Mar 8 2011 3:00pm

Why James Bond Can Never Be a Woman: PSA for International Woman’s Day

Producer Barbara Broccoli and director Sam Taylor-Wood have released the below PSA in honor of International Women’s Day, featuring Daniel Craig as James Bond and Judi Dench as M.

Here James Bond, commonly considered an untouchable apex of masculinity, is given a sobering dressing-down from M in regards to the inequalities between genders that exist in both the first and third worlds.

It’s rare to see such a strong stance enacted through popular fiction, especially one not particularly known for championing or utilizing the issues involved in that stance. Whether it is right or wrong to do so would typically not be the first consideration behind creating a PSA of this nature. Rather, the primary concern would be, “Does this hurt our franchise?”

Here at Tor.com, we applaud Barbara Broccoli, Sam Taylor-Wood, Daniel Craig, and Judi Dench for looking past the economics to send this message on International Women’s Day.

[via MTV]

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1. AndieN
Personally, I think they've pulled it off in a way that enhances rather than damaging the franchise.
Estara Swanberg
2. Estara
I think one encouraging sign of development on the subject of equality is the fact that Daniel Craig did this in drag without losing his dignity or coming across as campy (well, the dress could have been a bit more equal to the business suit he was wearing as a man) - when I think back to previous Bonds, I don't think - while I very much loved him best in the role - Sean Connery could have done this with the same result - Roger Moore WOULD have come across as campy.

What also struck me was the very measured tone in which Dame Judi recited those various horrifying statistics. That made it even worse to listen to.
3. Foxessa
Thank you so much for putting this up, and doing it today.

Last month was Black History month, but nobody much seemed to notice.

Today is another day that the the primary media or anyone else can hardly seem to notice. Google did though. And so did you.

Love, C.
4. politeruin
Not to forget that this was also written by the super talented Jane Goldman (Stardust / Kick-Ass).
Jenny Thrash
5. Sihaya
Foxessa, I hear that Newsweek covered the topic, but it was mostly a "Yeah, how about those women? Hillary Clinton's pretty cool," issues. I thought this ad was more topical. I disagreed with one of the assertions about men (studies are just starting to give lie to the notion that sexual assault isn't a problem for men), but it was spot on about women in the world today.
6. Cavyherd
Wow. Stunning piece of work. Applause to all involved. & Thank you Tor for posting it.
7. Codexer
why is this important? dont we have more pressing issues like world famines, getting out into space or energy crisis and whatnot? who the heck cares if there is unequality in movies, books or fiction in general?

what do we gain exactly with having James Bond being a woman, or for ex. Wonderwoman being a man?

if people want James Bond to be a pillar of Machoness. let it be so.

also, a International Men's day would be nice too, for equality.
8. Kimi
I hate to say it Codexer, but most days in most of the world are international Men's day. Yes there are issues that only affect men, but did you listen to those statistics? They aren't made up, and you won't find similer ones for men.

Our popular culture mirrors our values, just look at the treatment women and people of a non caucation background recieved in the James Bond movies aloneover the course of the decades. We no longer think racism and sexism is appropriate and it's starting to show. Isn't a world where everyone feels equal and represented something we should strive for?

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