Jan 15 2011 9:48am

Saturday Morning Cartoons: “Insert Coin” and “Excelence”

Saturday Morning Cartoons Insert Coin: A tribute to old arcade games. The second half explains how it was done. (4:36 minutes)

Exelence: Maybe not the most productive, but probably the most fun way to use spreadsheets (3:07 minutes)

Insert Coin by Machinima

Exelence by the Braadworsten Brigade

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1. Nentuaby
The thought of trying to make that coin animation is enough to cause your brain to claw its way out of your skull. Rearranging all those coins frame by frame AFTER you've already gone to the work to create the reference animation in another medium... That's serious dedication.
2. Jamie (Mithril Wisdom)
Insert Coin is very impressive. The amount of time and effort that must have gone into that is insane. I like how there were no qualms about doing 3D animations in that medium too. Kudos to those guys.

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