Mar 21 2011 3:01pm

Pictures from the set of The Hobbit!

Aidan Moher over on Fantasy just hipped us to new photos from the set of The Hobbit! The pics were posted on Peter Jackson’s Facebook page this past weekend.

The Hobbit

The Hobbit

It’s like we never left Middle-earth....

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Sharat Buddhavarapu
1. Sharat Buddhavarapu
I suppose that is Bilbo, I think he looks older than I expected, but on second thought he fits the age the book ascribes him. Looks like this movie will be as good as the Lord of the Rings!
Aidan Moher
2. aidan
That's actually the film's director, Peter Jackson!
James Whitehead
4. KatoCrossesTheCourtyard
Yeah. Jackson was quoted as saying he didn't know how overweight he was until he saw himself on film in the appendices. Changed his eating habbits & exercise routine.

Hoping that The Hobbit will be spread throughout the two films and not have the second film be filler; I haven't had time to read up on his plans - but I am glad PJ is directing.

Wonder how he handles Saruman as Christopher Lee says he's too old to go to NZ.

Sorry. Rambling like the fanboy I am. ;-)

5. Natasa
Ever since I heard the news Peter Jackson is directing I've been stoked. Still am! Good to see he's looking healthy and fit as a fiddle, hopefully he'll live up to expectations :)
6. reaeverywhereelse
"Wonder how he handles Saruman as Christopher Lee says he's too old to go to NZ."

Well, given that Saruman isn't in The Hobbit, you would not think it would be a big problem
Jeff LaSala
7. JLaSala
Don't be too sure, reaeverywhereelse. While the story in The Hobbit certainly doesn't go to the White Council, Gandalf certainly does midway through the book. It's quite possible the movie will follow his actions as well, in which case we most certainly will see Saruman. It all depends on the director's/producers' intent with the two films.
8. peachy
My impression is that the films are going to cover "the whole picture" between the start of the book version of The Hobbit and the start of the movie version of The Fellowship... so, yeah, the campaign of the White Council against Dol Goldur, the overlapping hunts for Gollum, etc. It's all in the appendices (or elsewhere in Tolkien's writings), so there's no lack of canonical raw material.

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