Feb 22 2011 6:37pm

Locus Magazine’s Recommended 2010 Tor.com Short Stories

Published continuously since 1968, Locus is the monthly trade magazine of the science fiction and fantasy publishing industry. Every February it runs an extensive survey of the original science fiction and fantasy published in the previous year, and compiles a list of books and stories that its editors and reviewers particularly recommend.

Tor.com is proud that six of our original offerings from 2010 were included among this year’s Locus recommendations:

In commemoration of this, we’re making all six of those stories available as a special $2.99 bundle through the various e-book retailers. Preorder @ Amazon, or buy now from the NOOK store, Sony's ebook outlet, or Apple. Check them out!

Lawrence Lawson
2. rpcvlawson
Sold! Just grabbed it for my nook. I know I can find them on the site, but I like to read on my nook.
Irene Gallo
3. Irene
Thanks, Rpcvlawson! Hope you enjoy them. Rest assured, that also goes to help the individual authors.
4. jamesjimmyjammy
Aaargh. Not available in the UK??
seth johnson
5. seth
The tor.com email newsletter has a broken click-through link to this. The macmillion.com click-through tracker tries to send the visitor to "http://http//www.tor.com/blogs/2011/02/locus-magazines-recommended-2010-torcom-short-stories" which has an extra 'http//' in there without a colon. FYI. Nobody trying to get here to buy these stories from the newsletter will actually arrive.

6. Geisel
Seth is correct. I was just coming here to let you know the same thing.
Jose Silva
7. jofgood
Title is not available for customers from your location in:


We still live in the past aparently...
8. kaleissin
I am so fed up with this message:

This title is not available for customers from your location in:

9. theyy
DRM-free ePub version? Pretty please? I can of course create my own, but I'd buy an official version (both for convenience and to support the publisher) if it were available.
David Spiller
10. scifidavid
Awesome! I just purchased these for my Nook. Very cool of Tor.com to make them available this way. You saved me a bunch of paper and ink. I still prefer to read fiction from the printed page, but this was to intriguing to pass up.

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