsen Hayden
Two From Weird Tales by John M. Ford and Robert E. Howard
Sat Apr 23
Fri Apr 22
Thu Apr 21
My Sarah Jane: Remembering Elisabeth Sladen by Nick Abadzis, Emily Asher-Perrin, Ryan Britt, Jason Henninger, Karin L Kross, Chris Lough and Ian Tregillis
Wed Apr 20
Tue Apr 19
Game of Thrones Triumphant! by Stubby the Rocket
LotR re-read: Return of the King Movie Rewatch by Kate Nepveu and LaShawn Wanak
Mon Apr 18
Going Digital by Barbara Hambly
Game of Thrones episode review: “Winter Is Coming” by Theresa DeLucci and Ellen B. Wright
Sun Apr 17
Dystopia! The Musical by Liz Gorinsky
Sat Apr 16
Fri Apr 15
Pilgrims in Space by Amy Kathleen Ryan
The Unremembered Giveaway! by Stubby the Rocket
Thu Apr 14
Warhammer 40,000 by Bob Gallo
Wed Apr 13
Tue Apr 12
From the Forest: Hanna by Karin L Kross
The Battle of the Round by Peter Orullian
Mon Apr 11
Jane! Stop This Crazy Thing! by Clay and Susan Griffith
Sun Apr 10
Sat Apr 9
Fri Apr 8
Massive Hellhole Giveaway! by Stubby the Rocket
A WonderCon 2011 Recap by Amy Ratcliffe
Thu Apr 7
Frederik Pohl Giveaway! by Stubby the Rocket
Wed Apr 6
The End Is/Was/Will Be Near! by Stubby the Rocket
Alex Bledsoe Giveaway! by Stubby the Rocket
Hellhole (Extended Excerpt) by Brian Herbert and Kevin J Anderson
Tue Apr 5
Mon Apr 4
Barbara Hambly Goes Digital by Management Services
In The Flow by Jon Sprunk
Sun Apr 3
Fri Apr 1
Review: Source Code by Danny Bowes
John Cleaver Series Giveaway by Stubby the Rocket