Mar 9 2011 11:07pm

Welcome to the Redesign

Since 2008, has been proud to be the home of a thriving web community dedicated to science fiction, fantasy, the universe, and related subjects. Throughout our short history we’ve covered all aspects of these various areas in the form of original short fiction, book reviews, movie reviews, our popular rereads and rewatches, and themes.

Now, is excited to announce our redesign! This is still the you know and love, but we’ve taken this opportunity to make some improvements from a functional standpoint.

Our goal was to make navigation easier and more efficient without sacrificing any of the things that have made our website great:

• Nurturing ongoing conversation has always been one of our goals on the site and with our redesign. Our new forums will be much easier to use and offer our readers a chance to begin their own conversations on the site. [Update 2014, in case you've stumbled across this. The forums have since been closed. They had a good run.]

Stories, comics, and excerpts are collected and indexed in order to allow you to quickly find the material you’re most interested in. You can now sort by title, author, date, and format.

• The series index will allow you to browse various themes and series much more easily, while being able to see latest additions to current series directly on the homepage (in the upper right-hand corner). Additionally, we are extremely pleased that the various posts within each series are now conveniently linked to one another, giving readers immediate access to all related articles.

Take a look around, read some stories, start conversations, browse the galleries....most of all, have fun! Let us know what you think. We have plenty more up our binary sleeves and would love your input as we further our development plans. I’m sure there will be a little turbulence at first, so if you find any bugs, please list them in our bug report thread on the forum.

On a personal note, I would like to say a huge thank you to the team. Everyone worked far beyond expectation with good spirit and dedication. Working on is a blast and if there is one reason for that, it’s the spectacular people involved in every aspect of the site—the crew, the writers and artists, and most of all, our readers.

Abigail Johnson
1. AbigailJohnson
Well worth the wait. Everything looks slick and shiny :)
2. Ludon
When I roll the curser over that big blank space at the top I'm seeing a confused mess of overlapping text and the log In space is not fully defined.

Where are the tabs to go to Stories, Galleries, Community,Etc.?
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Ludon: Can you let me know what browser you are in? I'll get our developers on it.
4. Ludon
I'm currently using Firefox 3.6.13

Also. The story images and titles (four latest at top of the home page) are appearing as thumbnails placed within lines of text.
Michael Burke
5. Ludon
Now it's looking better and I can see where to type to log in.

6. Stephen Monteith
You maniacs! You blew it all up! Oh, damn you all to Hell!


Nah, I'm just kidding. Site looks great. *grins*
7. Ian P. Johnson
Great! Looks fantastic. I'm looking forward to trying out the new forums!
8. sophia_sol
I'm having some troubles with the new site; namely, all of the stuff at the top of the site, above the posts, looks all jumbled up such that I haven't a clue how it's even supposed to look. (I'm viewing it with Google Chrome)
9. sophia_sol
Oh, never mind, all of a sudden it's all fixed and shiny looking!
10. MadelineF
Not bad! If you're interested in mild suggestions, I'd suggest that you shorten the stuff at the bottom; when I "end" to get to the newest comments, there's currently a screen and a half of Archive stuff that might be better on a sidebar or on its own page.

Also, will the password recovery or blog contact now work? When Tor Romance started and a post here said you could use the same login there, I tried, and either it didn't work or I'd forgotten my password... So I asked for password recovery, never got anything. Asked for help at the contact email, never got anything. Regrettable.
Caleigh Minshall
11. caleighm
Oh, my. This is AWESOME! I had the same problem as sophia_sol (#9) at first, but as soon as I refreshed, it was fine.
Thomas Keith
12. insectoid
Well, it's no longer jumbled up (Chrome, before you ask), so it looks very spiffy now... nice job team Tor!

However, my profile page won't load... in the time it takes me to read a nice thick novel. Help, Irene!

edit: ...I know, I sound ungrateful for someone who didn't want to beta-test or be head of QA (you were kidding, right?). It does look pretty awesome now. I'll let you know if anything else comes up.

13. zeugma
I had to do a Shift-Reload in Firefox to make it pick up the new CSS but after that it looks good.
Ian Gazzotti
14. Atrus
After the Gawker fail I was really worried when I read "redesign", instead this is looking pretty good so far. Nice job! :)

To those with problems: try a clean reload (ctrl-F5 on most browsers) or, if that fails, cleaning the browser's cache; you might still be picking up bits from the old website
Thomas Keith
15. insectoid
Okay, I cleared my cache... and now it won't let me stay logged in. ^_^

edit: NM, I think it made up its mind. Just to be on the safe side, though, give the server a drink of water. :)

16. Beaker
I like the new design. It loads more quickly than the old page and I like the layout. I think that the long list of Blog Archives at the bottom should be horizontal instead of vertical. But that's really just a nit-picky detail :)
17. dustingm
The site headers are still messed up. Viewing in Rockmelt, which is really just a port of Chrome. If Chrome is working, don't see why Rockmelt shouldn't as well.

But thought I'd let someone know.
Addison Smith
18. addisoncs
I had the jumble problem that others have noted in Google Chrome, but it only happened the first time. Everything seems fine now. I love the "And Related Subjects" search bar. :) The whole site looks great, but that is just neat. :)
Tricia Irish
19. Tektonica
Looks very nice, and seems to be working just fine, but I'm still exploring.

Today will be a test for me to see if Tor keeps me logged in now. Since the last redesign, I've had to sign in every time I checked a page...that's about 20 times a day....tedious. (Even though I had the keep me logged in box checked.?) I'm a safari user (Mac) V.5.03
Irene Gallo
20. Irene
Thank you, guys! We’ve been working hard on this, we’re pretty proud of it. But no rest for the wicked (or is it weary? this case it might be both), we are off to a Phase II planning meeting this afternoon. So feel free to keep adding suggestions over the next bunch of weeks.
Mari Ness
21. MariCats
Just one negative comment: I had problems logging in to this morning (I'm using Chrome.) Haven't really had a chance to explore the site very much yet, but I'll note for people having problems viewing the site in Chrome that it looked awful on first viewing, but hitting F5 solved that problem.

I like the look of the comment threads! Much easier to read.
Bob Gallo
23. StormbringerGrey
Nice Job!

One small note: I tried the Facebook share button on this article … No thumbnail was offered and the article title wasn’t transferred. I haven’t tried sharing any other articles yet so the problem may be particular to this post only. IE8 32bit on Win 7 Pro 64bit
Irene Gallo
25. Irene
Thanks! We didn't notice that at all. We're on it now.
Dominick Saponaro
26. DominickSaponaro
First off, in the few moments I've had with the new site site let me just say that I love it. Great job guys!

Sorry if I've missed the obvious here but I am having problems with my account in that I cant change any settings. When I try to edit any of the settings (such as password, pictures, profile, etc...) it wont let me because it states that a username can not contain spaces. Not sure why this is as I've seen others with spaces in the usernames but nonetheless it wont let me change my user name either. I seem to be caught in limbo here. This was happening with the old site as well but I just never got around to posting about it till now. Any suggestions?

One more thing... no click to enlarge? Sniff... man I was so hoping for this in the revamp. So sad to see that it didnt make the cut. A maintenance update, Stubby 2.1 perhaps?

Congrats on 2.0, you guys did a bitchin job!
Sam Mickel
27. Samadai
Looks good, great new version. however, I lost all my contacts, posts, bookmarks etc.....
Ben Frey
28. BenPatient
First time i loaded the page, it was a jumble of completely bonkers insanity (on latest Chrome beta, Mac OS X), but after 2-3 hits on the 'ole Refresh button, it came up properly, and looks wonderful.

I just hope that having linked my Facebook to my user name might actually help me stay logged in. I had to log in with literally every post, regardless of where I was when I posted, even with everything checked properly and so forth. It's the only site I visit that didn't ever hold my login info properly. Fingers crossed.
Susan Davis
29. sue
This is either very, very ugly, or it isn't rendering correctly on Chrome (Ubuntu Linux) for me. At least it's not as bad as what io9 did recently.
Irene Gallo
30. Irene
Ben: Yeah, that annoyed us too. I hope all log ins will be more stable now -- we'll be keeping an eye on it.

Sue: Try reloading. It seems Chrome, in particular, needs a jolt to kick out the old info and let in the new.
Eli Bishop
31. EliBishop
Are there known problems with the RSS feed? It's always been buggy for me, randomly throwing up old articles as new... but now it's a little worse: I'm seeing the same (old) article twice in a row.
Emily Asher-Perrin
32. EmilyAP
Eli: We have noticed some weirdness with the RSS feed before, but if it seems to be happening more now, we'll have to look into it. Thanks!
33. Ludon
I'm seeing the scrambled layput again. I've noticed that the problem seems to clear up after being here a while but it happens again on returning to this site like this time after having been off line overnight. (Firefox 3.6.13)
Christopher Orr
34. Daedalus
Whenever I post a comment, I get this message:

JFolder::delete: Could not delete folder
JFolder::delete: Could not delete folder
The comment has been saved

I am using Firefox 3.6.15
35. Ludon
I'm surprised to see my above comment posted. When I tried to post by typing the nonsense phrase from the window (Once again I can't find where to log in.) I got the error message - The System Has Timed Out. I saw that even on trying to go back to an earlier page from my history. After going to some other site for a bit, I was able to get back into here - but it is still a scrambled mess.
Emily Asher-Perrin
36. EmilyAP
Ludon: Thanks for letting us know. We'll get the developers to have a look.

Daedalus: hmm, interesting. We'll have a look.
37. firesinger
The new design looks great, at least from my pc at home. However, now the firewall of my company's network blocks the entire site, so i cannot read anything while at work, like i used to. It's a shame, now i will have to work more!!!
38. the Dormouse
Anyone getting the borked up jumbled mess in Safari - try emptying your cache. Worked for me.

Looks great, and I'm pretty enthused about being able to find things!
erick sibert
39. lollygags
Looks great and seems to be going relatively smooth. Much better then the redesign that got dumped on IO9.
Tricia Irish
40. Tektonica
Hi Irene. I'm having trouble with the site. I use a new Mac Pro with Safari v. 3.0.5, the latest. I have a fast dsl connection. Every other site on the internet loads just fine.

It takes forever for the main page to load and over a minute for my personal page to load. I can't get any of the posted threads to load at all from the "recent posts" column. Getting here took over a minute.

What up? Help!

On a good note....I stayed logged in all day yesterday, but did have to re-log in today. That's not perfect, but it is an improvement. Better than the 20 times a day that was my usual.
John Massey
41. subwoofer
The bug page is broken!!!!
And I tried to post but here is the comedy that is tor. Every time I hit "post" it times me out and my comment disappears. And the bug page logs me out too. Irony of irony when I can't post a problem because the problem page doesn't let me log in which is the problem in the first place. And I am timed out every 5 mins here. And the drop down to log in keeps on disappearing even when my cursor is on it. running windows 7. firefox v4. I'd throw a shoe at the screen but the laptop is new and I'm sure the web designers would not feel it. wah! send help!

And it takes eons to load here, which also times me out.

42. mycrazyhair
I like the new design. Only one problem: the site doesn't work on my work computer anymore. I can't load it at all since the redesign. I've tried clearing my cache and retrying - no luck.

It's probably because work uses old browser software (
Internet Explorer 6.02900.5512.xpsp_sp3_gdr.101209-1647
, according to the help page), and prevents us from using any other browser.

Any suggestions?

(On an unrelated note, at the moment the site is defaulting to only show me one post at a time for some odd reason, on my home computer. Currently it's showing Jo Walton's 1962 Hugo Nominees. This is particularly odd since she appears to have posted the article on Sunday December 19th. The redesigned site was working fine on Firefox on my home computer until this morning.)

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