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Top 10 Worst Werewolves in Movies & TV

Teen Wolf Too

If you couldn’t tell from my Top 10 Best Werewolves in Movies & TV post, I appreciate the old school werewolves that rely primarily on makeup effects, costumes, and animatronics. I have very little patience for CGI effects, which is why you will see a lot of them on this list.

As hard as it was narrowing the best werewolves down to ten, the worst list was that much harder. There are a seemingly endless supply of terrible looking werewolves, many of which were suggested by the Urban Fantasy Facebook and Twitter followers, and Hollywood keeps churning them out. If I could, I’d give honorable mentions to at least ten more that, while horrendous in their own right, weren’t quite bad enough to crack the top ten.

I do want to reitterate that this list is based soley on the overall werewolf effects and not the quality of the movie or TV show itself. The fact that several of these movies/shows happen to be forging new trails into the craptastic is purely coincidental.


10.) Van Helsing

Van Helsing werewolf

You need to see this guy in motion to really appreciate the awfulness here. The CGI makes it look like Thomas Kincaid painted werewolves.


9.) Thriller

Thriller werewolf

Love the video, love the song, love that it reteamed John Landis and Rick Baker (who worked together on An American Werewolf in London), but this look? Not loving it. So much is wrong here, but I think it’s the whiskers that really kill it for me.


8.) Cursed

Further proof that Rick Baker doesn’t always get it right. Although I put the blame more on the CGI overkill.


7.) Buffy: The Vampire Slayer

The first version of Oz as a werewolf made my top ten best looks, but after one episode, they switched to this so that Seth Green could play both parts. Bad. So bad. He looks like a bearded dog scampering around. And the female version? I have no words.


6.) Silver Bullet

Starring Gary Busey and Corey Haim was based on Cycle of the Werewolf by Stephen King (which King adapted himself). I hate including this one because it’s a personal favorite, but the werewolf looks like someone tried to recycle an old bear costume. According to IMDB, “producer Dino De Laurentiis was very unhappy with the werewolf used in the film. He was disappointed in both the way it looked and the way the costumed actor moved. This proved to be a bit of an insult to the actor wearing the suit as he was an accomplished modern dancer and was hired specifically for his movement skills.”


5.) Teen Wolf, Teen Wolf Too, and I Was A Teenage Werewolf

History has proven that any combination of the words “teen” and “wolf” in a movie are a mistake. Michael J. Fox and Jason Bateman both look like deformed wookies. Let’s hope the MTV reboot premiering in June has better effects. And poor Michael Landon’s movie actually had the tagline: “The most amazing motion picture of our time!”


4.) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I maintain that this is not a werewolf, but rather some kind of diseased Rodent of Unusual Size


3.) Mexican Werewolf in Texas

Techically, this is suppossed to be a “Mexican werewolf Chupacabra,” but it looks like a cross between a dog with mange and Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.


2.) Werewolf

Thanks to Crowgirl for reminding me about this one. The MST3K guys perfectly describe the “wurwilf” effects: “Is that a bat? A bug? What is that?” When the big name star in a movie is Martin Sheen’s younger brother, Joe Estevez, you’ve got problems. On a side note, the attack scene in the puddle might be my favorite awesomely bad thing ever.


1.) All the Howling sequels: Howling II: ... Your Sister Is a Werewolf, Howling III, Howling IV: The Original Nightmare, Howling V: The Rebirth, and Howling VI: The Freaks

Do I even need to say anything? No, but I will anyway. One of those is a bear, and the one with the cat is clearly Grandpa from The Munsters. What a long way to fall from the original.


Did I forget your worst looking werewolf? Include one that you thing belongs on the best list? Make your case in the comments.

Abigail Johnson manages the Urban Fantasy Facebook and Twitter accounts and spends way too much time thinking about vampires, werewolves, zombies and all things paranormal in books, movies, TV and video games.

Joseph Kingsmill
1. JFKingsmill16
2. Sonia
Awesome ranking! I'm going to share it!
Eithne O'Hanlon
3. Ni_Anluain
I now have Thriller going on in my head!

4. D.D. Syrdal
I knew there was a reason I was ignoring the whole werewolf craze. Here are ten, even.
Jason Henninger
5. jasonhenninger
Absolutely agree on #4. Lupin here looks like some sort of Jack Russel Rat Gollum.
6. mrsg918
The teen wolf pictures really needed to include the Dad wolf from the first movie. And while Michael J. Fox's wolf is somewhat cheesey, the scene where he "wolf's out" in the bathroom is still impressive
Jeff LaSala
7. JLaSala
You nailed it with the "wurwilf" Werewolf. MST3K is the only way to make that movie bearable. But the driving werewolf is one of the best real life LOL moments in cinema.
David Levinson
8. DemetriosX
Dead on with the Azkaban werewolf. It's just awful and almost completely ruins the movie. It's almost bald, for crying out loud! Given that Professor McGonagall can turn into a cat and Sirius Black can turn into large dog, the werewolf should look a lot more wolfish.

I am going to disagree slightly with the Michael Landon wolf. The makeup is pretty much just Lon Chaney's wolfman, a rather deliberate connection I suspect, since Chaney set the standard for many years. Also, the film may seem a bit silly today, but at the time it was rather cutting-edge for using a teen as the monster. It was pretty shocking. Michael J. Fox, on the other hand, looks like one of those cavemen that were selling insurance a couple of years ago.
Tanja Wooten
9. TanjaW
What did you think about the werewolves from "The Company of Wolves"? There were several different types in that movie...some much better (interesting?) than others, especially the transformations. And one rather bloody awful. :)
10. Crowgirl
Thanks for the shout-out, Abigail! I'm going to have to find that Mexican werewolf flick: it looks absolutely dreadful! Is it as much fun as it looks or just so bad it's bad?
11. BB Wolf
In fairness to "Thriller" I think Jackson's supposed to be a werecat in that one (note the eyes). Don't know if that makes it better, but if nothing else, it did inspire the Weird Al parody at the end of "eat it," and that has to be worth something.
Abigail Johnson
12. AbigailJohnson
@Sonia, Ni_Anluain, D.D.Syrdal - Thanks!

@Jasonhenninger - Can I change my description to yours? "Absolutely agree on #4. Lupin here looks like some sort of Jack Russel Rat Gollum."

@mrsg918 - Yep, he's awful too.

@JLaSala - I can't imagine watching w/out MST3K. *shutters*

@DemetroisX - I had a minor fit when I first saw Lupin's werewolf form. It was insulting. As for Michael Landon's wolf. You have a point, but the eyebrows and jacket pushed him over the edge.

@TanjaW - I haven't seen "The Company of Wolves." The UK movie? I've seen the trailer. Is it worth a look?

@Crowgirl - I'll let you decide based on the craptastic trailer

@BBWolf - A couple people have brought up the werecat explaination. Wolf or cat, it still looks bad IMO
13. Harry Connolly
I was hoping to see a mention of the monster from the syndicated TV show WEREWOLF. A werewolf that can't even close its mouth is just embarrassing.
Arthur Pendragon
14. IveKilledPeople
FunFact: Were = Wolf and Wolf = Wolf So WereWolf = WolfWolf
Birgit F
15. birgit
FunFact: Were = Wolf and Wolf = Wolf So WereWolf = WolfWolf

Were is an old word for man. Werewolf means manwolf.
Ruth Scott
16. Feylith
I hated the way they did Lupin as a werewolf in Prisoner of Azkaban. I definitely agree that it looks more like a deformed and enlarged rat type thing.
17. Bluydee
What are you talking about? I thought Lupin was better than most on the best list!
18. Jeremy the Terrible
Great list! Tough to narrow down ten out of so many awful ones! Haha.
A few more:

Big Bad Wolf
Ginger Snaps
Dog Soldiers
American Werewolf in Paris
19. Chorrormovies
I don't think the Van Hesling werewolf was that bad, atleast not the one that Van Helsing turned into.
20. Top 10 Deadliest lists
Part of what makes video games so great is that you get to do a whole bunch of really cool stuff you can’t do in real life, like beating a horde of zombies into submission with only stuff you can find in a sporting goods store, or roaming around an alien planet looting interesting stuff
21. marvid
I disagree with most of your choices as the choise to have actual werewolves were for the most part true to what a half wolve / half man was actually visualized but badly rendered. However the worst werewolves are the Twilite movies big wolve version and any type of werewoive of that type of vision and version.

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