Feb 18 2011 1:06pm

Tor Books Announces Peter Orullian Tour for New Epic Fantasy The Unremembered

Peter Orullian and his assorted worksTor Books has just announced the stops on Peter Orullian’s book tour following the release of his debut novel, the epic fantasy The Unremembered, the first installment of the Vault of Heaven series. You can read two short stories from that universe right here on “Sacrifice of the First Sheason” and “The Great Defense of Layosah.”

The dates and locations are:

Tuesday, April 12
7:00 PM
3rd Place Books
Lake Forest Park, WA

Wednesday, April 13
7:00 PM
Powell’s Books—Cedar Hills
Beaverton, OR

Thursday, April 14
7:00 PM
Mysterious Galaxy Books
San Diego, CA

Friday, April 15
6:30 PM
Sam Weller’s Bookstore
Salt Lake City, UT

Saturday, April 16
3:00 PM
Borderlands Books
San Francisco, CA

Monday, April 18
7:00 PM
University Book Store
Seattle, WA

The Unremembered comes out on April 12. You can also check out Peter’s video interview series with Brandon Sanderson right here on

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1. Cielle
I know all of that was successful. Looking forward to see more of your books.
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