Mar 17 2011 9:30am

Cover for Vernor Vinge’s The Children of the Sky Revealed & A Fire Upon the Deep Giveaway of Epic Proportions

The cover for Vernor Vinge’s The Children of the Sky has just been released, and we think it’s gorgeous. It also happens to be the sequel to Vinge’s Hugo Award-winning, A Fire Upon the Deep. So while you’re all taking a gander at this lovely new cover, we have a massive giveaway for all of you who want to be ready for its release. We are giving away 50 copies (that’s right, we said 50) of A Fire Upon the Deep. That’s 50 chances for you to win, so enter now!

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post. Duplicate comments won’t be counted. Fifty winners will be randomly selected by noon EST on Tuesday, March 22nd. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from a winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

Thomas Clausen
1. Thomas Clausen
Excellent! My old copy is almost worn out :-)
Thomas Clausen
2. NatetheGreat
Thanks for doing this! Good luck to everyone who enters.
Thomas Clausen
3. cnote
saw this on twitter. hook me up!
Thomas Clausen
5. aranapequena
Wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity!
Thomas Clausen
6. Mihai (Dark Wolf)
Wonderful cover indeed. I would also like to enter this wonderful contest :)
Matt Schraeder
7. frozen-solid
I definitely wouldn't mind a copy of this great cover sitting on my bookshelf
Thomas Clausen
8. alexadam
yes, yes, comment, here! Sounds awesome and I'd like to have one. So, could people after comment 50 please refrain from..... haha, let's leave it to chance then.
Thomas Clausen
9. kdadams
I haven't read the first book yet but the cover for the sequel intrigues me. Also, in the words of the ODB: It's free books! how could you not take it?
Thomas Clausen
10. odaiwai
Hmm, according to my Delicious Library, I only have Deepness, not aFUtD, which is odd as I've definitely read Fire, but not Deepness (yet). Perhaps it never moved to HK with me.

It was a long time ago, though, so it's certainly time for a re-read.

I sure hope you guys ship to overseas...
Philip Crowley
14. dragonbane79
I have not read Vinge - seems like a good way to get started!
Shane Stringer
15. ShaneStringer
O Hai.
Can I trade this for an ARC of The Children of the Sky? Thx.
Paulo Barboni
16. pbarboni
I´m a huge fan of Vinge's work...and could´nt get one of those in my country...let's try this way!
Matthew Kuhl
17. pattonmat
"Il nous faut de l'audace, encore de l'audace, toujours de l'audace!" -Georges Danton
Thomas Clausen
21. Robert Sparling
I', always down to try a new author. Well, new to me.
Thomas Clausen
24. Hedrigall
Wow, would love to win one.
Thomas Clausen
25. BillyJay
sounds like a great chance to check out a new author
Thomas Clausen
26. Joseph A. Gervasi
Yes! I'd love to win a copy of this. And I've made my bed, said my prayers and boiled a tasty egg for breakfast.
Thomas Clausen
28. SeekerofTruth
New book for free? yes sir/ma'am im in
Thomas Clausen
29. Utheran
The book looks good!
Thomas Clausen
32. neko
Fire Upon the Deep is my favorite book! Actually owning a copy instead of borrowing would be awesome :3
Thomas Clausen
33. rabid-Android
I am always willing to read Vinge! and the artwork looks great!
Thomas Clausen
35. isnochys
I want one!
Thomas Clausen
36. liz r
I have never read anything by this author but am looking forward to it!
Thomas Clausen
39. Caplanjr
It seems I read this book much longer ago than 1992, but cannot find it on my shelves. Wonder if we'll be waiting 20 more years for the next one.
Rockville, MD
Thomas Clausen
42. FLewis
I've just been thinking I need to read more science fiction for a while. This would be a great place to start.
Mark McKibben
44. Manzabar
I'd be happy to make room for a copy of this on my bookshelf.
Thomas Clausen
45. dawn the glass beadmaker
yay :)
Thomas Clausen
46. Daniel Franklin
I've heard so much about Vinge, I would love to get my hands on this...
Nate Ostman
47. Natro
Always looking for new reading material!
Holly Heisey
50. seili
I've never read it but it sounds awesome!
Thomas Clausen
51. Wasaty
There's a typo in the link to the actual cover image.
Bert Van Vreckem
52. bertvv
Awesome! I loved 'Fire Upon the Deep'. I read the Dutch translation, looking forward to re-read it in English!
John Broky
53. frienetic
Ah but I need to read the first couple first!
David C
54. Malkier
Why am I such a sucker for book contests?
Thomas Clausen
55. Azuaron
Always looking for new series to read.
Thomas Clausen
57. RJK
A book upon my bookshelf, hopefully.
Thomas Clausen
58. Kirsten Pilkerton
I'd love a copy! thanks!
Thomas Clausen
59. Ed!
Hooray! More hyper-intelligent hive-mind space puppies!
Kerry Kuhn
60. Kerry
Free book? Of course I will put in a comment. With that many being given away, I might even stand a chance...
Kenneth Sutton
61. kenneth
Yay! And how exciting to look forward to the sequel.
Thomas Clausen
62. luras
Always looking for something new to read, thanks!
Dennis Jewell
63. raven614
This book is very good with new exciting ideas.
Theresa Kamper
64. Rhaynefall
This looks really good! I'm not sure why I haven't read it yet.
Joanna Slupek
65. Spriggana
The link to a large cover is broken (‘n’ is missing from the ‘children’ in the filename).
But it gave me a chance to see the cute 404 page ;-)
Thomas Clausen
67. Lady Atarah
So exciting!!
Thomas Clausen
68. grnchile
It's been many years. My memory isn't what it was. Needs refresh. Thanks.
Thomas Clausen
70. Tony Garnock-Jones
I'm looking forward to the upcoming sequel *so much* :-)
Thomas Clausen
73. J.R. Med
Wow, what a great giveaway! I'd love to read this.
Thomas Clausen
74. sweetlilflower
I can't turn down a good free book :-)
Thomas Clausen
75. Nenad Ristic
Would love a copy, only managed to read it from the library, so I don't ahve one.
Amy Gray
76. Amy
Looking forward to reading this!
Daniel Hanley
78. Kythorian
I actually have not read this, but I have heard good things about it. So that sounds great.
Shay D.
80. shaydchara
Shiny cover. :)

Thanks for all the great giveaways!
Thomas Clausen
81. sbass
Looking forward to this.
Stephen Zielinski
82. zsaz1029
Who wouldn't love to win this classic?!?
Thomas Clausen
84. Jeanne Gomoll
Yes, please.
Wes Samson
85. poemanderror
This is one of those books which I've always meant to read.
Thomas Clausen
86. Heather Perkins
just what I need right now, a new book! :D
Thomas Clausen
87. dwarzel
Count me in!
Thomas Clausen
88. Filippo Bya
Great, i'm in !
Thomas Clausen
92. Kimberly Unger
Can't *wait* to read the sequel! Fire Upon the Deep is one of my "Top 10" :)
Jacob Hasson
94. jhass777
A Fire Upon the Deep sounds like a fantastic Science Fiction novel. I would love to win a copy. Thanks!!!
Paul Go
95. greyarea
A Fire Upon the Deep was awesome. This looks like it will be great.
Thomas Clausen
96. meganlynae
Haven't heard of it before, but I love new stories.
Ty Margheim
99. alSeen
Great book. I hope you give away the new one at some point too.
Thomas Clausen
101. SueRed
Please and thank you.
Thomas Clausen
102. f_lupercus
there's an odd Wheel of Time look to that cover-- high fantasy and the singularity together again!!!
Sam Mickel
103. Samadai
Sounds like a great deal, count me in.
George Gordon
104. gordong1968
The cover looks great. I haven't read A Fire Upon the Deep, but would like to check it out.
Thomas Clausen
105. m4i3fm34
Looks great!
Thomas Clausen
106. MountainManCO
Looks good.
Thomas Clausen
107. Roardawg
Another comment, another contest, another loss.
Thomas Clausen
108. Dentaku
Awesome! Been meaning to read this for a while! .
Thomas Clausen
109. bbittner
One of the best SF novels I've ever read. Can't wait to read it again, and to dive into the sequel!
Thomas Clausen
111. Lizardbreath
I'm in.
Thomas Clausen
112. Roardawg
Don't know what went wrong with my first comment, #107, but here goes. Please randomly pick me.
Thomas Clausen
114. jadekaz
Fingers crossed on lucky St. Patty's day.
Thomas Clausen
115. Membrillu
I'd like the books!
Thomas Clausen
116. nforget
I'm reading the first in the series right now!
Thomas Clausen
117. rubydog
Great giveaway!
I would love to win.
Please enter me.
Thomas Clausen
119. Adam Bicksler
I've never heard of Mr. Vinge, but I'd definitely like to try him out! I need something to fill the gap between the last WoT book and the next Song of Ice and Fire book (July!!!!!)
Thomas Clausen
120. Bill West
Please, pretty please.
Susan Meek
121. smeek1958
Thank you, that is one I've been meaning to get to . Here's to a little of the luck of the Irish today!
Thomas Clausen
123. Hamm81
Just saw Vinge at Condor in San Diego, would love tos tart this series.
Andrew Lee
124. alee
Please enter me for this. Thanks!
Thomas Clausen
125. BrokenFiction
I've never read A Fire Upon The Deep - I'd love a copy! Thanks!
Thomas Clausen
126. CBot
Been wanting to read this for quite a long while - great opportunity!
Thomas Clausen
128. Martin Burns
An excellent story that involved truly alien aliens! Changed the way I estimate the motives of another species actions.
Thomas Clausen
129. Benni
Woot! Great giveaway. Sign me up, please. Thank you so much!
Thomas Clausen
130. gloomcookie
I've always wanted to read some Vinge...and what a great way to start, wich Fire Upon The Deep!
Thomas Clausen
131. Phil Stracchino
I have been waiting SO LONG for a Fire Upon the Deep sequel. I thought A Deepness In The Sky was to be that sequel, until I read it and found it to be completely unrelated....

But hey - I already HAVE A Fire Upon the Deep. How about giving away fifty copies of Children Of The Sky instead?
Clayton Drescher
132. claydd
Never read it, looking forward to it
Thomas Clausen
135. Sparksphotog
Haven't read it yet, and would love a free copy!
Chuck Childers
136. cchilders
Yes! Thanks for the opportunity and letting us know about Vinge's new book!
A.J. Bobo
137. Daedylus
I've never read A Fire Upon the Deep. Would you like to help me correct that? You would? Oh thank you.
A.J. Bobo
138. Daedylus
Argh - double-post. Ignore this one. Sorry.
Thomas Clausen
139. Surfdog
I want one!
Thomas Clausen
140. DIYGene
Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!
Thomas Clausen
145. Brenda H.
I've read some of his work, I'd enjoy a chance to read more!
Thomas Clausen
146. ax20
This book sounds great!
Thomas Clausen
148. ninjapenguin
I've been pondering acquiring this one. Lay on, Torduff!
Matthew B
149. MatthewB
I just tried to buy this book at my local shop but it wasn't in stock. Fortuitous?
Thomas Clausen
150. MikeSP
A non-digital and free copy would be SWEET! Can't wait for the next one!
Thomas Clausen
151. longword
A Fire Upon the Deep is a masterpiece. Looking forward to the sequel.
Thomas Clausen
153. Andrew R
If the cover is any indication it will be an excellent followup to the earlier work.
Thomas Clausen
155. Editer
So excited to see this coming! VV's not nearly as prolific as some authors, but his stuff is so solid and entertaining that it's always worth the wait.
Tim May
157. ngogam
Well, AFUtD has been on my to-read list for years, so...
Thomas Clausen
159. AShatteredDream
Never heard of the series, but it looks/sounds really good. I want one!
Thomas Clausen
160. Teri C
ohh I have had my eyes on these books for a little while and I would love to read it. Thank you!
Thomas Clausen
161. Kaya H
ohh this series looks great. Thank you for pointing it out to me! I would love to read and review the first book.
Chris Meadows
162. Robotech_Master
A Fire Upon the Deep was the first e-book I ever bought (I reviewed the footnoted edition here). Looking forward to the sequel. It looks like this cover has more to do with the actual contents of the book than previous covers.
Thomas Clausen
163. OtterB
Count me in, please
Erin Hartshorn
164. ErinMH
50 copies? Current odds are almost 1 in 3. That won't last, I'm sure.

Looking forward to the sequel.
Frank Nagy
165. fjnagy
We are in the Dumb Zone of THought at this time.
Thomas Clausen
166. Harold Hood
Ready for it!!
Thomas Clausen
168. Kvon
I've got Deepness, but Fire was a library book from a long time ago.
Thomas Clausen
169. Michael Alan Dorman
And then I could give my old copy to my father for good, instead of having to periodically exchange it.
Lila Fontes
171. lila927
Wow! 50 copies? Please please pick me!
Thomas Clausen
173. dhw
Consider this my application for one of those copies...
Thomas Clausen
174. stevethesteve
I am like a 100 pages away from finishing Fire Upon the Deep and I feel safe saying its probably one of my favorite SciFi books (or movies, or things) ever, at least in my top five. Please spare one for me.
Thomas Clausen
177. nixon66
I'm in for sure.
Thomas Clausen
178. Jandy
Verner Vinge! Cool, count me in.
Erik Hovland
179. microe
I've been looking for an excuse to read another VV book since I finished his classic Rainbow's End. Crossing my fingers!
Thomas Clausen
180. meggi_girl
Count me in!
Hannu Blommila
181. HannuB
Wonderful cover. Really looking forward to this. Count me in.
Thomas Clausen
182. WillieTheSpiller
Wahoo. Sign me up.
Thomas Clausen
183. RussG
Yay, been wanting to read this!
Sean Novicki
185. cal1andor
Never read the first one, but that cover does look cool, so here'd be a good opportunity to find out what the dealio is.
Thomas Clausen
187. rabbitrabbitgoose
sign me up!
Thomas Clausen
188. ChakaTodd
Just finished The Peace War. Great book! So far Marooned in Realtime is even better.
Trey Palmer
190. Pilgrim
Aw, I thought you were giving away a copy of Children of the Sky.
Thomas Clausen
191. endymion
count me in
Todd Tyrna
192. Ezramoon
Just giving away 50 books!?! Does the publisher know about this.... ;)

I'm in!
Thomas Clausen
195. Ken2
Always looking for new sci-fi! Count me in!
Thomas Clausen
197. xnz
Great book, happy about the sequal, like the give away.
Thomas Clausen
201. Rowanmdm
Someday I will win one of these...
J Wilson
202. bluestraggler
I have a good home for a needy book. Thank you.
Alex Reid
204. microwavedboy
I have a library in my new place that cries out for lovely books to fill its shelves. :)
Thomas Clausen
206. SarahSparrow
Awesome giveaway!
Andrew Timson
207. ATimson
I've never read Vinge, but I'd love to give him a try for free.
Thomas Clausen
208. Alan Jenkins says "a random drawing among all people who leave comments to the contest post. (There are just over 170 so far, and probably won’t be more than a few hundred all in all, so chances are pretty good.)"

-- well, maybe more now you're linking to it, haha.
Thomas Clausen
209. treesinger
I grok Vinge, wait wrong author! I do love him so, though
Thomas Clausen
211. Feldspar
Yes yes! Would love some free Vinge
Rammy Meyerowitz
214. m5rammy
Awesome book, I'll be getting the new one for sure
Thomas Clausen
216. ctopherrun
Too excited. Looks like it takes place on the Tine's planet?
Thomas Clausen
217. johnnyB
I'd like to start the series with a freebie
Thomas Clausen
218. Amanda Cobb
Ooh, looks good.
Thomas Clausen
219. Leo_78
Very good writer, can't wait for this one
Thomas Clausen
220. Hugo Freitas
I love
Thomas Clausen
221. Rhiannon
I borrowed A Fire Upon The Deep years ago and loved it – would really love the chance to get hold of a free copy! I'm sure the sequel will be good too, though I've not read any of Vinge's other works.
Thomas Clausen
222. Jharris22586
Yay! I love giveaways!!!
Thomas Clausen
223. DRickard
Gimme gimme gimme (er, please?)
Thomas Clausen
225. dsegel
Looking forward to this.
Thomas Clausen
227. dsegel
Looking forward to this one.
Javier Soto
229. Jav
Fire Upon the Deep is one of my favorites and I can't wait for Children of the Sky
Thomas Clausen
230. Ed G
Thanks for the offer
Thomas Clausen
231. jlabeatnik
Love Mr. Vinge! Look forward to the new book.
Joshua Stevenson
232. itsgottabeodin
I've never read it, but its been on my list for years.
Thomas Clausen
234. kbuxton
I can't wait to read this
Greg Lincoln
237. glshade
Had a copy that I never got a chance to read....
Thomas Clausen
238. Nicole F.
Fantastic, count me in.
Thomas Clausen
239. Patrick83
I like books!
Thomas Clausen
241. Kevin Faulk
I've been wanting to read Vinge.
Thomas Clausen
242. vitiosus
This sounds like an interesting series.
Thomas Clausen
243. firesinger
Generous giveaway!
Thomas Clausen
244. cmpalmer
Would love a new copy - mine has fallen apart (literally) from re-reading.
Thomas Clausen
247. Meli
Who could ever imagine I could be excited about a space spiders sequel. Me! I loved the first book. This is going on my reading list.
lake sidey
248. lakesidey
Tried to post earlier, but the interwebs ate it :( Any chance of "A Deepness in the Sky"?

Thomas Clausen
249. Stefan Jones
Tines! How can you go wrong with group minded seal-doggies?
Thomas Clausen
250. Nelson Alexander
Was just about to start A Deepness in the Sky, so this is great news!
Thomas Clausen
251. Vanamonde
Fingers crossed and all that jazz.
Thomas Jeffries
253. thomstel
Bamf! I'm in the post, hoping for goodies!
Stephen Lyon
255. skaftafell
I haven't read "A Fire Upon the Deep" and would like to ...
Thomas Clausen
maybe it's my time! c'mon vernor vinge!
Thomas Clausen
257. Michael Habif
yes please
Thomas Clausen
258. dwndrgn
Count me in please!
Colette Crowther
259. mamzel
I would love to win this book. Thank you.
Adam Weber
261. SvelteDesert
Thanks for all of the great SFF info Tor, I'm a new user, but I am really loving all of the info ya'll put out. Keep up the great work!
Thomas Clausen
262. TCWriter
I feel compelled to point out that anyone commenting on this thread (after my comment) is opening their PC/laptop/smartphone/iPad to almost certain infection via a destructive virus.

Better safe than sorry I always say.
Thomas Clausen
263. James R
Wonderful giveaway and a great chance to discover a new author!
Thomas Clausen
264. Foxessa
Thanks for the heads-up that another novel set in this universe is on its way!

Love, c.
Adam Pare
265. Adamcpare
Afud was the first book we read for our Hugo book club.
Ryan MacDonald
266. Phishmanr
50 copies...seems like I might have a chance this time!
Thomas Clausen
267. ADS
Ooh, a new one to look forward to...
Thomas Clausen
268. jason 1110
This is a comment in which I ask nicely for a copy. Please.
Ori Avtalion
269. salty-horse
Would rather have an ePub, but you're only offering it on Amazon :/
Carlos Mendez
270. cmdumestre
That's Great...!
I've been wanting to read something of VV for a long time...since I've read a lot about his work but haven't got any of his books yet...
Maybe this time...
Ben T-Moore
271. BenTGaidin
Oh, I'm so excited for this book to come out!
Thomas Clausen
272. Kestrel630
I would love to read this. Thanks again Tor for always having awesome ways for fans to win great stuff!
Chris Taylor
273. Sidereal
I love _A Fire Upon the Deep_ and _A Deepness In the Sky_.
please sign me up for the give away!
Thomas Clausen
276. Calico Reaction
I've wanted to read this book for quite a while now, so I'd love to win a free copy!
Thomas Clausen
278. Rastor
I decided to start with A Deepness in the Sky, and I'm still reading, so I actually haven't even read A Fire Upon the Deep yet.
Thomas Clausen
279. Kroms
So chances of me (well, anyone here) winning are (right now) 50/278! Not bad!
Thomas Clausen
280. Lance Orner
Read this as a kid, and have since long lost my copy. Would love to reread this.
Thomas Clausen
282. Jerry B
I would love a copy of this book!
Thomas Clausen
284. Redalth
Count me in!
some guy
285. NateTheGreat
Is there a reason why you're not giving away ebooks? With ebooks you wouldn't have to limit yourself to only 50 copies.
Eric Carlson
288. Tennerock
Always one I meant to go back and read, so count me in!
Thomas Clausen
289. Jeff M.
A copy of any of Mr. Vinge's books would be a terrific boon>
Thomas Clausen
290. Edgard
To win a classic! ;)
Thomas Clausen
296. LouWW
Maybe this time...
Christopher Green
298. greenc
At last a competition which I don't need an extra-galactic computer brain god to calculate my chances of winning.
sean odell
299. dirgework
I so loved rainbows end ...
can't wait for this.
Great cover too.
Thomas Clausen
300. BigHank53
I'm going to wind up owning this one way or another....
larry shirk
302. lorenzo
Ich kommentiere. For sure,really. ¿Mentiría?
Thomas Clausen
303. myst44
!, interested
Thomas Clausen
304. SomeStatic
Sounds like good odds to me!
Thomas Clausen
306. Neale Carter
Count me in.
Thomas Clausen
307. CatsFire
A Ring of Fire?
Thomas Clausen
309. SteveH
I love it! But why am I getting a 404 error trying to enlarge the cover image? :(
Thomas Clausen
311. DL Orton
May I have a kindle version, please?
Sharat Buddhavarapu
312. Sharat Buddhavarapu
Wouldn't mind a copy. Always looking for more epic fantasy to read!
Thomas Clausen
313. eldritch00
Count me in!
Mani A
314. sn0wcrash
Lost my copy of both prior books 3 moves ago, so wouldn't mind striking it rich....
Thomas Clausen
316. Laurraine
Count me in, too.
T Lee
317. nettxzl
Is this open worldwide or only to US residents? If it's worldwide, count me too.
Thomas Clausen
318. yvetteps
Love the opportunity! This was recommended by a friend, so I'm hopeful. Always on the lookout for a good read. Thanks.
Thomas Clausen
320. Ivan Yakubovich
Want! Really do.
Thomas Clausen
321. bramenjam
Lady Luck be with me tonight!
Stelios Koutrakis
322. Olethros
I know it is going to be a great read.
Steve Taylor
324. teapot7
Super excited by this one. I'm in.
Thomas Clausen
326. Nate Kohl
Yay, more Vinge books!
Thomas Clausen
327. Voyageur
I wish upon a star...
Thomas Clausen
330. Sandman
I'd love a copy, always looking for something new to devour. ;)
brian mitchell
333. warduke72
50 chances?? Im finally going to win one of these contests, right? Right??
Fred Kiesche
334. FredKiesche
It has been too, too, too long since "Fire" and "Deepness". It will be nice to get another installment in the 'verse.
Thomas Clausen
335. CGKlink
Love to check this out. Thanks again, TOR!
Thomas Clausen
336. ctom
I'd like a copy
Thomas Clausen
337. Tim Bartik
I never win these contests.
Thomas Clausen
338. EricLandes
Cool! I'd love a new copy. This is a book worth loaning out.
Thomas Clausen
339. mreams13
Yes, yes!
Thomas Clausen
340. Revie
Please, please, please! :) thanks for the chance at a copy!
Thomas Clausen
341. jeffro
The original book was fantastic - here's to hoping both that I win a copy of the new book, and that the new book is a good as the first!
Thomas Clausen
342. Dan Auiler
Hope I win a copy--just a poor corrupt writer here
Thomas Clausen
343. Andy Elder
Sweet! I want a copy! :-)
Goetz Kruppa
344. goetznl
Yes, please, this has been on the list for some time now...
Thomas Clausen
345. Veronique Cummings
Would love a copy.
Thomas Clausen
346. Eric Wadsworth
Vinge is my hero! I've read thousands of sci-fi books, and I like his the best. Have you read his older ones, The Peace War and Marooned in Realtime? Excellent, excellent reads!

I've loaned my copy of Fire upon the Deep out so many times that it's rather tattered... could use a nice shiny new one for when I read it yet again. :)
Thomas Clausen
347. DonnaEY
Oh! Me me me! Our copy got left behind in a move from the UK to NZ to US.
Kevin Hogan
348. dromedan
Heard so many good things about this book, but not yet read it. I'd love to win a copy.
Thomas Clausen
349. Jamiel
I've given away two copies. Love to have one to reread it again!
Thomas Clausen
351. walter daniels
It's been long enough ago that I'd enjoy re-reading it, with the sequel.
Thomas Clausen
352. vegetathalas
I want one!
Thomas Clausen
353. Bill Greene
I too am a Vinge fan.
Thomas Clausen
354. Matthew J Lawrence
This story, of all of Vinge's, changed my view of SF. What it could be, what it could convey and how deeply it could affect.

Waiting for Vernor Vinge's next novel is the most interminable
part of my reading life.

Whether or not I get a copy of 'A Fire Upon the Deep' I am so excited.
Ian Hammond
355. hungrym
I'm putting my hat in the ring for a copy of Vinge.
Neil Jensen
356. NA_Jensen
This was a wonderful book. I'm very excited about the sequel.
Thomas Clausen
357. calabreg
Looks interesting, hadn't heard of this.
Thomas Clausen
358. nibbler
That cover looks awesome! Loved "Fire" and "Deepness" (& everything else Vinge has written), excited for TCotS since seeing this screenshot (How many authors use Linux like that to write their novels? So cool). Is it October yet?
Thomas Clausen
359. David Derrico
Thanks for running this cool contest!

(If I win, I can save you guys some printing and shipping costs if you'd rather send me a Kindle/MOBI version instead!) =)
Thomas Clausen
360. Jessie Affelder
P-i-c-k m-e-e!
Kevin Bolling
361. TexSquid
a novel that changed sci-fi..

been looking for the sequel a long, long time
Thomas Clausen
363. Jeff Grant
Thank you for the opportunity! By the way, I found out about this contest on the Web at
Thomas Clausen
364. Rechelle Owens
I have been meaning to read this before the sequel comes out. It would be great to win a copy of this great book.
Thomas Clausen
366. Leroy F. Berven
Return to the "zones of thought" universe -- yes, in a heartbeat!
Thomas Clausen
371. Sunda_Garm
I love books! Especially Sci Fi books. Though I have not read this book before it seems like it could be a very exciting read.
Thomas Clausen
372. Sunda_Garm
I love books! Especially Sci Fi books. Though I have not read this book before it seems like it could be a very exciting read.
Sean Pratz
375. Galoot
I'll take anything V. Vinge related, thank you. Even a hand shake.
Thomas Clausen
376. Bitking
Cool - maybe I can pass this one around too and get a few more people into one of the best SF books ever written.!
Alas - my last one never came back as some point.
Thomas Clausen
377. Christopher R
I can't wait to read "The Children of the Sky"!
Bob Blough
378. Bob
Loved both the previous books in the series. But lost my copy of the first! So I would love it in order to re-read them before The Children of the Sky comes out and wins Vernor Vinge his next hugo.
charles dumel
379. charlesdumel
This book has been on my to-read list for some time now, Cool!
Ian Gazzotti
380. Atrus
Nice! I wouldn't certainly mind winning a copy... :)
Thomas Clausen
381. Patrick Joyce
I enjoyed the first two books very much. I'm looking forward to this one
Thomas Clausen
382. sprintfish
Book me! :)
Adrian Abraham
383. Nazrax
A Fire Upon the Deep is one of my favorite books - this looks great!
Thomas Clausen
385. Hella
Thanks for this!
Thomas Clausen
386. Duke
Pretty cover for the new book. I look forward to re-reading A Fire Upon the Deep, too.
Nick Streff
387. Nanjerus
Fire upon the Deep is an epic book. New cover looks brilliant.
Thomas Clausen
388. BrenF
finally its coming out. and it has a release day and a cover...
I think we are in for a treat!
Thomas Clausen
389. PetarB
Oh wow, finally an SF sequel to get excited about. And a new excuse to reread the pyrotechnic original.
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