Feb 22 2011 4:48pm

SFF Trading Card Giveaway!

Inspired by our reader’s poll and recent musings on the bygone pastime of trading cards, we’re having a giveaway! A small cache of trading cards has been discovered. (Okay, we kind of went hunting around the city/our storage bins for some.)

Here’s what’s up for grabs.  From the distant past (i.e. already opened) we’ve got three packs of 94 Flair Marvel Universe cards. Meanwhile, from the quasi-present (i.e. unopened) we’ve procurred one pack of Star Trek: Remastered Original Series, one pack of The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess, one pack of The Twilight Zone, one pack of Wacky Packages, and because you know you want it, one pack of Alias: Season 4! That’s a total of 8 card packs to give away in all!

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post picking which two packs you’d like us to send to you (no picking two packs of Marvel cards, please) and we’ll select the winners randomly until all the cards are gone. The giveaway will run from now until 12 noon EST on Thursday, February 24th.

Stubby the Rocket is the very excitable mascot of Tor.com.

Bill Siegel
1. ubxs113
definitely the star trek and twilight zone, please! thanks!
Susan Meek
4. smeek1958
I'd love the Marvel and the Star Trek ones, please! Thanks! Love Tor!!
5. CandiLain
I'd love to have the StarTrek & Marvel packs. ^_^
7. Ed!
Zelda and Wacky Packages, por favor!
Cássio Machado
8. keixoun
I'd like a Marvel and a Zelda, please (: HELP ME, LUCK!
10. Hubes
Star Trek and Twilight Zone! Will the Shat be in both?
11. Alden Ash
Twilight Zone y Marvel, por favor!
12. bksgoddess
Star Trek and Marvel, please and thank you!
13. wandering-dreamer
I'd take Star Trek and Legend of Zelda, not really a fan of either franchise but I have friends who probably would love these.
Anson Kennedy
14. ansonk
Star Trek and Twilight Zone. Make it so.
15. breadfanzero
Marvel and Zelda. thanks
16. RichardBuboltz
Star Wars and any other you wish. I was a huge collector of Star Wars cards (the first series - blue). Thank you for thinking about the card collectors.
Bobby Berry
17. bvberry
'94 Flair Marvel Cards and the Star Trek: Remastered Original Series cards. Thanks loads.
Randall Newnham
18. coffeeswiller
I'd love the Legend of Zelda and The Twilight Zone!
19. daphnea
zelda and marvel!
bw fenlon
20. wonderbrad2000
Twilight Zone and Marvel would be loads of fun.
21. pierides
Star Trek & Wacky Packs... please.
hojo hojo1
22. materiacollector
Star Trek and Zelda cards would be awesome :) Twilight Princess is such a great game and Star Trek is the absolute best TV-series there is!
mike navratil
23. litarvan
Star Trek and the Twilight Zone, definitely.
24. Masni
Marvel Universe and The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess
Thanks :)
no thx
26. nope
doesn't look like anyone wants Alias so I'll ask for that and the Wacky Packages please
Sim Tambem
27. Daedos
Can I say Marvel and Marvel?

If not, how about Marvel and Zelda.
29. luis c.
star trek & Zelda... this is a really cool give away! kudos, tor! :)
32. rubydog
Marvel & Star Trek cards please.
Great contest.
Alex Sberna
33. writermanalex
I'll take the Zelda and the Star Trek, thank you very much.
34. Alan koslow
94 flare and startrek
Fred Reckling
35. twilightred
Marvel and Zelda would be fantastic! Thank you!
36. Maren T
I'd love to win the Star Trek and Zelda ones!
40. ishay08
Star Trek and Twilight Zone please! :)
Don Slaughter
41. dks2001
Star Trek and Twilight Zone please. Thx
Jacob Silvia
42. aethercowboy
Is it in the cards for me? (har har)

Zelda and Zone, plz.
Eric Miller
43. ejmiller
Star Trek: Remastered Original Series and The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess please!
Shay D.
45. shaydchara
Zelda and Star Trek ftw!
You guys find the most awesome things to give away. :)
47. SueRed
Marvel and Zelda please! Thanks.
48. jmwilson529
My pick would be Marvel & Zelda. Thanks!!
49. skinut
once more into the breach. star trek and twilight zone
Cássio Machado
50. keixoun
I got a Marvel and an Alias pack (wanted Zelda, but already gone.. oh well..) THANK YOU, TOR! (:
51. TylerDLutz
Marvel and Zelda!
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