Jan 20 2011 1:05pm

Typhon Pact Star Trek Giveaway

Typhon Pact #4 Paths of Disharmony by Dayton WardIn conjunction with today’s re-watch of “The Mark of Gideon” by Dayton Ward and David Mack we’re giving away an autographed copy of Dayton’s new Star Trek book, Typhon Pact: Paths of Disharmony, out next Tuesday, January 25th from Simon & Schuster.

Paths of Disharmony brings to a close the “Typhon Pact” storyline begun by Dayton’s partner-in-Trek David Mack. In fact, you may recall the giveaway for that particular book, as well as the free excerpt here.

In the spirit of coming full circle, we’ll be giving away two personalized copies of Paths of Disharmony by Dayton Ward, as well as another replica insignia pin courtesy of ThinkGeek. Shout out your chosen specialty in your comment!

The Official Rules: To enter, leave one comment on this post—duplicates won’t count—by noon EST, Friday 1/21. The winner will be chosen randomly. Please check your email Monday or Tuesday; if we don’t hear back from the winner in 24 hours, another winner will be chosen.

That Neil Guy
1. That Neil Guy
Command insignia, please.

Love and kisses...
Jacob Silvia
4. aethercowboy
Science for the win! And a book, too, I guess!
Dayton Ward
7. daytonward
Heck with the book. I want a command insignia!

(Note to moderator: Not a valid contest entry.)
That Neil Guy
8. davepdavis
Command insignia, please.

Daniel Goss
9. Beren
Books are cool!
The Science insignia would also be awesome!
Sim Tambem
10. Daedos
Don't be mad at me...because I believe in SCIENCE!
That Neil Guy
11. Matthew Carpenter
He's dead, Jim.
That Neil Guy
13. firesinger
i want some too!
That Neil Guy
14. amberdrake nyne
Science for me please!
That Neil Guy
16. lightkeeper
ENGINEERING of course!
That Neil Guy
19. KevinG1701
Command pin..make it so.
That Neil Guy
21. kakashi
I want one of those science insignia!
Kurt Lorey
30. Shimrod
Fun. Engineering!
That Neil Guy
34. netkaos
Science, please.

Science... because it works, bitches.
That Neil Guy
39. DRickard
She blinded me with SCIENCE!
Tim Buller
40. samzo77
Dang it Jim, I'm a Doctor, I'll take the medical badge!

Oh, and the book looks cool too, love me some Picard.
That Neil Guy
44. cnote
That Neil Guy
48. Brenda H.
Engineering please. :)
That Neil Guy
50. Stephen Wright
The only logical choice would be a science insignia...please.
That Neil Guy
51. jim162065
Command please :)
Alex Sberna
52. writermanalex
Command insignia, engage! Oh, and the book too.
Ashley McGee
53. AshleyMcGee
A Comand insignia is the way to go. And since my current form of smut collecting consists of Star Trek novels, I'd love to add this one to the growing pile. Make it so.
Lila Fontes
54. lila927
I'd love a badge that authorized me to COMMAND all the red-shirts nearby!
That Neil Guy
55. Band of The Red Hand
command for sure
Chris Battey
59. DarthParadox
Science or engineering... tough choice! I think I have to go with Engineering, though. It's in my blood.
DA Ford
64. Ford75
It would be either science or command.
That Neil Guy
66. liquidcross
That Neil Guy
67. Do-Ming Lum
definitely Command!
That Neil Guy
69. Jeff Wetherington
Command, please.
Beth Mitcham
70. bethmitcham
Command! Although if I were a good person, I'd ask for ENGINEERING for my BIL. But I'm not.

That Neil Guy
72. macanax
Command, please.
Ian Gazzotti
75. Atrus
I will enter this contest... FOR SCIENCE!
That Neil Guy
78. jhall698
Sweet. I'd love a free copy and the Engineering pin for me please.
That Neil Guy
79. aaon80
Well, I am an engineer, so engineering for me!
That Neil Guy
81. Diana Moher
Star Trek fan from way back. Medical insignia pin please.
That Neil Guy
83. RanchoUnicorno
I feel kind of guilty posting here. I never got into the ST or SW books, and am not sure that this would get me to make the jump. But, a command insignia pin - that I would be into wearing.
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