Mar 17 2011 5:54pm

George R.R. Martin Gets the Taiwanese CGI Treatment

Many fans are desperately awaiting the A Dance With Dragons release, but the Next Media Animation group has a little something to tide you over until July. Their CGI animation of George R.R. Martin’s road so far with the Song of Ice and Fire series is as boggling as it is hilarious:

But rest assured! Over at Suvudu we have been shown proof of the manuscript. Nearly the whole thing—and it’s HUGE! So don’t despair because it looks like we’ve got a whole lot to look forward to this summer.

Stubby the Rocket is the macsot and will be very excited to receive a copy of A Dance With Dragons in July.

Sharat Buddhavarapu
1. Sharat Buddhavarapu
I like how the Taiwanese CGI animators can't animate properly, that blood splatter is terrible. I remember watching Dragon Wars years ago and thinking that while they couldn't tell stories the Korean animators could do special effects well. Seems their Taiwanese neighbors have better storytelling skills, but not much class. I mean their video has spawned internet jokes that Martin will die of lemon cake before he finishes the series.
2. Hatgirl
I love the game of musical chairs (@ timecode 0:40)
3. cranscape
I don't think they were going for perfect CGI. It's all for fun. About Sims level of accurate. We should be happy there wasn't a subplot about burning toast and needing a wee.
4. Ian P. Johnson
I like the little subtle touches in this video– the "I ain't nobody's bitch" t-shirt that Martin is wearing (referring back to Gaiman's infamous blog post) and the "Who dies next?" chart. It's pretty funny.
5. OwMasha
Hypothetically speaking, of course: Would reading A Song of Ice and Fire cause that 'Puppy Fetus' poster to make sense? Because as tempted as I've been to start the series, I'm not sure I want to make that poster make sense.
Cassie Ammerman
6. leanoir
@Hatgirl - the game of musical throne was my favorite bit too. Too perfect!
7. MacMac
Wow Harry Potter isn't having much luck in that news report, first he flies into a bus, then he gets taken out by GRR Martin's book throwing skills.

Loved Tyrion's evil laugh.
Maiane Bakroeva
8. Isilel
OwMaha @5:

Would reading A Song of Ice and Fire cause that 'Puppy Fetus' poster to make sense?

I am not even sure what it alludes to, but in any case it is firmly tongue-in-cheek.
9. Laura D.
I just don't even, that is something else.

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