Feb 27 2011 10:41pm

Shaun Tan wins the Oscar for best animated short!

Shaun TanHugo and World Fantasy award-winning artist Shaun Tan has added an Oscar to his collection of hardware. His film, The Lost Thing, based on his picture book of the same name, just won the Best Animated Short category!

A huge congrats to Shaun and everyone involved!

His website displays a great collection of concept art, sketches, and stills for the movie.

Trailer here:

And a “making of” here:


Irene Gallo is an unabashed Tan fan and not above bragging that she gets to work 8-10 hours a day two feet away from a most charming drawing of his.

Carol Witt
1. carolwitt
Congratulations, Shaun!

The Lost Thing is available online (presumably with permission) at
Michael Walsh
2. MichaelWalsh
It was nice seeing him on stage. Really happy for him.
Steve Taylor
3. teapot7
I am sitting under a rather nice Shaun Tan print as I read this. Go Shaun!
4. Bluejay
Not only does Shaun Tan rock, but Tim Minchin, who does the voices for the film, is a mighty talent in his own right. Look for his concert clips on YouTube if you haven't seen them!

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