Feb 7 2011 12:17pm

Giveaway of The Crippled God by Steven Erikson

The Crippled God, the final entry in the Malazan Book of the Fallen, comes out from Tor Books on March 1; you can read an extensive excerpt here on, but five lucky winners will have the chance to read the entire thing early! You heard me right: This book. Your hands. This week. Unfortunately, the copies are guarded by a dragon.

Whoops—Bill and Amanda, the hosts of our Malazan Reread of the Fallen, have asked me not to scare you. It's actually quite painless:

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—by noon EST on Tuesday, February 8. The five winners will be randomly chosen from these comments. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

1. jim162065
love the cover. :)
4. Harius
Can't wait... I've already planned to take March 1st and 2nd off.
Brandy Thomas
5. Roese
Would really really like to win this one.
9. Joe57
I am so excited to read this.
Neal Makely
10. elglin
I've just started the series, so this would really hit the spot!
11. MouseThatRoared
Hoping for Oponn's pull
Matt Patchin
14. solicemoon
Pick me please! Won't be able to get it for a long while otherwise.
15. NorseHorse
Shaving my knuckles...
19. Nferno
I'm in! Can't wait
20. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
22. Brad Nieder
New book. Yay!!!
23. gmcc
Pick me, pick me!
Eric Carlson
24. Tennerock
I am really looking forward to this book. Thanks for the opportunity to get it!
socrate badeau
25. socrate
My turn. Oh well, it's okay to wish...
27. Reiver1983
I too, would like to dream that one day Ill actually win a cool book competition, please Tor!
30. robbadler
Yes, please! I've been re-reading Dust of Dreams while I wait.
31. Longadan
Been looking forward to this one!
32. Edgewalker
33. Starkiller
34. Nep Furrow
Please pick me!
Gregg Anderson
35. digrifter
Awesome idea, and I love the cover. Can't wait to read it!

Sean Fagan
36. sef
Gimme please! Please please please!
Tricia Irish
39. Tektonica
Posting Posting!!! (Don't worry folks, I never win anything.)
40. czlam
Great series, excited!
41. Vis17
Would give up my right arm to win this, but it would make turning pages tricky...
Gabriele Campbell
43. G-Campbell
Add my name to the list, please. I'm really looking forward to getting my hot little hands on that precious. :)
45. 70Seven
Love the cover of this book. I still haven't read Dust of Dreams, I plan on reading both books back to back.
46. timberakita
Sign me up!
47. ScottC
Please give me your sweet, sweet book candy.
Karen Martin
48. ksh1elds555
I'm with Edgewalker.....BEST SERIES EVER!! And I'm loving the reread with Bill and Amanda - thank you Tor for making my Wednesdays at work a little less boring! :-)
49. Joel Franz
I seriously want to win this. Ha.
Erikson is right up there with Tolkien and Moorcock and authors who have developed worlds and ideas to such an extent that I have a hard time not reading them in one go.
50. dwndrgn
Fener's rotten toenails, I'm jumping in!
51. lightkeeper
I need this book!
54. deanjerg
Yes, I would like to win.
55. rubydog
A contest!
I would love to win.
Please enter me.
56. silver97rwa
I just finished my reread last night....super impatient now...would LOVE an advance copy....please??
57. ma10
I've been really looking forward to this so even if I win or not, thanks for the reminder!
60. Emrys616
57 comments in an hour. Not bad going at all.
61. Sonya Madden
please enter me. cover looks cool. I write fantasy.
62. Stormy70
Yes, pick me please, please, please. Begging here. It is sad really, but still begging.
63. wyoarmadillo
Yes, please send me this book!
65. Protonone
I never win contests.
66. KayaH/Kaya C
Oh that looks like a great story. I looked it up, and I cannot wait.
67. Kadere
Can't wait! Doing my reread now!
68. terilhack
The release looks awesome. I cannot wait to read it. Thank you for putting copies out there for readers.
69. lasantine
I would love to read it!
70. Kristen M.
Yay dragons! I mean, err, it's not guarded? Ah well, I'd love a copy anyway!!
72. fireshadow11
I WANNA READ IT! I can't wait for it to come out!
74. KiManiak
I'm interested.
75. Wendy v
Looking forward to it!
77. Kori Valley
Amazing author, amazing story, amazing cover. Its going to be an amazing book.
Wade savage
78. Savman1
It would be amazing to win! Can't wait to read it even if I have to purchase it.
79. Raand
Looks like a good read.
Matias Miguez
81. meiyas
sorry, please delete this document
82. Tvrtko
Perhaps finally some closure :) I'm in....
86. Alden Ash
Ahh ... to have a series actually wrap up.
Todd Johansen
87. Gher06
Oh boy. It'll be interesting to see what the final odds are of winning. And if my comment makes me sound confident of winning, and I do win, then I will look awesome.

So I'm absolutely sure I will win.
88. DRickard
Yummy! Gimem gimme gimme!
Sean Broderick
89. sigmapisean
Already pre-ordered, but this is a way better price!
90. firesinger
Finally! The final installment in the Malazan book of the Fallen! I cannot wait to lay my hands on this! Great giveaway!
Kerwin Miller
92. tamyrlink
94. Lady Medb
Eee, I'm so excited!
Luke Thompson
96. thom9894
I do enjoy the "bricks" as my wife calls them. Need to get back to reading them!
97. hmarcbower
This looks great!
Juliana Socher
98. Chronos
Hood's Breath, this is the most wanted book ever.
99. Shiva Ramabadran
Look forward to this, but also dread the end of a wonderful series in such a unique world.

Can't wait for Ian Esselmont to do his 10 books as soon as possible too. ;-)
100. Mattosaur
Looking forward to seeing how this wraps up.
103. Nancy McGregor
This would be great if I won because it's our 6th wedding anniversary on the 12th and yet again being a useless wife I haven't ordered anything. My husband is a huge Malazan fan. Then again, if I do win I doubt he'll speak to me and the kids for days after.
Alex Bradaric
104. leannonn
I would certainly, positively, definitely love it :)
105. Omnicron
Looks fantastic! Count me in!
106. Don8
Can't wait for the ending of this great serie.
108. lloyd martos
Dying to find out the end of the BEST SERIES in the fantasy genre.
David Thomson
109. ZetaStriker
I only discovered the Malazan Book of the Fallen about half a year ago, when I grabbed "Gardens of the Moon" as an impulse buy when browsing at a local Barnes and Noble. I started out critical of the book, particularly after the drastic change in characters and scenery in the second book of the novel, but by the end of the story I found myself overcome by the sudden urge to continue learning more about these characters and this world. I immediately set the book down and drove back to that Barnes and Noble, picking up the next two entries in the series, and I haven't looked back since.

I've now finished all the Erikson and Esslemont novels currently available here in the states, and have been actively following the Deadhouse Gates re-read to help wet my appetitie for the upcoming "The Crippled God". The initial chapter released here on Tor felt to me like the reasoned sample of a drug dealer encouraging addiction, and now I just need my fix, man.
At this point even the Dramatis Personae alone would be enough to send shivers of excitement racing along my spine!

So, in summary, I'm in. I'm totally in. I am wholly and completely interested in getting this book ASAP, and the sooner the better. My thanks to and Stephen Erikson for this opportunity, either way. Good luck, me!
110. Noobling
Count me in! Thank you for the contest.
Jacob Silvia
112. aethercowboy
O random number generator fairies, pick me!
Elvis HAM
113. Ratha
Hood's breath! Nice giveway!! I'm totally in!!!
Never have wait this hard for any ending...
114. HSG
As I close in on the big 50 I can honestly say I have read a great deal of Fantasy over the years. I have NEVER come across a writer OR story that grabs you from the start and maintains that quality as Steven and his series has accomplished. WOW. March 1st can't get here soon enough!! Thank you Steven for a great ride!!
Erin Clarkson
115. itsmeerinc
My brother would love me forever if I got a free copy for him.
116. osyris
*The lucky post*

Please let it be this one! :)
117. mdunnbass
Ooh, shiny! One for me, please!
Ole A. Imsen
118. Weirdmage
I'm sacrificing a goat to The Lady to get this.
Kenneth Austin
119. saint.meerkat
Loved this series ever since I stumbled across some reviews on Consider me entered.
James Yarker
121. jamesy
I'm currently re-reading Dust of Dreams in anticipation.
dustin mcclelland
122. dustin3278
Would love to have this book a little early
dustin mcclelland
123. dustin3278
Would love to get my hands on this one early
A. Gilroy
124. arisha
Yeeeaaahhhh Tor giveaways! Pick me! :)
125. WhiskeyjackAK
Oh Lord, I hope I win...My favorite books of all time. :)
126. Snargi
This is going to be a great book!!!
127. MDW
The Lady's pull.
Adam Faulkner
128. IskaralP
I would love to win this boook this series is fantastic!!
129. Illuyankas
I'm going to punch a disobedient donkey if I don't win.

(I wouldn't dare punch a mean mule, they're bad ass)
David Blake
134. DgB
Count me in. Can't wait to see how this series ends.
135. Dstoddard
I hope the conclusion is as good as the rest of the series. I have read a string serious letdowns after a long series. And, the coin is spinning.
137. Antoinette Ouellette
Thank you, thank you, I have waited a very long time for this book..Please thank the Author for me!!
139. cnote56
please? I've been wanting to dive into some fantasy sci-fi.
Arthur Dent
140. ADentical
143. bkfaerie
I'd love to win this one!
Kent Aron Vabø
144. sotgnomen
I can't wait! which means i really need to get i early..
Kirk Dreiser
145. kmdreiser
Want to get a jump on reading this one.
147. Maren T
Yes please! And I'm quite good at fending off dragons, so no worries (I'll even be nice to it).
149. Macwbuc
This will be an amazing read!
150. MTGDub
I would love a copy, actually... did I mention I'm a Bridgeburner associate member?
152. kmolleja
I would love a copy, Thanks!
Jack George
153. JGeo27
Absolutely amazing giveaway!

Thank you for the opportunity!
Sanctume Spiritstone
154. Sanctume
Thanks for the chance to win a copy of TCG!
José Schenkel
155. Joosche
That's enough! It's time for me to win!
Just waiting...
156. A Demon Llama!
I've never won anything in my life. Maybe I'll get lucky.
Brian Daniels
159. HoosierDaddy
Look at all these random people!

Also: Gimme gimme gimme!
i am a random comment entering myself! Thank you!
163. Ammanas
Can't wait for this book!
Julie Jensen
165. Ananke
March can't happen quick enough. I'm really looking forward to this book.
Sally Bibrary
166. BendingtheBookshelf
OMG, I so can't wait to get my hands on this - Steven is, by far, the most exciting fantasy author currently writing.
167. Jacques_ct
I'd love to get my hands on a free copy.
168. midknight
Very excited!
172. MalazScholar
Please Lady give me a pull...
174. Saleema
Patiently waiting!
Richard Caywood
175. rcaywood
Love these giveaways. Now if only I could get one. ;-)
176. Tonner Cyn
I am so excited about the release of this book. I am sad to see the end of this series but with more stories in the works in the Malazan Empire I am sure we will all be happy for years to come.
177. JTowersIV
Here's my cast of the knuckles. This is awesome, Tor!
179. HiddenOne
When do I get the tracking number?
180. whoanelly
Read my rocks!
182. Harvester
You want to ship that book to my house. *Jedi mind trick*
183. joel rice
Unbelievably awesome!
jimmy huckaby
184. lazysk8r
"I would like to solve the puzzle please."
185. CarolineinSouthCarolina
I love these books sooo much and they have kept me out of the dark hole of depression I've been circling lately and I would LOVE to have an advance copy! I'm writing my thesis on how fantasy books help people in real life!
186. MacMac
Cool. I have my Quorl milk ready for celebration of the release of the CG. Although maybe drinking it before reading the book would be unadvisable.
Chuk Goodin
187. Chuk
Oooh, the last one? I'd love a copy, thanks.
189. Steve ZZZ
Entry for Crippled God
190. dcowley
Using my lucky keyboard...
Ervin Campillo
191. PyreoftheLiving
I'm almost done with Toll the Hounds and Dust of Dreams in on my bookshelf. Anther week and a half and I'm ready for The Crippled God.
192. Orlando1138
Here's for good luck
B.Wayne Ratliff
193. eldredgeMciver
Count me in. I need to find additional good authors.
194. Mittelman
Viktor Koskela
196. ViktorKoskela
Whoo, I can't wait! Just finished my third re-read of Dust of Dreams in preparation for The Crippled God!
Laura L.
198. Lizra
I don't believe, but I will start praying to Oponn.
199. Happy Ferret
Hoping for the Lady's nudge here...
Tyler Justin
201. Aginor
Steven Erikson is definitely at the top of my list concerning authors of amazing talent and I absolutely love the Malazan Book of the Fallen series. I can't wait for this book!
203. Sci-fi Bookworm
It sounds great, and I'd love to read it!
Sci-fi Bookworm
Sydo Zandstra
204. Fiddler
Come on, TOR, you know you want to send one of these to me... ;-) :-)
206. Pnr060
Giving it a shot....
207. Hands_Of_Fire
Finishing up third re-read - I am almost sick with anticipation!!


208. Ydnam
Ooh. That would be cool. I'm sad the series is ending though.
Anthony s
210. spindrift
Very much looking forward to this book.
211. Bryndled1
Havent read anything by Steven Erikson yet, looking forward to picking it up.. #26 on my to-read shelf @ goodreads
212. ffunky
Hoods frozen balls on an anvil! Pick me!
213. kerry100
Best series ever, don't want it to end, can't wait to read the last book though!
Mark Argent
215. argent
posting in a giveaway thread involving a series I love!
216. thaduster
pick me, please!
220. Korbal Broach
I take that amazing book please.
The sooner i get it the happier i'll be.
David Knott
222. Xara
Good luck to everyone! Though I do hope its me!
223. Kainan
Nice contest! Thanks a lot, Tor Books :)
Very much looking forward to reading this last installment and to find out how Steven envisions the ending.
Robert Fontana
225. ForMeToPoopOn
All the people who got here before me have posted some pretty good comments... for me to poop on!

Just pick me and let's get this over with.

226. Manzbarsa
/me tries to blackmail Oponn, but instead encounters a bunch of K'Chain Che'malle.
larry shirk
227. lorenzo
Ah! To write a long, complicated series, and come to an end in your own lifetime!
234. Siergiej
Hopefully, it won't get over nine thousand ;)
237. bigmoe412
I am a total nerdo for this series. Gimme gimme gimme.
243. ShadowThorne
Oooh, i would so cry if I won this XD
Good luck to all! Either way, Ill be getting a copy sooner or later
sean odell
244. dirgework
As soon as I finish GRRM's 'A Feast for Crows' - I am starting this series.
Matej Vozabal
245. almsivi
Already have it preordered, but still, reading this early would be just impossibly cool. Anyway, thanks for this giveaway, you're definitely going to make few people really, really happy.
247. BlackWaltz
This book is going to be monumental, I can't wait! May Oponn smile upon you and I. More so I, hopefully ;)
248. EmmaPease
Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
249. JCFoco
Can't wait for it!
250. Mahowich
Time to toss the dice-oh wait wrong series...
252. Kellanved's_Cane
Read the preview pages probably 25 times now. Soooo ready to read this doorstopper.
face food
254. facefood
Hello, yes I'll kindly and gladly take my free copy. Very kind of you.
George Baker
256. wraeththu
I'm reading the Malazan series for the first time in sync with the Tor re-read, so it will be a while before I'm ready to dig in to TCG. But I'd still like to win a copy!
257. NeedsThisBookNow
Pick Me! Pick Me!
258. dragonreader
Can't wait for this one! Looks great!
259. WouldliketoWin
What are the chances that I actually get to read it early?
261. TheWatch
Less than a month!
263. Slepnir
Very excited! My re-read is almost complete too!
Conan Banks
264. Vengeance
Lets see I have missed out on every single one of Pat's giveaways so I guess I am due for one of these.
265. drewman522
woot, maybe a free copy! love this author!
Kyle O'Neil
266. Ko87
Cannot wait for this book, lovin mbotf
267. Steven de Celis
This will complete the greatest epic fantasy I've ever read.
269. deadjack
Sign me up!
273. Dolgur Pelimshi
the wait is over :D
274. St Isz
Can't wait to read the finale!!
Matthew Kuhl
275. pattonmat
"So, Lone Star, now you see that evil will always triumph because good is dumb." -Dark Helmet, "Spaceballs"
276. Gusman
me please! *crossing fingers and shutting eyes tight*
Brad Cox
277. bradc1988
I didn't even know the release was so close!
Matthew Fitzgerald
278. FirstFitz
So looking forward to this! Crosses fingers and anything else available!
279. Cotillion
I love the cover
280. Sless
Finally. Hope he picks up some loose ends in the final.
283. Dame Sans Merci
I imagine everyone is looking forward to this book very much, so good luck to everyone!
284. Coltaine83
It has been a long journey.
Can't wait to read the book :)
Bob Morgan
286. smokedragon
I am so looking forwad to this book. One of the best series ever.
Rikus Jordaan
287. Vetseun
I can't wait to read this! Fingers crossed!
Darren Randall
288. Slavering
More than worth 5 minutes effort on a packed train hejaded for work.
289. Howard H.
The Facts: Erikson rules. Malazan rules. The Crippled God will be awesome
290. gez
I think I'll keep my fingers,toes and eyes crossed for this....just in case :)
291. Aooga
292. Raest
It would be brilliant to get this - it would help me pass the time in this Azath house. Fingers crossed!
293. Tarcil
Give me my shot of Malaz, I need my high, got withdrawal symthoms here.
Marcel xxx
294. lowlandr
sending it to me would be highly appriciated :)
296. gstokker01
Can't wait for the book. Send it to me.

K. Stevens
297. kasx
K'rul said that letting me win a copy of The Crippled God would be the easiest path to Ascendancy.
Robert Chatwin
298. RabbyChankers
I would like to win one of the copies of the book. That is all

Here endeth the lesson...
Sascha Mathan
299. Darkname
Greetings from Germany!!!

Can´t wait to read this book!
Rob Kerr
302. useofweapons
I need another blue-and-orange book, so yeah, I'll take the plunge!
Robert Gallagher
303. btowl1818
After everything that has come before in this series, having to make it past a measly dragon is like child's play! I just started reading this series this year (currently on the Bonehunters), but it's been an awesome ride so far!
304. Octavian C
Preordered already, but reading it two weeks earlier would be awesome. :)
305. MKJ
Is this for USA only? Or can other countries enter?
I'm in little old England, but please count me in if it's available.
306. Hocknose
Cannot wait for this book. Actually booked a whole week off work the week it comes out so I can get it read!!! :-)
307. LOOLI
looks like a great read!
309. Matthew Carpenter
In our PC world, shouldn't the title be The Physically Challenged God?
Maggie K
311. SneakyVerin
yay! I am in time for one that I really want!
Tomasz Lisek
312. Asthariel
If God will let me win this book, I promise, i will be better man!
Wes Samson
313. poemanderror
I'm still one book behind in the series, but I'll be caught up soon.
nitin shekhar
314. jdbond
OMG OMG OMG..Take that hood...OMG OMG..
317. Leather Jacobs
I can't wait to rub this book all over my rune stone.
Rob Weber
319. valashain
I can't wait to find out how the series ends!
Scott Abbott
321. Scott
If you give me this I'll have to go buy all the rest.
324. mrsmiawallace
Tear a page out my book it said you never left
325. tottertoby
Does it still count or did I really miss the deadline by a few minutes? :)
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