Jan 18 2011 7:18pm

The Internet: ‘Tis A Silly Place

Once upon a time, a genius named ricepirate made an epic flash based on a voice track of a review of a flash RPG...in other words, folding the very fabric of the internet in upon itself and spinning it into pure gold. At long last, the video has made its way onto YouTube, where it’s been entertaining us all day. Time to turn up your speakers:

One day, when our grandkids ask what the internet was like in the olden days, we are going to make them watch the hell out of this.

[via The Daily What]

Alex Brown
1. AlexBrown
That is made of win. Commencing Twitter RT in 5...4...3...2...
Sim Tambem
2. Daedos
Halth +3
Defanse +4
Stranth +ALL OF IT

Can I buy this? I know it's free...and on YouTube...and free, but I feel like someone deserves some money here. I seriously had to bite my lip not to laugh.

It almost worked.
3. trench
That just happened!

Future civilizations will be able to study this flash and it will help them to better understand us as a whole. It could be like a Rosetta stone for them. I for one am proud to be a part of this dubious moment in future history.
Mike Foster
4. zephyrkey
This FTW!

Oh Tor, I'm just sitting in the library at school and decide to indulge myself in a Monty Python reference... que the funny looks when I almost fall off my chair from laughter as tears course down my face. Full five minute recovery. Oh man.
Phil Frederick
5. flosofl
Caught this BoingBoing last night. They have a link to the actual game being reviewed. When you see the game, it adds a whole new dimension to the "review".

Here's the link to Super PSTW* RPG

* PSTW = Press Space To Win
David Betz
6. RDBetz
You're right. That "game" is every bit as idiotic in it's own way as the "review".
Jeff Parent
7. Roundabout
I have watched this at least two dozen times and it still consistently cracks me up.
Tara Chang
8. tlchang
Oh laughing until there are tears. Truly. Not enough halth and strangth to withstand its awesomeness...
Chris Hawks
9. SaltManZ
I am seriously crying. The game is pretty hilarious itself.
Teresa Jusino
11. TeresaJusino
I haven't laugh that hard in SO LONG. :) There were tears. My roommate thought I was insane (I was listening with headphones on).


I will now use evry ouce of stranth I have to post it myself! :)
Irene Gallo
12. Irene
Wow....and I was worried today would be a crappy day. Nothing can harm me now!
15. cnote
Awesome, simply awesome.
Ashe Armstrong
16. AsheSaoirse
I once read the post-break up love letter a friend got in that same voice.
17. Amande
Genius! Loved it.
18. Ian P. Johnson
This video seriously tested my bladder-stranth. Awesome.
19. sillyplace
And here's the silliest place of all internets! http://SillyPlace.net !!

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