Jan 30 2011 6:11pm Facebook Roundup: Mieville’s new comic, conservative SF & the ending to the Wheel of Time

Protopunk at SteampunkEvery week we round up some of the more intriguing links the Facebook portals discover. This week Thomas Edison’s 2011 predictions were weighed, protopunk illustrations went on parade, Abe Lincoln gets all sexypants, and lots more! Science Fiction

Princess Leia hologram at Science Fiction


Heir of Night at Steampunk Fantasy Steampunk

Protopunk at Steampunk Urban Fantasy

Zombie fast food t-shirt at Urban Fantasy Wheel of Time

Wheel of Time action figure at Wheel of Time Art DepartmentGreg Manchess artwork at Art Department

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2. AlexAdam
@Wolfmage: awesome comment!

I read the interview (that seems really more just like a platform for authors on the right to lash out at anything they deem "liberal") last night and was a) shocked by the lack of criticism on the interviewer's part, and b) even more shocked by how the comments turn out to be a parade of bags of BS.

Wolfmage above has summed up precisely (and more eloquently than I ever could) what ran through my head, even down to citing the one passage that bugged me most.
Those evil leftists preach your right-wing quality of life away? Umh, yeah, apart from being completely ignorant about what is going on within a lot of mainstream media, welcome to the pool of all those marginalized people who have to struggle every day through conservative doctrines that pose as the natural order of things - too bad, if you come out at the bottom end.

Furthermore, I thought it was completely fascinating how the authors and commentors applauded "hard" science fiction (cause right wing sf is something like the core of truth according to one comment, all the while ignoring that the f in sf stands for fiction) and mixed creative spins on scientific and technological concepts with a bashing of progressiveness on social issues, as if asking for equality, awareness and solidarity were the "real" definition of conservatism that hindered the sf-genre to grow and blossom. Baffling.

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