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In Memory of Brian Jacques

Here at we are all very saddened to by the news of Brian Jacques' recent passing.

The incomparable author of the Redwall series grew up in Liverpool, but with the same pluck as his protagonist Gonff the Mousethief, Jacques left home at 15 to be a merchant seaman and see the world. 

Jacques wrote the original Redwall novel for the children of the Royal Wavertree School for the Blind, inviting them—and us—into his wonderful world. He went on to write 21 books in his beloved series, telling the stories of brave Matthias and little Mattimeo, the legendary Martin, Mariel and her trusty Gullwhacker, the stalwart badgers of Salamandastron, and many more.

Brian Jacques was 71.

1. ZCam
The very first book signing I ever attended was when Brian Jacques showed up at our local library. As delightful as his books are, they don't compare to hearing him in person. He was a true story teller, marvellously entertaining, and an all-around real person. The world is a better place for him having been in it.
Kerwin Miller
2. tamyrlink
I've loved Redwall Abbey ever since I first read it in junior high school.... His stories touched this young man's life. He will be missed...
3. Teachingmyown
My kids have been reading his books over the last year. My oldest son is on the second to last redwall book. My children are actually tearing up over the news. No one can compare to Brian Jacques! I am sure children all over the world are mourning his loss with us.
4. Paige Morgan
My tribute is here. I'm very sorry to hear of his death, but once again, very, very grateful, for the existence of his stories.
5. Sihaya
Oh, man, that's terrible. Our family has enjoyed his books and stories for a long time.
6. Bakema-NL
I discovered "Redwall" and Brian Jacques work only a couple of years ago. I bought some comics of "Mouseguard" which was compared to Redwall. So the search was on for those tales and I have almost half of those 21 books now. Written for children.......ha, I enjoy them on my 40th too, really enjoyable books.
What a day this is....this morning I read the news that Hardrock/blues guitarist Gary Moore, whose music I really like, died, I commented on some sites about his passing, clicked the link to and there's another death in the news.....sad day.
7. RobinM
I always enjoyed both of his series .The bells have tolled a final time may your angel take you gentley to your rest. I'm sure you'll be the guest of honor of a fine big feast. We'll miss your stories of swashbuckling adventure, Good versus Evil and lots and lots of food.
Sean Arthur
8. wsean
Pouring out a 40 of October Nutbrown Ale...

Brian Jacques was a wonderful storyteller and a lovely man. I'm sorry to hear of his death, but I think he made the most of his life.
9. VelvetineSquirrel
I grew up reading the Redwall books and they will always have a special place in my heart. Rest in peace, Brian Jacques, and thank you for all the wonderful stories!
10. Rachel W.
Our email address reveals the love my family has for this man and his world. I live in a red brick house, full of dibbuns (I have 11 children) and not a week does by that one of them doesn't take on the voice of a hare, badger or otter! May he rest in peace!
11. TVonRedden
The books he wrote were such a fun thing to read in my spare time. I would always look forward to the next one impatiently, and I still own every one of those books, treasured items all.

The world needs more people like this one, and will mourn his passing.
12. Alice Hatt
This is terribly sad. Brian Jacques is an author who has fired my desire to write ever since I was a kid. I'm leaving the link to my blog post about it, because I think I expressed my feelings better there.

RIP Brian Jacques, and thanks for the nice tribute to him!
Kim B
13. Amaranthine
Oh, how very sad. I've always loved his books.
He will be greatly missed.
Sean McGuire
14. Exorian
This saddens me immeasureably. I used to love these books when I was in elementary/middle school. I remember distinctly; I got too far ahead of the class reading ciriculum in fourth grade, so my teacher gave me "Redwall" to read, and I instantly fell in love with it. I read those books a dozen times over until the second half of eight grade, when I began to immerse myself in classic literature. Honestly, I can't say I've enjoyed reading as much since I stopped reading Redwall books; maybe it's time to dig the old paperbacks out of mom and dad's basement, in memory of Brian.
15. Volkai
I am greatly saddened to hear of Mr. Jacques passing. His Redwall series introduced me to fantasy novels. Without his works I would never have read Anne McCaffrey, Robert Jordan, Christopher Paolini, or Brandon Sanderson, to name but a few.

He is missed.
Grant Bester
16. Jockey
Just like Volkai, my introduction to fantasy started with Brian Jacques - Mossflower.

Thanks Brian!
17. Greg Sango
A giant hole has opened in my heart. I am 62 years going on 63 and I have the Redwall collection in my family room bookshelves there to stay forever. I am proud to announce to any who ask that I vist the "abbey" often during my days and most of all enjoy the "feasts".
Tears are coming to my eyes as I write this. "I live to read and read to live" Brain's gifts made that effort just that much easier. Now having "Rogue Crew" in my hands is all the more important!. I can only hope and believe that when my passing arrives I will be able met him in heaven and thank him. God Bless Brian you will never leave my mind.
18. Thomas Canty
I'll surely miss him, I love his words.
19. Matt D.
I was in 4th grade and read Salamandastron, ever since then I've had a voracious appetite for fantasy. I count my success today to my love of reading, and to say I adored his books is an understatement. Amazing, amazing, amazing.
20. Isaac G.
One of the first books I have memories of my mom used to read them to my brother and me. As soon as I was old enough to read them myself I devoured the books. I have to reflect that the excitement and action of the books was only half the fun as the common folk made everything better. I always wished to join feasts as my mouth watered and I laughed at otter's jokes.
Farewell and Thank You.
21. bryony86
And the world is a poorer place without him. I grew up on him and Madeline L'Engle. To quote Peter Beagle, "We are raised to honor all the wrong explorers and discoverers - thieves planting flags, murderers carrying crosses. Let us at last praise the colonizers of dreams." He was one of the people who do children the kindness of telling us a hundred stories where anything is possible, even if you are a mouse.
22. ameliarose
My son in college forwarded this link to me. I fondly remember reading these books to his brother and him when they were snuggled down in their beds at the end of the day. I never had a hard time getting them to go to bed because they knew they had Brian's wonderful stories to listen to. Thank you Brian.
23. Jim Slonina
I will surely miss this man's amazing stories. I'm in my 50's, and spent many wonderful hours in the world of Mossflower. My son and I have read and enjoyed the entire series, since the early Nineties. To think that the bell of Redwall Abbey will ring no more is truly a heartbreaker. Thank you, Brian. You brought joy to many. God bless you.
24. laterose4ever
Brian Jacques was one of my fantasy book heros... I was devastated when I saw the news of his death at my library in Knoxville. My mom was touched to know that first he wrote the books for the blind. I introduced my brother to his books and he loved them. He even gave me inspiration to begin my own book. Even though I am only 12 I will never forget the legacy he left for all to remember.

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