Feb 17 2011 5:46pm

A Game of Thrones: Genesis Coming Soon

Game of Thrones PC game: Genesis

Fans of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series will soon have another way to kill some time as they wait for the fifth book to be published.

A Game of Thrones: Genesis is a real-time strategy game for PCs with single player and multiplayer campaigns that let you pick a faction and battle for the Irone Throne of Westeros. Others from the frozen North, dragons from the east, and powerful fleets moving across the Western seas meet and clash as you use diplomacy, connivance, and economic might to build the best army in the Seven Kingdoms. If anything, it offers a way for fans to play out years of end-game scenario speculation, if not offering them what they want the most—further adventures with their favorite characters.

As with A Dance of Dragons, there’s no hard release date, but it’s scheduled for Summer 2011. Visit Cynide’s website to sign up for the latest news.

Theresa DeLucci feels that between this and Diablo III, she should probably look into updating her PC.

Sylvia Wrigley
1. akaSylvia
"if not offering them what they want the most" ... the rest of the story? :D
2. jwillis7
just give me a computer version on the boardgame that i can play online and i would be happy
Marcus W
4. toryx
Given how good the board games have been, I'm enthusiastic about seeing this.

I definitely have high hopes.

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