Jan 4 2011 3:00pm

The Lost Gate Release Day Giveaway!

The Lost Gate by Orson Scott CardThe Lost Gate, the debut novel in Orson Scott Card’s new Mither Mages series hits the shelves today, so Tor.com and Tor.com Fantasy are giving away copies!

If you didn’t win the previous giveaway, you now get another three chances to try your luck. Tor.com itself is giving away five copies and you can enter Tor.com Fantasy’s giveaway at the above link, as well.

Need a bit more to go on before you decide? Check out chapters one and two from The Lost Gate, no registration required.

The Official Rules: To enter, post a comment in this post—duplicates won’t count—in the next 24 hours. The five winners will be randomly chosen from these comments. Please check your email in the 24 hours after the giveaway has concluded; if we don’t hear back from the winner within 24 hours of being contacted, another winner will be chosen.

1. periwinkle4
I have long been a fan of Orson Scott Card! So excited for his new book!
2. BobG
I have been anxiously awaiting this book, and would love to win a copy. Thanks
3. Bryan Thomas S
Love OSC. Pick me, please
4. Rebecca Pugh
I read ever night and can't wait to get my hands on this book!
5. Greg Miller
I love me some Orson Scott Card. I can't wait to read his latest!
6. Noobling
Please enter me in the giveaway. Thank you!
9. J-Ro
This is the first Card book to get me excited since the Alvin Maker series! Please please please please....::fingers crossed::
Jason Frisvold
10. XenoPhage
More OSC! Definitely want to win this.. My copies of the Ender series are a bit worn at this point and need some rest time.. :P
13. Mary Rose
All I can say is YESSS. I loved Pathfinder and this looks really interesting!
15. Mike Reid
Yes! Please enter me in the contest. I'm looking forward to reading it, even if I don't win.
DA Ford
17. Ford75
Now this giveaway would be even better to win than any of the Halo ones ...
20. iGaucho
I love Orson Scott Card. Can't wait!
21. eugaet
Thanks for the contest!
Jamie Watkins
24. Treesinger
Please sign me up too. I will be good, I promise --much better than last time.
james loyd
26. gaijin
Love OSC's books. Nice cover art for this one too.
27. Geargoyle
What an incredible author! Thanks for another great giveaway.
33. 8bitdad
OSC is a great story teller.
Rich Bennett
34. Neuralnet
I am a big OSC fan and this new book looks great.
Jeffrey Rushton
36. tyranist
Just finished Pathfinder and can't wait for another one already.
37. RobynC
Would love to read this!
40. timberakita
Sign me up
41. PhoenixFalls
Is it my lucky day?
43. lightkeeper
Me! Me! Pick me!
44. Rob Mammone
I've been reading OSC since before the beginning of time! There, that should do it.
Philip Crowley
45. dragonbane79
I have not read OSC in a while - pick me please!
48. Ron Derry
Another Contest! Great day.
Susan Meek
50. smeek1958
Today is my birthday and this would be an awesome gift (hint, hint).
52. The Real Ryan Backman
Pick me.
53. LadyAtarah
So cool! I'm looking forward to this series. :)
54. cnote
PICK ME!!!! PICK ME!!!!!
55. bluewoad
I'm really looking forward to this one.
55. Pietrantonio
This would be a great addition to my library.
58. Maren T
I really, really want this one!
60. bksgoddess
Would love a copy!
Sim Tambem
63. Daedos
I have been a Card fan for well over a decade. This book looks awesome.
66. Anthony Souls
Sounds interesting, would be nice to win something for once- Love books. Title sounds fun.
67. pirateslife
I am wondering what this new series will be like. I enjoy how Card explores different themes in different worlds.
Alex Bradaric
68. leannonn
Hope it's as good as the rest of his books :) I'm in :)
69. Wieds
I enjoy reading Card. This looks like a great series.
70. Azuaron
I do like OSC.
Alex Sberna
71. writermanalex
I can't wait for this series. Even if I don't win, I will definitely be picking up this book. But it would still be nice to win.
74. Jason G.
a comment in this post
75. BaronJonah
New series-Yes please!
76. elcastillo
that looks delicious!
77. voyageur
Big day, hey!
John Skotnik
79. ShooneSprings
I bought the kindle edition, but wouldn't mind having a dead tree version as well. Thanks!
80. Michael A. Parker
Definitely love to read a new Orson Scott Card novel. Huge fan of Ender's Game.
81. Jobi-Wan
I think I might pick this up anyway, but a free copy would also be sweet, sign me up!
83. dwndrgn
This one is already on my TBR list.
Kim Tilghman
84. Amberle18
Hoping to read this and really hoping to WIN!
Eric Miller
86. ejmiller
Cool! I have a friend who's a big fan. He can have it after I read it :-)
88. Alex Herr
Exciting, a new book from Orson Scott Card!
89. RoseGreen
Cool! I'd love to be entered in the drawing.
90. Layona02
I would love the book! Thank you for the opportunity.
91. Martin Rose
Pick me. Because I'm adorable.
Marc Bower
92. hmarcbower
Looks great! Doesn't say Canadians can't win.... so presumably I'm in the running :)
Stephen Zielinski
93. zsaz1029
Loved Ender's Game. Would love to read his new series.
95. Pogipoints
I am very much looking forward to this book.
98. Allison B.
Would love to read this book!
100. Pamela Blome
I've read all the Ender's series and the Children of Earth series. I'm looking forward to this book, too!
Drew Urmey
103. urmey1
All right, more free books.
I would like one of those.
104. Kevin Faulk
Love OSC!
Roland Schigas
105. rschigas
Really liked the excerpt, looking forward to reading the entire book!
110. soma5501
Loved the first 2 chapters, would be great to get my hands on a free copy :)
112. Rowanmdm
I really want this!
113. Phishmanr
Would really like to read something by him other than Ender's Game...
Elias Rangel
114. erangel
I hope to have better luck than last time.
115. Homansky
I'm curious...
Binyamin Weinreich
116. Imitorar
This looks really interesting. I think I like Card's fantasy more than his sci-fi, so I've been looking forward to this.
117. Books and Things
I am so curious about this one!
Ashley McGee
121. AshleyMcGee
My husband is mad at me because I have 27 Brian Lumleys and he only has 13 Orson Scott Cards. Help my husband get his collection back on track with Card's new one! Pick me!
124. jbaker96
Big fan of Card! Looking forward to this one.
Karen Ireland
125. warriorofworry
I've never read Card. This would be a great opportunity to find a new reader!
127. Brenda H.
Sounds like fun! :)
128. dixonjs
Looks awesome.
129. kamandi68
Would love to win this!
130. Destructo the Mad
Gimme new OSC book, please.

Cheers! (and thanks!)
131. CRAusmus
Love Card. Heard last night on the radio and just confirmed on his website that he had a minor stroke Saturday. Sending my wishes for a speedy recovery Mr. Card. Get well soon...
132. Ed!
Ceci n'est pas une pipe.
Gristle McNerd
133. GristleMcNerd
The only thing I like more than a good book is a good book that's free. Please gimme :D
134. ChipHead
Long time fan of Card. Sign me up. Thanks!
Dan Lantner
136. brisketeer
I really liked the sample chapters... can't wait to read the entire thing.
Richard Caywood
137. rcaywood
Help me on my quest to find one of the five 'Lost Gate's.
139. leah22
I would love a copy of this book!
140. Chris SF
Would love one!
Alex McKee
144. mckale

Edit: Whoops! Count me out for posting twice. Hitting the "Post" button more than once, even if the page is slow in loading, is not a good idea.
147. Soundofthunder
I don't know if I'm eligible, but here is my comment, nevertheless.
Other Alias
149. ghostcrab311
Talk about generosity, wow! You guys are the best! :D
150. Odd117
Crossin' my fingers. I really enjoy reading Card's works. Whether or not I win, I'll definitely have this one soon.
151. JsinghM
Alright, free stuff!
152. SaraC56
pick me! pick me!
155. avulturewhisperer
I think I need this book to add to my comprehensive OSC library!
158. Azhreia
Please, count me in
159. Aniamtix
I liked Ender's Game! So this one should be awesome! My logic is flawless.
161. deadjack
Sign me up.
162. Tanner.L
i hope i win a copy of this book, i read the preview for it and it seems like a great story.
163. Benaiah
I love what I read and I hope I can get a copy!
164. Kwhopper88
Really interested in checking this one out, and I'm nearly out of reading material... Coincidence? I think not!
166. Benjamin Himes
Sounds like a great book. We need some fresh blood in this genre...
167. Kestrel630
I just read "Pathfinder" and I loved it. I can't wait to read this one!
168. starryeyed
I would love to read this book. Thanks for the chance to win
172. davidH11
OSC Is the greatest
Adam Brown
173. AllAdamB
Bought the audiobook, but a hard copy would be nice also!
Marlin Day
174. marlinday
I am getting pathfinder today and looking forward to this new book.
175. Sharli
I'll be reading Pathfinder soon. I'm exited to read this as well.
Count me in for the giveaway if it's international :)
176. Prominent Nonentity
178. Stormy70
Oooooh! Shiny! Pick me, pick me!
179. Matt Carpenter
I liked Ender's Game
180. Ender Drops Normally
Janet Hopkins
185. JanDSedai
I've been reading Card since he started writing. So, yes, please!
Ashley McKinsey
186. LadyoftheLibrary
I love Orson Scott Card's work. Here's hoping. :)
Linda W.
187. lateniteknitter
Thanks, Tor, for giving us another chance to win this book!
189. Tinylilbee
I read the first couple of chapters you posted and now I am hooked. Hoping for a chance to win this book to finish the story.
Joel Prinster
190. jprinster
I would love this book. You can never get enough Orson Scott Card.
194. Isabeleeta
I waited so long for a new Orson Scott Card book! I'm a huge fan.
Matthew Kuhl
197. pattonmat
"Earendil was a mariner/that tarried in Arvernien;/he built a ship of timber felled/in Nimbrethil to journey in;" -J.R.R. Tolkien, "Earendil"
198. Neal Penners
I would love to have this book, i am from the netherlands and a beginning Orson Scott Card reader.
200. Inzey
This book seems awesome.
201. Carpediem
The book looks awesome.
John Reynolds
202. jowreyno
Do the roar... Do the roar... Do the roar... I love you dad.
206. ladytwinoaks
I've been a fan for many many years. I hope I win!
207. Fred Coulter
A new series by Orson Scott Card. Cool.

I wonder if he's planning on any more in the Empire series?
208. hargy
Here's to winning!!
209. MountainManCO
Orson Orson Orson
Brandon Wood
210. brad21088
Love the first two chapters, can't wait for the whole book!
Trina Gatterer
211. sneakysnak
Can't wait for this newest one and to add it to my collection. Now starting my kids on becoming the next generation of fans!!!
jimmy huckaby
212. lazysk8r
Mmm, yea, im gonna need ya to go ahead and give me a copy. That be great, thanks.
213. rcutshaw
Great writer!
214. Heather Perkins
oooh I almost missed it. count me in please.
215. Jonny Fosnight
Pick Me!
216. Michael J Wiskind
Really enjoyed the first two chapters - eager for the rest.
Jim Crumley
217. crumley
Wow. Good odds on the this one. I jsut finished Pathfinder - better than most recent OSC.
218. Galena
hopefully this works...I tried earlier and the system kicked me out :(
219. Leah Hansen
Been a long time since I read some new Card fiction... this looks cool and I wanna read it. :-D
220. NikD
Looking forward to this one!
Jacob Hasson
221. jhass777
This would be a great book to win! I really enjoy OSC and the first two chapters were great. I'm excited to read the rest.
222. Johnny5
You can go ahead and just give me the book. It's a lock.
224. Armand B.
I like his sci-fi genre and style, can't wait to see this fantasy!!!
Read his book " How to Write Science Fiction and Fantasy " and ahhh....
I know he's great
225. KayFlame
Can't wait to read another book from such an amazing author!
226. SeaShanty
I just re-read Ender's Game. I'm always up for some new Card characters!
227. Jo in OKC
Orson Scott Card is one of my daughter's favorite authors!
228. Stephanie M. Lorée
Can't wait to read this!
229. Björn Lindström
I know someone who would want that one.
230. Marc Vee
Me! Me! Pick me!!
231. Kestrel 630
Thanks for giving us another opportunity to win!
232. meganlynae
this is such an interesting premise, and a lovely looking cover, to boot.
nadav shner
235. nadav1
Exciting title, I would like to read it.
236. Leah Hansen
Adding my humble entry to the giveaway... really looking forward to reading this book!
237. charlotteslibrary
maybe this time I'll get lucky!
Lisa Parkin
239. LParkin
Holla! I'm pretty sure I'll buy this even if I don't win! :)
240. brookstar
i love me some card...!
241. k0rgull
this sounds great
242. firesinger
I want some!

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