Mar 3 2011 4:14pm

Malazan Giveaway of the Fallen!

The Crippled God by Steven EriksonThe Crippled God was released yesterday and everyone here at would love to give a hearty congratulations to Steven Erikson, Ian Cameron Esslemont and the Malazan Empire! That’s right, the Malazan series is officially completed, so we’ve decided to give away a complete set of the entire series. We will also be giving one set a away on Facebook and one on Twitter, so keep an eye out for more chances to win!

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Wednesday, March 9th. One winner will be randomly chosen from these comments. If we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Dru O'Higgins
1. bellman
I've actually never read this series, so I'd love to win!
jonathan Sheridan
2. Sheruman
I was going to write what Bellman said, so instead I will write this
3. TorSaric25
I've been following along the re-read and would love this. Never actually read one yet.
Matt Carpenter
4. Matt Carpenter
Ooooh! Pick me!
Matt Carpenter
5. Moshiah
A set of these books would be awesome.
Matt Carpenter
6. KiManiak
I'm loving this series and the reread posts. I would definitely appreciate the whole set of books...
James Felling
8. Maltheos
Must have this. Awesome with awesome sauce.
Nicholas Miell
9. NJM
Well now, I'd certainly like a complete collection!
Matt Carpenter
10. Arithmos
This sounds awesome to me!
Matt Carpenter
11. Kvon
Is this a matched set? That would be great!
Matt Carpenter
12. CRAusmus
Awesome. I've been reading the posts, but never read one of the books yet. Thanks for the opportunity.
Matt Carpenter
13. kamandi68
I would love a chance to try this series out!
Matt Carpenter
15. The Literary Omnivore
Whoa! Count me in!
Craig Duffield
16. Fansik
Pick me! I've read bits and pieces, and would love to read through the whole series.
Matt Carpenter
17. Charles the Professor
This would make a fine addition to my library. Congratulations.
Matt Carpenter
18. jasonyoung
Great series, read every book as soon as its available.
Matt Carpenter
19. PhoenixFalls
Yay for giveaways! (Especially for giveaways of books I haven't read and would like to try. . .)
Matt Carpenter
21. Mithel
Can Canadians win? I guess I'll find out...
Matt Carpenter
22. SomeStatic
I joined a fantasy book club when I got back into reading, and I've heard so much about this series from them (and about everywhere else I read about books). I'm in!
Matt Carpenter
24. saszak
One of the best fantasy series ever written.
Matt Carpenter
25. ibegon5
Oooooh books, yay.
Dave-Brendon de Burgh
26. EvadBelBurgh
What a prize indeed, please count me in. :)
Matt Carpenter
27. lightkeeper
I've already cleared a spot on my shelf for these!
Matt Carpenter
29. NikZ
Just started reading these 3 weeks ago and I'm 4 books in. I'll take the rest. The sociology behind this book is amazing.
Douglas Steele
30. EsperKnight
I haven't started on this series yet but would love to win!
Clayton Drescher
31. claydd
I'm only halfway through...I need the rest!
Matt Carpenter
32. jharris22586
Pick me! Pick me!
Matt Carpenter
34. kasper11
Ooooh....this series is number one on my list to read, but I can't afford to buy all these books :(
Daniel Goss
41. Beren
Egad I would love to have these.
Consider it commented!
Rob Vitaro
42. rvitaro
I've heard so many good things about this series that I bumped it up in my long list of "to read" - to win all 10 would be incredible!
Matt Carpenter
43. Blamito
I'd love to check these out!
Matt Carpenter
45. MattC
This is one series that I haven't read yet, but definitely want to!
Matt Carpenter
46. keginkc
It would certainly be nice. It's coming up shortly on my (long) list of series I need to catch up on.
Matt Carpenter
47. Clodfeldman
Yes please!
Matt Carpenter
48. mdunnbass
I've been tantalized by the re-read, since I haven't read this series myself yet. What better reason to start?!

Yes, please!
Matt Carpenter
49. CBot
This would be a great prize!

Thanks for the opportunity
Brian Vrolyk
50. vyskol
Doesn't come out in Canada until the 15th :(. Please pick me!!
Russell Robinson Jr
51. Avante
Winning this would be awesome!

Are they hardcover or paperback?
Matt Carpenter
52. bluewoad
How many thousands of free pages is this?
Matt Carpenter
53. Elanor90
I've just finished the first one, would love to read more!
no thx
54. nope
would really like to win this one
Matt Carpenter
56. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Michelle Morgan
58. goblinbox
Here's my comment!

I'm also going to RT the tweet that brought me here since it says that's a valid way to enter as well. :-)
Matt Carpenter
60. Leon Trout
Yes, please!
Matt Carpenter
61. Spyndel
Please give to me your sweet, sweet book candy.
Matt Carpenter
62. WarcrafternA2
Pick me! Pick me! I want to read this whole series!
Matt Carpenter
64. oldskool_fraulein
i've never read this and i'd like to start now! :)
Matt Carpenter
66. Robert Sparling
never read Erikson, but heard good things.
Gristle McNerd
67. GristleMcNerd
I never figured out if those giveaways are international. Really hope I find out they are... :D
Matt Carpenter
67. Kraki
Mmmm free books!
Matt Carpenter
68. Inspector Librarian
Ooo this is an awesome giveaway! Thank you. :)
Sim Tambem
69. Daedos
I've never read any of these, but I would like to.

Having them would definitely help.
Hello There
70. praxisproces
That is a massive give-away. Fingers crossed.
Matt Carpenter
71. Christina Boulard
Oooh, pick me!
Matt Carpenter
72. DouglasCohen
Count me in!
Holly Heisey
73. seili
I just started reading this, so enter me, please!
Matt Carpenter
One can never have enough books especially if they're FREE.
Paul Weimer
75. PrinceJvstin
I've only read the first six books (plus Night of Knives). I need the others... :)
Sam Hall
76. EnderQON
Dropping my name into the hat as well...
scott hhhhhhhhh
77. wsp_scott
Haven't read any of these, but very intrigued
Matt Carpenter
78. INCyr
Ooh, sounds awesome. I'll have to check them out if I don't win.
Matt Carpenter
79. Tvrtko
The best giveaway ever :D
hojo hojo1
80. materiacollector
I've just begun Gardens of the Moon, amazing stuff!
Brandon Daggerhart
81. BDaggerhart
Posting to win, very much want to read this series.
Matt Carpenter
82. Malekith
i hope to win this!
Matt Carpenter
83. Jake Steinmann
People keep telling me I should read this; owning the series would help.
Matt Carpenter
85. Lambert1978
My favorite part of this whole series is the vast array of characters and seeing how they come together through the destruction of the whole Malazan Empire. The best parts are the characters who randomly get killed off.

If you haven't read this series yet, you should, it's the best series I have read and that includes the Wheel of Time.
Matt Carpenter
87. clintd27
I would love this and so would my wife pick me!
Chuck Holt
89. conspiracytheorywackadoodle
I've read the first three in the re-read, and I might be hooked now. Count me in.
Joshua Hammett
91. jhammett
I am only on the third book in the series and it is already rivaling my love for Jordan and Martin books. I am so glad I have lots more books to go before the series comes to an end.
Matt Carpenter
92. Longadan
I'd love to win, so I could donate the set to my local library. They only have the first book.
Matt Carpenter
94. Beth C.
These look great. Beautiful covers, too.
Karen Martin
95. ksh1elds555
My PRECIOUS!!!! (seriously though, would love the whole set as my paperbacks are rapidly falling apart due to the number of reads)
Matt Carpenter
96. Astro B
Ooh, I would like this.
Matt Carpenter
98. dwndrgn
What a wicked cool giveaway! Who do I need to bribe to get in on this thing? What, no bribe needed? Good grief. Is there no end to the coolness?
Daniel Hanley
100. Kythorian
Awesome...I have been borrowing these from a friend to read them. I would love to own the series.
Matt Carpenter
101. robbadler
Yes please!
Matt Carpenter
102. pnr060
I'd like to enter.
James Goetsch
103. Jedikalos
: I never win these contests and probably won't win this one.
David Thomson
104. ZetaStriker
I am so very interested in this. Although I already own all the books, I have a special someone in mind to gift this to. =3
John Cater
105. katre
A friend was just recommending this series to me. If I win, I can start reading it!
Steven OHearn
106. somanx
I would love to add this to my book collection.
Matt Carpenter
107. najult
I've never read this series but really wanted to get into it. Hopefully, this will jumpstart it.
Matt Carpenter
109. Bulwyf
I hope I win!
Matt Carpenter
110. SarahSparrow
Matt Carpenter
112. firesinger
Wow! Awesome giveaway. I wish i win.
James Brodman
114. brodman
I'm only partway through this series, but I love it!
Matt Carpenter
115. laamsden
Woohoo! Would LOVE to have these show up in the mail.
Matt Carpenter
117. Simon Halliday
That would be awesome - my library only has the first book!
Frank Nagy
119. fjnagy
Oh! A complete series! Goodie, goodie!
Matt Carpenter
120. erik d.
read the first 2 and they were awesome! I'd love to own the series!
Matt Carpenter
121. Ronald Morton
I want these...
Matt Carpenter
122. cmirell
I've always heard good things....
George Gordon
123. gordong1968
I would love a chance to win. Sign me up!
Matt Carpenter
125. sirhubert
I would love one.
Matt Carpenter
126. glindsey212
I never win ANYTHING, and I haven't read this series, so I'd certainly love to win!!!!  THANKS TOR!!
Patricia Smith
127. Teirza
Yes matching books would be awesome
Ryan MacDonald
129. Phishmanr
I have absolutely nothing clever to say.
Matt Carpenter
130. Rowanmdm
It's my birthday; you know you want to give me this.
Matt Carpenter
135. Erin Golsen
Please count me in!
Tranylle Simmons
136. tranylle
Sweet! The re-read has made me want to try these books out, so winning them would be awesome!
Daniel Fölber
137. Gryllen
I want this more than anything right now.
Matt Carpenter
138. Story Cottage
Please count me in.
Matt Carpenter
139. Alden Ash
I haven't read this series, but since it is finished and you are giving it away I would move it higher in my to-be-read list if I win.
Matt Carpenter
141. Dr Tuka
Could be what the doctor ordered.
Paul Eisenberg
145. HelmHammerhand
Evelyn, a modified dog, viewed the quivering fringe of a special doilie draped across the piano with some surprise.
147. topknot
I've been wanting to read this series.
Matt Carpenter
149. dustingm
Yep yep yep yep yep.

I mean, I already own 'em, but if I win I could GIVE the series to one of the "uninitiated."
Catherine w
150. korlat
pick me! pick me! my copies are falling apart....evidently you can only re read a paperback 8 or 9 times before it falls apart. Sad day when they finally bite the dust.
John Koempel
151. physicser
I've heard only good things about the series, I would love to win this!!
Matt Carpenter
154. Jason Moseley
pickest thou me.
Matt Carpenter
155. aw87
Wow what a competition - will need to find the time to read these end to end!
Matt Carpenter
157. PipHunn
Fantastic competition! I'm spreading the word as best I can. A brilliant way to introduce readers to an AWESOME series.
Matt Carpenter
159. Case_Sensitive
Me too!
Matt Carpenter
160. towo
I'll put my first two on bookcrossing then, profit for the world!

Is this US citizens only?
Jessie M
161. JpitSC
A whole set, that's plenty of reading.
Matt Carpenter
162. Russell Tassicker
Pick me! Pick me!
Matt Carpenter
164. Eric Lundstedt
Tor, dearest friend of Kruppe's, please giveth this treasure to his most humble servant. (Plus, my son's name is Tor).
Stefan Raets
165. Stefan
It would be nice to replace my beaten up copies that are kept together with a mixture of tape and hope...
Matt Carpenter
166. Freekill813
I was plannig on buying these books once I finished those I already have so this would be handy.
Matt Carpenter
167. OreoCorp
Definitely want in for these!
Matt Carpenter
168. noc11
heard its good from friends
also reccommended for me on kindle
like the premise, never read any
Matt Carpenter
169. Dicer
Wow that's a lot of books!
Bobby Stubbs
173. Valan
I've got to finish this Joe Abercrombie book before I can read the Crippled God, but I am bloody ready for it!
Mahesh Banavar
176. maheshkb
I have just started reading the series. I would love to have the set!
Matt Carpenter
177. Poormojo
Tehol Beddict is my favorite character. I'd like to win a copy.
Matt Carpenter
179. Ria (Tea and Tomes)
Count me in! I've heard so many awesome things about this series but haven't actually had the chance to read the books yet.
Anthony Roisum
180. Veto
Malazan Giveaway of the Fallen FTW!
Matt Carpenter
181. Hugo Freitas
Been wanting these for a while!
sean odell
182. dirgework
This is the next series on my list - and I can't wait.
Will be reading this all year ... except for July, when A Dance with Dragons is released.
Matt Carpenter
183. Kevin Faulk
I am quite interested in this series.
Matt Carpenter
186. inversejerk
just got the first book on kindle, would love physical copies.
Matt Carpenter
188. Prominent Nonentity
Sure, why not.
Ian Hammond
189. hungrym
It would surely be nice to have a whole series to read!
Joseph DeAgostino
190. Kernan
Why not add yet another series of books to my bookshelf to get through?
Matt Carpenter
192. Tehol Lives
This would be the greatest thing ever, thanks for the chance!
Matt Carpenter
197. jcfocarino
I've never read the series and it's on my list!
Matt Carpenter
198. sethdjohnson
I love this series, but I've mostly been reading friends' copies, so I would love to win a set!
John Chedid
202. lebdeb87
Hahaha... I was just thinking about going out to buy the first book in this series... interesting :P
Matt Carpenter
204. Gangadhar
I'm commenting without any hope.
Todd Johansen
205. Gher06
I wonder just how small the chances of winning will be by the time this giveaway is closed.
Eric Cannon
208. mrglum
it would be cool to have a single version of the series... i have trade books, paperback books, etc. pick me pick me!
Dirk Walls
209. dirk
I too would like this complete collection.

(how about a couple runner ups winning the whole set as ebooks?)
pat purdy
213. night owl
And to think that by happenstance I picked up the first book because the guy on the horse was hot! My copies are a ragtag of paperback and hardbacks. Would absolutely love a set that matches, and I would gladly give up these to a new reader.
Alix Miller
215. abomination10191
I cannot begin to tell you how many times these books have been recommended to me. Always meant to read them but never really got around to it. If only there was a way to get my hands on them. For free maybe?
Matt Carpenter
216. theholyavenger
YES!!! I can't believe this amazing series is finally coming to an end. Best series out there.
Drew Urmey
217. urmey1
There's nothing quite like an offer of free books to make me remember my password for this site.
Matt Carpenter
219. Warsie
This would look lovely on my bookshelf, next to my other set.
James Hogan
220. Sonofthunder
I've only read the first suppose it wouldn't be bad to read the rest of the series!!
Justin Levitt
221. TyranAmiros
Never read them, but always looking for new series!
Marcel xxx
223. lowlandr
send them over to me... I have a shelf waiting for them :)
Matt Carpenter
225. ayvo
It's worth trying, so here's my comment
Matt Carpenter
227. KevinT
Me! Me! Me!
Matt Carpenter
228. ScottLongstaff
I've just gotten started on this series. It's magnificent, and having more around to read, view, sort, stack, snuggle, and sing endless adoring praises to would be very good. Very good indeed.
Gerd K
229. Kah-thurak
A matching set of the series would be nice.
Christopher Taylor-Davies
231. ChristopherTD
Just starting on book 1 - a complete set would be timely!
Philip Crowley
232. dragonbane79
Great series, read all but two, but I don't own it yet...
Matt Carpenter
235. GingerMagician
I'd love to read this series.
Matt Carpenter
237. Cantthinkofone
I've had such a horrible two months!!!! Brighten my day!
Matt Carpenter
238. coughingbear
I would love to have a complete set, to fill some gaps and start lending them out to other people to get them hooked too!
Matt Carpenter
241. Edgewalker
Remember us.
Matt Carpenter
242. axonite
I'm currently reading 'The Bonehunters.' Erikson's Malazan Empire books won't let me go until I've finished the entire series.
Matt Carpenter
244. kbpennell
I want to read this series. Please let me win
Matt Carpenter
247. S.Muse
I would love the opportunity to own these.
Matt Carpenter
248. Joe57
Stellar, I have just started reading the series and am enjoying it so much.
Sean Vivier
250. SeanVivier
I might be able to read these if I don't have to worry about getting them back to the library.
Christopher Spring
251. springc
I've had two acquaintences bounce off the first book, but I'm still willing to give it a shot.
Matt Carpenter
252. polemarkh
Sounds good.
Tomasz Lisek
253. Asthariel
So, i have 0,4% to win by now. But this doesn't mean, tah i won't try...
Greg Lincoln
255. glshade
I'd settle for just the Crippled God but another set would be very cool to have.
Matt Carpenter
256. slmz100
Just started reading, would love to have the set.
Matt Carpenter
257. Mack Buchanan
I have always wanted to read these books! They would be a perfect addition to my collection.
Andy Schroeder
258. schroody
I've never read it, but...ditto from everything above :)
mark harris
259. martianson
I've read the first book - would love to read all the rest.
Matt Carpenter
260. ataylor921
Sign me up!
Wolf Bro Joe
261. Wolf Bro Joe
Would love to have my own copies. Thanks!
Matt Carpenter
262. rubydog
Great contest!
Please enter me.
Matt Carpenter
263. RorDawg
I would like to win now.
Matt Carpenter
268. J_Perez
Never read it, never heard of it before, but given the enthusiasm of everyone else here, I shure would like to read it and share into everyone's enthusiasm!
Matt Carpenter
269. gfox
thanks for the books and sorry everyone else!
Matt Carpenter
273. pungentodor
I've fallen for this series.
Matt Carpenter
275. MDW
This series grips me like an Azath.
Matt Carpenter
276. Tocks Nedlog
Radical. In fact - - free radicals!
Matt Carpenter
279. lagormorph_Rex
I really liked the Black Company, and people seem to compare Malazan favourably to it, So this would be a grand thing to win. I'd love to be able to do a sort of "Wanderings of a Malazan Newcomer" kind of blog posts about it.
Matt Carpenter
280. gelee
I wonder what they all weigh together...
Matt Carpenter
281. DorisM
Would love to win the books!
Matt Carpenter
282. Irstswar
Better a tale of the Malazan than the fall of the Malazan
Matt Carpenter
283. Lance Himself
I would like to win this series, please!
Shanawaz Ali
284. Liquid Silver
I'd have to find space on my bookshelf to fit them all!
Matt Carpenter
285. Zombrey
I just go my NookColor but had to buy the hardcopy to complete my collection. That being said, I want to be able to loan them with sacrificing my beautiful collection.
Matt Carpenter
286. Kaaaaaaaaate
Yes, please! And thank you!
Matt Carpenter
287. Harry Connolly
Me, please.
Matt Carpenter
289. Brad Grant
Count me in
Matt Carpenter
291. GongsunZan
Me! Me! Meeeeeeee!
Matt Carpenter
292. SBG
Hats off to the author...
Ashley W
293. a_neonta
Perfect--I've actually only read the first book!
Matt Carpenter
295. The Creator
I'd like to win this.
Matt Carpenter
296. Phage42
Heard of it - would like to read it. Thanks!
Paige Jones
297. Paige1710
Wow! This would be awesome! Massive fan of pretty much all the authors on Tor, and this series has always interested me. :D
John Broky
299. frienetic
I've only just recently became aware of the series. Awesome way to check it out!
Matt Carpenter
301. AndrewV
This would be an awesome prize! Sign me up, please.
Matt Carpenter
302. Mootesful
Hey there buddy get me one of them flying thingys!
Matt Carpenter
304. weebabyseamus
everybody loves this series. and i'd love to read it!
Bob Puckett
305. Vendolius
Oh my, yes.
Matt Carpenter
306. TaddyCrow
Love me my gimpy deities
Matt Carpenter
307. RaynorR
Heard good things about this series. Might as well try.
Sujay Naik
308. simoquin
The greatest Sci-fi / fantasy series in print today. In terms of words, must be the longest story arc ( in fiction ) ever printed!
Matt Carpenter
310. DiegoG
Never get to find the first books here in Italy. Pick me!!
miriam kahn
311. mbkcons
Can't wait to read the next and last installment of this great series. I'd love to have them all to re-read from the beginning.
Matt Carpenter
312. Wulfric
Since my copies of everything before Toll the Hounds are falling apart from too many re-reads, I could really do with these!
Neil Jensen
313. NA_Jensen
I've been meaning to start this series for years but have never gotten to it. Winning the complete series would be great motivation!
Matt Carpenter
316. Andrea_95
It would be great to win the series!
Matt Carpenter
317. superhombre
sounds good
Matt Carpenter
319. kridabo
These books rock my socks ^-^
ken ho
321. albatross
Reading Reaper's Gale right now, I can't believe this great series actually has an ending! It would be amazing to own all the books.
Matt Carpenter
322. Beren_Erchamion
I would love to be able to give this series to a friend! :D
Matt Carpenter
323. Logan_Spangler
Always seemed like an interesting series.
Jörg Mosthaf
324. Joerg_Mosthaf
I just bought the complete series (minus the last one) as eBooks and would love to have them to entice new readers to a great fantasy world :)
Matt Carpenter
325. Danisael

Great giveaway!
Matt Carpenter
326. xnz
Congraduations to Mr Erikson!
Matt Carpenter
327. skinut
it just gets better and butter and batter but not bitter.
Matt Carpenter
328. Stephanie M. Lorée
Of all the contests I've entered thus far, I want this one the most. Please, Santa Tor? :)
Sydo Zandstra
329. Fiddler
Seems like a good way to get a friend to start reading Malazan :)
Brian Benison
330. boruma
I don't believe in paperbacks, much less ebooks, so could I have nice weighty hardcovers please? Nothing quite like the feel and smell of a new book.
Matt Carpenter
331. toddlo
I'm about halfway through the first book and love it. So glad you are doing this giveaway! It would be wonderful to get the whole series!
Matt Carpenter
332. Alarpup
I suppose I'll give it a shot. I only have the first book and I've been meaning to read the series for ages so it would be an absolute blessing to recieve all ten books.
Matt Carpenter
334. mareks
I am sitting here on the carpet, properly, with legs crossed & my finger on my lips. My arm, however, is waving frantically in the air!!
Matt Carpenter
335. Gordon Blue Trellhunter
I wish I could fly, way up in the sky, but I cant...........
Except when Im reading these books or walking the warrens.
Please can I win, Hoods breath I want to win.
Stelios Koutrakis
336. Olethros
That's the greatest giveaway so far!
Raymond Tucker
337. tttbmf
I'm older than anyone else posting so I deserve to win! (Does that sound as bad smaltzy as it does to me?)
Matt Carpenter
338. captain_zimmer
I only heard good things of Mr. Erikson! Never got around to reading any of his work, so this prize would be the ultimate reason to do so! Plus, I never won any giveaway, so history will me made!
Sascha Mathan
340. Darkname
Sascha Mathan
341. Darkname
Matt Carpenter
343. wwbrit
can i get them vaccuum packed and in a glass case please
Beth Knoche
344. bethie1941
I love this series! When I first started it I don't think I left the house until I committed the series to memory. I work at Borders Books and Erikson has been my prime recommendation to all epic fantasy readers. It takes great concentration because events will change on you in an instant, but that makes it all the better. I have a very mismatched collection of my own but would take your set in a heartbeat and pass mine along to some other fortunate soul
346. zerodude
PLEASE ! I have never read the books
just excerpts here and there, would love
to have the whole set to read from start to finish.
Chris Battey
347. DarthParadox
Yes please! I've been meaning to read these...
Matt Carpenter
349. Dragonmage
What a wild series
Matt Carpenter
352. Gene_of_the_fallen
Yay! FTW Malazan!
Matt Carpenter
353. Simon Halliday
Congratulations to the Malazaners. I would love to read the books I haven't yet read.
Matt Carpenter
354. Miles Beck
I would love to read this series.
Matt Carpenter
355. Scott McNulty
I haven't read any books in this series, but I hear good things!
Matt Carpenter
357. Corneus
I am Canadian and ashamed to admit I've never read any of this series, so please add my name to the list! :)
Filippo bia
358. filippobia
New to the serie... Would be so glad to win! Thanks anyway
Matt Carpenter
359. Travis L.
I have not had a chance to read these yet, but they're on my to read list. I'd love to have them.
Matt Carpenter
360. Ben JB
i've never read any of these books.
Sydo Zandstra
362. Fiddler
The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Wednesday, March 9th.

Now, since this stopped 8 days ago, can we close this post please, so it stops showing up? ;-)

The alternative would be offering mass reading courses... ;-)

I'll flag it. :-)
Matt Carpenter
363. jfleon111
Must have it!
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