Feb 20 2011 6:14pm Facebook Roundup: The Musical!

It’s your favorite time of the week! We’ve rounded up a sampling of some of the fun to be had over on our Facebook and Twitter satellites. This week it seems that everything had a song (including the Victorian inventions above) and love was in the air... Science Fiction

Paul promo pic at Science Fiction

  • SFX gives an early review of the latest Frost/Pegg film team-up, Paul.
  • Comet Tempel 1 passes by the Stardust-NeXT spacecraft, giving humanity our first chance to examine the body of a comet more than once.
  • Need some extra/belated Valentine’s Day sweetness? Suvudu republished Timothy Zahn’s Star Wars short story “Judge’s  Call.” Mara Jade is waiting (impatiently) to get some quality time with her Jedi Master husband…. Fantasy


Anne Rice’s Interview With The Vampire at Urban Fantasy Urban Fantasy



Steampunk mic at Steampunk Steampunk


Black Swan Art at Art Department Art Department

  • Check out these incredible Black Swan posters—they’re almost too pretty for the film (and that’s saying something).
  • Spectrum is sponsoring a scholarship to the Illustration Master Class!
  • For an incredible dose of visual art and inspiration daily, take a look at John Coulthart’s blog.



Mat Aelfinn Fan Art at Wheel of Time Wheel of Time


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Ian P. Johnson
1. Ian P. Johnson
I'm looking forward to the Dragon Age: Redemption web series. I'm a pretty big fan of Felicia Day in all her geeky, redheaded glory, and I've been waiting on tenterhooks for her New Secret Project that she didn't announce until recently. Haven't played Dragon Age, but hey: there's always time to change that.

Now it's time for more tenterhooks-waiting for summer, and the premiere of the actual show. Mmm… Tenterhooks.
Ian P. Johnson
2. paleo
FYI your link for john Coulthart's blog is misspelled.
Thanks for the links

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