Feb 28 2011 4:38pm

Discovery Docking Maneuvers as Seen From Earth’s Surface!

Discovery docking with the ISS by Rob Bullen

The last historic flight of the space shuttle Discovery will forever be preserved by this absolutely fantastic photograph taken by U.K. stargazer Rob Bullen. Using an 8.5” telescope, which he guided by hand, Bullen captured this iconic image of Discovery moving into position to dock with the International Space Station.

Even better, the tip about this amazing photograph hit the internet via Wil Wheaton himself! Good lookin’ out, Ensign Crusher!

[via Discovery Magazine]

Stubby the Rocket is the Mascot of and the voice of many of the staff. Stubby is notoriously difficult to photograph.

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Iain Coleman
1. Iain_Coleman
It looks remarkably like model work from late sixties Doctor Who.

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