Jan 11 2011 6:31pm

Score one for the Ewok haters

YouTuber BenHallert presents an alternate ending to Return of the Jedi, effectively drowning out the triumph of the Rebel Alliance with the smoky stench of tragedy (and also barbecued Ewok).

[Via Cory Doctorow at Boing Boing.]

Phil Frederick
1. flosofl
Yay! If only Jar Jar had been visiting, my wish fulfillment would have been complete.
James Goetsch
2. Jedikalos
Ever since my daughter was five and fell in love with the Ewoks, I have to support them too. Solidarity, Ewok lovers!
3. rogerothornhill
Yes, they are nowhere near as annoying as Jar Jar. The TV movies were dreadful, and this may be what some children of the 80s are reacting to. But in Jedi they rule: they fight hard, they party hard, and they say "nub nub," all three good things.
4. trench
You know, that is the more logical result to blowing up a space station while it is orbiting a moon.

and its like Jorge Garcia said "..lets face it man, Ewok's suck".
James Goetsch
5. Jedikalos
My five year old daughter would have given Jorge Garcia hell and set him straight in a hurry :)

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