Feb 4 2011 6:50pm

Batman Wins the Internet

One of the obvious perks of putting together a whole Batman-themed week is being able to spend every day re-reading comics, tracking down bootleg copies of the Batman TV show (shhh), and obsessively googling random Bat-trivia into the wee hours of the morning, all in the name of research. Now that things are winding down, we wanted to share a few of our favorite links, comics, and random stuff we’ve run across in the process of stalking the Caped Crusader all over the internet...

1) Nico and Andy Warhol as Batman and Robin (above)—when this was posted by Warren Ellis a few months ago, completely blew my mind. Warhol, of course, directed Batman Dracula in 1964 as a campy homage to the old serials (although he didn’t have permission from DC, so it wasn’t released). Another fun fact: Batman Dracula stars heiress Baby Jane Holzer, who is parodied (along with the contemporary pop art scene) in a 1967 episode of the Batman TV series, “Pop Goes the Joker” (which Sam Weber posted about earlier this week). Crazy. For more fabulous photos from the Esquire shoot, go here!

Dustin Nguyen’s Batman history

2) “In the beginning, there was Bruce…” Batgirl artist Dustin Nguyen’s concise (and adorable) summary of Bat-history might be the best introduction to any comic book, ever: check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

3) Rogue Operating Systems terrorize Gotham City: Illustrator/graphic designer Fabian Glez shows us what happens when Batman villainy meets inspired computer geekery...

Sexy Batman by Kate Beaton

4) Hark! A Vagrant’s Kate Beaton presents “The Adventures of Sexy Batman.” For those who prefer their Batmen slathered in vaseline.

5) Big adventures in tiny, tiny shorts: Inspired by Beaton’s Sexy Batman, ComicsAlliance’s Chris Sims responds with a timeline of the Caped Crusader’s sexy, saucy, and often shirtless history.

6) GIF madness (or, Welcome to the most hypnotic thing you’ll see all week): All of the actors who’ve played the Joker versus all of the actors who’ve played Batman over the years. Bonus: Joker action figures are officially terrifying (via toliveanddieinlondon)

7) Loldwell presents Batman City: Where Everyone is Batman. I’m pretty sure this is what geek heaven is like. Bonus: Going to Batman City? Better figure out your Batman name first.

8) Finally (and because Irene loves it), we give you Baman Piderman once again:

These are barely the tip of the internet iceberg, of course—please feel free to post your own favorite Bat-links, videos, and comics below. After all, Bat-Week may be over (for now), but Batmania is forever...

Bridget McGovern is fairly certain that The Velvet Underground & Batman is currently the greatest album ever in a parallel universe somewhere, and would very much like to go there.

Emmet O'Brien
1. EmmetAOBrien
In re your closing line, I'd sooner see the music that arises from this:
Bridget McGovern
2. BMcGovern
@EmmetAOBrian: Nice...Chris Sims is a genius :) I'd actually love to see Lemmy and Batman team up against the Joker and Prince. At long last, someone would be forced to pay for the travesty that was "Batdance."
3. Bat-Tommy
You forgot to mention the BAT-BLOG.COM!
It's the #1 Batman Fan Site on the Internet!

Joseph Blaidd
4. SteelBlaidd

They say God writes lousy theatre. They haven’t been to Off-Broadway’s Hijinx
Playhouse lately, where Selina Kyle, purporting to be one of Gotham’s most
mysterious costumed nightcrawlers, The Catwoman, is currently starring in a
one-woman show: Cat Tales. For nearly two hours, the buxom but athletic
brunette, draped in a skin-tight purple catsuit that leaves precious little to
the imagination, enthralled the audience with anecdotes about a nightlife we
all know exists in this city but which few of us have seen firsthand.

Ms. Kyle is certainly a striking figure. She purrs, hisses, meows and probably
scratches with the best of them. She does a mean backflip. And this reviewer certainly
wouldn’t want to find himself in a dark alley on the receiving end of the claws
she brandishes or the whip she wields with expert precision. The tales she
tells about Gotham after dark and the figures that populate it are both amusing
and insightful. But is she really Catwoman? That’s the question on everyone’s
lips at intermission.

“If she isn’t, she’s taking a hell of a risk,” says one camp. “The real Catwoman
isn’t likely to approve of someone else profiting from her name and image.”

“If she is, she’s taking a hell of a risk,” comes the reply, “publicly
confessing to any number of felonies six nights a week, two matinees.”

It’s the uncertainty that sells tickets, so of course there’s nothing in the
show to settle the question once and for all. To be sure, Ms. Kyle’s monologue
includes some knowledgeable details about breaking into an unnamed penthouse,
but it wouldn’t take much research into security systems to construct such a
narrative once the facts of a crime were known. If authorities did charge
Ms. Kyle and she claimed to be merely an actress playing a role, they’d be
hard-pressed to prove otherwise.

Of course, the next most-asked question about this show is “What about
Batman?” (continued on E-5)
5. steve514
Has there been any mention of the Bboy Joker vs Batman dance-off?

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