Mar 31 2011 4:24pm

Food Trucks Don’t Race... They War

Camelot food truck

Fantasy worlds are warring for our gastronomic attention! The office just got word that the Starz Network’s upcoming sword-and-sorcery show Camelot is also zipping around New York City this week giving out free food. (And, um, as you can see in the above photo found on I’m Not Angry, This Is My Relaxed Expression...there are wenches.)

We are eager to see this play out even further. Can BBC America send a Merlin food truck? Can Ned Stark and King Arthur do battle on top of the Empire State Building? (Or at the offices? The Flatiron has a very dramatic roof.) Where will they fit the Round Table? Times Square? Should the Iron Throne be seated at City Hall, or atop the Brooklyn Bridge?

For the Camelot truck, the schedule is as follows:

Today, Thursday March 31

2:45 – 3:45: Times Square (44th/Broadway)
4:15 – 5:30: Grand Central (E 44th/Park) Met Life Building

Tomorrow, Friday April 1

11:30 – 12:30: Meatpacking: (13th/9th, Chelsea Piers)
1:00 – 2:15: Battery Park City (Vesey/River Terrace & Wall St./Liberty St)
2:45 – 3:45: Hudson/W. 11th near Magnolia Bakery
4:15 – 5:30: Cooper Sq. (7th/Lafayette)


For the Game of Thrones truck, the schedule is as follows:

Today, Thursday March 31

West 4th St (near the subway stop)

Tomorrow, Friday April 1

Well, we have to guess, since they won’t announce it on Twitter until tomorrow. But they haven’t hit up Times Square or Bryant Park up yet.

Stubby the Rocket is the mascot of and is aware it may be missing a golden opportunity to be the world’s first fantasy-themed food rocket.

Sharat Buddhavarapu
1. Sharat Buddhavarapu
Yes! BBC America here the war cries. The gauntlet has been thrown. Answer!!!!
Ian P. Johnson
2. Ian P. Johnson
Ned Stark and King Arthur battling atop the Empire State Building… YES. I would pay money to see that. Like, actual money made out of money.

(But only if they were actually the read Ned Stark and King Arthur. If they were just actors, I'd pay in Monopoly money. Because let's face it, real people playing fake people is less cool than fake people being real and fighting atop the Empire State Building.)
Jenny Thrash
3. Sihaya
But Ian, what if real people play fake people while relly battling on top of the Empire State Building (or the Flatiron)? Or even doing a particularly well done stage combat?
Rikka Cordin
4. Rikka
I feel like a Merlin food truck would be gross things but I would eat it anyway.... especially if Colin Morgan served me food. *swoon*

Also. It would be the best April Fools if they switched trucks.
Ian P. Johnson
5. reaeverywhereelse
"Free turkey legs" seems a tad anachronistic for King Arthur . . .
Theresa DeLucci
6. theresa_delucci
Yeah, sorry, once again Starz is shown to be the lowbrow cousin to the pedigree of HBO. (Not that that's a bad thing, per se. I like Spartacus: Boobs and Gore as much as the next person.)

But free turkey legs up against Tom Collichio's venison over baked apples and black fish stew with dragonpeppers and lemoncakes? No contest.
Ian P. Johnson
In all fairness...this makes Starz lowbrow, but it doesn't make HBO completely pretentious?
Jenny Thrash
8. Sihaya
I dunno. I've found that wherever there are turkey legs, there's outdoor entertainment. I mean, even if you're not at an outdoor festival, like you're just smoking them in your backyard, some guest will inevitably break out the juggling, confetti cannon, music or etcetera. I think turkey legs are the physical component for some sort of carnival summoning spell. So yeah, the HBO chef's truck might be more compellingly new (especially if you've had cause to get really tired of turkey legs), but I'd still try out the Starz truck, too.

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