Jan 7 2011 12:31pm

Wrapping Up the Twelve Doctors of Christmas with a Song

The Twelve Doctors of Christmas

That’s it for our Twelve Doctors of Christmas series! We had a good time pulling the material together for it and we hope it gave you something fun to read during idle holidays and snowy nights. Enthusiasm for Doctor Who is highly infectious. In fact, simply working on this series managed to turn a couple abstaining staffers into fans!

In case you missed any of the articles, they’re all assembled here. Go check them out while humming this little ditty, improvised by our own Megan Messinger:

On the twelfth day of Christmas, the Doctor gave to me

Twelve casting choices
Eleven cool bowties
Ten angels weeping
Nine Doctors dancing
Eight TV movies
Seven “ace” companions
Six fashion nightmares
Four stripey scarves
Three craggy features
Two cosmic hobos
And time travel on the TV

Of course, everyone has their own interpretation of the Doctors—that’s part of why the show is so great—so we hope you’ll comment with your own 12 Doctors of Christmas lyrics!

Until next time, remember: Bananas are good, Daleks are bad, try reversing the polarity, and intellect and romance should always triumph over brute force and cycnicism.

Nina Lourie
2. supertailz
I kind of want "Eleven epic bowties" partially because of the syllabic difference, partially because I'm a sucker for alliteration and partially because apparently "epic" was one of the words most misappropriated for slang this year apparently. So it's 2010 specific, kinda like the beginning of Eleven:)
Jim T
3. nabcif
supertailz@2: Yeah on the scansion, but I think "cool" is more important than "bowties" to Eleven. Pity he never pronounced "pajamas" as cool, as that would scan perfectly!

Googling, though, found this piece of fan art.
Dr. Cox
4. Craig Oxbrow
Definitely agreed on the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.

Dr. Cox
5. eldifusor
The series was outstanding. Because of it I will start watching classic Who on 2011 while waiting for the new series to start! Thanks for the amazing ride!
Dr. Cox
6. Jeff R.
"Eleven madman's boxes" scans, if that's the important bit...
Dr. Cox
7. MatthewD
Thank you for the excellent series :~D

I didn't agree with every single thing everyone said in the articles, but that's inevitable. But all of them were fascinating and fun
Erick Chase
9. TheMarchChase
Great series! Keep up the good work with great Doctor Who content.

Off to munch on some Jelly Babies.
Dr. Cox
10. Maren T
Thanks for doing this great series on the Doctors! I loved it, even if I didn't agree with everything. It's also given me a little push to start watching the first seasons, which I've been procrastinating on.
Dr. Cox
11. Kaylams
Just because you said that I now have to go watch that Craig Ferguson dance number again. It's only about the 500th time.

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