Jan 8 2011 11:15am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Snow Angel” and “The Deep”

Snow Angel: Starts off lyrical and quickly becomes unnerving. Written, in part, by John Malkovich.  (4:53 minutes)

The Deep: An ocean of mechanics. (1:38 minutes)

Snow Angel
John Malkovich, Wayne Chisnall, Laura Tonini, Arianna Tropea

The Deep

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Jeremy Heater
1. nexus
That was creeeepy! The deep was interesting though.
Holly Finnen-Stewart
2. Branwhin
Wow. Creepy indeed. I liked it, though. And I LOVED "The Deep." I like this 'cartoon' feature. Really interesting.
Night owl
3. Night owl
Love creative minds!

the Deep...awaited finding Nemo.
Kim B
4. Amaranthine
Hi Irene, I'm a long time watcher of the Saturday Morning Cartoons. Great job as always. I was wondering if you've ever heard of "Sintel" by Blender Foundation. You should check it out if you haven't seen it-- It's a gorgeous, gorgeous little film.
Night owl
5. ximenita
irene geniales sigue asi

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