Feb 27 2011 5:01pm Facebook Roundup: Mapping WOT Journeys, E.T. 2 & Strong Women

Wheel of Time map at Wheel of Time

This week we’ve taken a peek into the lives of creative people, seen a trailer for a movie that will never exist and cooed at the undead. We’ve got it all here for you on our weekly Facebook Roundup! Science Fiction


Shadow’s Son by Jon Fantasy Urban Fantasy

Dumbledore Voldemort showdown at Urban Fantasy Steampunk

Steampunk Rubik’s cube at Steampunk Art Department

Gurney’s art bag at Art Department

  • Proof that artists have more fun: James Gurney shows you what he always carries around in his bag.
  • Marc Scheff, Greg Manchess and our very own Irene Gallo talk about how to break into SFF art on this WIP podcast. Wheel of Time

Wheel of Time map at Wheel of Time

pat purdy
4. night owl
Interesting. Small type makes it difficult to know locations. Quite an undertaking.
YouDont NeedToKnow
5. necrosage2005
@4. night owl, if you click on tha link for the map you get some pretty gigantic map links. They are pretty good.
Brook Freeman
6. longstrider
I wish he included the super girls as well, but what's there is very cool.

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