Mar 15 2011 6:26pm

Troopers: Tedious Jobs Still Tedious Out in Space

There are any number of Star Wars parody films out there, but this new series from CollegeHumor had the crew giggling all afternoon. It’s called Troopers, and finally gives us an answer to a long-standing geek question: what’s it like to be a faceless crony in an intergalactic army?

The video above is our favorite so far, not to besmirch the other two, which are also incredibly funny. Perhaps it’s the fact that these read less like funny takes on your favorite Star Wars moments and more like the reality television series On the Death Star with Tim and Gorgio. There’s really no way to go wrong with that.

j p
2. sps49
Troops is the first one I remember, and it has rarely been surpassed.

These aren't bad; my favorite is "Mind Tricks".
Chris Long
3. radynski
I agree. Troops (the parody of Cops) is by far the best SW parody out there. The original and still the best (and best produced).

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