Feb 17 2011 12:30pm

Adrianne Palicki’s Casting As Wonder Woman Hints at Show’s Integrity

Adrianne Palicki

Among famous female superheroes, it’s pretty hard to find one as iconic and recognizable as Wonder Woman. For generations, the incomparable Lynda Carter fought for our rights in her satin tights, but now there’s a new amazon in town. Yesterday, it was announced that Adrianne Palicki is set to play the titular role in the new Wonder Woman TV show currently in development for NBC.

Palicki is no stranger to genre acting either, having had a minor role in Supernatural, and having starred in both the unaired Aquaman pilot and the unaired The Robinsons: Lost in Space pilot. Her Aquaman chops are a bit B-movie, but you can’t say she’s not trying to make the role of partygoer/killer-fish/genocidal maniac Siren as believable as she can.

Palicki is easily the most engaging in her role as Tyra Collette in the NBC series Friday Night Lights, a show noted for its realistic, fleshed-out characters.

At first, the choice of Palicki seems a bit off. She was featured heavily in two unaired pilots and a TV show that never managed to get beyond its cult audience. However, considering that she landed the high profile part of Wonder Woman despite all of that suggests that Palicki must have really presented an intriguing rendition of the character, inspiring the producer or showrunner spearheading this project to really fight for her casting. That approach hints at an integrity and clearer vision for a Wonder Woman show than has previously been revealed.

Of course, we don’t know for sure what approach the show will take with Wonder Woman. For now, just try getting that Wonder Woman theme song out of your head.

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1. RanchoUnicorno
I spent about a week's worth of train trips arguing this point with a fellow rider a few months ago. We cam to the conclusion that while doesn't fit with the historically reduced-melanin skin tone of Wonder Woman, Gina Torres was the ideal actress for the role.
2. Edgewalker
Lame super hero.Nothing will make this a success, short of Megan Fox in a thong every week.
3. JoeNotCharles
Is... is this satire?
4. Dr. Thanatos
I have no issues with the casting choice as long as the costume remains politically incorrect . I am more intruigued by TV's inventiveness with original superheroes, such as No Ordinary Family, Heroes and The Cape. Not perfect, but not retelling the same old stories over and over...
6. rogerothornhill
I'm with @3 on this.

Based on FNL Palicki might be marginally better than Whedon's choice (Cobie Smulders), but based on everything we've heard about Kelley's screenplay this take is wrong wrong wrong--horribly terribly deeply wrong. (Am I making myself clear?) I say this as a frequent Kelley defender--Picket Fences is probably in my top 20 TV series ever--but the only superhero he should ever be allowed to write is Plastic Man. Themyscira, the gods, etc. must be taken seriously, as must the goddess out of water aspect that seems at the root of any good WW story.

As far as the comics go, I love the George Perez WW. I think the only writer who could properly boot Wonder Woman for either the big or small screen is Amber Benson.
7. Edgewalker
I don't see how pointing out something that is fairly obvious is trolling.

@4, The Cape is horrid. Wonder Woman should hope to surpass that.
Ashe Armstrong
8. AsheSaoirse
Considering what I've heard about the script for the show, I think it was more, "We need someone teenage boys will drool over."
9. rogerothornhill
And another thing: I have far less hopes for this than I do for Hathaway as Catwoman, which does work if Cotillard is playing Talia. Honestly, so much of it is about the writing.
10. pavid
While you guys argue the merits of this film and various actresses to fill the title roll, I'm just going to pound my head against the wall. Stupid rocket mentioning that stupid song!!! AAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGG!!!!!! And just when did a rocket learn to type anywayÉ. WONDER WOMANNNNN........ :( :(
11. Dr. Thanatos
Horrid is in the eye of the beholder...
john mullen
12. johntheirishmongol
Wow, I hate to give up on a show even before it's aired unless the idea itself is very lame. I have seen Palicki in FNL and she was excellent. So dont quit on it until you have actually seen it.
Chris Lough
13. TorChris
Wow, you guys weren't kidding around. We haven't even looked at the leaked script, but this newer io9 article alone gives the project a mighty bruising. Yeeeesh.

pavid @10. "just when did a rocket learn to type anywayÉ." should be our new slogan. :)
14. Derryl Murphy
I have nothing to say, except that Stubby's bio was more jam-packed with double entendres than a high school field trip.
15. jmurphy
ffs, the woman played "Kara" in Smallville!

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